Kaiser Fires Nurse For Saying Stephen Clark “Deserved It For Being Stupid” On Social Media [Updated]

downloadFaith Linthicum, a labor and delivery nurse at Kaiser Permanente Roseville Medical Center in California, has been forced on leave for writing on Facebook that Stephon Clark, the unarmed black man who was fatally shot by police, “deserved it for being stupid.”  This is the latest example of employees being fired for expressing their views outside of work, including prior controversies involving nurses.  Update: the hospital has fired Linthicum.

We have previously discussed the issue of when it is appropriate to punishment people for conduct outside of the work place. We have followed cases where people have been fired after boorish or insulting conduct once their names and employers are made known. (here and here and here and here).  I often come down on the side of free speech, but some cases directly impact the employer and the underlying business or services.  This may be one such case, but it, again, raises the question of what political and social views are protected for employees to express in social media or on their personal time.

As the Sacramento Bee reported,  Linthicum posted the following:

“Yeah but he was running from the police jumping over fences and breaking in peoples house…why run??!!! He deserved it for being stupid.”

Linthicum did not speak as a nurse, but activist Christina Arechiga researched her identity and found her Facebook profile.  She then posted her background information.

Linthicum’s short statement set off a public outcry on social media.  In response, Kaiser Permanente denounced its own nurse for a view that she expressed outside of her job:

“Kaiser Permanente does not tolerate hate or discrimination and has a long history of embracing diversity and inclusion – it remains a place where we welcome everyone. We want to emphasize that the comments expressed by this employee, who is no longer with the organization, do not in any way reflect Kaiser Permanente’s views or actions.”

Linthicum is now being investigated while on leave.  People applauded the decision without considering the implications of this “Little Brother” problem where private employers (acting outside of the free speech protections of the first amendment) censor or punish people for their political or social or religious views.  There is no indication from Kaiser Permanente how it will monitor the views of employees outside of work, including the standards to apply.  Would a posting denouncing the police as racist or deserving the same fate cause a termination?  Will Kaiser Permanente also monitor and punish other opinions that the company does not agree with — forcing employees to forego free speech rights in exchange of their employment?

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  1. A *NURSE* who says a Black man/’suspect’
    deserves to die for being stupid
    deserves to be fired
    from a job where she could kill
    or cause death or suffering
    by flat-out murder
    or by with-holding or delaying
    medical CARE, as in this case,
    which ALSO involved
    Public Trust (or reasonable
    SUSPICION of violations of Public TRUST).

    She should also have her nursing license revoked.

    Her job
    like that of hired guns
    involves Public Trust and
    Presumption of good judgement
    in life-&-death
    situations; cops & nurses
    who cannot be trusted with
    life-&-death judgement calls
    should not be entrusted
    with others’ lives & welfare…

    Firing a NURSE
    with demonstrated bad judgement
    with respect to who deserves to be killed,
    or allowed to die
    by with-holding medical care?

    Such a NURSE
    with such
    bad judgement
    deserves to be fired;
    firing such a NURSE was a demonstration
    of good judgement by her employer; and I
    speak as one who rarely fired anyone, but
    insisted on firing a NURSE who persistently
    the health & lives of patients
    (and also got my boss fired for falsifying
    medical diagnostic records:
    a felony).

  2. “mespo727272 April 3, 2018 at 3:32 PM
    “Ken Rogers:
    “Calling her Duterte doesn’t dispute her facts; it merely disputes her disposition. That doesn’t make for much of a counter-argument. Refute her facts or her conclusions.”

    Asserting that I “called her Duterte” reflects somewhat dishonest and/or sloppy thinking/writing on your part, but whether she shares some prominent features of Duterte’s mindset, as reflected, for example, in her endorsement of his extra-judicial murder of suspected dealers of some drugs via extra-governmental channels is relevant to her interpretation of sociological facts and issues, whether you’re willing to admit it or not.

    You’re apparently having trouble dealing with (or admitting) the fact that her perceptions of “facts,” i.e., what she takes to be facts when it comes to African Americans, are noticeably influenced by confirmation bias, not to mention her pronounced preference for negatively emoting about them, rather than for objectively thinking about them.

    As indisputable evidence of that, I again call your attention to her evidence-starved rant in which she imaginatively accuses Clark of being everything from a vandal to a drug dealer and of “probably having committed 50 felonies he got away with.”

    Having pointed that out, and reminding you as well that no one, even the most benighted neo-Nazi, is 100% wrong about everything, to what purported facts or conclusions are you referring, that you wish to give me the opportunity to agree with or dispute?

    1. Ken Rogers – I used to have a criminal attorney friend of mine who would tell clients who were convicted of crimes of which they were innocents to just pretend they were be sentenced for the crimes they had not been caught for. 😉 Squeeky is right. Using the national statistics, it is likely our perpetrator committed fifty or more crimes they were unaware of. When they caught the Green River Serial Killer he was leading them to bodies all over the place they had no idea existed.

      1. I think for serious crimes, the clearance rate is a great deal higher than that. The Bureau of Justice Statistics published retrospective data in 1996 which indicated that about 65% of all homicide cases reported were cleared, about 25% of all cases of forcible rape, about 12% of all robbery cases, about 9% of all cases of aggravated assault, about 7% of all burglary cases, and about 5% of auto theft cases. My wager would be they have higher clearance rates today.

      2. @Paul C Schulte April 4, 2018 at 7:58 AM
        “Ken Rogers – I used to have a criminal attorney friend of mine who would tell clients who were convicted of crimes of which they were innocents (sic) to just pretend they were be sentenced for the crimes they had not been caught for. 😉 Squeeky is right. Using the national statistics, it is likely our perpetrator (sic) committed fifty or more crimes they were unaware of. When they caught the Green River Serial Killer he was leading them to bodies all over the place they had no idea existed.”

        Are you no longer friends because your “criminal attorney friend” was finally caught and sent away? Using your “national statistics,” how many crimes did he probably get away with in addition to the one(s) he was finally convicted of? I’m sure it was at least fifty, as their being the dregs of society is recognized by virtually everyone, which is why there are so many telling jokes about them:

        A woman and her little girl were visiting the grave of the little girl’s grandmother. On their way through the cemetery back to the car, the little girl asked, “Mummy, do they ever bury two people in the same grave?”
        “Of course not, dear,” replied the mother, “Why would you think that?”
        “The tombstone back there said… ‘Here lies a lawyer and an honest man.'”

        As the lawyer awoke from surgery, he asked, “Why are all the blinds drawn?” The nurse answered, “There’s a fire across the street, and we didn’t want you to think you’d died.”

        How do people fall into becoming lawyers, anyway? Is it because they were born and raised in some intellectual and ethical ghetto somewhere, or is it bad genes? Whatever the explanation, and more criminal justice studies are clearly needed here, it’s already clear that their propensity for criminality needs to be dealt with severely, or others in their malodorous culture will have insufficient incentive to even moderate their anti-social behavior.

        The more I think about it, the more I’m inclined to agree with you and “Squeeky” that in view of the enormous number of detected and undetected crimes committed by lawyers and other malefactors, we need to quit spending these huge sums of money on the so-called “criminal justice system” with its dysfunctional “due process” folderol, and cut to the chase the way Presidents Erdogan and Duterte have in Turkey and the Philippines.

        Do you think that President Trump should take the lead on this, and finally impose some genuine law on order on this rapidly degenerating society of ours, such as that which could be provided by military tribunals, for example?

        I ask because as formidable as your and “Sqeeky’s” psychic powers obviously are when it comes to detecting criminal perpetrators, there are simply too many African Americans and lawyers in this country for the two of you to effectively deal with, even in concert with other authoritarians who share your zeal for seeing justice done.

        1. Ken Rogers – I have often been the first on the board to say we wait for more information before we jump to conclusions. I have nothing against any race or ethnicity. However, crime stats are crime stats and self-reporting of crimes not caught for has indicated a high number of repeat offenders. Generally, the only category of non-repeaters in spouse murders, but there have been repeating offenders there, too.

          I think BTK went on for three days confessing (may be wrong there) but he was very detailed.

    2. Yes, I do think Duterte is right to just start shooting druggies. It is the only thing that will solve the drug gang problem.

      As I have pointed out before, the whole drug dealing thing is not just a single criminal committing a single criminal act. Like a bank robber robbing a bank. No, the drug business is run by multiple individuals in a GANG. A criminal organization. A form of an army. As such, the organization is not going to be put out of business by utilizing all the due process, criminal trial, rules of evidence, type of procedures that you use for individuals. How long has the FBI been investigating the Mafia, and guess what. The Mafia is still here and going strong.

      Our current approach would be like trying to arrest individual Nazi and Jap soldiers in World War II. Doing an investigation, and then trying them, and putting them in jail. It would be silly. And it would not work. No, the way you deal with armies is to kill them. You bomb them, you blow them up, you shoot them, and you run over them with tanks. When you kill enough of them, they will give up.

      That is what it is going to take to solve the drug problem. Just because that is a depressing thought, and uncomfortable, does not mean that it does not make sense.

      As far as my assertion that Stephon Clark has probably committed 50 felonies that he has not been busted for, is based on my experiences in criminal law. Sorry if you do not have the benefit of real life experience with the criminal class. It would be an eye opener for you.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. @Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter April 4, 2018 at 12:13 PM

        “Yes, I do think Duterte is right to just start shooting druggies. It is the only thing that will solve the drug gang problem.”

        You’re obviously quite oblivious to the mind-deadening authoritarianism that dominates your psyche and corrupts your thinking and feeling.

        “As far as my assertion that Stephon Clark has probably committed 50 felonies that he has not been busted for, is based on my experiences in criminal law. Sorry if you do not have the benefit of real life experience with the criminal class. It would be an eye opener for you.”

        You’re the poster child for the fact that experience has every bit as much potential for stupefying as for enlightening us.

        I think that the corporal punishment you’ve said you received as a child has psychological ramifications you haven’t even begun to recognize, let alone appreciate the significance of.

        It’s without snark or animus that I urge you, as a fellow human being, to seek professional counselling.

        1. Perhaps it is you who needs counseling. Because, you are content to continue addressing the drug problem in the same fashion that has failed to work for 50 or so years. Meanwhile, what was it last year, about 75,000 dead because of drug overdoses and drug murders.

          But, let me break it down into an easier to digest form. Batman and the Joker are real! The Joker just escaped Arkham Asylum and killed 250 people with his lethal Laughing Gas! Batman is close on his trail, though, and has him cornered on a rooftop. You and I are with him. I am Bat Girl and you are Robin! As Batman approaches the Joker, the Joker slips on pigeon poop, and falls over the side of the building, and is hanging on by one hand. I say, “Batman, step on his fingers and let the SOB fall!” You say, “No, Batman! It is wrong to kill people! Plus, the Joker is insane, and therefore not responsible for what he does!” Batman listens to you, and saves the Joker, and then takes him back to Arkham Asylum.

          One month later, the Joker fashions a methane bomb out of Prisoner Poop, and blows a hole in the wall, and once again escapes the asylum. This time, he lets loose a horde of Chattering Teeth toys, who kill 400 innocent people at the Art Gallery. Joker grabs the Mona Lisa because he loves her smile, and then runs out to rope ladder hanging from his Joker Helicopter. As it pulls him up, the rope breaks, and once again, he is hanging by one hand from the side of a 20 story building!

          The three of us Batarang up to the roof, and once again, I say, “Whack him on his hand with your Bat Hammer, and let the SOB fall to his death!” Once again, you say, “No, Batman! Joker has certain Due Process Rights, and you are not entitled to commit such an authoritarian act!” Once again, Batman listens to you, and he takes the Joker back to Arkham Asylum.

          Rinse and repeat this scenario, once a month for the next 10 years with an ever increasing death toll. The death count is now up to 75,000 innocent people this month, because of Jokers’s latest escapade. This time, the Joker trips on his Adhesive Clown Shoes, and goes over the side of the building. This time, I say, “Batman, please drop your Bat Knockout Gas Grenade on the Joker, and let the SOB plummet to his death! Before you can say anything, I kick you in the a$$ with my Bat Girl Boots, and you fall off the building near the Joker, and as you fall, you grab hold of the Joker’s coat tails, and the both of you end up as pancakes on the ground.

          Sooo, which of us is it who had the problem, and probably needed counseling? You for continuing to encourage Batman to save the Joker, or me, who finally did what needed to be done?

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. @Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter April 4, 2018 at 11:05 PM
            “Perhaps it is you who needs counseling. Because, you are content to continue addressing the drug problem in the same fashion that has failed to work for 50 or so years. Meanwhile, what was it last year, about 75,000 dead because of drug overdoses and drug murders.”

            There you go, assuming again, just as you’ve done so many times when African Americans have been the victims of your assumptions.

            The fact is that as a libertarian Christian, far from “being content to continue addressing the drug problem in the same fashion that has failed to work for 50 or so years,” I’ve long strongly favored decriminalizing drugs along the lines of drug policy reform in Portugal. Here’s an excerpt from an overview of the results in Portugal of that reform, in case you aren’t familiar with it, and a link to the whole article:

            Not The Results In Portugal That Were Expected

            “But the results from Portugal seem to dispel those initial fears that decriminalizing drugs would result in an increase in dangerous drug use, especially among addicts.

            “First, and most importantly, decriminalization in Portugal for a decade and a half has not led to any major increases in the rate of drug use. There were minor increases in drug use during the initial year (2001), but the rates of drug use after that have not changed significantly, or, in some cases, have actually declined since 2001, and remain below the average rates in both Europe and the United States. And importantly, adolescent use, and use by people who are deemed “dependent” or who inject drugs, has decreased in Portugal since 2003.

            “So decriminalization may yet prove to be an attractive alternative to prohibition for the more dangerous drugs in the United States. No one wants to see a cocaine store on the corner, but neither do most people want to ruin an individual’s life with a long prison sentence for the use of cocaine. If it is a problem, it is a medical one, not a criminal justice problem.

            “And Portugal has experienced more than a 60 percent decrease in the number of people arrested and prosecuted for drug offenses. More than 80 percent of the cases coming before the ‘dissuasion commissions’ are perceived to have no problems and receive no sanction.

            “The percentage of prisoners in Portuguese prisons for drug offenses has been reduced from a high of 44 percent to the current rate of 13 percent. And drug overdose deaths have decreased from 80 in 2001 to 16 in 2012. In the U.S., for comparison, more than 14,000 people died from prescription opioid overdoses alone each year.

            “ ‘There is no doubt that the phenomenon of addiction is in decline in Portugal,’ Portugal’s Drug Czar Dr. Joao Goulão explained, according to Drug Policy Alliance. He attributed this shift to ‘a set of policies that target reduction of both supply and demand, including measures of prevention, treatment, harm reduction and social reinsertion.’ Adding that, ‘[t]he biggest effect has been to allow the stigma of drug addiction to fall, to let people speak clearly and to pursue professional help without fear.’ ”


            1. 1. You did not address my Batman/Joker scenario.

              2. The USA is NOT Portugal. Americans consume 80% of the world’s drugs, and 90% of the world’s opiates.

              We already have more “medical expense” than we can afford. Drug rehabs don’t work most of the time. Somebody who is screwed up on drugs is not going to be able to support themselves, which places a greater burden on the rest of us.

              Not to mention, that a large number of Blacks make a living selling drugs, and if you take them out of the business, what illegal thing will they turn to as a replacement? It’s not like most of them can read and write proficiently.

              3. You did not address my Batman/Joker scenario.

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

              1. Stop slandering Batman.😧
                The late Adam West ( Bill Anderson) is one of the best known celebrities from my hometown.

              2. Squeeky – not every gets or appreciates your really good material. 😉

                1. I know. You have to make it simple for some people, and it still doesn’t work. Anyway, I copied and pasted the Batman thing so I can use it again, the next time somebody slanders Duterte.

                  Squeeky Fromm
                  Girl Reporter

                  1. I got the point of Squeeky’s story; I was jokingly expressing mock indignation that her story made a local icon look like a doofus.😉

                    1. I was referring to Ken Rogers. FWIW, my scenario is a frequently discussed one, to wit:


                      Why Doesn’t Batman Just Kill the Joker?
                      John Farrier • Wednesday, October 16, 2013 at 6:00 A

                      Traditionally, the Joker is Batman’s greatest foe and the focus of hundreds of Batman storylines. There’s a common sequence of events: Batman captures the Joker and sends him to Arkham Asylum. The Joker escapes and commits terrible crimes. The cycle repeats.

                      So why doesn’t Batman just kill the Joker and break the cycle? Quora members pondered this question recently. Jesse Richards, an artist and web designer, responded that Batman’s commitment to not killing intentionally—his self-control—is his superpower:

                      Because the Joker wins if Batman kills him. That’s what the Joker wants. Everything he does is to taunt Batman into killing him. In fact, the interesting part of their relationship, the real conflict of each story, is not to see if Batman will stop him (he will), but to watch Batman struggle with not killing him, because anyone other than Batman would of course kill him. This self-control is Batman’s superpower.

                      The Joker and Batman are each trying to prove a point to society – and really to us, the readers. The Joker wants Batman to kill him because he perfectly embodies chaos and anarchy, and wants to prove a point to everyone that people are basically more chaotic than orderly. This is why he is so scary: we are worried he may be right. If the Joker is right, then civilization is a ruse and we are all truly monsters inside. If the Joker can prove that Batman – the most orderly and logical and self-controlled of all of us – is a monster inside, then we are all monsters inside, and that is terrifying. The Joker is terrifying because we fear that we are like him deep down – that he is us. Batman is what we (any average person) could be at our absolute best, and the Joker is what we could be at our absolute worst.

                      The Joker’s claim is that we are all terrible deep down, and it is only the law and our misplaced sense of justice that keeps us in line. Since Batman isn’t confined by the law, he is a perfect test case to try to get him to “break”. The Joker wants Batman to kill a person, any person, but knows that the only person Batman might ever even remotely consider killing would have to be a terrible monster, so is willing to do this himself and sacrifice himself to prove this macabre point. Batman needs to prove that it is not just laws that keep us in line, but basic human decency and our natural instinct NOT to kill.

                      If Batman can prove this, then others will be inspired by his example (the citizens of Gotham, but again, also the readers), just as we are all inspired every day to keep civilization running smoothly and not descend into violence, anarchy, and chaos. This ability to be decent in the face of the horrors and temptations present all around us is humanity’s superpower, the superpower of each of us. The struggle of Batman and the Joker is the internal struggle of each of us. But we are inspired by Batman’s example, not the Joker’s, because Batman always wins the argument, because he has not killed the Joker.

                      I’ve never found this view convincing. Batman has the reputation for striking terror into criminals, particularly while interrogating them. It’s not just that he’ll turn them in to the police and they’ll go to prison. They’re afraid that he’s going to kill them. But if Batman is widely known in underworld circles for his unwillingness to intentionally take a human life, then why would they be so afraid?

                      Criminals easily and frequently escape from Arkham Asylum. This, too, must be widely known. So when Batman refuses to kill the Joker, he knows—or must realize eventually—that the Joker will soon be free to commit terrible crimes again. The only reliable means of ending the menace that the Joker presents to the ordinary people of Gotham City is to kill him. So killing the Joker, far from being monstrous, is a civilized act. In fact, it’s the most civilized choice that Batman could make.

                      There are schools of pacifism that may disagree with me on that point, but I’d find it hard to place Batman within any pacifistic tradition.


                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

  3. @Nutchacha is insufferable April 2, 2018 at 9:07 PM
    “Irrational risk assessment remains irrational risk assessment. It doesn’t matter how lacking in concision is your [Enigma’s] expression of it.”

    Enigma, it’s hard to disagree with this acutely intelligent observation by Insufferable Nuchacha, in response to your comment on April 2nd at 8:14 PM,

    You admitted in that comment that you even though you’re black, you nonetheless have a son, that he’s about 6’3″ and weighs 210 pounds,and that he leaves his home from time to time, sometimes even taking his children to the park. You admitted that.

    Let’s face the facts, Enigma: unless you’re willing to strongly advise him to stay inside his house, where he belongs, you are very dramatically enabling his irrational risk assessment, and will, as the resident sociologist here has warned, bear considerable personal responsibility for whatever happens to him.

    It’s too late in his case, of course, but if you ever, God forbid, have another son, you’d also be well advised to feed him less chitlins, grits, and cornpone as he’s growing up, so he at least might not be so threateningly large in the eyes of jumpy, itchy-fingered people with firearms.

    Please think about this. We’re trying to help you.

    You’re welcome.

  4. One is only an Employee while being paid, “on the clock”. I hope the Hospital gets burned on this one.

    1. I doubt they will be. Back in the day, a lawyer friend of mine in New York who took labor law cases said unless you can show a violation of employment discrimination law, termination at will is the rule absent specific contractual terms. Perhaps California law is different.

  5. Some background on Saint Stephon:

    A son, brother, father and a convicted criminal. Although Clark’s family has waxed eloquent about what a great guy Clark was, and that he was “turning his life around,” the facts about the African American unarmed man shot and killed by Sacramento Police on March 18, 2018 do not paint such a rosy picture.

    A criminal since his teen years, the 22 year old had a juvenile record of grand theft, robbery and receiving stolen property. As an adult, Clark pled guilty to felony armed robbery, assault, and child endangering in one case, and “pimping” a prostitute in another case for which he pled no contest.

    In a third adult case, Clark was arrested for domestic violence for punching a woman in the face, and in yet another case from this year, Clark was again arrested for domestic violence. Why do people make a hero out of someone who has assaulted women?

    Before being shot he was allegedly breaking car windows and when spotted by a police helicopter the cops witnessed him breaking the sliding glass doors to a house. Police on the ground were directed to Clark’s location, and chased him on foot to the back yard of his grandmother’s house where he failed to drop something in his hand (it turned out to be a cellphone) and was shot to death.

    While it is true that a person should not receive a death penalty for breaking car windows, breaking a glass door to a house, and running from police, the fact is that if Clark was not breaking the law in these ways and had stopped when the police first told him to, he would not have been shot. Being a career criminal and committing crimes other than murder or attempted murder is not a good reason to die, but Clark had a huge role in the outcome of this sad and undeniably tragic incident.


    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  6. Nurses have morality contracts. It’s in our by laws. Kaiser has a social media policy and a code of ethics as well as a code of professionalism. As a nurse stating anyone deserved to die easily breaks all of those. Tough break. But she signed the dotted lines on her contracts and paperwork. She broke them saying anyone deserved to die. I Elaine to adulthood. Free speech does include hateful things and wishing death upon people. And morality clauses may have murky areas. This is not one. It is a clear violation. We spent so much time lecturing the kids who walked out of school about what would happen in the real world. Now we are seeing what happens when you go against your nursing license by laws, code of professionalism and code of ethics. Let’s show the kids we aren’t hypocrites and that this is the real world. Make your choices appropriately.

    1. Let’s see you quote the contracts, policy and code of ethics sister. Give us the text or shut up. (You couldn’t quote her correctly, btw),

      1. The principles apply to KP employees and their relationships with patients, vendors, independent contractors and one another. Where does it say you can’t wish evil on a stupid criminal who doesn’t meet any of those criteria which this guy surely doesn’t? I missed that part in the document dump you provided or the nurse’s code of ethics/bylaws you referred to but didn’t provide. Bottom line you bought the fallacious racist charge and threw out some pie hole filler (as you so classily refer to it) to justify it. Stick to nursing Barb; your argument skills arent really suited to a legal blog. We like fact not thin-skinned invective.

        1. My other comment is still awaiting moderator approval. Such a moron you are. But I have posted the code of ethics. The state board of nursing code of ethics.

          I suggest instead of being such a arrogant know it all, you invest in learning how to google. Because their social media policy. Code of ethics. And state board of nursing by
          Laws are all on line. No idea why my comment is still waiting for approval. But I am guessing you are used to your mommy spoon feeding you everything. The information is there. But I understand how finding it would mess up your agenda.

          1. It’s your argument, you make it and don’t expect me to assume you’ve got some smoking gun rules of ethics awaiting moderation. I’ve drafted those documents and none say you can’t soeak the truth about criminals or their apologizing sophists like you. Btw, where’s the cite in the KP document? Like I said fact not invective, Nurse Piehole.

              1. I suppose I have to buy the ethics book, parse every word and find some justification for your drivel. Advice: Rule 1 of argumentation is support your argument with cites, don’t tell your audience to “look it up.”

        2. Oh. And I helped wrote the state by law. And have been involved in cases at the state level. Including social media cases. Again. Easy to find information on google about those as well. Probably hard to find though with so much crap in your eyes.

          1. A woman who mixes up her tenses tells us she helped ‘wrote’ the state law. Isn’t that special? She helped ‘wrote’ the law and she cites not one provision in any code or session law.

      2. That document is 52 pages long and just about every subject heading regarding extramural activities concerns conflict of interest, i.e. irrelevant to the question at hand. It is, by the way, a general employee manual, not a nurses’ manual. Did you give it even a cursory examination?

        1. I assume that was Darren Smith. They also deleted her links (which were self-discrediting).

            1. I didn’t know he ever bothered. I guess it was rather early for Darren Smith out on the west coast to be noodling around on the intertubes.

  7. The Leftists at Kaiser know they will almost surely lose if the nurse takes them to court. But, they also know it is extremely unlikely they will have to fight this all the way through the legal process. Kaiser has literally hundreds of millions of dollars of corporate money available to them to fight this, the nurse has thousands of her own money. She can’t afford the fight. Second and more importantly, the purpose of this firing is deterrence, anti free speech forces are teaching those who dare to exercise their free speech rights that there is no free speech for working people. Sure you might be legally correct and sure you might win a legal case, but you may not win and you’ll be made poor fighting your case and you’ll be without a paycheck for a very long time. How you going to live, feed your children and pay your bills?

  8. What Stephon Clark needs, is a Great Poet to commemorate his short life! I volunteer!

    Stephon Fetched???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was a moron named Clark!
    Who ran from the Cops in the dark!
    In a yard, dimly lit,
    They shot the dim wit!
    He jumped not the fence, but the shark!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    Note. Curiously, the word “fetch” has an archaic meaning of “bringing forth blood.” And, it means “Arrive or come to rest somewhere, typically by accident or unintentionally.”

    1. Assuming that Stephon Clark really does need a great poet to commemorate his life (doubtful), this submission did nothing to alleviate that need.

      1. You just don’t know great poetry when you see it! Hmmm. Maybe it is the form you don’t like??? OK, lets try a Quasi Sonnet!

        Stephon Up, You’re Game???
        A Quasi-Sonnet by Squeeky Fromm

        To break into cars isn’t good!
        In fact, it can land you in jail!
        Don’t do it in your neighborhood!
        Your neighbors are likely to tell!

        But if you’re the kind of a dude,
        Who does it, no matter the cost!
        Be careful of your attitude!
        Or likely your life will be lost!

        The Five Oh will come, there’s no doubt!
        And what you do next, think it through!
        Resisting Arrest, that is out!
        Just do what they tell you to do!

        Hide and Seek is not a safe game,
        To play with a Cop with good aim!

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

  9. Wow, Jonathan, you sure have attracted quite a collection of racist followers. I wonder how that happened?

    Imagine for a moment that you are a black person being brought on an emergency basis to Ms. Linthicum’s hospital. You think you might wonder for a moment whether the nurse who is caring for you will decide that you are not worth saving? If the hospital has nurses who think like that, what about the doctors? If it were me, I would be nervous as hell. Kaiser understands this and acted accordingly.

    1. Wow, Jonathan, you sure have attracted quite a collection of racist followers. I wonder how that happened?

      The racists here are actually much better at analogical reasoning than you are. Come to think of it, so is everyone else here who doesn’t vote Democratic. If the emergency room patient isn’t an idiot, it’s going to occur to him that the woman is inclined to be somewhat callous when bad things happen to skeezy people who don’t have a lick of sense. It is, by the way, a common attitude among emergency room nurses who encounter week in and week out a cross-section of the world’s f**k ups. For a mordantly amusing take, see any episode of Untold Stories of the ER – or go work the night shift in one for a few years.

      1. Speaking of insufferable, I see that you made it back here. Do your bile ducts ever close?

        1. Meet me halfway. Don’t say vicious and stupid things, and I’m pleased to leave you in peace.

      2. @zmega (@zmega1), March 31, 2018 at 5:47 PM
        “Imagine for a moment that you are a black person being brought on an emergency basis to Ms. Linthicum’s hospital. You think you might wonder for a moment whether the nurse who is caring for you will decide that you are not worth saving?”

        @Nutchacha is insufferable, March 31, 2018 at 5:56 PM
        “If the emergency room patient isn’t an idiot, it’s going to occur to him that the woman is inclined to be somewhat callous when bad things happen to skeezy people who don’t have a lick of sense. It is, by the way, a common attitude among emergency room nurses who encounter week in and week out a cross-section of the world’s f**k ups.”

        Do you think that being “somewhat callous” and perceiving some patients as “skeezy,” “not having a lick of sense,” or being a “f**ck up” might conceivably affect the quality of psychological (if not the physical) care such staff provides?

        Do you think such a staff member might be more likely to make a mistake in delivering care to a patient so perceived?

        1. You’re breaking character, David. Need to keep your sock-puppets straight.

          1. @Nutchacha is insufferable, March 31, 2018 at 8:11 PM
            “You’re breaking character, David. Need to keep your sock-puppets straight.”

            I sincerely hope that this isn’t intended as a response to my questions to you at 8:08 PM.

            Please tell me it isn’t.

        2. What sort of drug-induced fantasy world do you live in??? What, do you think when the medical staff at a trauma center gets the call that some black GSW bangers are coming in, do you think the conversation goes like:

          OH, we must away to our gurneys! For inbound is another black youth, tragically laid low in the prime of his life! We must all exercise all our skills to save this young wayward lad, for God alone knows what Rap Song will die a’borning if we save him not! God alone knows what the future holds for this young man! Perhaps, he will become a brain surgeon, or rocket scientist, or just an all round jolly good fellow, well met, who will be a good husband and father, and contribute in meaningful ways to our community! Let us swear to Apollo that we will each do our very best to save this precious young life!

          Nope. I assure you that the conversation goes more like:

          OH F*CK! Throw the cards in. We got some more shot up n*gg*ers coming in, and here I had 3 Kings! G*d dammit to Hell!

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. It doesn’t go like that. Doctors are professional people and that’s not professional class idiom.

            It is true that emergency room physicians came up with the acronyms ‘GOMER’ and ‘SPOS’. (“Get out of my emergency room”; ‘subhuman piece of shit”). Emergency departments situated in certain parts of town have some familiar characters as customers, mostly horrendous polysubstance abusers. No, the nursing staff is not patient with them. I’m pretty sure it was nurses who made “Excuse me?” fightin’ words.

          2. @Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter, March 31, 2018 at 11:44 PM
            “What sort of drug-induced fantasy world do you live in???”

            “Nope. I assure you that the conversation goes more like:
            OH F*CK! Throw the cards in. We got some more shot up n*gg*ers coming in, and here I had 3 Kings! G*d dammit to Hell!”

            I sincerely wish that I could interpret your projection above as a (temporary) drug-induced fantasy, but it’s so thoroughly consistent with your unremitting expressions of racial enmity, that I can’t.

            The only way I can think of to explain the evident intensity of your ethnocentric loathing is a deep and abiding fear. What have you experienced that has made you so fearful?

            If you have an alternative explanation, I’d love to hear it.

    2. Zmega says, “wonder how that happened?” Imagine for a moment that you are…

      Will if you go into territory of a people who put markings up to stay out, then what are you complaining about? The Mashco-Piro would have made quick work on Stephon Clark. The Mashcos can’t read or write. At best they can count to five.

      On the morning of Saturday, February 24, 2018: 72 year old Víctor Zorrilla Etene went fishing to the Condeja River, crossing the Madre de Dios River aboard his small canoe, which he left anchored in the riverbank. Then, he went by a path that crosses the farms in front of the community of Diamante, towards the Condeja river. He was found dead and had an arrow embedded in his chest and showed the impact of two others on the head.

      According to Yulissa Trigoso Zorrilla – granddaughter of the victimized comunero -, the sightings frequent the beach located in front of the Diamante community. Even Antonio Trigoso recognizes them by their proper names. The adults seen that day are Kamotolo and Koka and the young Knayi and Kapshi .

      By the way there’s no hospitals, police, 911, internet, electric or any services in the Amazon.

      1. @Jerry, March 31, 2018 at 7:02 PM

        Does your incoherent rant here have even fugitive relevance to the slaying of Stephon Clark and/or the Facebook comment of Faith Linthicum?

        If it does, please offer some clue as to what that relevance might be.


    3. Oh, yeah, he’s got quite the swamp here.

      Speaking of swamps, here’s a great article about the Trump swamp.

      The most senior official in charge of the White House office for recruiting and vetting political appointees has seen four of her own family members appointed to government positions.

      From: https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/behind-the-chaos-office-that-vets-trump-appointees-plagued-by-inexperience/2018/03/30/cde31a1a-28a3-11e8-ab19-06a445a08c94_story.html?utm_term=.74e0d878ff77

      1. Andrew Jackson is one of Trump’s role models. Why should anyone be surprised.

    4. She said NOTHING about race. I ee others, including so-called trouble-making “activist” who SOUGHT her FB comments out, turning it into racism. Nurse has a RIGHT to voice her opinions outside of work. And many agree that this loser/criminal was a thug who was TOOO STUPID, to follow police commands, got what he deserved by aiming an object, in the dark, at the police. The police had no idea if thug was going to hurt others, etc. He broke into an OCCUPIED home. Kaiser is WRONG. This leads down a slippery slope where you MUST hold same opinions as employer or else be fired. I dont care if thug is black, brown, orange, yellow, white. A thug is a thug. Look at the behavior of the ghetto brother! DO NOT CALL PEOPLE RACIST JUST BECAUSE THEIR OPINION IS NOT YOUR OPINION. Again, nurse did not use the word “black” in her post…MLK DID NOT envision this kind of BS…it is NOT what ge was about, standing up for thugs who gave no regard for others’ lives or property..

    5. Zmega:
      Perhaps you could point out the racist word or words in the nurse’s statement. It certainly demonstrably true that’s it’s stupid to run from police. Maybe you can divine intent without knowing the person but most people can’t. It can’t only be racist if you imply that all black people run from police and break into houses which of course they don’t. In implying that such conduct is endemic to blacks makes you well …. you know.

    6. For starters, she’s not an ER nurse. She’s a labor and delivery nurse.

      But your comment and the actions of Christina Arechiga a illustrative of what the Democrat party–especially the Democrat party in California–has become: a bunch of knee-jerk, brown-shirted shrews who spend their time investigating and outing people whom they disagree with. Linthicum’s right. If you don’t want to get shot by cops, don’t break into cars and run away. Simple as that.

    7. I agree with you. Jonathan himself leans to the right, but most of his followers appear to be hardcore wingnuts. For sometime now I’ve deleted Turley’s posts without reading them but this one caught my eye.

    8. As a rule, I’m very uncomfortable with the prospect of racists working as medical professionals. That being said, the nurse didn’t say that Clark deserved to die for being black, but for being stupid. Emergency room nurses see a constant flow of patients requiring medical attention for injuries that can only be attributed to the patient’s own stupidity. The examples are numerous and range from driving while intoxicated to not being able to figure out how to operate a pair of scissors. That doesn’t prevent the nurses from doing their jobs with the utmost professionalism.

  10. Kaiser knows the probability of succeeding in an unlawful termination litigation is low, especially if the nurse is a union member. But it sought to virtue signal and assume the role of the knight in shining armor so that it can wash its hands of the problem and then play the silent victim when the nurse wins her job back.

    1. If she isn’t covered by a union contract, what’s her recourse?

  11. “Would a posting denouncing the police as racist or deserving the same fate cause a termination?”

    Silly rabbit, hate speech prosecutions only go one way.

    1. I have to agree with you. These sorts of controversies are simply an occasion for certain people to strike poses and engage in recrimination and self-congratulation. They haven’t an honest thought between them.

  12. Kaiser must “move against nurses” for unionizing and striking. Nurses who strike must be fired.

      1. I know something about freedom.

        Laws that support strikers and deny business owners their right to fire and replace strikers are unconstitutional. Workers are free to strike and business owners are free to replace them. The Labor Dept. is pure unconstitutional bias. Constitutional government exists to facilitate freedom and free enterprise not to dictate anything, much less to owners the disposition of their private property.

        Minorities exert the power of unconstitutional “Affirmative Action Privilege” because, without it, they have no power to exert, other than that of their innate individual talent. The level playing field means direct, undiluted competition, not bias, favor or artifice.

        1. Good to see you, George.

          Do you know about the Pinkerton National Detective Agency? The Ludlow massacre? Now there is real freedom!!

          1. The trouble is, unions have to be granted in law para-statal power to prevent the hiring of replacement workers or they have to seize it through strong-arm tactics. It’s difficult to find a delegated power in Article I to confer the former on unions, at least on unions not attempting to organize a multi-state enterprise.

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