Prominent New York Lawyer Suspended For Bizarre Conduct

A prominent real estate lawyer who once described himself in a column as “jungle street skills and a passion for justice” has been suspended for bizarre and abusive conduct. Adam Leitman Bailey told a tenant that he should commit suicide as a worthless human being and even declared “now you’re my bitch.”  The problem is that the tenant recorded the call.

 In a decision by the New York Appellate Division, Bailey was given a four-month suspension and told to get counseling.

The suspension was based on two incidents, including the call to the tenant. Bailey told the tenant he was “not that bright” and would “be bankrupt soon” if he didn’t take down a website that his client viewed as defamatory. He added “You’re one of those people in the world that really should just kill themselves because you’re worthless.” It is the type of abuse bullying that was the signature of Trump’s long-time attorney (and now foe) Michael Cohen.

In the other incident, Bailey stormed into an arbitration room and started taking pictures. He then proclaimed “This will be in the newspaper when I put this in there after we kick your asses.”

Bailey is a Syracuse law grad. His glowing bio at his firm quotes one person praising Bailey by saying “Adam is the person for any sticky situation because he has seen and done everything.” Perhaps everything proved a tad too much.

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  1. The reference to Cohen and Trump were superfluous to the article. It was just another opportunity for you to get a dig in at a president you dislike. It added nothing to the story, it was just another opportunity to express your own personnel malice.

    1. Sierra, You’re right and I wouldn’t have noticed had you not pointed that out.

  2. Ok we all know the rules of the game in “Name That Lawyer.”

    In the same category, “Jerks” for $200.00, the answer is:

    “I’ll go take $10 billion off your client’s market cap … I’m not f***ing around,” [Name That Lawyer] told Nike’s attorneys, according to the complaint.

    “And I’m not continuing to play games,” he added. “You guys know enough now to know you’ve got a serious problem. And it’s worth more in exposure to me to just blow the lid on this thing.”

  3. He’s a dork. He’s a dork!
    He’s a dork all the way.
    From his dumb Bronx accent.
    To his last dying day.

    Yorkies can’t talk right.
    They live in full fright.
    New York is the center of free fall fights.

  4. Why is it that of all the wacko lawyers in the national news media almost all are from New York?

  5. Another swell guy:

    “New York man arrested following alleged death threat against Rep. Ilhan Omar”

    “Patrick Carlineo, 55, of Addison, told federal agents when he was arrested that he is a patriot, that he “loves” President Donald Trump and “hates radical Muslims in government,” according to the criminal complaint against him, reported the Elmira Star-Gazette.

    “Carlineo phoned Omar’s office March 21 and asked the person who answered if the staff member worked for the “Muslim Brotherhood,” according to a statement by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Western District of New York.

    “The caller added: “Why are you working for her? She’s an [expletive] terrorist.” He then threatened to shoot her, officials said.

    1. And let’s not leave this woman (article below) out of the mix — though neither one of them is a lawyer, AFAIK:


      A call came in to police Monday from a woman in a Huntington, West Virginia mall saying a man had tried to kidnap her 5-year-old daughter in an Old Navy store. She pulled a gun on the alleged abductor and he ran away from the armed woman. Police responded, saw the man in the mall food court and arrested him.

      The woman, Santana Wallace Adams, is white. The man, Mohamed Fathy Hussein Zayan, is from Alexandria, Egypt.

      Headlines read ‘Mom scares off kidnapper with gun’ and the like.

      It is not clear why Hammers said “provable offense” as opposed to saying what police now admitted: Adams completely fabricated the entire story as Zayan never had contact with her or her child.

      Still, in a appearance with the detective staged for the media, Zayan was gracious and thanked police. (end excerpts)

    2. Crazy partisan whack job posting about another crazy partisan whack job.

  6. I wonder if Peter knows this guy Bailey? They have a lot in common. Both asked someone else to drop dead. Bailey is getting counselling. I think Peter should follow his example.

    1. Alan, you wouldn’t care if Estovir ruined this blog. His antics are probably okay with you. You and Estovir share the view that liberals have no right to comment here. So you’d rather just blow-up the thread than let liberals have any input.

      1. You are losing it Peter. You have the ability to post as much as you wish without apparant censorship. Your real problem is that you want others to be censored because their views rightly contradict your own.

        1. Alan, legitimate commenters aren’t constantly switching identities. That’s something only mischief makers do.

          We know who ‘Alan’ is, for better or worse. We know that Alan can be depended on to fog the thread with lame old talking points that go back 50 years. Whatever! That’s Alan, we know the ‘brand’.

          But commenters who feel the need to change identifies several times on the same thread are scarcely ‘honest brokers’. Their only intention is ‘blowing-up the thread’.

          1. “We know who ‘Alan’ is, for better or worse. ”

            Peter, everyone else knows Alan is actually Allan and there are no other Allan’s on this list though perhaps there is an Alan. You are so confused and void of logic.

            I seriously worry about your psychiatric stabiity.

            Your words provide absolutely no intellecutual stimuli except for your capitalized headlines that have little relationship to the news articles below and generally are the blabberings of a mentally incompetent person..

            If Estovir is still on the blog and picking you apart I give him my blessing.

          2. Alan, legitimate commenters aren’t constantly switching identities. That’s something only mischief makers do.

            Darren’s spam filter is such that I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve had to switch handles. People still recognize me.

            1. Yeah, we recognize you, Tabby, because after each name change, you stick with the same name until the next switch. You’re not switching names multiple times within the same thread.

              And unlike Estovir, Tabby, you at least make some effort to stay on topic until the debate has run its course. Estovir can’t stay on topic for more than one reply.

              With that said, let me change topics for a moment here. The other day, Tabby, you dismissed the possibility that For-Profit Colleges were a significant factor in the student debt crisis. Today the New York Times has a story entitled “Education Department Has Stalled On Debt Relief For Defrauded Students”.

              Said article details Betsy DeVos’ efforts to bottle up loan forgiveness for student defrauded by For-Profit Colleges. It’s an interesting read. The article contains this passage: “Nine percent of high school graduates go to for-profit colleges and universities, but 34 percent of loan defaults belong to those students”.

              That sounds like a significant problem to me.

              1. There is no crisis. The student debt phenomenon is a condition, not a crisis.

                It doesn’t matter how many newspaper articles you pull quotes from, Peter, the amount of territory commercial schools occupy in the tapestry of higher education doesn’t get any larger. We’ve already discussed some of the descriptive statistics and their implications. Evidently it went over your head.

                Some schools enroll marginal students who don’t benefit from their program. If the student didn’t pick up salable skills or at least indicia of trainability, it really doesn’t matter much if the school was a commercial concern or a philanthropic one. He’s out time and money. Betsy deVos didn’t manufacture this problem. Bloat in higher education has been a problem for 70 years.

                Where did you get the idea that Betsy deVos writes the federal bankruptcy law. The severe treatment of student loan debt has been a matter of occasional public discussion for quite some time. In popular fora, Megan McArdle has addressed the matter and some of the policy dilemmas which lead to it.

                1. DSS, earlier Peter was blaming me for his inadequacies and here you come along and make him feel even worse. Your response was an extremely educated response. Do you think Peter will be able to understand what you said and place the blame where the blame ought to be placed?

                    1. “Allan is blabbering. Again.”

                      …And you Anonymous / Diane are drinking again.

        2. Allan, as long as we have HHHNN here, this blog is well-educated protected and can not be ruined. Peter doesn’t give himself and his network enough credit when he frets about the blog being ruined.

      2. This is not a list of virtues or the virtuous.

        Quite the opposite, it is a word to the wise…

        or not.

        RESI IPSA HITS 36,000,000

        The most frequent commentators were:

        This is absurd
        Mr. Kurtz
        Tom Nash
        Karen S.
        P. Hill

        “It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it.”
        ― Maurice Switzer

        1. Moderator, the “most frequent commentators” list should be transformed into the banned-for-life list.

          1. Careful, LT Anonymous…..if you keep posting and re-posting exactly the same “comment”, as with your 2:48 PM comments, you might get on that list again.
            I remembed a similar type of observation in the past from this particular anonymous anonymous; who evidently forgot that she herself has been on that list a few weeks before.
            I don’t know if there’s any possibility of this happening he again; ‘Anonymous” might run out of links, material for cutting and pasting, and posting the words of other people as a “comment’.
            LTA is as “fresh and original”🤭☺️😄😂 as ever when it comes to regurgitating what others have written.

            1. I can’t remember when I’ve ever been exposed to such acumen and cognitive dexterity.

              Thanks for reading.

              Oh, and for the sake of fertile debate on an efficient blog, please pass it on.

              Remember the Civility Rule which applies not only to demeanor but duration.

              1. I always keep the Civility Rule in mind and try to comply with it.
                That’s why I show restraint😇 in observation s about you, anonymous anonymous, and the other 4-5 idiots like you.
                Were it not for the CR, I’d probably be a lot more blunt in comments about clowns like you.

                1. “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”

                  – Albert Einstein

      3. P. Hill, What I have always found strange on this blog, is the fact JT loves to post articles on how the right of free speech is being attacked, mostly from the left in his view, but his own website is full of plain ole bullies who attack anyone who does not agree with them. Their pathological narcissism goes only one way, their way.

        1. Most of the PC culture leading to a restriction of speech is coming from the left. There is little doubt of that.

          1. I was not addressing you. Your view has been taken, now my view would be Fascist culture leading to a restriction of democracy is coming from the right. And you are part of the problem on this site that pushes that all the time by not even trying to grasp the other side. And there is one thing the far-right does not like, it’s free opinion and thought. There is little doubt of that.

            1. I forgot to buy some Brown Shirts when I was shopping today.
              I want to fit in better with this “Fascist culture” we’ve become.😎
              And lousy commies like Fishwings and others had better get with the program; at a minimum, learn the Nazi salute and how to goose-step.

            2. “I was not addressing you.”

              Do you think I care or even that I should care?

              You can think anything you want about fascism but we already know that you know very little about the origins of fascism and what facism represents. Look up Mario Gentile. I think I have the name right.

              I grasp you fully Fish, but frequently your statements conflict with one another and you don’t make sense. We can discuss fascism and I can show you why the left moves in the same direction as the fascists, the socialists and the communists.

              The quickest discussion of one point would be that fascists want more government. In general most on the other side want less government. Think about it. Let me add another. Most of the fascists we think about when we think about the 20th century started off as communists and socialists. In fact it was socialists and communists that were the brains behind the fascist dictatorships. Yes the different groups fought one another eventually because of relatively minor differences but they all came from essentially the same place.

              1. ” Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate powder”… Mussolini….By the way, Hitler hated the commies. Like St Ronnie said ….There you go again. You and only you know history? You better read what you wrote, it’s wrong, and you should know that, but since you think you know everything…………

                1. Fish, there are some distinct similarities between fascism and corporatism. One question would be does corporatism increase government control (and make it larger) to the extent of fasism? They both are moving towards the left and in todays world the big corporate giants such as Google, Facebook, Apple, and the big corporate media ABC, NBC, Washington Post, and Hollywood all point in a leftist direction even though many of the people involved have no idea of what they are saying. Those elites in the three giant entities believe they are among the elite untouched by larger government controlling the masses.

                  Hitler started off with many of the more knowledgeable people coming from the left, communists. One of his most trusted and valued people refused to budge and Hitler had him killed. Yes, there was a major dispute over smaller items but in the end remember Nazii is national socialism / German Workers Party. His fascism is distinguished from Italian Fascism in large part due to racism and eugenics (many of the eugenic ideas were obtained from the American left). Italian fascism exluded the racist components of the Nazi’s and I beleive the founding father of Italian fascism was Mario Gentile who was initially a socialist or communist.

                  Look it up. Don’t use the Washington Post rather read the history and look at the most involved people and see where they came from.

            3. You don’t know a fascist from a hole in the ground.

              If you met the Buddha on the road, what would you do?

        2. Thank you, Fishwings, I have noticed that almost from the beginning.

          Alan seems to function as an almost de facto moderator of this thread. In fact, when I first began to comment here, Alan confronted me almost immediately with malicious attacks. Alan made it clear he thinks liberals are communists! Alan then demanded that I answer a long list of questions from him regarding my views on politics.

          I was savvy enough to see in advance where Alan was going with the ‘questions’ he wanted to ask. They would be ideological scenarios where the only logical answer supported conservative views. Like, “Is it not true that communism failed everywhere it was tried?” Never mind that I’m not a communist. That was going to be the type of question Alan would ask. I refused to play that stupid game and for the next two weeks, Alan and Squeaky kept attacking me for ‘refusing to answer questions’!!

          Not long after that, Alan demanded to know why Democrats supported Kennedy’s tax cuts but they won’t support Trump’s. I promptly pointed out that when Kennedy cut taxes the upper income tax was at 90%. But under Obama it was at 39%. I also pointed out that that the upper income tax was high under Eisenhower because the old general wanted to pay-off World War II. Yet Alan pretended I couldn’t answer the question and for weeks after that, Alan kept writing “Hill won’t answer my question about Kennedy and taxes”. In fact, just two days ago, Alan brought that up again!

          I think Alan is an elderly political activist who actually took formal training at some workshop for conservatives. One of the tactics they taught was to keep throwing dog poop and hope some of it sticks. This explains why Alan routinely replies with accusations that the liberal is ‘lying’. It doesn’t matter how truthful the liberal is. Alan merely calculates that repeated charges of ‘lying’ will eventually stick. It’s just mean-spirited Republican politics.

          One should note that Alan routinely accuses liberals of being “stupid”, “ignorant”, “misinformed”, “childish”, etc, etc, etc. Here again it’s just a cynical calculation that the cumulative effect of all these insults with eventually stick to the liberals. And again, it’s just mean-spirtied Republican politics that goes back 70 years.

          The fact that Turley allows Alan to wage these nasty attacks, numerous times per day, suggests that Turley subscribes to that style of mean-spirited politics.

          1. Peter, you are rewriting history to meet your peculiar needs. You have no qualms about calling Trump supporters or others outside of the left all types of names and you lie, in capital letters. When you do such a thing expect blowback.

            As far as the Trump JFK comparison there were many similarities that were mentioned but now you are trying to rewrite history as if you actually responded with knowledge. Take note you gave a weak response here to one of the many similarities. On any test that would be an F.

            Technically I am not really a conservative but I won’t trouble you with the differences in political philosophy. They would be way above your head.

            “liberals of being “stupid”, “ignorant”, “misinformed”, “childish”, etc, etc, etc.”

            Actually liberals are pretty smart and generally know a bit about polical philosophy. You qualify to be one of those dumb Liberals (note the capital L) or progressives. But actually you don’t know your own political philosophy and that is why I asked you on many occasions different questions that you were unable to answer or discuss

            Let me help you out a bit. The questions you should look at is what your ultimate desires are? That doesn’t mean a particular type of action rather what it is you want the actions to accomplish. Then you look at those items and take human nature into account along with economics and you will find conflicts. How you satisfy those conflicts is what is important. Do you believe in natural rights or do you believe government provides you with whatever government wants to permit you to have? Are you like the Borg or do you have freedom of thought?

          2. “Allan makes it clear that he thinks liberals are Communists”.
            If that’s the case, well, I’m OK with that. Looks like Hollywood Hill just thanked someone who believes conservatives are fascists.
            We can always use more of this kind of “Facscist/ Commie” back-and-forth in these threads.🤗🤭
            I’m willing to play and do my part in this labeling game.

            1. Tom, have I called conservatives ‘fascists’? Check again on that. ‘Fascists’ and ‘Nazis’ are way too over-used. So I make a conscious effort to avoid those terms. Unless I’m actually discussing World War II or the run-up.

              1. I don’t know if you have or not, Peter.
                Fishwings did, and I commented on that.
                And the fact that you thanked Fishwings for the comment.
                Maybe you’re just a “fellow traveler”, propping up others who throw around words like “Fascist” and “Nazi”.
                As soon as I possibly can, I will review🧐 every one of your HHHNN reports here to see if you’ve ever called conservatives fascists.

          3. P. Hill, I admit it that I’m a political junkie and I do read everything I get my mitts on, left, center, right, I have dear friends that are republicans for over 30 years and I can sit with them and talk politics all day long and not once be called names by them, not because they know me, it’s because we have a healthy respect for differing views. This site brings out the Trumpsters, they are NOT republicans. These people love the trial-run of pre-fascism that Trump brings to the table. The republicans I know that did vote for Trump got sick to their stomachs after the inauguration speech, and have been anti-Trump since. Oh, they will vote against him for sure. I have tried reason, facts, logic, and humour, and you still get nothing but scorn and hatred. So I have come to the fact that if they are Trump supporters and after two years of lies and the hatred of democracy I cannot trust their views on anything they say, they deny even the reality of facts. How the hell do you overcome that? And I’m not willing to have a full lobotomy and watch “FOX NEWS” so I’ll just keep up the good fight, because it’s well known that the far-right does not like free opinion, and thought.

            1. The partial lobotomy seems to have done enough damage in Fishing’s case.
              Fishwings still at least has enough “on the ball” to pass on the full lobotomy.

            2. Fishwings, every day I long for the moderate Republicans of my childhood. They were the politicians I admired most. Sadly most are dead.

              Today’s Republican party has taken full ownership of Trump. They’ve become inseparable. Recent polls show Trump’s approval at about 80% among Republicans. That’s ownership!

              1. Fishwings, every day I long for the moderate Republicans of my childhood

                Yeah, opposition’s a b!tch!

                They were the politicians I admired most. Sadly most are dead.

                From your childhood?. They’re all dead except for Daniel J Evans (age 93) and Paul McCloskey (age 91).

            3. Fish, overall Trump has been for less government and that would make him be travelling in the opposite direction of fascism.

              I take note that despite all your discussions here and with your friends you haven’t bothered to actually look up the basic ideas behind fascism nor have you seemed to gain any understanding of political philosphy.

          4. Any time I see objective, bipartisan🤗😊😂 people like Fishwings and Hollywood Hill reaching out in the spirit of compromise in their comments….
            count me IN. I’m willing to engage in “the same kind” of bipartisanship and bridge building they’re all about.
            Exactly “the same kind”.

            1. Tom, I just projected your comments onto a big screen in my sports bar on the beach. There’s at least a hundred people here; hip, cool Californians. A well-edutated group with good hair and teeth.

              They observe that your comments betray a sour apple spirit. The establishment Republican who knows Trump is dubious. Nevertheless he stays loyal to the party. But the labor of defending Trump becomes a certain buzz kill.

              1. I’m sure you found an audience that’s as objective as you, Hollywood Hill.
                I’ve gone out of my way to prove that I can be “every bit as” fair-minded, objective, and bipartisan as Peter, Fishwings, HHHNN, etc.
                They “deserve” no less after the crap they’ve pulled here.

                1. PS.
                  Glad to hear that Peter has a place at the table with the “cool” crowd.☺️😎

        3. The people telling you you’re a snotty teenager who knows nothing are not organs of government. Neither are they preventing you from getting your point across.

          About 3/4 of those enrolled in tertiary institutions are at public institutions. Many private institutions have contractual obligations to their students they are violating when the administration is giving tacit approval to the local sjw brownshirts.

        4. Fishwings,
          You gonna tell Darren that you’re being bullied? We promise to be nice to you if you won’t tell on us

  7. He is sort of dorky looking in that photo. I posted it under the outhouse and all the rats left.

  8. He sounds- not only from the decision but also from his grandiose bio at his own law firm- like an attorney in Wisconsin who I once reported to OLR. Significantly elevated levels of narcissism. The problem is that New York authorities, just like Wisconsin authorities, don’t look at this sort of low-level stuff as indicative of a personality disorder, and therefore won’t require the person to have a full-blown psych eval including the MMPI before he or she gets his or her license back.

    1. You talk like you know. But perhaps you don’t know. Lawyer assistance programs involve shrinks plenty now.

      You can read up on it some before you run your mouth too much. Keep in mind there are practicing lawyers here who frequent this blog and know a thing or two about the profession.

      1. Er, Mr. Kurtz, I am a practicing lawyer. I have been, for over two decades. I had multiple dealings with a jerk like this over the course of a couple related cases, reported him to Wisconsin’s OLR, and he got a short suspension. I was pretty vocal about what I thought to be a need for a full-blown psych eval for him (this was not his first time through the disciplinary process, and given his grandiosity he smacked of narcissism), but alas, the Wisconsin authorities were not interested in getting to the bottom of what ailed him.

        The New York authorities at least directed this joker to go to counseling, but there was no requirement that beforehand he has a full-blown psych eval.

        I stand behind what I wrote above. And as for you, when you disrespectfully write about one running one’s mouth too much, you come across as rather narcissistic as well.

    1. He wants everyone to know that he has a Jewish mother? 😹😹😹

    1. Jon Turely acting like fake media and looking for ways to weave Trump name into any story. Like CNN last month reported on a journalism award in Finland as an excuse to talk about Trump’s contentious relationship with media in U.S.

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