“Troll Remorse”: Maryland Man Sentenced For Jumping On Pelican In The Florida Keys

We previously discussed the case of William Hunter Hardesty, 31. Police arrested Hardesty after he was featured in a disturbing video where he jumped on a pelican and manhandled it. He has now been sentenced to a well-deserved 90 days in prison and a $1000 fine.

The video shows Hardesty leaning over to tempt the pelican with food and then jumping on the bird — driving it below the surface. When they both surface, Hardesty then manhandles the bird as others laugh in the background. The bird then snapped at Hardesty who let it go.

At the time, Hardesty exclaimed “Yea they bite hard !!!” Even after the outcry, Hardesty seemed to have no appreciation of how he was endangering the animal and acting like a toddler. Upon his return to Maryland, he wrote “The book blowin up on a Friday !! Sheesh.”

The arresting trooper said that Hardesty bragged about being wanted for feeding and tackling a pelican in the Florida keys. When the troopers confirmed an outstanding warrant in Florida, they arrested Hardesty.

Assistant state attorney Ryan Maher, called Hardesty an “internet troll” and said that he was displaying nothing more than “troll remorse.” He added “He got a rise out of that up to the point where he got in trouble.”

Judging from the moronic video, it is doubtful that Hardesty will learn much in jail but at least there is the irony of the pelican being free while Hardesty is caged.

3 thoughts on ““Troll Remorse”: Maryland Man Sentenced For Jumping On Pelican In The Florida Keys”

  1. There is an intense desire by many people to touch wild animals. Most adults understand not to do so. A bare minimum of empathy for the animals would make someone not want to frighten or harm an animal just to touch it. I did not approve of Steve Irwin constantly picking up wild animals, but he did so in a manner that did not hurt them. He loved to touch wild animals, and examine them up close, but it was out of fascination and love for wild things.

    Birds have hollow bones for flight. They snap easily. I have to walk very carefully when my flock of chickens winds around my legs like cats, so I don’t hurt their little feet.

    Jumping on the back of the pelican could have snapped ribs or dislocated wings. It was a mean spirited thing to do. The bird could have easily blinded him. Pelicans are absolutely huge. Someone I knew had one that was used in TV and film, and he always recommended wearing sunglasses when we fed him. He was friendly, but it was like trying to hang out with someone excitedly waving around a spear when they saw you brought a snack.

    Kids should be raised to be aware of how other kids and animals are feeling in response to what they are doing. It starts with dogs – does she have a happy tail or a sad tail? Is she having fun? Then don’t do that.

    This boy was not raised right.

  2. FTR, I have never jumped on a pelican and manhandled it. And neither has Allan nor any of the rest of Turley’s blawg hounds. And even if any of us might have ever jumped on, say, a penguin, for instance, I have high confidence that each and every last one of us who might’ve done such a thing would have expressed remorse for our endangerment . . . of the non-human animal. I’m sorry, Your Honor. I’ll never skip a beat like that again.

  3. He’s a dork, he’s a dork!
    He’s a dork all the way.
    From his first homo photo
    To his last dying day.

    When he gets interview at the Pearly Gates
    He will not get a word in and will get roller skates.
    The freeway to hell will be a quick lap.
    The birds will be squeling and Godwill say Zap!

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