Poll: Support For Trump Impeachment Drops Significantly

Despite the unrelenting bad press and worse news for President Donald Trump from the allegations of Michael Cohen to the sentencing of Paul Manafort, a new  SSRS poll has found a sharp drop in support for his impeachment including among Democrats. Overall support for impeachment dropped from 43 percent in December to 36 percent today. This would help explain why Nancy Pelosi is saying that Trump has committed impeachable offenses but impeachment is not part of the Democratic agenda. While I do not see a current basis for impeachment on the public evidence, I disagree with the position of the Democratic leadership. Putting aside the bait-and-switch from the midterm elections, members should feel compelled to seek impeachment if they believe impeachable offenses have been committed regardless of what they think the other house or other members might do in fulfillment of their own constitutional oaths. Notably, while Pelosi does not think the Senate will overturn Trump’s veto over the wall emergency declaration, she still wants to do so in the House.

The change is most remarkable among Democratic voters who previously favored impeachment by 80 percent but now only support it by 68 percent. That 12 percent drop is astonishing given the importance of the impeachment issue to the midterm elections. The drop is even more pronounced among Democratic college graduates who favored impeachment by 50 percent in December and now only support it by 35 percent.

With the Mueller report expected soon, the polling could reinforce the position for Trump, particularly if Mueller finds no collusion.

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  1. Trump should appoint a Special Council to investigate Adam Schiff and Hillary’s Russian Colusion and any other crimes they may have committed

  2. Kurtz, you referred me to a video of one person punching out another. This is a response to violent actions from the left but what we need to do is learn to discuss rather than punch. I am not blaming that guy because the left and organizations like Antifa has been quite violent and one needs to protect themselves. That type of violence has always been promoted by the left whether it be from the Nazi’s, the Fascists, the Leninists / Stalinists, the Maoists, etc. I thought you might be interested in the following book, video and op-ed from one of America’s foremost leftists, a former leader of the New Left, and the Intellectual figure behind the violent Black Panthers who suddenly recognized that violence and killing didn’t represent what America stood for. He moved to become a leader of the right in order to expose the left’s dirty secrets.

    Yes, This is the man we talked about earlier, David Horowitz, whose life is exceptionally interesting and leftists and rightwingers could learn a lot by reading his autobiography.

    The op-ed is long but it deals with multiple facets of our society and our history that makes one better understand what America is all about even if one has some disagreements with some of the things Horowitz says. One might want to read smaller portions at a time to think about what he is saying.


  3. There are more and more right-wing writers coming to The Hill newsletter. It’s safe ground there for pure crap. Notice how Trump enablers are moving heaven and their flat earth to change the subject off Trump?

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