New York Moves To Ban Subway Sex Offenders . . . After A Second Offense

I am in New York today so this story just seemed to jump out at me. The city, it appears, is taking a stand against people who expose themselves or masturbate on the subway. You will now be banned . . . after your second offense. That is a rather curious approach to this form of sexual offense but it appears that New York is adopting a variation of the “one-free-bite rule” of common law torts when it comes to sexual offenders.

The new law would ban second offenders convicted of groping, grinding, or other lewd acts. Some would argue that a second chance seems a bit gratuitous but they apparently do not ride the New York trains.

According to the NYPD, there were 866 reported subway sex crimes and 373 subsequent arrests on the MTA.

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      1. mespo….Tucker is one of the most well-rounded, intelligent kids I’ve ever seen. His main feature is that he is curious. Curiosity is what makes a thinker a critical thinker. You can see this curiosity in his eyes, IMO.
        And all of these wonderful attributes, even though his mother left when he was about 6 years old, I believe. That can be so devastaing to a child.
        But kudos to his father.
        Tucker has said that when he was growing up, he never saw his father without a book in his hand!

        1. I’m just glad he doesn’t say disturbing and repulsive things like Streisand does.

          1. Anon……..I really am afraid that Streisand has some dementia. Those statements about MJ were so horrible and totally unlike her. I still have her first solo album LP from 1966. She was my hero for years.

        2. “His main feature is that he is curious. Curiosity is what makes a thinker a critical thinker. You can see this curiosity in his eyes, IMO”

          Yep. Reminds me of a Turley blog commenter with a last name very similar to a famous confederate general.

    1. I’d like to thank the federal agents, too. Arresting this guy is long overdue. Can’t wait to see why he hasn’t filed income taxes for years, lied to banks to get loans, lied to a client about when his settlement check arrived (after spending some and loaning some back to him) and deciding that a deal where his clients gets a whopping 5.6% of a multi-million dollar settlement (1.5/26.5) is ethical. All the while telling Alan Dershowitz he is ignorant of legal ethics. He even gives shysters a bad name. Allegedly, of course. He’s presumed innocent, but we’re not presumed stupid. Ninety-Five percent of federal indictees plead guilty.

  1. Robert W. Sweet, Mayor’s Deputy Turned Federal Judge, Dies at 96

    “One of Judge Sweet’s major rulings came in 1992, when he declared that the state’s law against begging on the streets was an unconstitutional violation of free speech.

    “While the government has a “valid interest” in preserving public order, he said, “the interest in permitting free speech and the message that begging sends about our society predominates.”

    “He added, “A peaceful beggar poses no threat to society,” while “aggressive panhandling” could be prosecuted under existing laws.”

  2. Darren:

    Can you please free up my reply to Karen S? It’s about David Drum and I included some of the tribute pieces so I went over the one link limit. Nal was worth that.

    1. Hi Mespo:

      I don’t see your replay. Do you want to try reposting it on this thread?


      1. Karen S:

        I included some tributes to David Drumm to give you a sense of what a great contributor he was. You can research them by typing his name in the search box above. Great guy, great mind, great heart.

  3. On the Off Topic Front:

    Blog favorite lawyer, Michael Avenatti,is charged with extortion and conspiracy to commit extortion of shoe giant, Nike. Sounds a little thin given the context of a civil claim but nice to know that the feds at SDNY obsess over more than Trump. “Basta,”as the headline reads! It’s like an answer to a prayer from the Schadenfreude gods!

          1. Tucker Carlson’s take on Creepy Porn Lawyer is must see tv tonight.

            1. Avenatti charges: Defrauding the bank with phony personal and business tax returns to obtain millions of dollars in loans, embezzling $1.6 Million from his own client and then “generously” loaning the client his own money back to him while the client patiently waited for the settlement that had already arrived, using client money for his own expenses … short of violence it just doesn’t get worse than this for a lawyer. Cohen is an apple cart thief compared to this guy.


    1. So how do you suppose this affects his chances for the 2020 nomination?

      1. R. L. Burnside:
        Well, he’ll probably be easy to interview being in one spot for quite a long time. Plus he’ll likely be an expert on weight-lifting and commercial washing machines. His oratory skills should improve with a captive audience. And his experience in barter economies will be peerless. So he’s got all that going for him.

        1. Mespo,
          Has he started up a GoFundMe account yet? How much can he put you down for?😉😊

          1. Well he owes about $850,000.00 in back taxes plus interest on returns he never filed. I’m in for 85 cents which is ironic since it’s about 80 cents more than his reputation is worth today and exactly 85 cents more than his character is worth. So, yeah, I’m all in on this “lawyer without a cause.”

  4. Don’t mind me I’m still cruising the possibilities to find the Reply Block for the crane question. In any case where ever there are three from which to choose. As for NYC some excellent cultural events but not much else except rolling muggers was a lucrative pass time.

  5. Darren – comments are disabled on the “Find the Crane” post. I was sorry to hear of the passing of your friend. Did he used to write articles for RIL?

  6. NYC and San Francisco are very…interesting places. Blue to the core, they are supposed to exemplify the best the Democrats can offer. In San Francisco, the streets are littered with human feces, vomit, and urine, mad people lurch around and are sometimes violent, naked people ride the trolly, and the city vehemently opposes most new building projects. If you own a building and want to convert it to housing, good luck. You’ll spend years in court. Meanwhile, the whole area prices the non rich out of the market, and homeless languish in the hedgerows.

    Swell places.

    1. SF is expensive – as is NYC – because millions of people want to live there. I have visited SF a couple of times in the last year, and it is not as you describe, but lovely and beautiful place with a thriving downtown that does not roll up the sidewalks when it gets dark like a lot of cities across the heartland. Don’t kid yourself about where people want to live and visit, or you spend your next vacation in downtown Omaha or Houston.

      1. PS those 2 cities are also carrying a lot of tax burden to help subsidize red states. Say “thank you NYC and SF!”

        1. One day just for funz and grinz you should try proving that statement. Not a task for the lacka-daze-ical illiterate which leaves out those who can’t find the crane.

        2. Anon:

          “PS those 2 cities are also carrying a lot of tax burden to help subsidize red states. Say “thank you NYC and SF!”” No, Anon, it was literally the reverse. CA and NYC kept raising taxes, but softened the blow slightly by writing off some of the state taxes against the federal tax owed. That means that lower tax red states were subsidizing the high taxes of CA and NYC. When that was recently capped at $10,000, mostly affecting the rich, NY and CA howled. Wait, I thought they kept insisting that higher taxes were the way to go and would have no effect on behavior? Newsom is even now crafting a drinking water tax, on top of the gas taxes and road diets.

          In addition, the poor pay lower taxes than the rich. That is the progressive tax that Democrats support. If you find it unfair that the rich pay more than the poor, especially if those poor are conservatives in red states, are you saying you want the poor to pay more in taxes than the rich?

          Also, retirees often flee the high taxes of CA and NY and go to lower tax red states. They paid into the system in their lifetime. Those retirees will use more Medicare and Social Security benefits. Would you force retirees to stay in high tax states? How will they live? Would you punish Florida because a lot of retirees and snow birds land there?

          CA is currently clinging to one of the worst boondoggles in history, a 72 billion dollar and rising train project that will heavily rely on federal subsidies, paid for by the entire country.

          There are also fuel subsidies to agriculture. For instance, a farmer doesn’t pay the same fuel taxes for his tractor, taxes which are ostensibly to repair roads. Tractors don’t drive on roads.

          You have to understand the numbers.

          1. Yes, you have to understand the numbers and regrettably, you don’t:

            (in dollars)
            1 Connecticut $10,279
            2 Massachusetts $9,445
            3 New Jersey $8,811
            4 New York $8,490
            5 Washington $7,493
            6 California $7,466
            7 New Hampshire $7,284
            8 Maryland $7,004
            9 Illinois $6,836
            10 Colorado $6,79

            See any red states there? Me either.

            As to the recent tax cut handed to the 1% that our grandchildren will pay for, the change to income taxes, those now non-exempt taxes went to state and local need and are exactly the kind of partisan targeting of states – by Trump and the red state GOP – you said in another post that you feared if the electoral college was eliminated. Well, you’ve already got it from your party.

      2. Anon……..There is an app now for phones that tells you what streets in SF have more feces piled up than others, so thst you can adjust your route, if walking. I am not making this up.
        You must have been on Nancy’s neighborhood block if you observed a “lovely, beautiful place”.

        1. I walked a lot through all neighborhoods in SF, including the always – let’s say organic – China town. I saw not one situation as described by you and others here who can’t stand the fact that the best cities in America and the ones tourists of all nations flock to are blue. You want to do something scary? Go downtown in most red state – and some blue – big cities after 5.

          Well, never mind. That was bad advice.

      3. Anon……..other than too many damnyankees😃 and Democrats, what’s wrong with Houston?

      4. Anon:

        I live in CA. I have relatives in SF. If you didn’t see someone crapping in front of a restaurant, or see poop or needles on the street, then you didn’t explore the city.

        I used to love SF, and Golden Gate Park was one of my favorites. So much fun stuff to do, besides park, which has already been horrid.

        An NPR Article:

        “San Francisco’s streets are so filthy that at least one infectious disease expert has compared the city to some of the dirtiest slums in the world.

        The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit surveyed 153 blocks of the city in February, finding giant mounds of trash and food on the majority of streets. At least 100 discarded needles and more than 300 piles of human feces were also found in downtown San Francisco, according to the report.”

        “I will say there is more feces on the sidewalks than I’ve ever seen growing up here,” Breed told NBC Bay Area last month.

      5. I spy with my little eye an interview with SF mayor London Breed discussing the out of control poop and needles that you deny exist.

        Her solution is to educate the homeless on how to clean up after themselves. You know, the guys so insane and/or drugged out of their mind that they poop in a planter in front of a restaurant and then go sprawl in their own urine. They just need to be told where to go potty and how to wash their hands. That’s the problem right there!

        In her own words, on camera, she admits there are more feces than she has ever seen in her lifetime. I hope this video changes your mind.

      6. Anon:

        “SF is expensive – as is NYC – because millions of people want to live there.” That’s true, to an extent, of any city. By definition, it’s a concentration of people all looking for work and housing.

        But SF is more expensive than most other cities in the US. Part of that is geography. It’s a hilly area. A big reason is that the local government interferes with housing projects. No one wants to ruin the skyline of San Francisco with a bunch of high rises. They like the architecture pretty, and they certainly don’t want to ruin the look of the city to build Section 8 housing.

        In addition, CA is the highest taxed state in the Union. San Francisco has very high regulations and is difficult to do business there. These all combine to make SF an exorbitantly expensive place to live, as well as all surrounding areas in any conceivable commuting distance.

        With all of the recent fervor over employees at tech giants moving to the city, most of the attention has been placed on the demand side of the problem: people are upset that well-paid software engineers are driving up their rents.

        But there’s also a supply side to the issue that needs to be considered: Maybe there isn’t enough housing in the city to go around. If people want to live in San Francisco, and they don’t want rent to go up, then we need to build more units for people to live in.

        Since San Francisco is located on a peninsula, there’s pretty much only one way for the city to add new housing units: by growing vertically. With taller buildings, San Francisco would be able to fit more housing and thus lower rents. But as Y Combinator partner Garry Tan pointed out in a tweet this weekend, that’s not even an option under current city zoning regulations.

        “Afraid of losing their iconic views, San Franciscans started passing referendums that established “sunset zoning,” making it illegal for tall buildings to put any city park or public square in shadow for more than an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset.”

        The Democrats claim they care more about the poor than Republicans. The Democrat run San Francisco would rather that people would be homeless than spoil their views. It’s just words. What matters is action. Well connected luxury developers, however, appear to have no problem greasing the wheel of San Francisco building commissions.

        1. Shocking news: The richest cities – some with moderate to warm climates – attract a lot of homeless people (most I ever saw was in LA where it is warmer than SF) and residents of older neighborhoods are protective of the them. Gee, that is just terrible and a clear example of the failure of liberalism and what nightmares these cities are. Perhaps Karen and Cindy will next report on the problems facing the city council of Butte and Valdosta.

          I repeat: I visit SF regularly – about twice a year – and walk a lot. The “problem” is overblown and I have never – ever – confronted or witnessed it in my travels.

  7. What the h— is a “subway?”

    Is that like pastures, purple mountains, sunsets, meadows, hills, fields, sunsets, forests, prairies or amber waves of grain?

    Are sub-ways for sub-humans?

  8. NY: Cut their dongs off after second offense and then only let them on the subway when they are butt naked.

  9. Cuommo is the governor I believe? I think this guy is a bit off.
    First with the abortion issue. Now….Jeeeeesus, it´s common sense do you really have to make a law? You have a freak exposing, groping, masturbating, in the subway you punch him call 911 and they take them to jail. And what kind of law is that? The millions of people that travel on the subway in NY each day, what, are there going to go each one through a ¨metal detector¨ where pólice will ask for your drivers license and check if you have a criminal record of exposing yourself in public, and then they say ¨ o, you don´t you were arrested for pettty thief and now your working at X place, good for you now we have all your information¨ and the line keeps growing and growing and by the time they catch a train is the next day at least trying the best to see if people can get to their job. It´s imposible to know who those freaks are unless you catch them in the act. What a law. This Cuommo guy is brilliant.

  10. Please tell everyone Oklahoma Sucks & smells like dog crap & they should stay in NYC, DC, LA where it’s nice because horrible down here.

  11. I am SO grateful our daughter lived there from 1998-2000, during the Rudy years . She loved the experience, and hubby and I loved visiting her, and we loved Rudy.
    We walked everywhere…… was clean, people seemed happy, and we all felt safe.

  12. Remember the baseball player from Georgia who said “like you’re [riding through] Beirut next to some kid with purple hair next to some queer with AIDS right next to some dude who just got out of jail for the fourth time right next to some 20-year-old mom with four kids.” ?

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