Cohen Makes Wimpy Offer To Congress To Gladly Pay Later For A Delay Today

Michael Cohen seemed to morph into J. Wellington Wimpy this week when he asked for yet another delay in going to jail. Wimpy famously promised “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” Cohen is promising the same after declaring that he has suddenly discovered 14 million new files with evidence, including the promise of possible damaging information on President Trump. However, he explains, it will take him time to work through the material. Notably, the discovery seems to have occurred one month before he was to report to prison — one month almost to the day.

Cohen’s counsel told Congress the following:

“Michael Cohen’s recent public and closed-door testimony to Congressional committees has triggered additional areas for investigation by law enforcement authorities and the Congress. In fact, Mr. Cohen has recently obtained a hard drive with 14 million files from his computers and phones over the past 10 years, which we believe has significant value to the various congressional oversight and investigation committees. Yet Michael Cohen is the only person in the Trump organization who has been prosecuted. The actions against Mr. Cohen appears to be selective prosecution and the sentence imposed is a disproportionate one. For him to surrender in 30 days would be a detriment to committees search for truth, as well as a miscarriage of justice.” 

Putting aside the uncanny timing, there is a couple of glaring problems with this discovery. First, Cohen was the subject of multiple search warrants and this material with millions of files was not turned over. Second, he was the subject of congressional investigation where the evidence was not turned over. Third, he agreed to a guilty plea on the assurance that he had fully cooperated and turned over all material evidence.

Cohen used his past claims of cooperation to secure a ridiculously low sentence for extensive criminal conduct. Now he has suddenly showed up with 14 million undisclosed files? Cohen has been daisy-chaining extensions and delays to avoid actually going to prison.

The response of Congress and the courts should be obvious. Turn over the evidence and we will know where to find you if we need you.

17 thoughts on “Cohen Makes Wimpy Offer To Congress To Gladly Pay Later For A Delay Today”

  1. Off topic but just in from a Dem Blog: Biden is going to wear a hula hoop when out in public so that he cannot be close to women. He will be in the middle with four rods pushing it outward. The Biden Hoop.

  2. OT: Assange is about to be handed over to the UK/US. This is a free speech issue. It is a torture issue. It is a basic human rights issue. It is a Constitutional issue.

    1. I’ve been reading for months ( if not longer) that Assange is “on the verge of” being kicked out of his digs at the Ecuador Embassy.
      I’ll believe it when I see it. This guy’s an extreme version of Kato Kaelin(sp?)….the “perma house guest”.

  3. Micheal Cohen is a weasel and he obviously withheld or hid the hard drive, in order to delay his inevitable reporting date to prison. The FBI should seize the hard drive; they have agents who can go thru the docs, and Cohen should be on the next bus to the big house.

  4. Did ‘Mueller the Great” fail to develop critical evidence?

    Is it procedural, ethical or legal for associates of the Special Counsel to incite the communists with public statements or otherwise comment about the contents of the report of the special counsel? Why aren’t these leakers in jail?

    In 1998, Nadler said that the contents of the Special Counsel Star report should be kept secret and confidential.

  5. If Cohen really feels he had a disproportionate sentence, it’s a matter for an appeals court. Not Congress. Cohen is trying an end run around the agreement he made with Mueller and the DoJ, and ought to be rebuffed – especially becauise the “newly discovered hard drive” is apt to have newly created documents as the quid for the pro quo he wants from Congress.

  6. “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

    Well I have to tell you, they had much better cartoons then — with the great animator Chuck Jones and the voices of the great Mel Blanc.

  7. Cohen is playing a weak hand as well as he can.

    He is almost universally dispised and has been sentenced; not much to play with.

    1. M.guy,
      Maybe so, but “Cohen’s counsel”… namely, Lanny David….is such a towering figure of integrity😏that his pleas in the letter are really effective.🙄😄

  8. What good would it do for the nation or the world for this guy to go to prison? Give him a break. Probation with work at Mar A Lago in the kitchen.

    1. Hahaha. You think Trump will eat anything that Michael Cohen cooks for him?

      1. No. But he can feed the agents from China who come in with computer theft devices.

        1. China’s theft of intellectual property has been plaguing the business community for years. I don’t know why it’s not in the news more.

          1. Karen S.,
            That’s because after the coverage of Russia, Barr, Uncle Joe, Mueller, Trump obstruction/collusion, Pencil Neck, Nadler, Rosenstein, Avenatti, etc., there’s no room left over for media coverage of China, the Awans, Ukraine, etc.

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