“Husband From Hell”: Trump Launches Twitter Tirade Against Husband Of Kellyanne Conway

I have said it before, but I am again confused this morning after President Donald Trump launched into another self-defeating and unpresidential tirade on Twitter. The target of the tweets is the husband of Kellyanne Conway. (For the record, she is a former student of mine). George Conway has published the criteria used to diagnose Narcissistic Personality Disorder and has suggested that Trump is clearly mentally ill. By attacking Conway, Trump has only magnified the allegations and drawn attention to the NPD criteria. While various White House officials struggled for months to keep Trump from responding directly to George Conway, Trump finally had enough after daily attacks. However, the result is manifestly bad for Trump. As should have been obvious, Conway responded by highlighting his prior allegation of mental illness and tweeted “You. Are. Nuts.”

President Trump blasted called Conway a “stone cold loser” and the “husband from hell.” In truth, I have always been surprised by George Conway’s relentless attacks given his wife’s position. Conway is not in the media and it would not seem too unreasonable to expect him to respect the delicate position of his wife as a close adviser to Trump.

None of that however explains for excuses this attack from Trump: “George Conway, often referred to as Mr. Kellyanne Conway by those who know him, is VERY jealous of his wife’s success & angry that I, with her help, didn’t give him the job he so desperately wanted. I barely know him but just take a look, a stone cold LOSER & husband from hell!”

Trump’s denial of knowing Conway is in conflict with known facts of a relationship going back many years as well as a reported offer for Conway to head one of the divisions at the Justice Department.

The continued name calling and personal attacks not only diminishes the office of the President but only works to reinforce the criticism. Indeed, George Conway responded in his own tweet, saying that Trump seems “determined” to prove his arguments, adding the hashtag “#NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder.”

This follows widespread criticism of Trump for his attacks on the late John McCain including core conservative senators who were shocked by the attack on McCain.

Polls show that Trump is still popular with Republicans but he is adding to the number of voters who committed to voting against him, including in key states like Florida. Even if Trump is unconcerned about how these tweets impact his office, they are clearly not working politically.

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  1. As I’ve noted before, I can see that Natacha/Anonymous is coming around to fnally accepting the 2016 election results.😄
    It seems obvious from her posts here that she has evolved past the denial🙈/anger😡/grief 🤧stage, and is progressing nicely onward to the acceptance stage.😊😄😂


    Look at that photo Professor Turley uses for columns concerning Trump. We see a 72 year old man with yellow hair and orange make-up. Those features tell us this man has a distorted image of himself.

    Trump was known as narcissistic 30 years ago. His best-selling book, “Art Of The Deal”, could have been titled, “I Am Smarter Than Everyone”. NBC’s “The Apprentice” was all about Trump’s narcissistic personality.

    Trump’s narcissism is absolutely apparent in his daily tweets. Clearly Trump thinks it’s all about ‘him’ and no one else. Only a megalomaniac could post the tweets Trump clicks out. To most adults his tweets betray a perversely distorted self-image. One could mistake them as the rants of an overly-privileged college sophomore.

    Trump’s narcissism is the primary difference between this White House and George W’s. From a political standpoint, George W was not too different than Trump. Yet George W did not crave constant attention. To the contrary, George W could go several days with ‘no’ attention and that was fine with him.

    But with Donald Trump it has to be all about ‘him’ every day of the year.

    1. He is a promoter. A salesman. It’s true that narcissists often make super salesmen, but that does not establish NPD, only the diagnosis of a trained pscyhiatrist, who has examined the subject. Since that is lacking with respect to Trump, all we have here is a lot of general speculation by laymen about personality types, more so than disorders. I would agree he shows some of the personality traits that can be called self centered. That does not mean he is not fit for the job. Indeed, it is unimaginable that a person who does not have a certain amount of grandiosity, would even want the job of POTUS that a normal person might find a complete hell of negative attention and conflict. I would never want the job myself, I could not handle it at all. I think Trump is a good POTUS and he’s well suited to it. Obama, Clinton, they all have a certain sort of grandiosity, much like Trump.

      Show me a humble POTUS? If ever, we will be going back a long long time, if ever.

      1. No one who runs for President will be lacking in self esteem, that is true. We hope they don’t make that all they strive for as the current occupant does, or also lie multiple times a day and without even the minimal respect for the audience implied by at least being believable. The constant bragging, disregard for others, purposeful divisiveness, including bullying, and just generally being a complete d..k are also not SOP. This guy with less money would get thrown out of any self respecting club or association in a matter of weeks.

      2. Kurtz, you’re half right; anyone even running for president must have a high self-opinion. That part is true. But savvy politicians maintain some degree of modesty. What’s more, savvy politicians know how to tap the expertise in others.

        But narcissists like Trump honestly believe they are smarter than everyone. That is a dangerous condition for a president. A president like that will surround himself with sycophants; which Trump has. A narcissistic president is less likely to take advice when they really need to.

        Trump’s narcissism is such that he expects the media lavish him with praise. For that reason Trump is constantly ranting about ‘fake news’. Fake news is what happens when the media fails to share Trump’s opinion of himself.

        1. ” But savvy politicians maintain some degree of modesty. What’s more, savvy politicians know how to tap the expertise in others.”

          Interesting statement Peter. Who do you think is most savvy? The loser or the one that comes from nowhere and becomes President? When you figure out the answer to that question you have to conclude that Trump is quite savvy.

          Politicians know how to tap the banks of their supporters who then have a degree of control over the politician. A smart businessman knows which experts are FOS and which aren’t. A lot of people you think are experts are only considered so because they successfully climbed the ladder, not through good decisions, rather by satisfying the needs of those they work for.

    2. So what? Obama told us he new more about policy than his policy wonls, that he wrote better speeches and this speechwriters, that we were the ones we’ve been waiting for.

      1. Well, overly boastful in that one quote for sure – but not everyday like someone we know. Further Obama did take regular briefings and work well his teams of experts. However, Obama actually did know policy and could discuss most issues with intelligence and thoughtfulness. See his interviews with Tim Russert in 2008.


        He did write excellent speeches and preferred to do that on certain subjects important to him. . I refer you especially to his Philadelphia speech on race.


        Trump doesn’t know anything and doesn’t care. As maybe Ted Cruz said, “I know he hasn’t read the bible ’cause he’s not in it.”

        1. Andrew, the best presidents are those who truly love the Social Sciences. That category of subjects dominates the workdays of anyone in high office.

          But does Trump even care about the Social Sciences? He has never shown the slightest interest. Trump’s only real interest is the Trump family fortune.

          1. “But does Trump even care about the Social Sciences? He has never shown the slightest interest.”

            That seems rather strange considering Trump increased job availability, reduced Black and Hispanic unemployment, has increased the wealth of America and helped the little guy along with a whole host of other things. Maybe the experts aren’t as expert as you would like to believe.

        2. First off, I don’t think Obama was as bad as a lot of people make him out to be. However, I didn’t vote for him, that’s for sure. And there were plenty of things to disagree with.

          When it comes to how he talked, there is a class aspect in this. Obama talked like a professor. He used the sorts of words that they use. His intonation was artfully moderate. His messaging was very subtle and polished and like every cunning politician, purposefully vague. Sometimes Obama would affect a more popular tone, but it was fake, like when he would say “doin” instead of “Doing.”
          Overall, Obama was super polished and very sophisticated. He would have been a good diplomat, I think. more so than President. Compared to Obama, Bill Clinton was a populist!

          Trump has none of that polish. He talks turkey like a construction worker.

          That’s why they voted for him. You guys don’t get this difference. The things you guys complain about day in and day out, are often precisely why many people like him.

          The George Conway thing is a typical example of this.

  3. I wonder if Mr. Conway is hoping to score liberal brownie points by getting his wife fired. She needs to control her husband.

    1. Darren Smith, maybe you should Google George Conway. He is and has been a attack dog for the right-wing in the courts for years. So scoring points for liberals as you say is pure BS. And why would Trump fire Kellyanne? He loves people that are just as incompetent than him, and do you know how long it took looking for someone more incompetent than Trump? Those comets only come around far and inbetween.

      1. Would that be like the lack of competence with the English language you show in your post, such as here: “He loves people that are just as incompetent than him…”, and here: ” Those comets only come around far and inbetween.”
        I don’t care to be a grammar Nazi, but if you’re going to criticize someone for competence, at least do it with proper English, grammar and syntax, ok? Otherwise, you come off looking pretty incompetent yourself.

  4. Kellyanne Conway is a paid professional liar, and not very good at it to boot, George on the other hand is respected in his field, and with the political professionals. That being said, why do you think Trump attacks George and loves Kellyanne?

    1. Are you sure that Kellyanne does the cooking in the Conway household?

  5. Trump has post traumatic stress disorder. It happened when he could not get it up with a hooker who was a looker. His wife learned about it later and made fun of him. His name with the girls in the gizmo is short dong silver.

  6. Here are my thoughts on McCain. McCain showed open contempt for Trump during the campaign. Trump impugned McCain’s honor with his comment about his being captured. He was absolutely and completely wrong to say that. It made a bitter and unrelenting enemy in McCain. So much so, that he devoted his own funeral to bashing the President of the United States. Trump should not devote the same real estate to McCain.

    McCain indicated that he supported the repeal and replace plan for Obamacare. He campaigned on that issue. The one issue that I cared most about was Obamacare, as anyone who has read my obsessive posts about the topic can attest. Then he shocked the nation by doing a 180 and voting against it. You do not harm millions of Americans just to stick it to someone who insulted you. Trump’s comment was insulting and wrong. McCain’s action caused lasting harm to millions of Americans. He hurt the very country he fought for.

    McCain was wrong. We have to most past it. He’s dead, and his family must miss him greatly. All this rehashing of who wronged whom just keeps the pain alive for his widow and children.

    President Trump should respond to questions by saying that he insulted McCain. He should express his regrets to the McCain family for that remark. McCain in turn didn’t support him at a time that he needed it, and that hurt the country. McCain hated him so much that he devoted his own funeral to lash out at him. He doesn’t want anyone to take up that much real estate in his own thoughts, and so he is letting the matter lie. What’s done is done, and he wishes the best for the McCain family. He will not respond to questions in future regarding McCain.

    1. Still waiting on that “replace” thing. Little detail I know.

      By the way, McCain’s no vote on the repeal – there was no “replace” – was based on the fact that there had been none of the usual Senate consideration, including committee hearings, amendments, debate allowed. It was a RR job and McCain spoke out on that before his no vote.

      In any case, Trump can’t hold McCain’s jock and he knows it. How could he keep quiet?

      1. Republicans were pushing Junk Heath Care plans, you know, the kind where you pay your premiums and they decide what and which they will cover. Of course they all had caps, so if you go over their budget, well just keep paying the premiums.

      2. Trump mentioned “repeal and replace” again in his McCain comment yesterday.

        Where’s the “replace” Fatso!

      3. Enigma, Trump, and the Republicans, wanted to replace Obamacare with a tax cut they called a ‘healthcare’ plan’. It was so utterly bogus that even John McCain felt compelled to vote against it. But according to Karen, McCain was ‘harming millions of Americans’ by casting that vote.

        1. They had loads of mechanisms to manage the repeal of Obamacare which could have been staged over a period of time. McCain was just acting in a way he frequently acted. Since then a partial repeal of Obamacare was performed. It should have been a full repeal protecting those in need, but it didn’t so we pay the price in high medical costs and a system that gradually deteriorates. MCcain was faced with the same environment when he was pushing for the repeal of Obamacare as he was when he voted against repeal.

    2. McCain’s an abrasive man who merited public rebuke from time to time. Trump shouldn’t have gone there in re his time in the camps. (Ron Unz actually published an article likening McCain to Tokyo Rose. I doubt Unz is neurotypical, or even sane anymore). Trump doesn’t apologize, so no clue why you’re suggesting he do so. Doesn’t do a blessed bit of good in the current environment.

      It was oh-so-cute how Cindy McCain took to sticking a stiletto into Sarah Palin. Rich mean girl be so appealing.

      1. Some people–I won’t say who–seem to think that Office of The President of the United States is supposed to aspire to something higher and finer than the efforts of a high-school Queen-Bee to win a popularity contest with her adoring acolytes.

        OK. Fine I will say who. Democrats are the ones who think that The Presidency is supposed to be held by someone with aspirations higher than just another Valley Girl, li8ke Trump.

        1. Diane, your idea of a good Democrat is one that is at least a fascist and if not a fascist a Stalinist. Not all Democrats were brought up as red diaper babies.

          1. well most red diaper babies were Trotskyites, not Stalinist, but lets not split hairs eh? lol

            1. Kurtz, I don’t know that you are correct, but I won’t emphatically say you are wrong. Red diaper babies referred to communists which would include both Stalin and Trotsky, but I think one would have to conclude that the majority of communists of the time in the US that picked one of those two names were Stalinists.

              1. Here is a good article you may find enjoyable


                When Kruschev spilled the beans about Stalin, there was a lot of disillusionment among commies in the west. That’s mentioned in that article. let me expand on that.

                So, a lot of the commies latched on to the legacy of Trotsky and took on the new belief that “Stalin is where the CP went wrong”

                There was a deep vein of support for Trotsky in the west. Trotsky knew how to talk to the left in the west, he was a big theorist and writer.

                Another really awesome and fun book if you like that kind of thing, is George Orwell’s Diaries of Catalonia. He was a volunteer for the Republican side– that was the leftist side, Franco’s guys were technically the Rebels. Orwell joined the POUM militia. They were leftist anarchist types, not Stalinists nor Trotskyites. Orwell did not really seem to like either branch of the CP forces in Spain.

                Stalin used the Spanish Civil war as a chance to marginalize and extinguish a lot of support for Trotsky. He was really, really cunning.

                The fancy intellectuals like Trotsky used to mock Stalin. They would say how crude he was, etc etc. The same kinds of stuff people say about Trump. But he outfoxed them time after time.

                  1. if you like war diaries, like all quiet on the western front, or if you liked “for whom the bell tolls,” then this one is awesome.

                    very different from Hemingway, Orwell was a wordier writer, but funny, and never so serious as Earnest Ernest. But that was the same conflict.

                    There are some interesting stories from the other side too. here is a favorite story from the Franco side.


                1. What you say here, Kurtz, might be true but where does it say Horowitz’s parents or most of the red diaper babies were Trotskyites? ( Remember the political designation would have to be that of the parents of the red diaper baby.) I so happen to have read Horowitz’s books and autobiography. I have even spoken to him and Ron Rodash and both I believe came from the Stalin side. Horowitz’s parents didn’t change after the Stalin Papers were released but David Horowitz became one of the leaders of the New Left recognizing that promoting Stalinism was no longer an option. If you remember he wrote, then was an editor for and then the publisher of Rampart’s magazine. Today he is on the right and provides us the eyes of a fly on the wall inside the intellectual’s thinking of the far left.

    3. Karen Honey, listen: the entire world and most Americans have contempt for Trump. That is the normal way to feel about a malignant narcissist who is also a pathological liar. Your big problem is that you live in this little world that operates on the assumption that Trump is a valid, bona fide POTUS. He isn’t. He is beholden to Russians who helped him cheat to win and from whom he wants to borrow money. They own him, so he defends Putin and the Saudi Clown Prince. He isn’t a valid or bona fide wealthy person, patriot or husband. He has defaulted on so many loans that no one will loan him any money other than Middle Easterners and Russians. He cheated on all of his wives, including the current one. He brags about assaulting women. He is, indeed, the malignant narcissist George Conway says he is, who has no empathy for anyone else, including John McCain. Under any circumstances it would be inappropriate for a POTUS to criticize John McCain, a genuine war hero who was a POW. In this case, your fat hero had his Daddy pay for 5 fake deferments for nonexistent bone spurs. That makes his comments all the more outrageous. Fatty is pissed off because McCain voted his conscience and to carry out the will of the American people, so he attacks him just like he attacks anyone who doesn’t worship him. If Fatty had a viable alternative plan that was really better than the ACA, Democrats would listen and would support it. He doesn’t, and never did. That’s another lie.

      As to McCain voting against repeal of the ACA, Fatty had no replacement plan, and the majority of Americans did, and still do, support the ACA. McCain’s vote was to support the will of the majority of Americans, which cannot be wrong. How has the ACA “harmed…millions of Americans”, anyway? Twenty million more Americans have health care now than had it before. People with pre-existing conditions don’t fear losing coverage. Oh, I know, you believe all of the lies about skyrocketing premiums. This is due to the fact that state insurance commissioners aren’t reining in health insurers who are over-reaching.

      And, no, John McCain’s funeral was not devoted to bashing Trump. Trump wouldn’t have been happy there anyway because it wouldn’t have been all about him, him, him. He can’t stand not being the center of attention.

      You are exactly the kind of person who worries me the most. You are a true disciple. Facts don’t faze you. Reality doesn’t faze you. Lack of integrity and constant lying don’t faze you. Abuse of women and racism don’t faze you. You are truly very stupid and gullible, and you don’t know it.

      1. “the entire world and most Americans have contempt for Trump”

        ha ha. no. but you are convinced of your own opinion, even when it’s incredibly overbroad. wow, maybe it’s you who is a little on the NPD spectrum?

          1. “Well, most of the world does have contempt for Trump and now the US.”

            Anon, maybe you should think about what that statement really means. Think of the Shakesperian aphorism “neither a borrower or a lender be”. Ask yourself why and consider how that impacts relationships between men as well as between countries.

            The full passage is:

            Neither a borrower nor a lender be,
            For loan oft loses both itself and friend,
            And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.

          2. “Well, most of the world does have contempt for Trump and now the US.”

            Anon, after writing one reply to your comment I was thinking that you may have little knowledge of history or literature. That is OK but perhaps this will be easier for you to understand. What you are looking for is respect for your nation.

            You might love your hamster, but do you respect him?

          3. Brazilians apparently don’t, they just elected a Trump of their own in Jair Bolsonaro

  7. Let me preface this by saying that I generally dislike Trump’s personal attack Tweets. However, in this case, I actually agree that Kellyanne’s husband is horrid. I just still wouldn’t say so publicly. Is Conway trying to jeapordize his wife’s job? It’s like the wife invites her boss over for dinner, and the husband throws a cream pie in his face.

    What kind of husband publicly and repeatedly attacks the boss of his wife, especially when said wife is in an extremely prominent, public position? That is extremely disloyal, as it undermines her. I also think that Trump should not have made the public Tweet, because it was embarrassing to Kellyanne, who has been a loyal supporter of his.

    This is one of those icky family dramas playing out in public. Trump could have pivoted and said that this situation with Conway must be very difficult for his friend and colleague Kelleanne, and that he wishes for this subject to stay between the two of them. That would have left Conway looking like a heel who backstabs his wife, but in a manner that was supportive of Kellyanne.

    1. I agree that Conway – who’s opinions I usually agree with – needs to shut up or move out. I can’t stand Conway, but she’s his wife.

      1. Sorry, I agree with George usually, but Kelly is his wife. He should shut up or move out.

    2. Karen, I would have preferred the President to skip this fight and perhaps do what you suggest. ” that he wishes for this subject to stay between the two of them. “. I believe Kellyanne is a practicing Catholic and they have four children. I don’t think the President or George Conway are benefitting the children in the way they are acting. I have no problem with George Conway disagreeing with Presidential decisions that affect his business or firm but he should have more loyalty to his wife and if not to his wife then to his children.

    3. Karen, Honey, George Conway is stating the obvious. He is not “attacking” Trump. Trump is dirt. He has the worst kind of mental illness: a personality disorder. These are the most-difficult to treat, because in order for treatment to succeed, the patient has to want his life to change. Trump is delusional and self-absorbed, and doesn’t think he needs anything other than more attention and adulation. He thinks his is a virile, handsome wealthy man that women want to have grab their genitals because he is so desirable. Truth is, he is a fat, bald mentally-unstable narcissist liar with wrinkly orange skin and a bad comb-over whose balance sheet is in the red. To keep his kingdom financed, he had to get in bed with Russians and Middle Easterners. Why do you think he is hiding his tax returns and refusing to respond to document requests from Congress?

      Why is Kellyanne’s husband “horrid”? Because he tells the truth? Read what he wrote: the DSM criteria for a narcissistic personality disorder fit Trump to a “T”. It is literally not possible to “undermine” Kellyanne Conway. She, too, looks like the wrath of God and has a reputation for being a chronic, habitual liar or just plain stupid. You cannot embarrass someone like her. And, her loyalty is not any more genuine than Trump’s. She is his bagman. You’d think, out of gratitude for her, he could lay off of her husband, but, no, he can’t. When he attacks her husband, he is offhandedly attacking her.

      You might ask yourself why can’t Trump just shut the hell up and let negative comments just roll off his back like water off a duck? He can’t because he is mentally ill. He MUST have the last word. He must get in the last punch, no matter what. He is sick.

  8. George Conway is a fat, insecure little Filipino who is jealous of his wife’s success. A real man wouldn’t embarrass his wife by publicly attacking her boss and making her job more difficult. Kellyanne should divorce the loser and marry Mr. Kurtz.

    1. She’s too old for me, but I dig her. She is pretty and super smart, fast on her feet, and according to gossip, cunning as her boss! I’m taken, anyways.

      It’s always hard to know how best to deal with a lame spouse, whether it’s a loser like Geo Conway, or a woman who’s up to no good. You don’t want to make things harder on the family, but you also are tempted to tell them where to head in. Trump, I agree with Turley, should have continued to ignore the abject loser and bad husband Geo Conway.

      1. Good God, you think this hag from hell is “pretty” and “super smart”. Where do you hang out–Haughville? And, I’m pretty sure you know where Haughville is.

          1. “Hot” is a relative concept, definitely subjective. Most people consider the whole package when evaluating someone’s attractiveness. She is not pretty, either in the classical sense, or in any other sense. Her skin is bad. She has a huge nose, and a horse face. She wears too much makeup which only emphasizes her wrinkles and lines, and her hair looks like dried straw. Most importantly, she is deceitful and cunning, and tries to validate an unpatriotic narcissistic liar who colluded with hostile foreign powers to steal the Presidency of he United States. Because she constantly lies and manipulates questions put to her, mainstream media won’t bother to interview her any more. Personally, I think she is a succubus.

        1. Why don’t you put a name to your bloody rants so we can see just which idiot we’re dealing with here?

    2. Kitty Wampus,
      And if this dust-up does result in a Conway divorce, George Conway would be free to hook up with Natasha.😉

  9. Trump is in full panic, he knows the only way out is to convince his cult. That’s the only thing Trump does well, is to lie his arse off.

    1. you don’t get trump. guys like him don’t panic. they are capable of managing far more stress and conflict than normal people. it’s part of the profile you accuse him of; yes, if he is the narcissist type, guess what, then he’s a lot better at managing conflict than the average person who feels more empathy with others.

      this is precisely WHY narcissistic types actually excel in executive positions and certain high social conflict jobs. this is true of some other DSM categories, that the people who suffer from them, may be well suited to certain types of work.

      seek to understand!

      1. Mr. Kurtz,
        I think you are correct in your comment about Trump’s handling of conflict and stress.
        He often goes overboard, but he will retialiate against any real or perceived insult or slight.
        That Trump characteristic was obvious long before he ran for president, and I will say that it is not an ideal characteristic for a president.
        And a reason that I found him as unacceptable as Hillary.
        But the silver lining in all of this is the sheer entertainment value involved in observing the ongoing tantrums of people looking like Natacha and others still going apesh**, well over two years after the election and inauguration.
        I could find some other redeeming qualities in the Trump Presidency, but I just wanted to mention that the Trump antics….his “coping mechanisms”, if you will….have produced a deeper and longer- lasting lunacy amoung election losers than I’ve ever witnessed, or even the possible.
        And that gets back to the unanticipated entertainment value.

        1. Tom a lot of Republicans don’t like him, I know. He offends many social conventions that conservatives usually find dear. But, what I realized long before Trump when I became let’s say, radicalized, is that social conventions have been out the door for most people for a long time. We are not in a Marquess of Queensbury boxing match.

          When one boxer can keep on punching below the belt, and the ref won’t stop the fight, the only thing the other boxer can do, is get low and get dirty, and start in with groin punches, elbows, and eyeball gouges too.

          That’s Trump, the man we need, to fight fire with fire. So people have come to accept his perplexing and aggressive antics as cunning.

  10. George Conway looks like he was beaten up at least once a week when he was in grade school

  11. I disagree. In perhaps true “Trumpette” fashion, I find his tweets gratifying and well justified. And before you label me a deplorable neandertal, I spent the first 64 years of my life as a liberal (I’m now 68) so my pro-Trump views are based on evidence, observation, and rational deliberation, not some longstanding congenital bias.

    1. Sorry, but it’s not possible to be pro-Trump and rational at the same time, especially, but not only when it comes to his personal behavior.

      1. Sorry, but that’s just your opinion, which arises from Sore Loser Syndrome.

        1. No, if accepted universal social standards for behavior among humans make sense – you don’t incessantly lie, brag, make yourself the center of of any event, show disregard for the suffering of others, and mock personally anyone you disagree with – it is not rational to support Trump. These standards are essential to our social structure and Trump is unable to adhere to them. The failure of his supporters to recognize this is disconcerting, and something I’m pretty sure they’ll be ashamed of later.

          One can hope at least.

          1. Anon, they will only dig themselves deeper, then blame someone else for their mistakes and judgement.

          2. Anon says,
            “…incessantly lie, brag, make yourself the center of of any event, show disregard for the suffering of others, and mock personally anyone you disagree with…”

            A perfect description of Obama. Delicious irony, no?

            1. You really have no ability to judge human character do you?

              No wonder you want to pay for that wall.

  12. White House officials should have directed effort not to muzzle Trump but instead to enlist Kellyanne to muzzle her husband from hell. Kellyanne, like Trump, knows her husband is an impetuous loser. Who uses a bullhorn when disagreeing with a spouse?

  13. Trump’s denial of knowing Conway is in conflict w

    Run down the list of staff members at GW that you’re acquainted with and ask yourself if you’ve ever met their husband or wife, much less be sufficiently well-acquainted that you know them better than ‘barely’. C’mon. This isn’t that difficult.

  14. However, the result is manifestly bad for Trump.

    No, it’s manifestly bad for Trump in your circle of friends, who don’t vote for Trump anyway.

    George Conway’s behavior indicates that he and his wife are estranged. No clue why this hasn’t occurred to you.

    1. I think that is a reasonable inference. Perhaps more spouses lawfully married and lived together, and yet are estranged, than people realize.

  15. Well, let’s look at the positive side of President Trump.
    He does not drink. He does not smoke. He doesn’t do drugs. He probably does not have affairs ( he is surrounded by tattle-tales in the administrstion and the media, so I think we would know). He is a work-aholic. He loves his country.
    If this twitter addiction is his only vice, I’m fine with it, mainly because he is still honoring his constitutional duties, which is why he was hired.

    1. Why would we care if Trump smoked or drank. He’s already mentally deranged, so the drug thing is immaterial.

      By the way, Hitler did not drink, smoke, or eat meat.

      Does “workaholic” include watching TV until late morning everyday and then on into the night? He ignores preparation, including input from experts on the various issues that face any president, preferring his seat of the pants amateur hot head approach.

      While trying to use the power of the office to stifle the press, muscle businesses, reward family business partners, and trying to override the Congressional power of the purse, what “constitutional duties” is he honoring?

      1. “Why would we care if Trump smoked or drank. He’s already mentally deranged, so the drug thing is immaterial.”

        Shall Anon now be accused of having a Narcissistic Personality Disorder because he now thinks himself qualified to be a psychiatrist?

      2. Anon…….are you the same Anon that engaged in fun conversation a little while back about the bars in New Orleans?
        You seem meaner now. Just wondering. I think you are someone else uding this moniker.

          1. Anon…….that’s probably the most immature statement I have read anywhere on this blog.
            So you’re just a troll, working your baby magic.
            Well, you did have me thinking you were an adult at one point.
            There’s nothing wrong with being young and immature……just be proud of whatever you are.

            1. I assure you I’m neither a “troll” – is this board only for conservatives? – nor am I young. I wish.

              I stand by my statement above.

              1. Anon…This is not my blog. I believe anyone can post here.
                How you interact with your fellow posters is up to you.

      3. Was it okay for Obama to watch ESPN for hours on end? Oh that’s right, everything is perfectly fine if it’s your guy.

        1. FoxTrot…….there ya go! And what about summoning tbe media to tell them how he was filling-in his “brackets” for the March Madness play offs?! What a jock jerk! So immature! and he was PRESIDENT!

          1. Yes, Cindy, and you can’t possibly fill in those brackets without watching hours of college basketball. But, hey, he was so darn cool!!

            1. You watch ESPN so you don’t have to watch all the games. They, you know, show you the highlights.

              Maybe you watch Bravo.

        2. No, Obama did not watch hours of ESPN every night, and when he did, it wasn’t while he was supposed to working, by, you know, reading s..t, and meeting people.

          1. Uh, no one that I know of blames Presidents for some time off. Trump’s “Executive Time” watching TV in his pajamas blazes new trails in Presidential leisure.

          2. Anon…. He watched sports constantly with his guy date, Reggie. They were inseparable. This from a friend in Boys Town, Chicago. You are not required to believe it, but it is true.

              1. How does the NYTimes know what Trump does? It doesn’t, so it makes up stories that can neither be proven or disproven. My understanding from people that actually know him is that he is a workaholic. I don’t think such a characteristic would change very much at this age, but people wish to demonize him based on unproveable characteristics because they are unable to deamonize him based on facts that can be validated.

                1. Reputable news sources have informants who’s stories they confirm before publishing.

                  That’s how they know.

                  1. Yet the NYTImes frequently gets facts wrong and pontificates in the news section. Informants who have political agendas are not reliable, nor are sources that remain unidentified. If you haven’t noticed how many inaccuracies the NYTImes promoted based on anonymous sources I can’t help it.

                    As the origins of the Steele Dossier are revealed you should take note of all the comments the NYTimes made about the Steele Dossier. That should be a good demonstration of their unreliability.

                    1. No, the NYTs does not frequently get things wrong, and when they do they issue corrections. That’s how they’ve survived as a newspaper of record for over 100 years.

                    2. “That’s how they’ve survived as a newspaper of record for over 100 years.”

                      That is your assumption, but your assumption is wrong. There used to be a site that would daily publish the errors of the NYTImes.

                      I am going to post an article that deals with withholding news, in this case about Beto. You can look up the Duranty story and some of the other scandals at the NYTimes. Understand, yellow journalism and Fake News has been part of the newsmedia since the days of George Washington and before.

                    3. Reuters reporter takes heat for sitting on Beto O’Rourke hacker story until after Senate race against Cruz

                      Who is Beto O’Rourke?

                      Beto O’Rourke has officially declared his intent to run for president in 2020, but how does he stand up against the already crowded field of Democratic hopefuls?

                      Reuters is facing ethical questions after admitting that reporter Joseph Menn sat on an unfavorable story about media darling Beto O’Rourke until after his crucial Senate race against Ted Cruz.

                      Reuters published its report Friday on the “Cult of the Dead Cow,” a famous group of hackers credited with inventing the term “hacktivism,” and revealed that now-2020 presidential candidate O’Rourke was a member. The group is responsible for a variety of shady activity like stealing credit card numbers to pay for long-distance telephone service, violating copyright laws and hacking into computers, according to the report, which stressed that O’Rourke himself never “engaged in the edgiest sorts of hacking activity.”

                      The report also revealed that a teenage Beto, in connection with the group, wrote bizarre fiction stories under the name “Psychedelic Warlord” — including one story detailing the murder of two children.

                      The report was embarrassing for O’Rourke, who expressed regret for his past actions and writings shortly after the article’s publication.

                      But the reporter, it turns out, knew about this history since 2017 — and sat on it. According to Menn, members of the hacking group were protecting O’Rourke’s identity and wouldn’t confirm his affiliation unless the reporter promised not to write about it until after the November election. They apparently struck a deal.

                      Reuters reporter Joseph Menn agree to sit on an unfavorable story about Beto O’Rourke until his Senate race was over.
                      Reuters reporter Joseph Menn agree to sit on an unfavorable story about Beto O’Rourke until his Senate race was over.
                      “After more than a year of reporting, Menn persuaded O’Rourke to talk on the record. In an interview in late 2017, O’Rourke acknowledged that he was a member of the group, on the understanding that the information would not be made public until after his Senate race against Ted Cruz in November 2018,” Reuters wrote Friday in a piece headlined, “Backstory: How Reuters uncovered Beto O’Rourke’s teenage hacking days.”

                      Cruz – who defeated O’Rourke – took to Twitter to vent over Reuters’ decision.

                      “So Reuters had evidence in 2017 that Beto may have committed multiple felonies — which Beto confirmed on the record — but deliberately withheld the story for over a year to help him win his Senate race? But when he’s running against Bernie etc, NOW it’s news?” Cruz tweeted.

                      “This is — yet again — a chilling example of just how pervasive the liberal media bias is today. It’s not just in how they report stories, but when and the standards they use to employ for that coverage. At every turn conservatives are held to a different standard than liberals,” conservative strategist Chris Barron told Fox News.

                      Reuters defended the outlet’s handling of the story when reached for comment Monday.

                      “While he was on leave from Reuters and writing a book on the Cult of the Dead Cow, Joe Menn made an agreement regarding the embargo date of his interview with Beto O’Rourke. This is a common arrangement between journalists and sources, which we described in detail in a Reuters Backstory article on Friday,” a Reuters spokesperson told Fox News.

                      Menn attempted to explain the situation in a series of tweets, saying nobody would discuss O’Rourke’s involvement until he promised not to jeopardize his chance at unseating Cruz — but he was fine with it because he wanted the information for his book.

                      “That was OK: I wanted the full story for my book, which spans decades, rather than 1 scoop ahead of a state vote. I offered O’Rourke the same terms. He accepted, and we spoke,” Menn wrote. “No one thought he would lose the Senate race & immediately enter onto an even bigger stage, but here we are, and the embargo is up. The book is out soon, O’Rourke is running for president, and people should hear the missing part of his story.”

                      But conservative commentators were stunned.

                      Mark Levin called it “another shocking media fraud,” while radio host Hugh Hewitt said the move is “troubling.”

                      “This is a weak attempt to cover his own backside. He wanted to be first to break the story about Beto after he announced for President so he went ahead and did so on Friday. Then when it got out that he hid the story in 2018, he starts using his book as an excuse. It doesn’t add up,” RedState’s Bonchie wrote. “If he truly wanted to save it for his book he would have, you know, actually saved it for his book.”

                      “This is why people do not trust the media,” Daily Wire reporter Ryan Saavedra wrote.

                      “Walter Cronkite used to claim that the media reported the news straight and let the chips fall where they may. But they don’t. Liberals hold their chips like they’re always playing political poker. Transparency is often delayed, or never employed,” Media Research Center director of media analysis Tim Graham wrote about Menn’s decision.

                    4. wow thanks alan.


                      so beto was a hacker. guess he’s done. count him out. member of a “big hacker collective,” means something as to “felonious wire fraud” as being in the Crips relates to selling coke.

                      Thus, there is almost no way he will even win the primary. count him out.

                      wait, what am I thinking?? I’m a Republican. Go Beto GO! Go for broke, man! lol

                  2. Yeah, the Duranty story from the 1930’s. What a terrible record.

                    Tell me a better source.

                    1. We have seen that in the scandals as mentioned above and including Blair and quite a few others as well as individual articles.

                      When you read an article it needs to be complete with names, dates, places and facts. One confirms the facts through different sources which obtained their information from different sources. There is an art to good reporting. That art seems to be disappearing.

                    2. The New York Times makes many errors when it comes to the MidEast. If you wish you can follow those errors at CAMERA an organization that is constantly correcting the record having to do with reports on their specific issues.

                  3. Oh – so all those writers and editors who were fired or resigned at WaPo, CNN and NYT, those fake news stories they published, were just an anomaly since they clearly weren’t confirmed? More recently, Covington kids, Jussie Smollett?
                    You are so full of crap, please, just shut up. You’re tiresome and a complete waste of our time.

                    1. It is tiresome determining the facts of most events and some like Wally seem relieved to surrender the effort and just believe what they want to and what their handlers feed them.

                      The reasonable adult approach, as with any informed purchase, is to start with products with a long standing reputation for quality which is critical to it’s continued existence and success. As a businessman who regularly spends around $800,000 a year on materials and subcontractors I long ago learned that even the best make mistakes. What differentiates them from the short termers and fly by nighters is their commitment to fixing their mistakes and maintaining their reputation.

                    2. “It is tiresome determining the facts of most events”

                      Anon, that seems to be a problem faced by many that remain ignorant of what has been happening since Trump went down the escalator. Tiresome is akin to laziness. Instead of seeking out the truth many on the left, too lazy to do so, decided to accept the truth they wanted to hear instead of making sure their “truth” was correct. [Refer to all the comments on the Steele Dossier and related issues and compare them to what we have learned since. Those related to the creation and distribution of those documents have made fools of a lot of people on this blog.)

                      They compound that error, quoting Anon, “The reasonable adult approach, as with any informed purchase, is to start with products with a long standing reputation” by assuming reputation remains unchanged or was obtained correctly. That is the mind of a consensus thinker when it is the outlier that more frequently advances our knowledge. Take surgeons where you probably have some familiarity. Some have great reputations but sometimes a great reputation begins when the skills are already starting to recede. Sometimes reputations are created because of likeability or salesmanship and never reflected the quality of the work.

                      What it seems you are saying is that the NYTimes and the WaPo have reputations and therefore should be trusted. Great thinkers of the past with fine reputations thought the earth was flat.

                      If you think you are a learned businessman ($800,000 might seem like a lot to you but is not an impressive number) then you might pick suppliers that have good reputations. Is that enough? No. The really good businessman continuously assesses the validity of that reputation and doesn’t rely on the past to predict what is happening in the present or what will happen in the future.

              2. Anon………and yet he has a successful administration with lowest unemp, is securing our border as dictated by Article 2, is releasing black men and other minorities from unjust prison sentences, is dealing head on with veterans’ health problems, etc.
                Apparently he is disciplined and smart enough to do his job AND watch tv! What a man!
                Thanks for drawing that to our attention!!

                1. There were more new jobs produced in Obama’s last 2 years then Trump’s 1st 2, he’s trying to build a vanity wall that he said Mexico would pay for – and now I guess you want to pay for – the prison bill was bi-partisan. He is trashing our international alliances and thousands of appointed positions are empty – including ambassadorships to places like S Korea, due to his inaction. The promised infrastructure and health care bills are nowhere to be seen.

                  1. “the prison bill was bi-partisan.”

                    One should note that the President can be bi-partisan and might even have pushed through other positions the Democratic Party supported. There are countless of videos of the most prominent Democrats supporting a wall and wishing to stop illegal immigration. All that ended when Trump won. One has to be suspicious of the reasons for such a quick reversal in position by so many powerful Democrats. One has to consider the specific element pulling the party so quickly away from previous positions.

                    1. To his credit I hear Clinton built the San Diego wall which is 14 miles wide and helped a lot. One of many good choices he made while in office, I am sure he did many good things. Now, let’s get some more bipartisan support for our country’s security!

                    2. Kurtz, the Mexicans have got this, right?

                      Do I look Mexican to you? Why are you trying to get me to pay for the wall?

                    3. Walls and fences are part of the tool bag available to us to secure the border. Trump wants a monument to himself and he’s trying to get us to pay for it when he promised over and over it would be free.

                      Haven’t you ever been to a carnival before?

                    4. “Walls and fences are part of the tool bag available to us to secure the border. ”

                      Anon, Trump isn’t saying anything about the wall (except for his sarcasm about the Mexicans paying for it) that is different from what Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton and many others said about the wall. He agrees with the other things in the tool kit. It is not Trump who has suddenly reversed himself rather the older leaders of the Democratic Party.

                    5. “Sarcasm about the Mexicans paying for the wall…”

                      You have bought the whole package, haven’t you? Yeah, some “sarcasm” that, with everybody repeating after him in chants. Dude, you’ve been thoroughly conned. WTFU.

                    6. Anon you don’t know the difference between puffery and everything else. You should learn it. Trump is or was a promotor and puffery is part of the way promotors talk. Who pays for the wall is quite unimportant and something you focus on instead of the important issues, but even there Trump’s statement has a ring of truth.

                  2. Anon…..my goodness. I’ll bet you have a home altar…..a family shrine at home, dedicated to MSNBC.
                    You are impressive in your memorization of the litany.
                    But a word in your ear: there is a reason those ambassadorships and other gov’t jobs have not been filled, and you won’t like the answer. Please do your homework.

                    1. I follow the news and have for decades. I don’t have to memorize anything, I read about it in real time, and if I don’t know I google it, relying on reputable sources, not left or right.

                      “…There’s no U.S. ambassador in Mexico, our troubled neighbor to the south. No ambassador in nuclear-armed Pakistan, arguably the most dangerous country on Earth. No ambassador in Egypt, the most populous country in the Arab world. No ambassador in Jordan, a vulnerable ally sandwiched between Syria and Israel. No ambassador in South Africa or Singapore.

                      In 18 countries including those, the White House hasn’t even designated anyone for the job. In 41 more, Trump has nominated a candidate who is stuck waiting for Senate confirmation. And those numbers don’t count special envoys or representatives at international organizations who carry the rank of ambassador….
                      There’s a long list of reasons why all those posts are still unfilled. The Trump administration had a notably chaotic start. ….His transition team under former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie drafted lists, but the president discarded them. White House aides vetoed candidates from the State Department, rejecting Foreign Service officers who had worked on Obama administration projects and Republican foreign-policy experts who had been critical of Trump.

                      Trump’s first secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, seemed bent on eliminating positions instead of filling them; he shoved dozens of senior diplomats out the door and sent morale in the Foreign Service plummeting. Tillerson’s successor, Mike Pompeo, stopped the personnel cuts and has sped up the lagging pace of nominations, but he still hasn’t cleared away the backlog….”


                  3. “There were more new jobs produced in Obama’s last 2 years then Trump’s 1st 2, ”

                    Anon, here is a U 6 unempoyment comparison of Obama’s last year until the election and the comparable Trump numbers the next year. The lower the number the less unemployment. Generally as the country nears full employment we expect the U 6 to fall more slowly but in this case you can see for yourself how much quicker the U 6 fell under Trump than under Obama.

                    2016 9.9 9.7 9.8 9.7 9.7 9.6 9.7 9.7 9.7 9.5
                    2017 9.4 9.2 8.9 8.6 8.4 8.6 8.6 8.6 8.3 7.9

                    1. Allan, excellent post. Too bad fools like Anon have no concept of what the U6 numbers actually mean, and why that drop is so very important.

                    2. “Too bad fools like Anon have no concept of what the U6 numbers actually mean, and why that drop is so very important.”

                      Thanks Wally. It seems too many lack knowledge of the important numbers that tell us how our economy is doing. I appreciate your bringing up Smollett and the Covington kids. These guys wear blinders. God forbid they see anything but what the far left wishes them to see.

                  4. Anon……regarding your research on Trump’s appointments: Good job, Jimmy Olsen!
                    But please be bold and link sources other than Lefty ones. The Atlantic is not centrist.

                    1. The Atlantic is mainstream with left and right columnists and has been in publication for over 150 years. The article is a fact article, not opinion, and includes delays caused by Democrats, the GOP, and Trump. Of the major countries still without ambassadors, 18 have not had anyone appointed and that includes Saudia Arabia and turkey.

                    2. The Atlantic is mainstream with left and right columnists

                      Actually, Kevin Williamson was fired due to a staff revolt. Megan McArdle hasn’t worked there in seven years and Ross Douthat in ten.

    2. “He probably does not have affairs”
      I’m not sure any man’s affairs have ever been more documented. Perhaps you mean he hasn’t cheated on this wife? No, Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal were during her term (just after she gave birth). Maybe you mean since he became President? There’s a slight chance. Bannon said there were hundreds during the campaign.

      The other joke:

      “He is a work-aholic.” Somebody better explain “Executive Time” to you, and golf. I’d find all his quotes about how much Obama played golf but it isn’t necessary. Thanks for the laughs of the day.

      1. enigma… Having affairs now, during his time as president was the OBVIOUS point, my dear enigmatic delight.
        He is a work-aholic, which I’m sure is like a foreign language to someone like you.
        Barack played over 225 rounds of golf in 8 yrs……..compare thst to Bush at 24 rounds in 8 years.
        Trump will come no where near that number..
        We know you are Trump-hate obsessed. There is no vaccine for it, so you’ll just have to suffer through for the next 5 and a-half years.
        Good luck, you delightful little thing.

        1. Amazing what you can find on the Internet, according to this source, Obama played 306 rounds in 8 years, more than you cited. Although Trump tries to hide some of his play, he is exceeding Obama’s play at an astronomical rate (graphs provided). I’ve never heard anyone else even suggest that Obama played more golf, took more vacations, watched more TV than Trump than now. Do tell, where are you getting your information?


          1. enigma…….You are such a prissy whiner. I swear you’re twirling a parasol while stomping your little patent leather feet on the floor, trying to talk in your squeeky mean voice. It’s really cute.
            Please repair yourself to the fainting couch and relax.

            1. So you’re ignoring the fact you were totally wrong about workaholic Trump who is on pace to play more golf (and watch more television) than any President in history.

              1. enigma……I was not wrong about his being a work-aholic. Sorry, snookums.

                1. “snookums”…and all the other little “pet names” that you use — in an attempt to feel superior, you freakin’ sycophant @Cindy Bragg

                  Cut the crap.

                    1. Cindy, they REALLY don’t like it when you use their own crap against them.

                    2. “Cindy, they REALLY don’t like it when you use their own crap against them.”

                      FFS, that is what I did to Jan F. AKA Anon. In reply I quoted his own words against him and that didn’t make him happy at all.

                    3. Cindo, Foxy and Allaninny are drawing conclusions, without evidence — again.

                2. Saying it doesn’t make it so. Make the case that he studies up on the issues, reading his briefings, listening to his intelligence advisors. Or does he simply watch Fox & Friends, Hannity, and Judge Jeanne and call his buddies (and the Russians) to shoot the bull?

              2. The people of the world would be much better off if all politicians did was watch TV and play golf.

                1. Unless they had to make executive decisions without any knowledge of the available reference material they were too busy to study? Contrary to popular opinion, ignorance isn’t bliss.

                2. Still not profound. Why don’t you move off the grid if you are so self sufficient? And give up that union guaranteed pension since that was collectively earned and you being such the individualist have no need for that stuff.

              3. Unlike Obama, Trump often brings out foreign politicians and others to play golf. So he is building relationships and creating understanding, like a businessman. Obama never brought anyone but golf pros and A-list actors on the links with him. There’s a difference there.

                1. There’s a fair point there, although I can’t think od an example where Trump improved a relationship over golf? Abe of Japan is so fearful of the N Korea situation that he was going to suck up to Trump anyway. Give me a leader tht genuinely likes Trump? The ones he gets along with best are the dictators that are playing him. Name an ally he gets along with? At least you’re not imagining Trump plays less golf like Cindy does.

          2. That’s great news that POTUS is getting regular safe and healthy exercise. helps keep the body fit and mind fresh. Especially good for elderly persons. I encourage you to try golf Enigma, its a super game

            1. He would get even more exercise if he walked into the woods after his balls and hit them where they landed. I enjoyed golf for many years. My only regret is that I didn’t pick it up sooner.

        2. Almost forgot, are you suggesting, as evidence of his character, because evidence of his affairs is limited to the previous fifty years but excluding the past two, he’s now a good man? Tell the truth, if proof came out today of Trump having an encounted with a street hooker, you wouldn’t even flinch. You’d settle for misrepresenting his rounds of golf.

          1. I wonder why Enigma has such an attachment to Trump’s sex life. It sounds weird but maybe that represents some repressed feelings in enigma’s life.

              1. Enigma, you are constantly referring to sex and Trump. A lot of people have sex and it is not unusual for people to have more than one partner. Thus I find your attachment to the idea of Trump having sex a bit weird.

                    1. Anon, my pet, I brought up “affairs” in the context that he would likely NOT have them in office because of tattle tails.
                      “Context” is another word that liberals find offensive, I fear. But the greatest offense is reserved for “forgiveness”. You’ll find a vampire chowing-down on a garlic sandwich before you’ll find forgiveness as a real thing with liberals.

                    2. Cindy, you brought up affairs and enigma responded on that point and another, Don’t accuse him of starting something that you did. Be honest.

                    3. Anon…….I did not bring up “affairs” to enigma….I was replying to prof Turley’s post. I was addressing him, not enigma, who saw the word “affair”, changed his bloomers, then lit in to me, verbally.

                  1. enigma……..i listed several things, but that’s the one you latched onto.

                  2. No, enigma… YOU started talking about his former sex life, BEFORE he was in politics.
                    To most homosapiens who can read, it was clear that I was discussing his habits as a sitting President.

                    1. You brought up the subject. Perhaps you think his character should be defined by maybe keeping it in his pants the last two years. I choose to look at his whole body of work as it were.
                      He’s been involved in politics for years including threatening to run for President for decades, during which he was engaging in the behavior you believe he’s finally abstained from

                  3. You latch onto the same subject of sex all the time just like you latch onto the subject of racism. There is no objectivity in your voice.

                  4. Enigma says…….”You brought up the subject. Perhaps you think his character should be defined by maybe keeping it in his pants the last two years. I choose to look at his whole body of work as it were.
                    He’s been involved in politics for years including threatening to run for President for decades, during which he was engaging in the behavior you believe he’s finally abstained from”

                    Other than obvious tweaking of truth, this is so ridiculous. Do you realize how silly you sound?? Are you willing to demand from everyone in office that they reveal their sexual habits and experiences all the way back…… to what, high school? Really?

                    Well let’s start with Dr. King. He whored around ALL the time, kiddo. Is that how he should be judged and remembered? ……..According to you, yes!

                    1. There is no aspect of Trump’s character that will stand up to scrutiny. Here’s a challenge; name a day in the last two years he mde a public statement that he didn’t tell an obvious lie. Not made a mistake but told what was clearly a lie. All you have to provide is the date and I’m betting I can find a lie.

                    2. Enigma, one day you will actually learn what a lie is and be able to differentiate it from opinion, a mistake or puffery. AT the present time you assume lies are told mostly by politicians that have an R after their name.

                  5. enigma…..no, no no…….You feel obliged to judge people’s privste ex life…..so you have to judge Dr King on his whoring around. Be fair,

                    1. You credited Trump for his fidelity as a good thing we should praise him for. Except you added a time constraint (which you say you clearly intended), limiting it to the past two years. That’s like having a vicious dog that hasn’t bitten anyone in two years that just happened to be locked in a cage all that time. I don’t give Trump or the dog credit because they didn’t have the opportunity. Or maybe they did what they do and we just don’t know about it?
                      Regarding your whatabout Dr. King in your desire to change the subject. If he ran for President and his fidelity came up, I’d judge him as well. But you were talking about the things we should give Trump credit for, I chose to dispute that.

                    2. “Regarding your whatabout Dr. King in your desire to change the subject. If he ran for President and his fidelity came up, I’d judge him as well.”

                      It sounds as if Enigma is denegrating Dr. King. That is sort of amazing since Martin Luther King Day is a federal holiday. He doesn’t have to be President to deserve the same scrutiny, but I don’t think that type of scrutiny is necessary for either MLK or the POTUS.

                  6. enigma, I did not bring up Trump’s probably not having affairs to you, unless your name is Jon Turley.

                1. I don’t think Trump does guys, andrew. Enigma would have to ring up Obama for that.

                    1. Unfortunately not, same idiots different day; engagement is futile with tRumpsters as I am sure you know.

                2. Andrew, sometimes people get irrational when they can’t get what they want. I think Enigma faces that problem on an almost daily basis.

          2. https://nypost.com/2018/05/23/inside-jfks-door-to-door-search-for-a-french-call-girl-and-why-she-had-to-look-like-jackie/

            Teamsters reps were circulating a rumor back in the day, that the chauffer for the President and SS detail had to accompany him on the prowl for street hookers in DC. I never believed it but heard it more than once from serious people.

            As for Trump, he would not go the Hugh Grant route. Not his style. And he’s probably too old to bother that or harassing an intern like Bill Clinton. But look at Robert Kraft, who is accused of getting a very modest manual release and he’s fairly old. But that too would probably be too cheap for Trump. He’d want another marquee name like Karen McDougal. Wow. That was a hottie.

            Anyhow, just because you’re in your 70s, it still works, especially what with new medical innovations. Something to look forward to late in life, I guess! I’m not there yet but I hope I can enjoy life to its fullest as well.

            1. Lionel the lawyer, myself & others can not understand how the govt can make something illegal to sell that’s legal to give away???


  16. Trump is a juvenile delinquent street punk from Queens. It’s not NPD. It’s arrested development, I tell you. Trump’s stint at the military academy only worked so long as Mom and Dad were around to tell Trump, “No!”. So soon as Trump’s parents were both gone, Trump reverted to type by cavorting with World Wrestling Entertainment impresarios. In the end, Trump will cry like a little school girl.

    1. Now Trump owes a nickel to both George Conway and L4B for the Lucy-quality diagnoses.

      1. Tom…..LOL…..True!
        OT I cannot access Short Time on my Roku……..maybe I can stream on my comouter.
        Thank you for the info!

  17. “NPD” seems to be commonplace among polliticians. See “Beto” and “AOC”.

  18. The diagnosis is wrong and not on the higher level. He is paranoid schizophrenic. He needs shock treatment.

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