Holder: Barr Needs To Learn That He Is “The People’s Lawyer, Not The President’s Lawyer”

Attorney General William Barr has faced considerable criticism over his press conference before the release of the Special Counsel report. Many have objected that his account seemed designed as a prebuttal to the report to support Trump. While I disagree with the extent of the criticism, I can see why there are such objections. Yet, the one person who one would not expect to hear from would be former Attorney General Eric Holder who was viewed as a highly political and intensely loyal member of the President Barack Obama’s cabinet. That reputation was highlighted when Holder proclaimed that he was “I’m still the president’s wingman.” Yet, Holder went public this week to remind Barr that he is “the people’s lawyer, not the president’s lawyer.”

Holder further told Barr “You have a responsibility to run the Justice Department in a way that is not political.” It was crushingly ironic from a nominee who had to promise not to put politics ahead of his oath given his role in the abusive use of pardon powers by Bill Clinton. Clinton not only pardoned his own brother but pardoned Marc Rich, a fugitive from justice who was also a major Democratic donor. Rich remains one of the least worthy pardon recipients in history and Holder had to promise that he would serve as an apolitical Attorney General. Holder was later repeatedly accused of being uncomfortably close to Obama as his self-proclaimed “wingman.”

Holder has a penchant for the ironic. He previously called for the full disclosure of the Mueller report despite the fact that such disclosure would include barred grand jury, or Rule 6(e) material. The call was particularly notable from Holder who was rightfully held in contempt for withholding documents from Congress in the Fast and Furious investigation.

Holder also previously predicted that Mueller would charge Trump with obstruction.

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  1. From now on, every time people hear ANYTHING come out of Holder’s mouth, it should immediately be dismissed and followed by this tune –his new theme song: “Yes, I am the Wingman, goo goo ga joob”…

  2. Don’t forget this Eric ‘Wingman” Holder gem: “When they go low, we kick them!”

    And people have a problem with Trump hitting back hard against these corrupt political scum bags?? Please.

  3. Holder being taken seriously when he pulls comments like this out of his a** is no surprise. Holder and his wife (BFFs with Michelle Obama) will be vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard again in August, as they did all thru Obama’s presidency. He will always be Barack’s wingman. Awww.

    Did you see Hillary also pulled one right out of her a** as well? It’s a Democrat speciality.

    Hillary Clinton actually said this at a conference last week: “I think there’s enough there that any other person who had engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted. The whole matter of obstruction was very directly sent to the Congress. And if you read that part of the report, it could not be clearer.”

    Did you catch that?

    But wait! There’s more where that came from! Don’t miss your chance to actually PAY to hear what these corrupt, lying grifters have to say…because the Clintons are currently “on tour”….yep….still cashing in…what a surprise!….said no one ever.

    “An Evening with the Clintons” is this Saturday night. You too can buy a ticket for a mere $79.50 (!!!) to see their “show” at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington DC. Or, if you are a supreme idiot, go ahead and splurge for the VIP ticket, meet & greet photo op with The Clintons — yes, have your photo taken with two of the biggest grifters and swamp dwelling political scum the world has ever seen.

    The old saying “A fool and his money…” was never more true…

    Lock Her Up!

    Trump/Pence 2020 !!!

  4. Holder’s “instructions” to Barr are part of the concerted effort by Democrats to besmirch and intimidate Barr. Ain’t gonna work. His well deserved reputation and obvious backbone deflect such barbs with ease.

    1. Barr should refer to himself as Wingman and refer to Trump as his “boy” and see what that does to Chuck Todd and the looney left

      1. Bill Barr is Robert Mueller’s wingman. The endlessly gullible Trump was scammed into appointing a lifelong deep state operative as AG and now Barr can complete the cover up for his friends. Trump is terrible at picking people to work for him. Sad.

  5. Oh, the delicious irony of this coming from Holder…

    “You have a responsibility to run the Justice Department in a way that is not political.” Translation – you should have been intensely political, as it benefits my Democratic Party, completely ignored the Mueller Report, and come to a conclusion not supported therein. That’s what I would have done.

    How dare you accurately summarize the report, since it helps President Trump? Don’t you know we’re trying to do a coup here?

    1. Where are all of the Trolls?
      Peter Shill, Anon, L4D, Fishwings, etc.

      Send us new Trolls!!!

      1. Theme music playing in background: “Where are the Clowns? Send in the Clowns. Where are the Clowns? There ought to be Clowns…” 😉

      2. Estovir,
        After I spent some time ridiculing their idiotic repition of phrases like “Fox News”, “Hannity’, “right-wing media bubble”, etc.;,maybe their looking for new words and new arguments to use.
        That could take some time, given that those phrases about Fox, etc.have been used thousands of time here by the same small group.
        As an ingrained habit and a “core” part of their “discussions/arguments”, it may take some time to regroup if they’re trying to figure out a new gig.
        My guess is they’ll give up and go right back to the old habits.

        1. Yeah, it’s not like the righties here are constantly complaining about the NYTs – as if they knew a better source.

    2. OK, you again. The Mueller Report does not “help” Fatso. I will not dignify this person by applying the title earned by those who didn’t cheat to “win the victory.” This name does not belong in the ranks of Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy or Roosevelt.

      Mueller could not get completely truthful information because Trump and his dippy son refused in-person interviews, and his responses to written questions were drafted by his attorney. The responses were not complete, nor did they fully respond to what was being asked. Mueller, like all Republicans, is a Republican first and American second, so he went along with the DOJ memo (not law) that a sitting President cannot be indicted. He could have forced a deposition under oath or complete responses to questions, but didn’t. If he had done so, Trump would be history already. He also couldn’t depose Russians because they are in Russia. How would he prove conspiracy without full, admissible evidence establishing the facts beyond a reasonable doubt from one of the conspirators? Nevertheless, there is plenty of damning information in the report which is more than enough for impeachment. Mueller never said Trump didn’t collude–he didn’t have the evidence to indict. That is not the same thing, nor is it a vindication. Trump did try to obstruct justice. Mueller left the decision on how to proceed on this evidence to Congress.

      Honey, please stop repeating the Faux News line about a coup. This is a line fed to you disciples, and it’s not the truth. MOST Americans did not vote for Trump, most have consistently disapproved of his job, and most want him gone. That’s not a coup. He honestly earned the disapproval of a growing number of Americans by his bragging about assaulting women, praise of White Supremacists, abuse of migrant families, especially young children, lying about Mexico building the wall, lying about having an alternative health plan that is better than the ACA, pettiness and name-calling for anyone who disagrees with him, multiple examples of his malignant narcissism and lack of leadership skills. You are just repeating Rush’s “interview” yesterday on Faux News.

      1. Mueller was handicapped in the service of your objects because he had no crime to investigate. The predicates for a counter-intelligence investigation were repurposed for a criminal investigation. Because he had no crime to investigate, all of the indictments concerned matters irrelevant to Trump (Manafort’s business interests and tax problems), concerned show indictments of Russian nationals he never thought he’d have to argue in court, and concerned ‘crimes’ generated by the investigatory process itself.

        This is not difficult to understand, but the truth is emotionally unacceptable to you.

        1. OK, here’s a primer lesson in law for you: without facts that can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that establish the elements of a criminal offense, there can be no criminal prosecution. That does NOT mean that NO crime was committed. Trump was NOT exonerated. There was ample evidence that Trump had suspicious ties to Russians that needed (and still need) full investigation. He was trying to do a Trump Moscow hotel deal with oligarchs with ties to the Kremlin, and lied, saying he didn’t know any Russians. His campaign gave sensitive polling data to Russians, which they used to help sway the 2016 election. Russians met with his campaign to provide dirt on HRC, and this was not reported to the FBI. Russians expressed their desire to his campaign to have sanctions lifted. Trump continues to deny this meddling, despite the fact that U.S. intelligence agencies concluded that the evidence of such meddling was overwhelming. He sided with Putin when Putin denied the evidence uncovered by U.S. intelligence agencies. Trump is deferential to and praises Putin, who murders his critics.

          Trump refused to be interviewed. His son also refused to be interviewed. Mueller did not subpoena him to force testimony not controlled by his lawyers, which he should have. The only evidence provided to Mueller were responses to questions written by attorneys that Mueller found to be incomplete. Trump did NOT fully cooperate. Russians did not cooperate at all. Trump is NOT clean in this matter, and, no, it was not orchestrated by either HRC or Obama.

          1. Natacha. There was no crime. That’s why you cannot specify just what the charge might have been. The investigation was initiated as a counter-intelligence investigation.

            1. Were the facts fully investigated? Were they? What does Mueller say about that? Is it OK that YOUR President has ties to hostile foreign governments that illegally swayed the election?

              1. The investigation ran on for 32 months, Natacha. They were bereft of budgetary constraints. The FBI phase was run by people who made it plain they loathe the President. As for the special counsel phase, merely taking the appointment was a tell; he then followed that up by hiring 14 lawyers of whom four of them were Democratic Party donors (3 of the 4 were four-digit donors).

                1. TAB4: No amount of budget can produce evidence when the necessary witnesses: 1. Won’t cooperate, as in the case of Trump and Trump., Jr; and 2. The Russian witnesses are in Russia and won’t come over here and can’t be forced to do so. Trump should have been forced to appear for a deposition, and maybe once he’s forced out of the White House, that will happen. Being a Republican, which, by definition, means he is loyal to the GOP first and America second, Mueller didn’t force him. He also followed the DOJ “guideline” (not law) that a sitting President cannot be indicted. That was wrong, and that will be Mueller’s legacy. He should have closed the deal once and for all, but we all know what would have been the result of Trump being deposed. He always messes up by telling the truth and forgetting to tell the lies spoon-fed to him by his attorneys. Mueller punted the ball on the obstruction of justice matter to Congress.

                  Who cares what donations were made by lawyers? No one was “out to get” Trump, except in the minds of the Faux News writers and Rush Limbaugh. He got away with crimes by refusing to cooperate, promising pardons to his minions, intimidating witnesses and by hiring Barr, who campaigned for the job by sending an unsolicited memo setting forth pro-Trump positions of law that most attorneys with integrity disagree with. Trump has always been a crook and most people know it. He has also stacked the SCOTUS with radical conservatives, as a back up, when the appeals over subpoenas make their way to the high court. Everyone knows this, too. America and its values are the victims here.

                  MOST people on earth who know Trump or know anything about him loathe him, and rightfully so. His arrogance alone has earned the scorn felt by most people around the world. The only ones who don’t feel this way are loyal Trumpsters like you, who watch Faux News for your daily affirmation.

                  1. “No one was “out to get” Trump, except in the minds of the Faux News writers and Rush Limbaugh.”

                    Like I said below, you are a true believer, Natacha. Keep the faith. They’re counting on dupes like you. 😉

                  2. It’d be so much easier if all of the witnesses involved told Mueller everything that Natacha suspects and wants to hear. We could even apply to criminal trials; prosecutors’ jobs would be made so much easier if a suspect or defendant would simply roll over for them.😉
                    I read a great deal about the fact that Flynn, Gates, Papadopoulous, and Cohen all ‘flipped”, and were fully cooperatimg with the OSC.
                    So it’s not as if every actor involved in this investigation was not cooperative. In each case, as each witness flipped, it was followed by a great deal of special thing that Flynn, then Gates, etc. etc. would produce the smoking gun necessary to prove a crime by Trump.
                    Additionally, the OSC was unusually agressive with SWAT-style raids that were supposedly conducted to prevent the destruction of evidence.
                    So it’s not as if the OSC was rendered powerless by the lack of cooperation or that they were hamstrung by judges who failed to sign warrants or authorize raids.

              2. Hillary and her campaign had proveable “ties to hostile foreign governments” and “active collusion” attempts to sway the election…all hidden by “firewalls” of course….and yet, for some reason, Mueller chose not to investigate or mention any of these “ties” in his 450 page report. Imagine that.

                1. Why do you keep pivoting away from Trump and his illegal conduct and harp about HRC? This was the Kellyanne tactic used during the 2016 election. Ask about Trump, she pivots to trash Hillary. Won’t work any more.

                  1. Why pivot to Hillary? Didn’t you read Hillary’s Op Ed piece in the Washington Post today? She won’t shut up or go away.

                    She had the audacity to say that the Mueller report documents “serious crimes against America” by this president and that Trump should have been indicted! Trump’s crime? He beat Hillary, the Chosen One.

                    There is a dispute about the “facts” surrounding this Russiagate story. There is no disputing the facts about Hillary. She is a corrupt, lying, cheating, incompetent, greedy, unlikeable, god awful POS who has been obstructing justice, destroying evidence, lying about all of it for decades, and getting away with it. (Ask any Bernie supporter what they think about Hillary and the DNC).

                    And now? She continues perpetuating the myth that Russia — not her own incompetence –cost her the election.

                    Instead of accepting the loss and moving on to talking about real issues important to the American people, the Dems and their media allies have chosen to keep the myth going right through the 2020 election cycle, so they can keep attacking Trump. But they don’t have the guts to pursue impeachment.

              3. No, Natacha, the “facts” were not fully investigated. Clearly not. Shame on Mueller for his one-sided hack job of a report.

              4. Don’t forget this little tidbit of truth Natacha — Trump instructed everyone around him to cooperate fully with the investigation…which they did….and he is the first president in history not to exercise executive privilege. He put it all out there when he didn’t have to.

                Can’t say remotely the same about Barack Obama or his people or his AGs Holder and Lynch. But they don’t mention this on BSNBC, do they?

                1. No he did not. That is what he claimed, but the truth is otherwise. If you watched any other news outlet besides Faux News, you’d know that. He lied about being the “first president in history” not to assert executive privilege.

                  At this very moment, he is fighting to prevent current and former WH aides from testifying before Congress. Guess what the grounds are? EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE. Didn’t Faux News tell you about that?

                  Now maybe you can see why Faux News keeps programming you Trumpsters to disbelieve any news outlet other than it.

                    1. OK, TBob, here’s something for you to chew on, and it’s the truth. I tune in to Faux News to hear what they have to say, which is truly hard to stomach sometimes because I know that people out there listen and believe the slop they serve. I also watch CNN and MSNBC, plus the major networks.

                      Faux News is the only outlet that harps about other outlets being dishonest. I have never once heard any other news outlet accuse Faux News of being partisan, lying, being biased, etc.. THAT alone should tell you something about indoctrination and truth-telling.

                    2. I have never once heard any other news outlet accuse Faux News of being partisan, lying, being biased, etc..

                      More to chew on…

                      1. They may not be able to prove it.
                      2. They’d risk losing more viewers that would be curious to know if the accusation is true.

            2. Absurd,
              I think the crime that Trump is guilty of was the one he committed on Nov.8, 2016.
              Natacha and some others will never “exonerate” Trump for the offense of preventing Hillary’s coronation.

          2. ha ha you talk like a law student not a lawyer

            people have a presumption of innocence, they way you spin it, we all have a presumption of guilt.

            there’s a lot of other garbage you trotted out again as you have before but what’s the point of correcting an offensive harpy

            I will add one thing. you often call Trump “Fatso” but he’s about as overweight as many men of his age. BMI is way off for many. Including many who often exercise.
            I am not sure Trump does that or not, but a lot of “Fatsos” are in good health and it seems Trump is too


            attention men aged 72 years or older who are as overweight as Trump: DEMOCRAT PARTY HELD CAPTIVE BY SHRILL FEMINIST HARPIES!
            VOTE TRUMP 2020!

            1. Trump lies about his weight, and got the doctor who did his most-recent physical to lie about it, too.

              I would not have mentioned his weight except for the fact that Trump has called women who criticize him “fat pigs”. He insults other critics, too with grade school level insults about their appearance: “pencil-neck”, for instance. So, it’s fair game to point out how broad his ass is and how bloated his waistline is. He wears oversized ties to try to conceal his obesity. Oh, and he also lies about his height, too. I’ve seen comparisons of Trump standing next to various military and other people whose height is known, and he is visually shorter than men whose official height is listed as being shorter than he is.

                VOTE TRUMP 2020

      2. ” “Trump and his dippy son refused in person interviews”. Trump Jr. gave Congressional testimony which was made public about a year ago.
        It’s not surprising that a defendant or a “suspect” would not sit down to chat with the prosecutor. Any lawyer advising otherwise should have his head examined.Mueller did have the option of issueimg a subpeona to try to compel testimony from any other the parties who were targeted on the OSC investigations.
        For whatever reasons ( they might be in his report), he chose not to do so.

  6. And all that Turley could have written about Barr’s sycophantic presentations…

  7. When Eric Holder was born his last name was spelled Holdher– with the letter “h” in there. He got caught in grade school holding the private parts of a girl in his class. His parents changed the name to protect the innocent.

  8. Note Lois Lerner pleads the Fifth and is now living in greater Washington enjoying a six-figure pension. That’s Eric Holder at work.

    Always nice to know prominent dignitaries are shameless to the point of being sociopathic.

  9. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who preaches from the Book of Common Stupidity, probably thinks he was talking about chicken.

  10. No matter what any public official does, he will be supported by many and opposed by many. At least AG Barr is an intelligent diligent professional, as opposed to say, Sessions, Gonzales, Ashcroft who seemed overall lacking in professionalism, knowledge, speaking skills, etc. We can’t remove political leanings of public officials. The best we can do is put into office people who seem diligent, professional, and intelligent.

  11. this is the same guy who said he was point man for Obama and fast and furious.why he was never charged with mass murder and high treason for fast & furious I will never understand.

    1. https://www.politico.com/blogs/politico44/2013/04/eric-holder-im-still-the-presidents-wingman-160861

      Attorney General Eric Holder brushed off a question Thursday about when he might leave the administration. Instead, the top lawman professed his allegiance to President Barack Obama.

      “I’m still enjoying what I’m doing, there’s still work to be done. I’m still the President’s wing-man, so I’m there with my boy. So we’ll see,” Holder said in an interview on the Tom Joyner radio show

  12. Holder says Barr should be the people’s, not the president’s, lawyer? Oh, that’s Rich!” To be fair, Holder’s conduct was already unseemly when he lobbied Bill Clinton for the Marc Rich pardon while angling to become A.G. in the then expected Al Gore administration. The Florida election results dashed those hopes but he got his wish to be the president’s lawyer, putting Obama first, in 2008.

  13. Forget this clown Holder who is an aberration of a lawyer and an embarrassment to people of color. Holder is the black thug in the hood who knocks off innocent women and children to grow his Prostitution business, pretending to be someone important. In fact Holder represents in total what is wrong with the DOJ FBI CIA. To wit, the WSJ nailed it in the following article. Read it and be afraid of our government

    In Barr we trust!


    Meet America’s Siloviki

    Our politics will be healed only when voters know what our secret agents know.

    Among the many interesting words in the 448-page Mueller report were those quoting an email from Dmitry Peskov, Vladimir Putin’s closest aide, in response to associates who arranged Carter Page’s speaking invitation in St. Petersburg in July 2016.

    So much (again) for the idea that the insubstantial Mr. Page was collusion’s Mr. Big. Washington’s intelligence and law-enforcement bureaucracy knows a great deal more about things that have been central bones of contention in our national political life than the American people have been allowed to know. In what I hope will be the first of many, a New York Times story last weekend finally described—two years late—the FBI’s suspicion that the Steele Dossier was influenced by Kremlin disinformation.

    Likewise a few hundred officials with security clearances know the truth behind FBI Director James Comey’s serial interventions in the Hillary Clinton email case—interventions that began, we learned only belatedly from press leaks, with some kind of intercepted Russian intelligence that someone placed in Mr. Comey’s hands.

    The questions raised by these episodes are monumental and will outlast the war over whether Mr. Trump is a nice man or not. Did Mr. Comey and his colleagues turn us into Russia, where the siloviki (veterans of the intelligence services) secretly and incompetently pull the strings of domestic politics?

    Not satisfied to pick at his many deficiencies or oppose him in normal fashion, Mr. Trump’s enemies promoted one of the biggest lies in U.S. history. Two years later, we are back to square one with a difference: Now much of America rightly thinks his media and partisan enemies are every bit as sleazy as Mr. Trump was said to be. In regard to personal ethics, his biggest vulnerability, millions now see even less of a difference between Mr. Trump and his opponents than they did in 2016.

    When these Americans hear certain Democrats chanting “Impeach Trump now,” they hear the mumbled corollary “before the American people can re-elect him.”

    He came to the presidency the best known and most perfectly understood candidate in history. Fifteen years before he tossed his hat in the ring, “The Simpsons” could deliver a two-word joke that needed no setup: “President Trump.”

    I mention this not to demean the president. The idea that his arrival somehow sullied the culture of Washington not only is absurdly overstated, it licensed the mood of conspiracy against him. He is not even the sketchiest person to hold the office in my lifetime. “There was no trusting anything he said or did on a given day,” writes the historian Robert Dallek—in his book about Lyndon Johnson.

    Mr. Trump is simply the sketchiest that voters ever knowingly, deliberately, with clear eyes-full hearts, elected.

    He could help himself even now by conducting his presidency differently. If his approval rating were even 50%, many fewer Democrats would find it in their electoral interest to endorse unsubstantiated slanders against him.

    Still, a couple of things are true. People who are innocent tend to protest their innocence. A president who sees law enforcement itself peddling fabricated evidence can be forgiven for wondering if the law has been corrupted.

    As Mr. Trump’s lawyer told Bob Mueller and Mr. Mueller reportedly accepted in good spirit, a president is obliged to fight back against politically motivated attacks. And for all his warts, Mr. Trump fought back more transparently than any past president would have or would have been able to, mostly on Twitter , in his own voice, taking ownership of each claim made in his defense.

    The truth is, Mr. Trump is hardly capable of lying with the consistency of purpose that John Brennan and James Clapper have lied and likely will continue to lie. His White House was destined to be chaotic but how many presidents would not be thrown off balance by former high-ranking intelligence officials going on cable TV and calling them traitors?

    If Mr. Trump’s historically assigned task was to expose Washington’s media and leadership class, with Robert Mueller’s help he has succeeded. Nobody (including me) would have guessed how much our intelligence sector had come to regard itself as the guardian of a particular class’s right to rule, or see its job as punishing voters when they vote wrong.

    I say the following without prejudice to the real Pete Buttigieg, whom I haven’t studied and who may turn out to be just another unappetizing politician. If I were a screenwriter, a gay mayor from South Bend, Ind., is exactly the character I’d invent to step over the wreckage created by Mr. Trump and his enemies and restore sanity to the American experiment.

  14. Holder giving advice, hahahahahahahahaha and did I say hahahahahahahahaha!

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