Nevada Woman Charged With Killing Elderly Man After He Asked Her “To Be Nice” To Bus Passengers

Cadesha Michelle Bishop may seriously want to explore a plea deal. According to the Associated Press, the 25-year-old woman has been charged with murder after an elderly man who she shoved off a Las Vegas bus after he told her to stop abusing other bus riders and to be civil. A videotape shows Bishop matter-of-factly pushing 74-year-old Serge Fournier out a door and head first into the pavement.

Bishop was allegedly shouting profanities at other people before Fournier told her Security camera footage from March 21 shows Cadesha Michelle Bishop getting into an altercation with 74-year-old Serge Fournier, who had reportedly asked her to “be nicer” to other passengers on the bus. Witnesses told authorities that the woman got on the bus with her son and began shouting profanities at other people.

A witness said that the pushing was “with enough force that he never touched any of the steps.”

Fournier went to a hospital with a bleeding injury to the head. One month later, he died at a hospice from complications of blunt force torso injuries. When reporters contacted the father of her son, he said that he separated from Bishop because she was simply “too violent.”

She was previously convicted twice in 2012 and 2013 of domestic violence misdemeanors. She was released on bond. 

Her defense will obviously be a lack of intent to injure. She charging sheet says “Open Murder e/vop” which means open murder victim older person. I could not find a lot on that charge but it does qualify for first degree murder:

NRS 200.030 Degrees of murder; penalties.

1. Murder of the first degree is murder which is:

. . .

(b) Committed in the perpetration or attempted perpetration . . . child abuse or abuse of an older person or vulnerable person pursuant to NRS 200.5099.

There is no question that shoving an elderly man down into the concrete from a bus is abuse of an older person. Given the videotape, the only defenses would be an alternative cause for the death or the lack of true intent to kill (as opposed to abuse).

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  1. Someone posted below: “A young black woman in L.A. was sentenced a few months ago for picking up a chunk of concrete and hitting an elderly man in the head…”. There have been increasingly similar stories in the news.

    THIS IS WHAT OPRAH PREACHED. SHE SAID IT IN AN INTERVIEW. REGARDING OLDER WHITE PEOPLE: “THEY. MUST. DIE.” So I guess she’s met all whites in the world, and deemed them racists. Which is an example of racism. A shit-ton of people, especially minorities and feminists (girl power), look up to her. I used to until that interview.

    What I love the comments about THIS story from most (maybe all) liberals and blacks on various forums, is that too many are, in general, defending blacks, professing their victimization, and attacking whites. Those people are not acknowledging this incident or expressing remorse for the victim or disgust for the assailant. This indicates that they are pro-violence. They seem to be only capable of hate. Selective empathy, at best.

    Generally, they have no problem believing, and publicly stating, that ALL whites are racists, but they don’t, nor will they ever, admit the possibility that this crime, or any other black-on-white crime, is racially motivated. The media sure as hell didnt. Would she have pushed a black man? They blame all whites for everything and have increasingly flaunted their hatred and intolerance for years (while claiming to be against it) and push “social justice” (aka revenge) to such an extreme that it’s illogical. And they deny that minorities are racists?

    I think that’s called hypocrisy.

    And you can add self-entitlement (to commit and justify minority crimes and rule-breaking – thanks Starbucks!), gaslighting (making whites believe they are all naturally racists and all minorities are always innocent victims), self-centeredness, and projection to the list.

    I think that’s called narcissism.

    I’m wondering why no one has called the man a racist for attempting to prevent a black woman from her right to verbally assault total strangers.

    And why didn’t the bus driver demand she get off the bus?

  2. “Fournier went to a hospital with a bleeding injury to the head.” (JT)

    He apparently refused treatment at the scene and went to a hospital hours later. The delay in treatment probably wouldn’t have made any difference, given his age (and possibly other health issues), but it’s a shame that he wasn’t transported by ambulance immediately.

    1. “The delay in treatment probably wouldn’t have made any difference…”


      The delay in treatment might not have made any difference.

  3. Prison is where she’s headed and it’s overdue, apparently. Having said this:

    “10 percent of the population commits 63 percent of the homicide”

    “The names have been seared into our memories. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Seung-Hui Cho. Jared Lee Loughner. James Holmes. Adam Lanza. And now, allegedly, Dylann Roof. Young men driven to unspeakable acts of violence, often motivated by hatred.

    “In many ways, it’s not surprising that perpetrators of these crimes are overwhelmingly young, male and mostly white. Nationwide, arrests for homicide peak in the late teens and early 20s, declining gradually afterward, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

    “It’s hard to compare acts of violence like murder — whether it involves the killing of one person or many people — and it’s hard to generalize. But some experts say it’s important to recognize the fact that young men are the main perpetrators of both.


    “In many ways, it’s not surprising that perpetrators of these crimes are overwhelmingly young, male and mostly white.”

  4. After reading Turley’s post, I hesitated to go to the comments because of what I knew I’d find. Many of you did not disappoint, many of the comments are perfectly reasonable. Had the woman been white, or Chinese, or any other ethnicity, would conclusions be drawn about an entire race? Something is definitely wrong with her, based on the information provided we don’t know what or why although some of you are certain you do. Enjoy your day.

  5. Why in the world does she have custody of a child when the child’s father left her because she was too violent?!

  6. One of the indignities of getting older is the transition from the young, healthy adult who takes care of others, to being helpless in many ways. It is especially dispiriting for men. It’s devastating to go from protector to helpless victim.

    Our culture and values are eroding. Respect for elders are one of the cornerstones of a civilized society.

    I don’t know if she made the conscious decision to murder him, or if she lacks any control of her violent impulses. I knew someone who’s younger sister was constantly getting into physical fights. She told her parents and her therapist that she could not control it, but felt bad about it. Now, I don’t know if this is reputable advice, but what her therapist told her hit home. He said, let’s do a hypothetical scenario. Let’s say I put a bunch of you girls who claim they can’t control their violent impulses into a room together. Let’s say he told them that he would shoot anyone who got violent in the head. He said, you know what would happen? They would think he didn’t mean it, so at least one of them would start fighting. If he actually shot her in the head and killed her in front of the others, do you think the rest of them could suddenly control their violent impulses? She had to admit, yep, she’d bet they could do it if they were convinced they would definitely die. That, he said, is called motivation. They don’t control their violence because they are not properly motivated, nor do they take consequences seriously. Find that motivation that does not include actual death.

    Now, this woman might have a mental illness. She might have been abused as a child and need therapy. She might have kept stimulating her limbic system into fight or flight, over and over, training her brain to respond quickly, just like you would in some kind of dystopia. The aggressive instinct became stronger. She rewarded herself thinking that it earned her respect. That ability to survive in dangerous times can also lead to antisocial behavior. So far, she has lacked the proper motivation to improve. She’s probably so far gone that she doesn’t even know how to behave calmly, and acting like a lady is in the realm of waking up one morning knowing Latvian. Now, she’s lost her child for the duration of her prison stay, and thank God. Because you know what other fact came out of this? Her child’s father broke up with her because she was too violent, and yet she had her child with her. Did a violent woman with homicidal tendencies have full custody of that child? They need to investigate to see what harm she’s done. At the very least, she might have raised a future man without the proper motivation to control his own violent impulses, and instead has been training his own limbic system in fight or flight, just to survive the danger of her presence.

    What also struck me to the heart was that in the short video clip, people didn’t surge over that cow to help the fatally injured man. No one hog tied her, maced her, or did anything to stop her. Maybe they thought she was a rabid dog best not touched.

    You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. She may just be too dangerous to live in society.

  7. The good professor is going to lose his liberal card, if he keeps pointing out minority crime.

    I possess no such card. Therefore I recommend that readers download a publication called “The Color of Crime” by Edward Rubenstein of the New Century Foundation. Just Google the name.

    “Political correctness is pretending not to notice.”


    1. It’s not minority crime. It’s black crime. I don’t know of any Asian or Hispanic women who behave like these ghetto beasts.

      1. How many people do you actually know?

        There are about 20 million black females in the U.S. IIRC, between them, they commit about 600 homicides per year. Only a single digit minority are truly dangerous at any one time.

        1. Crime is not limited to homicides. Numerous, continuous news articles report black females committing assaults in extraordinary numbers. Check-out all the YouTube videos of black females assaulting people in fast food restaurants, malls, schools, etc. etc. Tommy Sotomayor has an entire YouTube channel devoted to black women and their crazy, violent, degenerate behaviors. Yes, there are exceptions, but by and large, no ethnic group commits violent acts in anywhere near the numbers of blacks, both male and female. You either have your head in a cloud or up your butt if you don’t know that.

          1. Culture impacts behavior to a marked degree. Single motherhood drives gangs and the thug life culture, with all of the statistical risk factors I’ve gone into before. It’s nurture, not nature.

            The black families in the neighborhood I grew up with were middle class, just like everyone else. If any of their children behaved badly, they got the wrath of God. They went to church and had conservative values and culture. I was shocked beyond belief when I encountered the whole glorification of criminal behavior and single motherhood in some of the communities of CA. It was like stepping off into a foreign country. People aren’t getting raised right.

            When anyone is raised in an intact family, and taught good values from infancy, they typically grow up to be good people. When people are raised by single mothers, with an absentee father, they typically grow up poor, uneducated, and have a far higher risk factor to engage in crime. Sure, it’s entirely possible to thrive after that start in life, but it is exponentially harder. Some black neighborhoods have single motherhood rates exceeding 95%, and the crime and bad behavior is a forgone conclusion. Politicians can throw money at the problem, blame white guys, and go after the 2nd Amendment, but until and unless the black community, itself, discards the notion that single motherhood is acceptable, they will continue to experience higher poverty and crime rates. That is not to say that they should go the other way and enact a Scarlet Letter, but the current trend is self destructive. Most of their problems could be solved in a single generation, without any politicians’ grandstanding, merely by waiting to get married to have children, and putting education as a priority. That’s it. Statistically, they’d rise to at least middle class and crime would plummet. But, how does someone on the outside of the community preach like that?

            There are a great many middle class, conservative black people who don’t act like this. The bad apples are unfairly affecting innocent people.

            Round and round the generations go. Criminals become bad parents, giving their children no chance to learn how to be good and have a happy life. What kind of man will her son grow up to be, under her tender care? It’s not fair.

            1. “My son was a Columbine shooter. This is my story | Sue Klebold”

          2. @TIN

            And water is wet. 2+2=4.

            More virtue signaling by this is absurd x 7.


          3. Black violence is not inherent in black people. It is a result of policies that change the culture as blame is shifted from the individual to society. England sees similar problems in its lower class (white) that have become too dependent on British entitlements.

            1. As Mark Steyn says, if you want to know why Haiti is Haiti and Barbados is Barbados, biology doesn’t get you very far.

              Homicide rates in the non-Latin Caribbean vary from one island to another by a factor of 18.

            2. Allan – very true. Single motherhood produces the same dismal result in any community, regardless of race. It’s also true that there are generations of people unable to get off of council housing in UK. It’s nurture, not nature. Culture not race.

              I am frustrated at the lack of opportunities for kids growing up in neighborhoods where there is so much peer pressure for single motherhood and absentee fathers. The destruction of the nuclear family has had catastrophic results. Fathers are not extraneous, and no one thrives under the government’s care.

              1. Single mottherhood, one of the most important problems in our nation. That is an issue but we don’t hear much about it though we hear about Russia, Russia, Russia and impeachment.

          4. We live in a big country, TIN. Has 300 million people in it. Plenty of fodder for Youtube videos. This isn’t that difficult.

              1. Years ago people used to walk in Harlem. They would go to the restaurants, the Appllo Theatre and elsewhere. The things you are mostly talking about were created by poor policy. Try walking in certain areas below 15th street around first and second avenue years ago. Gangs used to sit on the stoops as I walked by contemplating if they would beat me up. They never did but I saw others walking the same path and get beaten up. These gangs weren’t black. They were white.

              2. The homicide rate in Harlem is now 8.5 per 100,000, similar to Utica’s. I’ve walked around Utica at night.

      2. @TIN

        Yes, black crime is more precise and accurate.

        I love how libs contort themselves trying to make excuses and explain away, all while sending their kids to private schools and living in exclusive neighborhoods.

        “Diversity for thee but not for me.”

        Of course, politically correct virtue signaling does not require actually doing what you demand others do. Saying the right things and having the right yard signs is enough.

        I look forward to the day when s@@tlibs cannot escape what they have wrought on working class whites.


        1. Antonio,

          I’m free to acknowledge reality. Unlike AbsurdX, I don’t have to be a self-flagellating white liberal, because I took the Ancestry DNA test and found out that I’m (in small part) Hispanic. 🌮🌶

    2. Antonio, one needs a special book on this topic..??

      Your basic Facebook stream has enough videos to compensate for whatever lack of content one thinks they’re getting from mainstream media.

  8. She’s young enough to go to jail, come out and do it again. Cindy, if that is the case, when she gets out don’t get on a bus with her.😀

    I wonder if they will claim psychiatric impaiment.

    1. It’s not a psychiatric impairment – it’s fairly standard behavior among low I.Q., non-socialized ghetto types who think that physical violence is acceptable in any situation where they are annoyed by someone else. Her public defender will claim that she was raised by some uncivilized half-retarded brute just like herself and that should excuse her behavior. It may work if the judge is a white liberal.

      1. It’s not a psychiatric impairment – it’s fairly standard behavior among low I.Q., non-socialized ghetto types who think that physical violence is acceptable in any situation where they are annoyed by someone else.

        You have about 30 million people living in slum neighborhoods or points adjacent in this country, and roughly 10,000 homicides in such neighborhoods each year. The chance that a person living in such a place will commit a homicide in a given year is about 0.033%. The lifetime probability for people in that sort of place is still shy of 2%. There are an inordinate number of impetuous and violent people in such areas, but the vast majority of people who live there manage to keep it together sufficiently to not kill someone. It’s not ‘fairly standard behavior’. It’s quite atypical.

        1. @this is absurd x 7

          You may or may not be right statistically but I dare you to move to a neighborhood or send your kids to a school where a lot of blacks are found.

          Doesn’t have to be a majority of people just a disproportionate number (which there is) committing bad acts.

          I dare you sir! And calling me a slur is not an answer.

          Can anyone say “the emperor has no clothes?”


          1. That a particular neighborhood is unpleasant is a consequence of their being a critical mass of troublesome people therein. That’s not the assertion TIN made. The assertion TIN made is that it’s perfectly normal for black women to throw elderly men down on the sidewalk. Not only is that assertion untrue. It’s kooky.

      2. I don’t think pushing old people down the stairs of a bus is standard behavior of any group.

        1. Reacting to situations causing frustration, annoyance or anger with physical violence is standard behavior for toddlers and low-IQ, non-socialized adults. The actual manifestation of that violence – whether pushing someone down the stairs, hitting him, playing the “Knockout Game” – is beside the point. A young black woman in L.A. was sentenced a few months ago for picking up a chunk of concrete and hitting an elderly man in the head because he wasn’t moving fast enough on the sidewalk. Understand? Whether he’s pushed down the stairs of a bus or had his head smashed in with concrete kinda doesn’t matter when he’s dead. The issue is ppl who engage in these horrific behaviors and whether there is anyway to deal with it other than caging them after the damage is already done to the victim.

          1. On the street I engage in “profiling” and would never have turned my back on a human scum that looked like her.

            That’s part of how you deal with it. Like a cunning wolf. Not like a Christian, to be frank. Or they will strike that other cheek so hard you may never get up again.

            The strength of the wolf is in the pack

            1. @mr kurtz

              Of course you profile and so do I. Never listen to headphones on public transportation or walking on the street. I know a gal who got kiled in 1984 doing such.

              Colin Flaherty author of “Don’t Male the Black Kids Angry” and “White Girl Belld a Lot” is great on these issues too.

              You can see the videos on you tube where the guy is looking down and trying to avoid eye contact as if that is going to protect him.

              Again I look forward to the day s@@tlibs cannot escape what they have wrought on us.


            2. Kurtz, you sound like Jessie Jackson when in a speech he told the crowd he heard someone coming up behind him and became nervous until he turned around …

              Then again consider the nice appearance of Ted Bundy, John Gacy, Jeffery Dahmer, Joran Van der Sloot…

          2. Reacting to situations causing frustration, annoyance or anger with physical violence is standard behavior for toddlers and low-IQ, non-socialized adults.

            I don’t know how to break it to you, but simply repeating false and stupid statements doesn’t make them true statements.

          3. I think socialization is the key point. Toddlers aren’t socialized and many low IQ aren’t socialized either. That is a social problem, that in our zeal to compensate for many things including slavery, we have handled badly.

    2. hey, let’s ask mark m. crim def lawyers are experts at thinking up “mitigating factors” to shorten up a bid. the taxpayers need to hire a psychiatrist and have her evaluated. mattoid?

      as seinfeld said “not that there’s anything wrong with that”

    3. Allan…I will definitely watch out for her. Who knows? Maybe when she gets out, she’ll be reformed and leading bus passengers in fun songs….. “The Wheels on the Bus Go ‘Round and ‘Round”

      1. You are such an optimist Cindy.

        Do you know Mespo from the list or elsewhere?

  9. 74 is considered “elderly”? That’s close to my age…..No wonder I feel tired!😊
    I feel so sorry for the old gentleman who died. Standing up to a bully cost him his life. I tell ya, you feel so vulnerable when you’re old….and you are vulnerable …..and if you use a walker like I do, that makes it worse. Some people are so kind kind to you, others ignores you, and some even act a little annoyed by you. It’s weird!
    I would have never spoken to that deranged woman, out of fear…..but he felt he had to say something and bless his heart, he did.
    LV should honor his memory in some meaningful, lasting way. Maybe name a bus stop after him?
    The ” black lives murder” woman should be punished fully!

    1. Cindy,
      I remember my Dad reading an article referring to “an elderly man of 59”. Dad was about 55 then and was kind of shaking his head about that statement.
      ( I was about 25, so “elderly at 59” didn’t seem that far-fetched to me…..then).

        1. I am sorry.
          I am so sorry.
          Thank you for coming,
          – How old was she?
          – 82.
          82? So young.
          So young!
          I know, Marie
          (From an Everybody Loves Raymond episode; Marie is talking to Rose Caputo’s widowed husband at the funeral home).

      1. mespo….Thank you…….actually I’m closer to 73! Yikes!

  10. Is she out on bond on this charge or on the two previous convictions referenced in the preceding sentence?
    She needs to be put in an electric chair and buzzed to death.

  11. I lived in Las Vegas for two years. A similar situation erupted on a bus in which I traveled. A woman abused a younger woman with loud, vulgar words and threatened the woman. In intervened verbally to defend the young woman. I also called for the driver to stop the bus and radio the police. He did nothing. Finally, my stop arrived and the abuser still shouted. I got off the bus and immediately contacted the transit authority whose representative called me back. I am not sure if the authority disciplined the driver. Sadly, I never saw the young woman who received the abuse ever again—and prior to this incident, she had been a regular rider. A murder charge and conviction will serve well that perpetrator discussed in the lead article. Enough is enough. NO plea deals. Put her away for life.

    1. Not sure about Nevada. I think in New York that act would be defined as 1st degree manslaughter. The standard penalty in New York is an indeterminate sentence wherein the minimum is 1/2 to 1/3 the maximum. The maximum can be anywhere from 6 years to 25 years.

  12. Well, of course she wasn’t intending to kill him. Something to think about before you do a dumb thing like get into a bar fight. Life is so fragile, some freak thing can occur and you can really hurt someone, or even kill them, without intending to. It’s a sad case.

    1. “Well, of course she wasn’t intending to kill him.”
      I always push feeble, old people down a flight of stairs from behind and onto concrete sidewalks headfirst merely to get their attention. My guess is our witch here couldn’t form any mental impression of any kind but given her proclivity for prior animalistic violence, I’d impute malice.

      1. ” I always push feeble, old people down a flight of stairs headfirst”

        mespo…..I heard it’s being considered as an Olympic sport by the Olympic Advisory Board.
        Let the games begin!!!! LOL

    2. I’d defer judgement as to whether or not the killer “was intending to kill him”. She could be a sociopath, in which case she was likely indifferent as to whether her acts killed the elderly man.

      “Depraved indifference” to the lethal consequences of one’s bad acts is an element of guilt for manslaughter.

      1. In New York, a finding of ‘depraved indifference’ is sufficient for a murder charge. It’s on a par with premeditated murder and felony murder.

  13. She looks like she’s lived a hard life. Thankfully, it’s about to get a lot harder. She deserves the same sentence she imposed on that septuagenarian. I might use an in-flight airplane door instead of a bus’ but you say potato and I say potatto.

    1. She doesn’t look like she’s lived a hard life. She’s just generically unattractive.

      She has two priors for assault. By all appearances, a pretty recognizable type: poor self-regulation conjoined to a hauteur manifest in insisting or R-E-S-P-E-C-T all the time. I bet her employment history is horrendous.

      1. “She doesn’t look like she’s lived a hard life. She’s just generically unattractive.“
        Now you get the Southern euphemism.

        1. “You could throw her in the cement pond and skim ugly for two weeks!” – Another Southern euphemism, from Jed Clampett.

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