Frankin Graham To Buttigieg: Repent

Rev. Franklin Graham has declared that presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg should “repent” his “sin” of being a homosexual. Graham explained that homosexuality “something to be repentant of, not something to be flaunted, praised or politicized.” It is a bizarre and deeply insulting declaration. I have seen no evidence of Buttigieg flaunting anything. He has conducted himself as any candidate in embracing his spouse and discussing his marriage. When heterosexual candidates cite their marriage, it is not declared “flaunting.”

Not to be outdone  Pastor E.W. Jackson denounced Buttigieg’s candidacy as an effort to establish a “homocracy.”

The South Bend, Indiana mayor has answered questions about his sexuality and emphasized that “I get that one of the things about Scripture is different people see different things in it.”

Graham shared a CNN story about the town hall on Twitter, and said, “Presidential candidate & South Bend Mayor @PeteButtigieg is right—God doesn’t have a political party. But God does have commandments, laws & standards He gives us to live by.”

He added: “Mayor Buttigieg says he’s a gay Christian. As a Christian I believe the Bible which defines homosexuality as sin, something to be repentant of, not something to be flaunted, praised or politicized. The Bible says marriage is between a man & a woman—not two men, not two women.”

Buttigieg’s comments however seem not only more measured but moral on this issue: “It can be challenging to be a person of faith who’s also part of the LGBTQ community and yet, to me, the core of faith is regard for one another. And part of God’s love is experienced, according to my faith tradition, is in the way that we support one another and, in particular, support the least among us.”

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  1. Gnite American Hatin Commie/Nazis & the American Patriots as well.

    Dana California:

    1. You should know your PR is totally busted, that video showing now is not RHCP Dana California!

  2. Jeez Turley!

    OTC 5613 Vacuum/Pressure Gauge Kit

    Without your “Leadership” 🙂

    I never would have know it was such a major issue of this decade!!!

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  3. Olly,
    A little Lipo surgery and maybe Trump can duck that “Fatso” moniker.
    Nadler carved out 100? or do pounds via the Lipo; he’s still overweight, but far less so.
    Even with the sudden transition to that “deflated balloon look”, Nadler looks more normal now than he did pre- lipo surgery.
    Trump is overweight, and if he gains another 100-150 lbs. or so, there is a definite possibility that he could end up looking like a pre-libo Nadler.

  4. Mayor Pete as he likes to be called, is acclaimed for turning around his city and there has been some good development. Much of it was in the hopper before he got elected and owes its success to the ground-laying efforts of his Democrat precedessor who actually was a very well liked and successful mayor in his own right Before him Joe Kernan was a well liked and moderately successful mayor.

    All have been plagued like other cities in Northern Indiana by the Rust Belt conditions who come from a bigger macroeconomic situation and a failed industrial policy that was pursued by both parties. Particularly, factors relating to unfair trade with China, are at fault, and these have motivated many to vote for Trump the first “fair trade” candidate in a long time, and many will do so again in the next cycle.

    There is a big violent crime problem in South Bend too which he has not been able to staunch in the slightest bit. The national media has failed to capture what the local press has continued to report in a workmanlike manner. Here are examples and more will continue to follow just as they often do in not far off Detroit or Chicago which routinely supply the in between with never do wells.

    The neighborhoods that have been in decay for decades remain that way. That is, unless they have been swallowed who and rebuilt by University of Notre Dame. which was neither the initiative nor consequence of Pete B. even if he helped them get certain phases finished.

    I think it’s disingenuous for Mayor Pete to claim credit for all the things that local Democrats in that neck of the woods have been doing for the past decade to try and reverse various bad situations. Likewise there are a lot of very good Democrat party people in Northern Indiana supporting his efforts who should be applauded for their competence in advancing this candidate who does embody a certain modesty. I am surprised that he kissed in public and that was probably him putting on the dog for the national media. Which is typical for a politician caught up in his own narrative. Nonetheless he should be taken seriously as a candidate. I think however that other candidates should be taken seriously too like Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard and even Bernie; and not just the apparently party-anointed like Pete or Kamala.

    All the gay stuff is really besides the important points about economics. It’s a flash-point to gain eyeballs however so people will discuss it more than its due.

    David Axelrod, one of Obama’s successful strategists and promoters, and a Chicagoan, is worth following if you want very smart assessments from the Democrat perspective and penetrating gaze certainly extends to nearby South Bend.

    1. “All the gay stuff is really besides the important points”

      Kurtz, right. However, it seems those on the left that wish to abolish free speech want to control free individuals. Here is another outrageous interference with individual living their lives and having their own opinions.

      Free Speech in Denmark
      by Judith Bergman

      What is shocking is that a state agency has threatened to remove a foster child from her only family, not because there is the slightest suspicion of ill-treatment of the child, but because of the foster mother’s exercising her freedom of speech.

      continues at:

    2. The police force in South Bend is understaffed. And not by a small amount. A tripling of manpower would be in order.

  5. Mayor Pete has certainly made his sexual proclivities public by making his “marriage” well known. He openly claims to be a Christian while his lifestyle says otherwise.
    He was raised Catholic but has conveniently slid on over to the Episcopalian sect which accommodates his lifestyle. He knows the truth but his ego must be indulged.

  6. Herein lies the problem of fundamentalists taking upon themselves the mantle of “Reverend” with no concern for proper formation, never mind anything scholastic.

    From Wiki

    As a teenager, Graham attended The Stony Brook School, a Christian private school on Long Island, New York, but was expelled. He finished high school in North Carolina.[5]

    In 1970, Graham attended LeTourneau College in Longview, Texas, and was expelled from the school for keeping a female classmate out past curfew.[6] In 1974, he graduated from Montreat-Anderson College, now Montreat College, with an A.S.[7] and in 1978 from Appalachian State University with a B.A.[8][9]

    In 1974, the 22-year-old had a conversion experience, fully committing himself to Jesus Christ in a hotel room while on a trip to the Middle East, including Lebanon, Jordan, and ending in Jerusalem. He was ordained in 1982 by the Grace Community Church in Tempe, Arizona.
    – Wikipedia

    He has no credible or scholastic formation in ministry. Like Al Sharpton, Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, Al Gore (with his Green “Dogma”), Hillary Clinton (women are victims doctrine) and Shirley MacLaine (I am goddess), they make themselves prophets with nary a pedagogy to back up their hubris. Louis Farrakhan is another bozo with zero proper formation as a Muslim teacher. All of these people discredit their credo.

    Homosexuality is a disorder. The statistics are formidable, they can not procreate and some would say their behaviors are a result of a developmental trauma that can not be changed.

    Alas Gluttony, Slothfulness, Pride, Greed, Envy and Wrath are all cardinal sins….for centuries if not millennia. Americans gleefully, proudly, point to the splinter in each others eyes while failing to observe the plank in their own eyes. Given the state of our country, if Jesus Christ were to choose tomorrow as His Second Coming, few, if any of us, would be called.

    As for Mayor Butt whatever, he is using identity politics. We are electing a political leader, not a moral guardian. He is no better than “Reverend” Graham.

    St Thomas Aquinas had this to say on Gluttony, which applies to 2/3 of our nation.


    Whether gluttony is a sin?
    I answer that, Gluttony denotes, not any desire of eating and drinking, but an inordinate desire. Now desire is said to be inordinate through leaving the order of reason, wherein the good of moral virtue consists: and a thing is said to be a sin through being contrary to virtue. Wherefore it is evident that gluttony is a sin.

    Whether gluttony is a mortal sin?
    I answer that, As stated above (Article 1), the vice of gluttony properly consists in inordinate concupiscence. Now the order of reason in regulating the concupiscence may be considered from two points of view. First, with regard to things directed to the end, inasmuch as they may be incommensurate and consequently improportionate to the end; secondly, with regard to the end itself, inasmuch as concupiscence turns man away from his due end. Accordingly, if the inordinate concupiscence in gluttony be found to turn man away from the last end, gluttony will be a mortal sin.

    Whether gluttony is a capital vice?
    I answer that, As stated above (I-II:84:3), a capital vice denotes one from which, considered as final cause, i.e. as having a most desirable end, other vices originate: wherefore through desiring that end men are incited to sin in many ways. Now an end is rendered most desirable through having one of the conditions of happiness which is desirable by its very nature: and pleasure is essential to happiness, according to Ethic. i, 8; x, 3,7,8. Therefore the vice of gluttony, being about pleasures of touch which stand foremost among other pleasures, is fittingly reckoned among the capital vices.

    Summa Theologiae, Secunda Secundæ Partis

    Cue Rodney King

  7. Wasn’t Buttigeg calling Pence a “bad Christian” for not supporting Gay Marriage or something? So, live by the sword – die by the sword. Anyway, for 2,000 years up till about 2008 it was standard for Christians to believe Gay “Marriage” was heretical. And IRC, the Catholic Church and most Protestant Churches haven’t changed that Position. I”m all for tolerance, so maybe Buttigeg’ and his Christian supporters should just cool it – and stop stirring the pot.

  8. Why in the world does anyone pay any attention to this idiot Graham? Why the media attention, which only promotes his nonsense? I think Pete could stand up for himself if he felt the need; Turley lowers the bar by publishing idiot Graham’s enduring hate speech. I mean, this is what he does!

    1. Ph u/your Commie/Nazis friends!!!

      Free Speech/1st Amd still here in the USA.

      Move if you don’t like our God Given big R Rights!

    2. Nothing he said was unintelligent and nothing he said was indicative of hate. By the way, you’re a Dunning-Kruger exemplar.

  9. “I have seen no evidence of Buttigieg flaunting anything.”

    – Professor Turley

    Have you seen any evidence of the communist media flaunting his homosexuality all over the country for him? Incidentally, Buttigieg has a “husband” of burgeoning popularity in case you missed your daily dose of CNN. If heterosexuality causes procreation, then homosexuality is genocidal and pure hedonism entirely bereft of purpose. Is extinction something to be promoted; desired; popular? It gets weird.

    1. George,

      Mespo was saying recently, like I, he remembers back when Men were Men.

      Yeah, there were the queers(Oops, so sorry, I forgot, They Own Language so I can’t use certain words in a certain context. 🙂 ) as has been the case through history, but now the PTB have figured out to weaponize chemicals/genes yes, it has become Very Weird.

      IE: Just recently I heard something I’ve never heard in my life. Someone tells me: My friend just had “Her” “D*ick” Sewn On Yesterday.

      Excuse me but, the Genes still say she’s a Women, whacked out w/d*ick now yes, but still a women!

      1. 🙂

        I admit I was shocked & said what I thought, asked were they found such whacked out type friends?

        Hind sight I wish I’d have held a straight face & calming asked: Oh, where did she have her new d*ck sewn on, her nose? 😉

        1. George Please, I’m not saying, wink:)

          If the gal had some ele’s d*ick sewn to her nose I think i’d would have possible given multiple new meanings to cunnilingus.

          No the less I guess I’m now Mr Luddite opposed to such debauchery. 😉

          It now sounds so odd from what US Govt intel was training us for in the 50’s/60’s.

          1. Nice!!!

            Ck out the live time Algos they, deep state, are running against us!!!

            They’re now changing our post in live time!

  10. Rape, murder, other felony crimes skyrocketing under this self-possessed progressive slime ball. Maybe he should “learn how to clean his room” before tackling the Western World, and saving us from Orange Man.

    1. Not skyrocketing, but given the city’s demographics, a homicide rate less than 1/2 of the current rate (6 per 100,000 rather than 14 per 100,000) would be a realistic goal. New York City has about 80 police precincts. The most disorderly has a homicide rate of just north of 15 per 100,000. The city and county government are underperforming terribly.

  11. It is poor policy to try to force gay men back into the closet. You cannot fight your biological natural attraction. Gay men can pass for a while, but eventually, there are going to be tears all around.

    What does that do to the women whom gay men date, and even marry, in their efforts to fit in?

    Whatever two consenting adults do is none of our beeswax. Everyone has the right to be happy.

    It is promiscuity, and unsafe sex practices, that carry a heavy price emotionally, and health wise, no matter the sexual orientation.

    1. Karen, there are gay problems

      NJ Gov. Jim McGreevey & Bergen County Sheriff, Joseph L. Ciccone

      These gay guys turned NJ upside down. Jimmy tried to get sugar plum guy from Israel after 9/11 & Sheriff Ciccone gives guns & badges to his boys. If you like what you see, start kissing…..And pay!

    2. “It is poor policy to try to force gay men back into the closet. You cannot fight your biological natural attraction.”

      I agree with you, Karen S — as I almost always do. I was wondering what you thought about tolerating the gay lifestyle versus endorsing the gay lifestyle. There are lots of lifestyles I’d tolerate, but precious few I’d endorse from a societal good/civilization building standpoint. I think it’s a distinction worth exploring and your thoughts are always salient.

    3. . You cannot fight your biological natural attraction.

      People refrain from sexual activity quite routinely, Karen. People are commonly expected to refrain from engaging in perversions. And, no, homosexual attractions are not ‘natural’.

      And people get along passably not making a public point of all the ways in which they’re bent out of shape. We used to expect that, when my grandparents contemporaries were in charge and we were a society of adults. Now we’re a society of exhibitionists and their dippy enablers.

      1. Hopefully absurd well refrain from sexual activity given the occasional resulting reproduction.

        In the meantime, maybe he can mind his own business and we’ll all try to not think about his.

        1. If Mayor Buttigieg wanted me to ‘mind my own business’ he wouldn’t have made his business a matter for public consumption. This isn’t that difficult.

          1. Speaking in appreciation of one’s marriage is not meant to be a suggestion for people like absurd to fantasize and comment on their sex life.

            Try to control yourself.

            1. He entered into a parody marriage in order to make a public point of his proclivities. That merits no deference.

                1. Quintuply Absurd’s Axiom Schema:

                  If sexual-orientation is natural, then sexual orientation is not a choice.

                  If “any given” sexual orientation is not natural, then “that” sexual orientation is a choice.

                  Petitio Principii . . .

                  Given any chosen sexual orientation, that chosen sexual orientation is not natural.

                  Given any natural sexual orientation, that natural sexual orientation is not chosen.

                  1. FTR, in case anyone was wondering, I disagree with Quintuply Absurd’s question-begging attempt to define heterosexual orientation as the only natural sexual orientation.

                    Nature is characterized by variation. Lots and lots of variation. It’s obvious. Indeed, stupefying.

                  2. Absurd’s position is both ignorant of the best science on the question of sexual orientation as well as internally illogical as you demonstrate.

                    1. Would Anon go with “the best”science”😄, when that “science’ categorized homosexuality as a disorder? Then change gears when they did?

    4. Separation of Church and State.

      Separation of Orientation and State.

      Neutrality is appropriate. No promotion. No dissuasion. No acceptance. No denial.

      Semantic fact: Marry and matrimony derive from the Virgin Mother Mary and Latin for mother, mater, and apply to potential and actual motherhood. It is semantically impossible to engage in marriage or matrimony without any physical ability to bear children or engender motherhood. You pervert the language and confound the minds of man to insidiously promote an extreme perversion of nature; one which is nonsensical and ultimately deleteriously genocidal.

  12. Never mind about gay guy “brown nose”

    Stephen Colbert does “In the meantime” for laughs….So shall it be, let it be done

    Alexandria Ocasio Cortez attacks:


    Infighting is fun

  13. So “husband” Chasten Buttigieg, head of household, is channeling through “wife” Pete Buttigieg? Where’s the brain? In the head or between the legs?

  14. Who cares about this story? No one. Why is it out there then? The establishment is doing it’s best to manufacture a candidate…anyone other than Bernie.

    Bernie (not Buttegieg) is the biggest threat to Trump, yet the Dems care more about not picking an anti-establishment candidate than winning. That’s how corrupt the establishment is. They tries the same with the Trump…going so far as to attempt a coup at the end.

    I support Trump, but the right match-up for our nation is Trump v Sanders which is what we would have had in 2016 were it not for Hillary and her cronies.

    1. Bernie got his a.s kicked by Hillary in the primaries worse than Trump did. 4 million votes or 55-42%. I’m sure Trumpsters would love to run against Sanders butt democratic voters are smarter than that and smarter than them.

    2. Ivan, Andrew Yang is highlighting the immensely important issue of dislocation of the workforce by AI. Nobody is much talking about this and it is right around the bend. He is dismissed as cranky which is what they said to discredit Bernie.

      Tulsi Gabbard has many good ideas, but she is especially disfavored by the pro gay crowd which considers her suspect due to her Hindu ties and her father’s antigay activities.

      Bernie is worth listening to as well. BUT I was sorry that Bernie dismissed lightly the issues which have been advanced by Andrew Yang in a recent statement where he said “green jobs” should replace what will be destroyed by more and more AI coming online. Very shortsighted and pandering to his own nutty far left constituency that seems to have attached itself to this vain hope.

      The effects of AI on the workforce are already profound. When is the last time you could reach a telephone operator without tricking the voice operated computer routines? That’s a tiny example. Service sector jobs have already been decimated and they will be wiped out from low to high like the bubonic plague passing through Europe in the middle ages once stronger AGI routines become available in the marketplace.

      This issue calls for attention by both parties but they are so ignorant of this emerging trend that it hurts.

  15. Buttigieg is a narcissistic little twit. He’s gay because God wants him to be gay. Uh huh. Any of us could say that about any of our traits or characteristics. But few people are that arrogant.

  16. I’m trying figure out what a married gay president would be like

    Two men squirting bodily fluids in the white house master bedroom, Lincoln bedroom or oval office. Then its time to negotiate with Supreme Dear Divine Leader, Kim Jong Un, aka “rocket man” concerning ICBMs & Nuclear weapons. “Rocket man” is also lingo used in the gay community to describe a male who has 12 inches below the belt.

    How did Pete Buttigieg meet his “husband” Chasten Buttigieg?

    The two men met online in August 2015 while the former was still attending graduate school in Chicago. They got engaged in December 2017 and married in a ceremony on June 16, 2018.

    1. Thanks for that inside gay life translation, but could you keep your graphic fantasies to your self? I try to not think about Fatso Trump doing it in the WH too.

      1. Anon,

        I’m getting confused. Wasn’t that Rep. Jerry Nadler aka “Fatso”?

        1. I save infantile nicknames for the those who favor their use. As far as I know Nadler.acts like a normal respectable adult, unlike our a..hole fat President

          1. unlike our a..hole fat President

            Good for you Anon; I see you’re working through those stages of grief. Well done! You should share your secret with Natacha.

            1. Olly,
              It’s no secret that he shares some of the same sentiments with Natacha.
              Same level of stability as well.

              1. As if Tom would recognize stability – he’s a Trump fan – or knows anything about my personal life. Maybe he could stick to the issues instead of the personalities on this board. Teenage girls spend less time than Tom on gossip.

                1. Coming from the “stabilized and objective” partisan hack, the anonymous Anon, that reeeallllly hurts.
                  Oh, Ouch!!

      2. Are you Natacha who habitually calls Trump Fatso? I have had the suspicion before.

        1. Anonymous,
          I don’t think that Natcookoo has called Trump “Fatso” more than couple of hundred times.
          Maybe about the same number of times that she:s cslled Karen S. ” Honey”, but she was shot down there.
          Now her use of the words “Fox News”, that devastatingly powerful blow😳🤪 to those who disagree with her, is a different story.
          She and Brock’s Boy in Hollywood have probable use that “cogent argument” thousands of times between them.
          Or variations there of. So in their “minds”, (such as they are), they “win” every argument.

            1. Hollywood Hill and L4D can use another propagantist fool to cover all the bases here.
              Congratulation to their most recent teammate here, the anonymous “Anon”.

              1. (Anon has a lot of catching up to do if he is to become a full-time fledged member of the hyperpartisan fool cluc, but he shows great promise.
                My congratulations on his relatively fast rise to being an out-and-out, run of the mill propagantist.

          1. Yes, the great L4B, Hollywood Hill, and anonymous Anon Mind Meld.😄😃😂

            1. The streets are never wet with Aardvarks.

              Show me a street that’s wet with Aardvarks.

              Show me.

    2. I consider someone like Mayor Pete and his relationship with his husband to be far more moral and normal than The Donald and his purchased Slovenian nudie model trophy wife. This is because Mayor Pete has integrity, is not promiscuous, does not assault people he finds attractive because he thinks he can get away with it, nor brag about it, and because he married for love, not show. Mayor Pete is a military veteran and a Harvard graduate. He EARNED his accomplishments.

      “squirting bodily fluids”? Really? Is this how you Trumpsters think? The sick one here is you “who cares”.

      1. Anonymous,

        I didn’t vote for Trump

        Pete has a problem. It’s “Lucky Stiff” Syndrome. Husband channels through Pete. The sick one is you! Who Cares!

        1. Mayor Pete is also a Rhodes scholar. You can be a “Trumpster” (rhymes with “dumpster”, which is where you and your ideas belong) without having voted for him. It’s your orientation to life and how you view others that qualify you.

          And why, if I may ask, are you homophobes so fascinated by the physical sexual aspects of homosexuality, anyway? Ask yourself whether it is because you may be closeted yourself. I personally find repulsive the notion of a bloated, fat, bald man with a bad comb-over grabbing the genitalia of women he finds “beautiful” and then bragging about it. Likewise, I find repulsive Stormy Daniels’s description of Trump, his physical attributes and lying about a dinner meeting to recruit her for “The Apprentice” as a way to lure her to his hotel room for sex.

      2. I consider someone like Mayor Pete and his relationship with his husband to be far more moral and normal than The Donald and his purchased Slovenian nudie model trophy wife.

        That’s because you’re not looking at Butt-gig and with the appropriate skeptical regard. Because reasons, no doubt. (It’s not as if sociological literature on the lives of homosexual men is unavailable). Homosexuals are another mascot group of the Anointed.

        1. Great joke there absurd! You and the guys come up with it between woodshop and gym class?

          1. Never drop the soap in the shower at the gym with any of these locker-room talkers.

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