Report: Jack the Ripper Identified

A study in the Journal of Forensic Studies purports to answer the long-standing question of the identity of the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper. Using DNA evidence, the authors conclude that Polish barber Aaron Kosminski, 22. After 130 years, the mystery may indeed be solved.

Aaron Kosminski was born in Klodawa, Poland to a Jewish family that later emigrated to England. He found work in Whitechapel as a barber. He showed early signs of mental illness and was out into an asylum. He was said to have threatened his mother with a knife.

Family members gave DNA samples for a comparison to blood found on a shawl from one of the murders. It was found on the night of the murders of victims three and four: Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes.

The murderer may have killed 5-18 women, including Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly. After dismembering Eddows (left above), the murderer left his infamous “From Hell” letter claiming to have eaten her kidney. He also cut out the uterus of a couple victims.

Kosminiski was a suspect at the time in 1888. His brown eyes and brown hair and height matched witness accounts. Moreover, one of the coauthors Jari Louhelainen, a biochemist at LJMU previously identified Kosminiski.

What is interesting is the distinct handwriting of the “From Hell” letter and the absence of forensic work that could match on writing.

It is a chilling mystery but one that seems likely solved at last.

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  1. It’s so disturbing to read about, even today. I must admit that if the case is, indeed, solved, then there is somewhat a sense of relief………..not that after 130 yrs he would still be out there somewhere!

  2. No it hasn’t been solved as most of article other than misleading lead eventually states.

    It was however clearly written in the language of the far left and easily identified as such. Purported provided a clear signal of things not to expect. Not with the clear response for the use of illiteratism provided two comments previous.

    However it bode well for NYT book list and and inerview on the Morning Joke.

    Come back when it has more than a badly written plot outline.


    1. Becka – I love theatre. Sweeney Todd was excellent, but so disturbing.

      All musicals aside, I cannot possibly imagine what would constitute a cheap meat pie in London during those times.

      1. Karen………re: Sweeney. I was supposed to do the music for a production of it in Austin circa 1981 or ’82.
        I wasn’t familiar with it and kept asking “what?!” every time they’d explain the story line. I thought it sounded awful……but back then and also now, if Sondheim’s name was on it, theater people were hellbent on doing it. They are a different breed….sometimes that’s good, and sometimes not.😊 Give me Guys and Dolls anyday!!

        1. on the eve of Purim I ask:

          what do sondheim and jack the ripper have in common?
          is there a tribal thing with gore?
          I just seek to understand!

          1. anonymous………Stephen S.’s mother abused him emotionally, according to him. I don’t know about sexual abuse. He became a protoge’/son to Oscar Hammerstein, whom he worshipped…….and everybody says he was a lover to Bernstein.
            That’s about all I know. I have always respected his music genius, but never thought he was a nice guy, based on the way he spoke to those under him.
            But, there is an excellent, fairly recent docu about him that has made me really appreciate him more.

        2. Did you work on that production?

          Sweeney Todd convinced me that you can make a musical of absolutely anything. Literally.

          That song, “The Worst Pies in London” has been stuck in my mind for days. Really catchy tune…though cats might not think so.

  3. Barbers cut ears not intestines. In his know past did he have medical knowledge?

    1. Barbers used to perform simple surgeries, as well as blood letting, enemas (!), pull teeth. They had rudimentary knowledge, but not like medical school.

  4. I think I’ll put this in the file marked ‘interesting if true’.

    1. @becka@FFS- Lets see who left DNA on a dress hmm, wasn’t President Trump.

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