Beach To The Rescue

By Daren Smith, Weekend Contributor

© 2019 Darren Smith

There are times in operating any business when one needs to walk away else levy a deafening rebuke against a vendor.  After one just likely cost me a grand in lost income due to their incompetence and making promises they could not keep, I found myself at a bit of a crossroads.  I could either drive East read him the riot act or I could drive West and take in some photos and save my heart the aggravation.

Here is the result: (click to enlarge)

(c) 2019 Darren Smith
© 2019 Darren Smith
© 2019 Darren Smith
© 2019 Darren Smith
© 2019 Darren Smith
© 2019 Darren Smith
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© 2019 Darren Smith

By Darren Smith

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37 thoughts on “Beach To The Rescue”

    1. Mespo,

      Darren may need to learn as I did, when we get older we can’t do the things we did when we were younger. So one has to learn to delegate or subcontract out duties. Bear in mind, I couldn’t more strongly suggest that one does not pay by check and don’t use Nigerians…… ( I’m joking of course LOL:)

      1. Oky1:
        You mean I won’t collect the $11,567,000.43 I’m due to pick up in Lagos next month from the deposed king’s nephew????? Where’s my $10,000.00 good faith money?

        1. I don’t want to believe people are so foolish as they still fall for those scams, yet I’ve fallen for some scams myself over the years.

          Earlier I was going to write to Darren, but I’ll just do it here.

          After decades in business I had to eat some deals people screwed me on & they pissed me off. If I could get satisfaction I did, if not I had to learn from it, get over it & move on.

          One of the worst was just a misunderstanding & because I knew, they knew, it was recorded conversation it settled real easy.

          My main problem was that when the material was destroyed I think I had something like a mini stoke.

          My head still hurts there sometimes.

          Point is to try to not get so worked up over stuff, it isn’t easy.

          Darren, et al; I think all those life experiences combined toughened my up for the last couple of years when my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer & during on going treatment the insurance companies are trying to ph us over, telling us false positive results last Thanksgiving & at least 2 & I think more hacking attacks on our bank accounts.

          Most of the time a plan to deal with the problem will emerge.

          Cycles of life continues

          1. BTW: I didn’t foresee spiting some of this info out right now, it seemed to wanted to come out now & for what reason I could write it earlier.

            But before I check out tonight I feel I should add, we all face tough struggles throughout life, some tougher then others.

            Many of us know our common friend Dr Charles Stanley, his daughter & wife’s struggles with cancer.

            I remember arguing back then with him about treatment options & the outcomes for patients were not very good.

            I just wish to add that the new treatments of immunotherophies have at least in my wife’s case & others seemed to have improved survival rates.

            I know many people’s families are or will be in this battle & I just wanted to point out today there’s more hope for a better outcome then just 2 short years ago.


            In the mean time let us keep kicking Commies azzes! 😉

            1. Okyl………..Gosh, bless your hearts…You and your wife are tough people!

              1. Cindy,

                Thank you.

                It continues to be a not so fun adventure in life. Everyone here gets a bit nervous just before going in for the next set of scans.

                It doesn’t seem to matter one’s station in life, high or low, young or old everyone seems affected at so point. It’s a real eyeopener speaking to others there at the treatment center.

                I think the young kids & their parents have it the roughest.

                Without going to deep on this subject medical treatments of all kinds is a huge reason to stay away from govt run type healthcare schemes & clean up private healthcare insurance with govt oversight only.

                1. Okyl…….yes, I totally agree about gov’t run healthcare.
                  OT…I think I’ve told you I graduated from OBU in Shawnee.
                  Miss those bisons.

                  1. Some of my wife’s family were from the Konawa area in the 20’s/30’s.

                    They knew Pretty Boy Floyd as he grew up.

                    OBU: that cancer crap has given us a renewed appreciation for religious teachings/grounding.

                    Yes, there has been problems but it’s far better dealing with people raised up with a good grounding then those with no morals.

                    1. Oky1……..yes…absolutely better to be around those who have a moral grounding than those who don’t, but think they do.

                    1. Oky1…..thank you…..a magnificent animal. And in ol’ Owasso.
                      In the 60’s there was a huge herd in Sulphur in Platt Nat.l Preserve.
                      In Collinsville, grab some homemade ice cream and espresso at Scoops and Grinds…deelish.

                    2. One of the things like about Darren’s photo journalism is that we can’t be everywhere, like Washington State area but Darren can, & we can if we would be our own photo journalist of our own domains & post it for others to view.

                      If we can keep up updating our never computer updates.

                      I updated recently & I’m still trying to get some of my files reloaded.

                    1. Oh sure…….Paul Harvey……he was still on the radio in the 1990’s. Austin carried his 5.min everyday.

                    2. Paul Harvey spelled the world today out like a Blue Print dated 1965.

                      It was a great day today as Spring blew in & rain coming.


          2. Oky1, I’m so sorry to hear about your wife’s diagnosis. I hate cancer. How is she doing now? I hope she was blessed with remission.

  1. Your decision fed the soul rather than drained it. I really liked the photos, and now have an urge to fly a kite. The ocean is so much bigger than us, sounding the same rhythm for billions of years.

    I’m so sorry you experienced this setback. Hopefully this week will be better. We went through something similar this year, when a vendor had serious difficulties that radiated out to all of his clients.

  2. Darren, beautiful photos; inspirational. Leavenworth is a postcard; great! That blue sky, however, causes me to wonder if you are not engaged in deception to some degree. I mean it’s Washington, a very SAD state, right? Did you use some auxiliary lighting like, say, Arizona?

  3. Very good photos. Well framed, clear, and have great scenes. And never read some dork the riot act.

  4. One of the few things I miss about Oregon is it’s coastal highway that closely follows the coast.

  5. The silence of the stones pic speaks to the art and beauty of nature you captured. Wonderful

  6. Darren …..Glad you drove West. Very nice photos.
    We watched an old John Wayne movie last night…”McQ” filmed in and around Seattle. Some of the beach scenes resembled a couple of your photos.

    1. I remember that movie. I found this clip you might find worthwhile. I regretted that SPD changed away from their traditional uniform, as seen in the clip. They had a new chief a few years back who vowed to make changes and the uniform became one of the casualties.

      1. Wow Darren! Thank you! I appreciate your providing this! Never heard of Re Shoot movie clips, but what a neat idea.
        Also, that chase scene on the beaches was so cool…….not as intense as the one in Bullitt, but still impressive and fun to watch.
        Will have to show hubby. At one time his mother lived in Sequim and brother on Anacortes. Hubby represented Bayliner at the time, so flew up there some, and loved it.

      2. It’s amazing how much things change. It’s like going back to visit your childhood home, to find it’s all different. And then once in a while you’ll find a gem that takes you right back.

    2. Cindy B.
      There’s a 1970s film, Cinderella Liberty, that has a lot of Seattle locations.
      Seattle was a lot more “laid back” then, and has since become overpriced and overrated.
      I saw this with the objectivity of one who has lived most of my life of the Eastern part of Washington.😉
      I saw sleeper of a film a few years ago on HBO called “Short Time”, I think, with Dabney Coleman.
      Hilarious…..set in Seattle, but I think it was largely filmed in BC Canada.

      1. Should be “I SAY this with the objectivity”, not “saw this” with the objectivity.

      2. TOM…….Thanks for the tip! I’ll look for “Short Trip”……Dabney Coleman is so funny…..and is an Austin boy.

          1. Tom! Thank you! I misread and was looking for Short Trip.. I don’t have HBO now but will try to find. this.
            What a great cast!
            Thanks so much.

            1. Cindy,
              There are some extended film clips from “Short Time” on the internet…..I think one of them is where Coleman is chasing a car of bad guys where the passenger is shooting a machine gun out the back window at Coleman, barely missing him, and Coleman just flips the guy off😄.
              No matter how hard he tries to get killed in the line of duty, it keeps turning out that his insane risk taking just gets him decorated as a hero cop.

                I had to look up the chase scene from the movie Short Time and watch it again.
                I had never heard of the movie and caught it by chance surfing channels in my hotel when I was traveling.

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