California Woman Is Fired After Verbally Assaulting Elderly Trump Supporter At Starbucks

We have previously discussed the issue of when it is appropriate to punishment people for conduct outside of the work place. We have followed cases where people have been fired after boorish or insulting conduct once their names and employers are made known. (here andhere and here and here and here).  There is another such case out of California with a twist. Rebecca Mankey created a scene at a Starbucks by screaming at s 74-year-old man wearing a “Make American Great Again” hat in support of President Trump. Mankey posted the instant and said that she wanted to get him kicked out of every club and make his life a living hell. Instead, she was fired by her own employer for her rude and intolerant conduct.

Mankey spotted the man and his hat and started screaming at him and, according to the man, yelled “‘Hey, everybody come here! This guy’s a racist! This guy hates brown people!’” The man, identified only as Victor, said that she also called him a Nazi. He is in fact Jewish.

In a Facebook posting, Mankey not only identified herself but asked for people who see him to “please confront him.” She added

“I yelled at him. Called the entire Starbucks to order and yelled at him more about how it’s not okay to hate brown people…I called him more names and told him to call the police…He wouldn’t call the police so I called him a wimp, He got his stuff together to leave. I followed him to the register while he complained about me. Then chased him out of Starbucks yelling at him to get the f— out of my town.”

She added later that she was “going to publicly shame him in town and try to get him fired and kicked out of every club he is in.”

It did not exactly work out that way. Her employer at Gryphon Strings, a guitar sales and repair shop, learned of the controversy and fired her for her disgraceful conduct. The company noted “Gryphon does not believe anyone should be harassed or subject to hate speech no matter their beliefs.”

This case is a little different from our earlier controversies where people were fired for their political associations or statements. Here Mankey was seem effectively stalking a person because he held opposing political views. Nevertheless, it is another example of the “little brother” problem that we have discussed.

According to KTVU , Richard Johnston confirmed hat Mankey has worked at the store as an office manager for four years.

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    For years conservative warned about the ‘culture of victimhood’; that condition in which segments of society revel in being ‘victims’.

    But here in the Trump era, conservatives relish victimhood and Professor Turley panders to this mindset with regular stories concerning oppressed Trumpers who were victimized for wearing MAGA hats.

    Turley’s column above contains a link to a local news account of said incident. It contains the following comments by featured victim:

    “This woman came over and not only started screaming at me, she turned to the Starbucks audience and said, ‘Hey everybody come here! This guy’s a racist! This guy hates brown people!’” said Victor, wearing a yarmulke on his head Wednesday instead of his MAGA hat.

    See that? Victor was wearing a yarmulke when interviewed by local media. This raises an interesting question: ‘If Victor felt orthodox enough to wear a yarmulke for the interview, why wasn’t he wearing his yarmulke the day of said incident?’

    Turley readers are told these incidents are disturbingly common. Therefore even restrained liberals should be ‘horrified’ these incidents are occuring. Like liberals should post these stories on Facebook with captions reading, “Please, please, don’t go off on elderly folks! You’re making us all look bad!”

    If MAGA hats provoke so much rage, then perhaps they represent something more than an aspiration to ‘greatness’. Perhaps they represent White Nationalism, for instance? People could get that impression from Trump rallies where audiences cheer when Trump decries the presence of ‘murderous Mexicans’ in our country.

    Donald Trump is the first president in our lifetime who deliberately set about to conduct the most polarizing campaign possible. Every day, since taking office, Trump has used his Twitter account to attack individuals and institutions. These attacks are so absurdly common they barely make the news anymore.

    Therefore one could argue that if MAGA hats incite such rage, Trump himself is chiefly to blame. Trump has worked very hard to make those hats symbols of mean-spirited stupidity.

    1. I don’t get it Peter…. are you saying Victor is a bad jew for not wearing his yarmulke? of course he may have been wearing it under the maga hat. they do that.

      are you jewish? You were proposing federal dictates to the Catholic Church the other day and said you weren’t Catholic. Now i wonder are you going to begin judging Jews too? Hey, I might as well ask. Are you Jewish?

      1. No, Kurtz, I’m not Jewish. And I’m not making any commentary on Victor’s faith. I’m just wondering why he made a point of presenting his Jewishness when interviewed by local media. If he had committed himself to the MAGA hat identity, why did Victor switch hats for the interview? It just strikes me as somewhat disingenuous. Like Victor was, indeed, reveling in victimhood.

        1. So what? Victimizing is part of the process of group identity formation in every season and every place. You’re just mad that Republicans are finally getting it?

          Jewish people are smarter than the average white person especially about anything regarding groups and tribal alliances.

          This is precisely why the contemporary “far right” in Europe has disowned antisemitism and Trump supporters do too. Viz. FN in France.

          Instead, we must embrace the Jewish people and study their amazing millenniums-long successful struggle for existence! As Nietzsche did, we admire them for their collective “will to power.” It is an inspiration for the nations!

          You can read his book “genealogy of morals” for more on that theme.

          1. I have also now explained to you why the new-left in America is anti-Israeli and Trump is pro-Israeli. This is the deep logic. Nobody will explain it to you like i just did. Except maybe Jared Taylor. He’s a smart Yalie. Anyhow, for this brief exposition of the new tribal alliance, you’re welcome.

            1. Therein also lies a key to why and how the Republican party can tap Asian Americans for support too. Their industriousness, their thrift, their ethnic cohesion, make them natural allies in the fight against an increasingly dangerous welfare state and oppressive, stifling, cultural uniformity demanded by dogmatic leftist political correctness. Oh, they know what that is like, back in Asia, which is why so many come here!

              Just as former generations of Jewish people were heavily Democratic, but today they like Trump, a future generation of Asian Americans will see the same logic in years to come, even once Trump is gone, provided his successors comprehend this genius.

              Here again we have an execution of the strategy of “Economic nationalism” contra globalism. Bannon elaborated this too, and the logic remains once he is gone

              1. Kurtz, ‘because of Trump’ Millennials will forever regard the Republican Party as absolutely toxic. And that goes for Asian Millennials who will be well-represented among educated professionals.

                Because of Trump, there’s an expiration date hanging over Republicans. A point where they are likely to age-out as a political force. That point will come within 10-15 years.

                And ‘no’, Millennials won’t get more conservative with age. Because at the rate they’re going, Millennials will still be carrying student debt well into their 40’s. That reality will preclude any Libertarian awakenings.

                1. I’m not a liberterian. I was about 30 years ago. Not now.

                  If you don’t understand how Trump’s economic nationalism has vanquished liberterianism in the Republican party, then you don’t get what i said.

                  there are dialectics here you don’t grasp. you can but you would have to put aside some of your propagandizing to wrap your head around it.

                  Millenials don’t regard it as toxic at all. A lot of millenials are deciding not to go to college at all and actually just want JOBS. The industrial kind that NAFTA sent may of which to Mayheeco, even as Mayheeco was coming to us, such that a kid can barely get a summer job mowing lawns anymore.

                2. Economic nationalism. Jobs. For natives. Not a green light to let in millions more scabs. You know what a scab is right? And end to more foreign wars to open up the middle east to corporate oil explorations etc. You still don’t see how people that liked Bernie, could also like Trump, you still don’t see how a lot of socalled right wingers like me could genuinely like Tulsi Gabbard.

                  You can see the big Democrat donor money and establishment lining up behind Kamala and the gay dude. The insurgent candidate in the Dem primary is the gorgeous and intelligent Tulsi Gabbard.

                  Keep that in mind Peter, it’s almost 90% certain Kamala will win. Joe is toast. They already saw to that. The other ten percent likelihood is reserved for the gay dude who is Dem establishment favored candidate runner up.

                  Tulsi voters may just swing over to Trump, once they are shown the door, assuming he runs. All he has to do is get behind a federal marijuana legalization idea and he’s got em. And guess who was in favor of that too? the evil Roger Stone. the idea aint going away.

                  Do you really think very many Republicans are against marijuana decriminalization? I don’t. Most i Have known my whole life were ambivalent about it, right out here in red state flyover. Kooky Jeff Sessions is gone. He had a queer notion about that one.

                  Gay this and that is not on the table this election. Trump is not antigay. I often wonder if Jared is gay, Peter Thiel is gay and a Trump supporter. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. LOL

                  the big issue is economic strategy and foreign policy. everything else is secondary. for now at least, the Republicans are the party of America First, and the Democrats are the party of “the world” globalism etc.

                  That is a favorable dynamic– for Republicans. When people vote in private, do they want to vote for policies that always benefit foreigners over Americans? Or not? That’s the choice.

          2. If i had a nickel for every time I heard an Irish whether by ancestry or citizenship, start in on Anglo-Saxons or the English. And they’ve often been the perpetual Democrat party ally of every other ethnic group out there waging one form of battle against the American middle after another.

            And yet Irish Americans can turn on a dime when their ethnic ox gets gored by another ethnic, like if they are Detroiters fighting it out with blacks over territory in Michigan, or the Boston Irish gangsters rivalling with the Italians. So victim talk is par for the course in every group.

            Finally the Republicans have seized on the nativism as a form of cohesion building talk. yes, by all means, learn to think like a victim!

            And so today you can find former Irish American Democrats who love Trump. yes, I know some. See how this works? Identity politics, the Democrats don’t have a monopoly it! Two can play at this game.

            1. Here’s a bunch of italians in bridgeport in the 60s and 70s, all voting Democrat. ditto your irish, your Croats. then Eddie Vyrdolyak, turns on a dime and becomes a Republican, when back in the 80s? Then they move out to the collar counties, sick of being taxed to death, and seeing the racial adversity growing.

              now they can and do often vote Republican. See how it works? Smart Republicans better think long and hard about every ethnic angle, and get used to thinking that way.

              Everybody has to learn to think that way. Thankfully, political correctness is teaching us, by punishing stupidity, by enforcing a spoils system along racial and tribal lines, and by persecuting the legacy majority population of this country, thus training and retraining them how to think like a tribe and not an incoherent uncoordinated mass of individuals.

              1. “.I cried. I wept like some grandmother. I wanted to tear my teeth out. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. And I want to remember it. I never want to forget it. I never want to forget. And then I realized, like I was shot — like I was shot with a diamond…a diamond bullet right through my forehead. And I thought: My God, the genius of that. The genius! The will to do that: perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure. And then I realized they were stronger than we, because they could stand it. These were not monsters. These were men, trained cadres — these men who fought with their hearts, who had families, who have children, who are filled with love — but they had the strength — the strength! — to do that. If I had ten divisions of those men our troubles here would be over very quickly. You have to have men who are moral and at the same time who are able to utilize their primordial instincts to kill without feeling, without passion, without judgement. Without judgement! Because it’s judgement that defeats us.”

                We are training a new generation of cadres, to think like insurgents instead of occupiers.

        2. I’m just wondering why he made a point of presenting his Jewishness when interviewed by local media.

          If she actually did call him a Nazi, that explains it, Peter. This isn’t that difficult.

          1. You might be right, Tabby.

            Though in recent years the word ‘Nazi’ is thrown around with such abandon, it scarcely means much of anything anymore.

    2. It is slander to claim that anyone wearing a MAGA hat is racist.

      If a MAGA hat incites unbridled rage among extremists, it does not follow that such rage is justified. Bigotry, harassment, slander, and violence is not the fault of the victim.

      Was a victim asking for it? Skirt too short? Smiled at the wrong guy?

      Crimes or bad acts are the sole fault of the perpetrator.

      The media shares the blame. It has become an open Democrat propaganda machine. When you tell your naive audience for decades that Republicans are racists, then after a while, those without any discernment or critical reasoning believe it. Then they go out and dutifully assault Republicans, brainwashed to believe they are fighting the good fight, when it is they behaving like Klansmen or Brown Shirts.

      Terrorizing people to try to affect voting. Shame.

      1. Welcome this dynamic, Karen. Don’t be afraid. It is a purifying fire that will burn off the lesser metals and leave a stronger alloy in place.


      Peter thinks that MAGA or Make America Great Again is a bad thing. Peter wants the opposite because he feels the American people are bad people and America is a bad nation.

      I will correct you Peter. America is a great nation that has led the way for individual freedom and Democracy while enriching the rest of the world economically. But for America the standard of living in the rest of the world would be much lower and tribalism much more prevalent, but tribalism is exactly what you strive for.

      You are a White Nationalist in this case not feeding your image but making you feel better about yourself. You are a promoter of hate and violence. You recently even told another member on this blog to drop dead.

      1. ha, peter is no white nationalist. peter is a low level functionary of capitalism

        nationalism and tribalism put the people or tribe in the highest place, so does serious religion, and in theory communism puts the worker’s well-being in the highest place. the socialist puts society as a whole in the highest place.

        by contrast the capitalist puts individual rights in the highest place by contrast which means the freedom most of all to use money and protect the individuals that have a lot of it, from the rest of us

        economic nationalism, which elevates the economic well being of the nation as a whole, is dangerous to capitalism as is ethnic nationalism.

        so what the billionaire democrats are doing when they oppose trump, is to paint Trump as a racist, to incite the anti-white feelings of all these others, but what the billionaire really fears is not any suppossed racism it is rather that Trump policies and laws will impinge on their particular rackets

        so industries that depend on migrant workers and offshoring, like Silicon Valley, DO NOT LIKE TRUMP. they want more H1Bs not less, they want more foreign tech workers also coming as asylees, tourist overstays, illegals, however they may come.

        they also want more Hondurans to groom their yards

        racism is not really an issue for them, they like the cheap brown workers because to them brown means green.

        native born white programmers cost too much. that’s it in a nutshell. hey, these guys are mostly white, they’re not really antiwhite, they just see green.

        but the foot soldiers, like Mad Maxine’s crew, yes they are antiwhite. and a lot of the pro illegal immigration crowd is too.

        1. See both parties engage their foot soldiers to do rhetorical battle. so Republicans cry socialist all the time. Hey, economic nationalism, is a form of socialism. so how much sense does that make?

          But the truest Capitalism is international. IT moves capital across borders whenever it pleases, and hates any regime that slows down the movement of that capital. That is now known as “globalism.” and its most powerful exponent truly is George Soros. Who hates Trump, for a hundred reasons, none the least of which is the “Fair trade over free trade” stuff.. See in this way, Trump represents a form of socialism that Soros fears, deeply….. the socialism in service of the nation.

          He calls the tune and the lesser minds respond to his money and orders. Mostly, those are these Democrats, whether the NGOs that he pays off, or the lowest level nutters like this lady yelling at the old guy in the hat.

        2. Kurtz, Peter is repressing his white nationalism with virtue signalling. White nationalism is a component of tribalism. Peter is almost certainly white and continuous spews his own guilt.

          Be careful with the use of the word nationalism. It can be used in many different ways. A good argument can be made that nationalism is the opposite of tribalism. Tribalism leads to disunity and violence while nationalism can lead to unity and working together which is a good thing.

          1. Tribes are the precursors of nations. The society comes together on the basis of shared blood and culture in either instance. It need not be inhospitable to minorities.

            Likewise both tribes and nations can form new alliances.

            I left behind the Ayn Rand Objectivist denunciations of tribes and nations as “bad” and morally dangerous long ago.

            Understand that individualism, is the supreme ideology of money, because it allows that one many with his billions to do whatever he likes, and to discourage and stop others from coming for his stuff. This alone explains the irony of why so many billionaires are democrat liberals.

            Any form of what Rand called “Collectivism” may impinge their range of action. Religious, ethnic, tribal, national, etc. So they set up one “culture war” conflict after another to keep everyone at odds– and thus, their money safe.

            Billionaires are also always keen on taxing millionaires. They are often very much in favor of things like estate taxes. Warren Buffet for example.

            It’s hard for people to understand until they wrap their heads around how big a number is a billion, and how different it makes the life of those who have it, even from those with millions.

            Trump, is an exceptional billionaire, in that he betrays his super high caste level in favor of the rest of us.

            The Democrats are all over the place. their plan makes no sense except for the richest billionaires at the top and the lowest lumpen and the paid functionaries in between.

            1. “Tribes are the precursors of nations.”

              The left wants to break us into warring tribes in the hope that their tribe will be more powerful than all others. The ultimate end product is a despotic state.

              1. tribes always exist, it’s just a question of how and where and how strong, or not

                the Left is smarter than the right if it understands that and can survey tribal alliances and exploit them

                the “Right” in America that thought this place was a “melting pot” was self-deluding. the sooner we wake up and smell the coffee the better. it is no such thing. it is like a buffet and we can end up the goose that’s cooked if we don’t get smart. Trump has given us a new arsenal of tools to use for our own good.

    4. Defensive much, Peter?

      A White Pages search on Rebecca Mankey yields results which suggest this rather loosely wired woman is 46 years old.. IOW, of an age to have college-age children who’ve had to cope with her disordered inner life all these years.

    5. “See that? Victor was wearing a yarmulke when interviewed by local media. This raises an interesting question: ‘If Victor felt orthodox enough to wear a yarmulke for the interview, why wasn’t he wearing his yarmulke the day of said incident?’”

      A disgusting display of ignorance and lack of acceptance of another’s culture. The issue of many is that a headcovering be worn even if it is not a yamulke. For all we know he could have been wearing a yalmulke under the hat. Peter often likes to inflame and does so by lying, changing the facts or assuming facts that he has no way of knowing. Then when he gets really made he tells people to drop dead.

    6. Your comment is pathetic at best. Why don’t you go get yourself a mohawk.

  2. i never wear baseball caps so i dont like these caps. but i might think about making an exception and start wearing one just for shtz and grinz

  3. One of the people on our Facebook friends list went berserk after the President was elected and said she was removing from her list everyone who’d voted for him and ‘get the f*** out of my life”. I can see her doing this.

    (She’s a former workmate of the distaff side; cordial to me previously; had quit her job w/o notice after a tiff with her boss and left town. If you guessed she’s a dyke with a drinking problem, you are right!).

  4. Thank Maxine Waters.
    No worries. Michelle Obama will get this one off too just like Jussie Mullett

  5. A couple of the comments are right on. Yes, the Starbucks manager should have intervened and called the police. I would have called the police had I been there and confronted her. In addition she doxed him. She did stalk him and attempted to cause him harm. She encouraged others to cause him harm. Not only is the firing warranted, I think a criminal complaint could be brought against her. This was just like domestic abuse- she abused an elderly man. Liberal ‘tolerance’ is such an oxymoron.

  6. “Mankey spotted the man and his hat and started screaming at him and, according to the man, yelled “‘Hey, everybody come here! This guy’s a racist! This guy hates brown people!’” The man, identified only as Victor, said that she also called him a Nazi.”

    It’s shameful what the media and the Democrats have done to people. This person’s meltdown, rage, paranoia, etc, is what happens after consuming nonstop media lies and hysteria, nonstop Democrat hysteria, lies, propaganda, and all of the intentional emotional manipulation….these people BELIEVE the garbage they’ve been fed.

    The purpose is clear: to threaten and intimidate anyone from wearing the clothing of their choice, or even admitting their support for President Trump, or prevent the Trump 2020 campaign from using any of the normal political ‘tools’ for promoting support for their candidate It’s total garbage politics coming from the Left. They are literally driving people insane.

    Tell us again, who’s acting like a wackjob Dictator, Nazi, fascist?

    1. I agree that it’s brainwashing. It is difficult to fend off when it comes at you from preK to grad school, Hollywood, the mainstream media, and Democrat politicians. If they don’t actually read conservative news, they really do think they are fighting the good fight, when in fact, they are the Fascists.

      It is a sobering thought to think that one day, people like her could be in positions of power – the White House, SCOTUS, Congress…I think in hundred year trends. Should this insanity infest enough positions with authority, the abuse of conservatives could be truely horrifying.

      1. People like her are already in positions of power/influence. Did you see what the corrupt media, Leftist Hollywood, and cable news pundits did to a 16 year old Catholic school boy? How about Maxine Waters, and other Dems, calling on protesters to get in Trump supporters’ faces and not let them go out in public without being harassed? “No peace for Trump supporters” has been the Dem/media rallying cry since the 2016 election.

        The bad news for the Dems is that the more they drive Trump supporters into hiding, the more shocked they will be — again — in 2020.

        We’ve heard analysts say for two years, “we didn’t see it coming.” Well, I did. A lot of people did. And there are STILL a lot of Trump supporters…but the media doesn’t want you to know about these deplorable people. So if they want to listen to people who were NOT shocked by Trump’s election? We’re around. 😉

        1. You saw the Comey letter and a combined 70000 vote win in three states coming? Wow, you are good!

            1. TBob,
              SuperBowl XXV was decided by one point….ONE LOUSY POINT….and they STILL gave the trophy and NFL Championship to the “winner”.
              It’s all soooh unfair.

          1. All the signs were there for people actually paying attention. One indication was the massive protest going on both outside and inside the 2016 Democrat National Convention when they nominated Hillary. A lot of folks (Dem and Indy) were NOT with Her. But of course the media didn’t want you to know it. Just like they don’t want you to know how much of the country actually supports President Trump.

  7. More leftist love and tolerance. And they still make this claim with a straight face.

    And liberals still have to like me because I’m Hispanic.

    – a proud Hispanic who voted for Trump!


  8. As Robert Heinlein once wrote “an armed society is a polite society” so I suppose a disarmed society (California) is subject to the unrulely behavior of every whack job.

  9. Normally, I believe people should be able to express political views without repercussions from their employers. This woman, however, went well beyond expressing her views. This wasn’t exactly a letter to the editor. She harassed and verbally abused a senior citizen and posted it on her Facebook page, encouraging others to harass him as well. I agree with her termination and I think the Starbucks employees who failed to intercede while a customer was being abused should be disciplined. Kudos to the guitar shop owner. He likely loves music and all its forms of expression and believes in freedom of political choice.

  10. Starbucks and Shultz are predominately anti-Trump in the first place. They made themselves clear on that after Trump won. I’d never wear a MAGA hat in there for fear of dirty looks but if some gal who’s suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome verbally attacked me, I’d tell her to “shut the ef up.” It usually quiets them. She needs mental help.

  11. Some people you don’t want to mess with

    Cheyenne Bodie was 6 foot, 6 inches tall. Go ahead & make your move.

  12. I would have to say, get used to it. This is what America is getting for all the tax dollars that goes to education. We need to flip the college entrance process, if you score high, you go do something else. If you score low, you get into these low-quality, self described 4-year vacation hubs.

    Unfortunately, lots more on the way.

  13. Even more disgusting is that the Starbucks manager didn’t come forward and tell the female (she’s anything but a lady) to stop her screaming or leave the property immediately.

    1. That was my first thought. But I guess we know the answer to that. I was hoping this stuff would start clearing up by now, but I guess we’ll need that big asteriod impact to realign priorities.

    2. Since it was in liberal Cali near Stanford, the manager was most likely afraid customers would think he was siding with a Trump supporter even if he’d be doing the right thing by kicking her out. He/she was either a coward or agreed with the crazy lady.

  14. She earned her pink slip. Suppose people recognized her from the store where she worked and advocated that people avoid going there to avoid her. Hits the bottomline. Her excessive behavior also would make a businessman concerned that she might behave badly towards customers who wear MAGA gear.

    This isn’t exactly a ‘little brother” scenario. She proudly broadcast her actions, she may have even bragged about it at work.

    I applaud the company for standing up for the man she harassed and bullied, and, for standing up for common decency.

    1. “She added later that she was “going to publicly shame him in town and try to get him fired and kicked out of every club he is in.”
      In saner times, she’d have earned a good ol’ fashioned ass whupping from some on-looking female(s) with grandads. But, alas, we’re civilized and eschew both natural justice and the satisfaction it brings. Sometimes though we get a near hit as with the ironic firing of the one who sought the victim’s own. Close but the schadenfreude of the bully with the black eye is hard to top.

      1. Mespo,
        I have mixed feelings about publishing story like this here. Screaming at a man in his mid-70s sounds like a pastime L4D might engage in, having received the inspiration from the waitress she likely admires.
        I fact, it’s “highly probable” that L4B will be out there in the field in action, rather than just spouting macho rhetoric here.

    1. It’s kind of too bad they let her go so quickly. It might have been fun for the guy to get his buddies and go to the shop where she worked all decked out in MAGA garb just to see her get triggered and fired on the spot.

  15. I would have asked her to have an involuntary mental health eval.

    1. You don’t “ask” for the involuntary ones. You whip out the jacket with the straps and toss ‘em in a padded room. Then let ‘em calm down watching Che Guevara movies as you hook up the electrodes. Commie flicks hath charms to soothe the savage breast you know.

      1. Thomas Johnson and Mespo,
        I was on another thread for another JT column and just “jumped” over to this one.
        So excuse me for asking, but we’re the recommendation you just gave for the woman in the column who screamed at the guy, or for L4B?

  16. She’s mentally unstable, paranoid, brainwashed, rude, obnoxious, ignorant, has no understanding of customer service, represents the company badly and needs a swift kick in the a —s . Hopefully she and her leftist comrades will continue to get squashed.

  17. I would say that I fired her for being mentally ill and for refusing to go to the local mental ward for immediate treatment. She is paranoid schizophrenic and needs some shock treatment right away and perhaps some brain surgery. The employer had to protect its store, its products, its fellow employees and finally it’s customers from this ranting, crazy, witch of a bitch.

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