Pelosi Reaffirms No Impeachment . . . Because Trump Wants To Be Impeached

Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a press conference today that left far more questions than she answered . . . except for some members of the press. While CNN asked the more obvious question of why Pelosi keeps saying that Trump is committing impeachable acts but barring impeachment, the other reporters quickly moved to softball questions and the short time ran out, as did Pelosi. However, Pelosi did reaffirm that Trump should not be impeached because he wants it too much. That is consistent with those other principled stances like (1) serial killers should not be arrested if police think that they really want to be caught; (2) suicide jumpers should not be stopped if they really want to be rescued; and (3) bulimia victims should be given more food if you think that they just want you to intervene. The original question is still the operative question: if Trump is committing crimes and a cover up, as Pelosi alleges, why does it matter what Trump wants as opposed to what the Constitution says.

In reality, Pelosi’s claimed crimes are dubious if not clearly unfounded (as with alleged perjury by Attorney General Bill Barr). However, Pelosi wants to be able to claim criminal conduct but not shoulder the constitutional duty to act upon those beliefs. Indeed, while refusing to move ahead on impeachment, she called on the Trump family to intervene. The Constitution has an intervention process, it is called impeachment. Either you believe your past allegations or you do not. As I have previously written, the Constitution demands impeachment for impeachable offenses. Trump’s desires are not relevant to the constitutional duty imposed on the House in such cases.

Just for the record, here is the standard (which does not have a provision for refusing to impeach or removal when a president might like it):

Article 2, Section 4

The President, Vice President and all Civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Indeed, Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., was on CNN before Pelosi’s press conference and insisted that true “patriots” have no choice but to start an impeachment inquiry. He said that members could not continue to act our politics rather than patriotism. When pressed on whether Pelosi was acting out of politics not patriotism, Cohen demurred and said that he would not answer to protect his relationship with the Speaker. Not a single reporter however asked Pelosi about that statement.

In the press conference, Pelosi said again that Trump’s impeachable conduct “cannot be denied” but apparently impeachment can.

In a bizarre exchange, CNN’s Manu Raju asked a direct question on why Pelosi continues to claim that Trump is committing crimes but refuses to allow for an impeachment inquiry. Pelosi stumbled badly. Raju tried to follow up with his excellent question with whether Pelosi still believes that Trump is committing crimes. He was cut off by a reporter who asked a soft ball question of whether Pelosi is prepared to meet with the President again. It is obvious that the answer must be yes, but Pelosi spent a huge amount of time on that meaningless question and then returned to the same reporter. The next question was little better.

For a press core that rightfully asks Trump tough and probing questions, these press conferences with Democratic leaders are remarkably mild. Raju and CNN are to be credited with pressing Pelosi and, had Raju been allowed to follow up, the public might have been given more than a repeated soundbite.

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  1. Abraham Lincoln seized power to “save the union” as he ruled by executive order and proclamation. President Trump has neither colluded with Russia nor committed a crime and the special counsel is not recommending anymore indictments. Robert Mueller failed to accomplish his mission of taking out a duly-elected President. President for life Obama has failed in his coup d’etat. Mumbling and deranged Nancy Pelosi, presenting her thousand-yard stare, has lost control of an hysterical and incoherent, motley hyphenate crew of chaos and anarchy in Congress. The mainstream media present “fake news” as the propaganda and indoctrination arm of the democrat party. The inmates have taken over the asylum. What must a President do to “Save The Republic” in the face of decompensating liberals committing increasingly violent insurgency and subversion? What did Lincoln do?

  2. They lied for 750 days straight …. what’s another few years of lying for Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Swalwell,Waters and the Dem cabal. They have perfected how to lie with a straight face. Meanwhile, the Republicans have been lighting GDP up (though Dems said it coudn’t be done), getting more people employed, raising wages, lowering taxes for middle class families, breaking down treaties that hurt the US, and trying to fix the immigration system. Dems spent 2 years projecting their own misdeeds onto others. They are the colluding fascists who used the governmental power to try to beat the voters. That’s why they have to lie so much.

  3. Save your snark Counselor: the Speaker’s only saying that Trump’s base will stand by him if he’s under siege.

    1. Why shouldn’t they? Everything the Democrats offer on all topics these days is fundamentally fraudulent.

  4. The Constitution guarantees every citizen a fair and speedy trial. The President is just as entitled to such a trial as any other defendant in the United States.

    And Speaker Pelosi is saying “we’re not going to impeach Trump because that’s what he wants” because her party’s fishing expeditions have been skunked time and time again. No evidence of collusion great enough to support a prosecution or a conviction is there, according to the Mueller report.

    The more equivocal finding on the merits of a case for obstruction of justice is largely about proving intent. I don’t know, but am assming this means proving the mens rea to commit obstruction is difficult to discern.

    While Justin Amash and several Democrats assert the proof of that, and of AG Barr misleading people on the report’s contents are in the Mueller report, they’ll have to prove that before an impeachment trial in the Senate, where the party line that’s blessed Democrat lies in the House won’t help them.

  5. Nancy Pelosi is in full panic mode due to Mueller’s impotence and his failure to achieve victory for the Obama Coup D’etat in America.

    Sorry, Nanny! It’s over.

  6. The House under Pelosi has been passing a lot of legislation, and unlike Trump, is not waylaid from it’s duties by investigations. The Senate is meanwhile dead and except for the budget braking tax bill and railroading bad judges nominated by an illegitimate president, has done nothing since Trump’s election.

    1. The House committees have passed several Bills unanimously, only to have things taken out or added by the Speaker. An illegitimate President? He won! More people are employed, Blacks have a higher % of employment ever recorded, fewer people are on Food Stamps. He has worked with the private sector to create more jobs for the American people. The elimination of hundreds of Executive Orders has opened up the ability of the private sector to grow without EOs that were impacting their abilities.

    2. The House under Pelosi has been passing a lot of legislation,

      Indefensible legislation.

  7. Congressional Democrats are playing politics while people in our country have been blindsided by hurricanes, tornadoes, fluids. And at our borders the people encouraged to walk miles by who? Our people and those immigrants need help. We are a rich country, but Congress isn’t helping. Committees are passing things in committee only to find them changed when brought to the floor — that is a disgusting trick!

  8. Schumer, Nadler Once Compared Impeachment to Cannibalizing Children, Assassinating a President

    When President Bill Clinton, over 20 years ago, was probed by a special investigator, and 11 possible grounds for impeachment were found, including perjury, witness tampering and obstruction of justice, Democrats didn’t defend their party’s President the way Republicans defend Trump today.

    No, Democrats were far more extreme.

    What makes the rhetorical record so glaringly hypocritical is that in Donald Trump’s case, unlike Clinton’s, the investigator found no evidence of presidential crimes.

    As congressional Democrats’ current leaders endure the pressure of their younger, further-to-the-left colleagues, who want Trump’s head on a platter ASAP, they’re going to find themselves haunted by their own ghosts of impeachment past.

    Here is then-Congressman Charles Schumer of New York City, member of the House Judiciary Committee, on the House floor on Dec. 18, 1998, the day before Clinton was impeached. Schumer had won election to the U.S. Senate the month before.

    “Voting against these articles will be my last act” as a member of the House of Representatives, Schumer declared, lamenting that “now we are routinely using criminal accusations and scandal to win the political battles and ideological differences we cannot settle at the ballot box … And it is hurting our country, it is marginalizing and polarizing this Congress.”

    It sounds familiar. But Schumer then added, presciently: “I expect history will show that we have lowered the bar on impeachment so much, we have broken the seal on this extreme penalty so cavalierly, that it will be used as a routine tool to fight political battles. My fear is that when a Republican wins the White House, Democrats will demand payback.”

    1. continued …

      “And then the current Senate Minority Leader came to his crescendo. “Mr. Speaker, in Greek mythology, in the Oresteia, a trilogy of ancient Greek plays by Aeschylus, the warring factions of the House of Atreus trapped themselves in an escalating chain of revenge, such that Atreus serves his brother a pie that contained his brother’s own murdered children … Let us not become a House of Atreus. Let us reject the instinct for revenge and embrace instead a greater sense of justice for the sake of our Republic.”

      So impeaching a President proven to have committed crimes is like serving a pie containing murdered children, according to the current leader of the Senate’s Democrats.

      Rep. Jerrold Nadler, also of New York City and also a House Judiciary member, took to the House floor that day to speak too. “Mr. Speaker, the precedents show and the nation’s leading scholars and historians overwhelmingly agree that impeachment is reserved under the Constitution only for abuses of presidential power that undermine the structure of functioning of government or of constitutional liberty. It is not intended as a punishment for crimes but as a protection against the President who would abuse his powers to make himself a tyrant.

      “That,” Nadler noted, “is why Benjamin Franklin called impeachment a substitute for assassination.”

      So impeaching a President proven to have committed crimes is like being John Wilkes Booth or Lee Harvey Oswald, according to the current House Judiciary Committee chairman.

      Playing down Clinton’s lying under oath to a grand jury, a crime that led to Clinton’s disbarment after exiting the presidency, Nadler added: “Perjury on a private matter, perjury regarding sex, is not a great and dangerous offense against the nation. It is not an abuse of uniquely presidential power. It does not threaten our form of government. It is not an impeachable offense.”

  9. Pelosi stumbled badly.

    That’s vascular dementia for you.

    The professor is puzzled because he’s working hard to be charitable. Here’s on precis of the problem:

    1. They cannot effect an impeachment because you’d need 20 Jeff Flakes in the Senate to get the job done. Mitt Romney or Rob Portman or Sleaza Murkowski (R – Her Daddy) might be willing to play Jeff Flake on alternate Tuesdays. Not enough.

    2. They cannot sell impeachment to swing voters and are anxious to avoid blowback which might send swing voters into the Republicans corner.

    3. They do want Trump prosecuted and driven for public life. For about the same reason they wanted Baronelle Stutzman ruined financially. They have biases and assumptions about the common life and have neuralgic reactions when those biases and assumptions are challenged. They are especially enraged that they couldn’t ruin Trump and that all the rules of public discourse they had been constructing for 40-odd years were out the window.

    When you realize that the overwhelming majority of liberals and partisan Democrats fall into three categories – the terminally obtuse, the vicious, and the sophistic – it all makes sense.

  10. Is Nancy Pelosi a modern day Jezebel?

    12 Indicators of a Jezebel Spirit at Work

    1. People influenced by a spirit of Jezebel have fear issues of rejection. They control others so that they will not be hurt. Generally, there is a history of trauma or abuse.
    2. They target the headship. They offer free help to be their top assistant because they want their protection. It hides from the leader’s view but manifests in front of others.
    3. They make commitments and promises quickly and use recommendations from others to impress others.
    4. They seem super-spiritual in an exaggerated way to gain acceptance and attention. They have their own agenda. They are looking for disciples of their own. They whine until they get their way.
    5. They isolate and pit people against each other privately and individually behind closed doors.
    6. They play the victim. They are never wrong. They blame everyone else. They play on compassion to block discernment.
    7. They use false humility and feel entitled or owed something.
    8. They are not accountable to anyone and often accuse others of being a Jezebel.
    9. They look for others who are hurt and wounded to mentor them.
    10. They accuse people falsely.
    11. They operate with insecurity.
    12. They initiate witchcraft prayers based on selfish motivation.

  11. Pelosi Reaffirms No Impeachment . . . Because Trump Wants To Be Impeached

    If there were any justice in the universe come tomorrow morning, Friday 24May19 @ 8:30AM EST, the entirety of the US government (ie elected, appointed) would be Impeached via an act of deus ex machina or even better Impeached via an informed electorate.

    Only you can prevent tyranny.

  12. Pelosi knows her party members depend on the same financial support as the Trump party members. THAT’s why she won’t agree to begin impeachment proceedings.

      1. Just decide. We now know the Dems under Obama put out a watch on about 7% of the population. Conspiracy then but proved right. 600 million pages of stuff is the tip of the ice berg and it probably includes you. People need to get back onto page one and decide. If you cannot do that then step aside.

  13. Amid Investigations:



    The presidency of Donald Trump reached a new and ominous phase this week in its confrontations with opponents within the government.

    Beleaguered by investigations on several fronts, the president made a show of breaking off negotiations with Democrats in Congress on an array of legislative issues and vowing he would not relent until they ended the probes.

    Eyewitnesses reported that the president stormed into a much-anticipated Wednesday meeting with Democratic leaders from the Hill, denounced House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for accusing him of a “cover-up” and declared further cooperation between the branches at an end. Then the reports say the president stormed back out, having not a word from the leaders or from others in the room.

    In truth, there has been precious little cooperation on the particular issues in question. The House has sought an unredacted version of Robert Mueller’s report as well as Trump tax documents and business records. It is also seeking public testimony from key witnesses who are current or former administration officials.

    The White House response has been to say “no” in nearly every case. That has led to several court proceedings, two of which have led federal judges side with Congress so far (although both rulings are being appealed).

    But by declaring that he would no longer work with Congress on infrastructure – or on anything else of substance – Donald Trump has dramatically escalated this struggle. In his determination to pressure his antagonists to relent, he suddenly seems ready to renounce the governing obligations of his own office.

    This takes the confrontation between coequal branches of government to a level far more likely to concern the interests of average citizens.

    Edited from: “How Trump Breaks With Clinton And Nixon On Governing While Under Investigation”

    Today’s NPR

    1. Regarding Above Article:

      The story goes on to note that Clinton and Nixon were still actively pursuing legislative agendas and tending to regular business amid investigations. Incredibly Clinton maintained a working relationship with House Speaker Newt Gingrich as the latter was trying to impeach him.

      Therefore when Trump throws a public tantrum, claiming he can’t work with the Democrats anymore, he is essentially threatening to quite functioning in his job.

    2. “Eyewitnesses”
      “room full of power mad out of control hysterical lying Democrats facing indictments with everything to lose and looking for a way out” reported that….

      1. tRump already had the podium set up in the Rose Garden with the false campaign slogans of “NO collusion” “NO obstruction”, which is probably a Hatch Act violation for campaigning on government property and government time. Every sentient creature knows that he was pulling a pre-arranged, planned stunt. Mr. “Art of the Deal” thinks he can bully Pelosi, but he seriously underestimates her. And, BTW: the meeting was supposed to be about infrastructure. He has NO infrastructure plan, just like he has NO health care replacement for the ACA, so the meeting was never going to go anyplace.

        And, Jon Turley, when does tRump have actual news conferences wherein he is asked hardball questions? When was the actual last scheduled news conference? I don’t know, either, because he doesn’t hold them. The reason is that he can’t think on his feet and that he keeps getting caught in lies. Occasionally, if the cameras are rolling, Trump may answer questions on his way to golfing somewhere, but he often ignores reporters. Trump’s refusal to work with Congress unless they cave in to his demand to drop the investigation is, in and of itself, an impeachable offense.

        1. NUTCHACHA,

          Whatever will Obongo do now that his coup has failed?

          The facts and co-conspirators are being revealed.

          Obongo reached overseas for accomplices which will be “declassified” soon.

          Uh-oh! Looks like the first flight to Kenya for the Magic Kenyan!!!

          Do they have an extradition treaty?

    3. Your use of the “stormed” into the room and then “stormed” out has been denied by people there. And, how would you walk into a meeting when prior to the meeting you were charged with a cover-up? It was incredibly stupid to make that accusation just prior to a meeting. I suggest Nancy knew that and wanted exactly what she got, an angry President who got up and left. Having heard that “cover-up” claim his staff gathered the info for the handout given in the Rose Garden. He was ready for you, Nancy. Keep talking on television while we watch your shaky hands, hesitant voice, long pauses between comments. The President doesn’t take his salary; $400 Thousand a year. He donates it to a project that needs money, public or gov’t. How about all the rich Democrats in the House? You are wasting time that belongs to the American people. How about donating your salaries to charities or projects?

  14. Sad day in America….but JT wants Americans to take the constitutional powers of US House seriously

    Ernesto Maduro for Speaker of the US House.
    At least he looks the part of a dictator in cool clothes.

    Nancy is ready to be embalmed with the wine from her million dollar vineyard in Napa


  15. The collapse of the Russia Collusion narrative is not going down well with Pelosi’s supporters. So she addresses the problem with a slogan….”cover up”. Nancy is a total dud as Speaker….she’ll leave office with no accomplishments. In her mind, getting the gavel back in 2018 was a huge accomplishment….that’s how she views things. It’s not about governing, only campaigning and theatrics.

  16. She just stood there and put words in Trump’s mouth, read his mind, impugned his motives….where is the respect for the Office? Why can’t she act like a respectful adult and say, “I’ll let the President speak for himself”.

  17. Turley left an example out.
    Police should let themselves be shot if the shooter is trying to commit suicide by cop.
    It looks like it never, ever, even once occurred to Pelosi that Trump and The American People would call their bluff.
    So far it looks like Pelosi and her little dogs too, are sucessfully committing political suicide by stupidity.

  18. Pelosi wants to claim criminal conduct that she knows she can’t prove. She can say anything that she wants, and then use the excuse that she won’t impeach him because that’s what he wants.

    She won’t impeach him because she could never prove criminal conduct!

    This is an abuse of power and a gross negligence of duty. These people were elected to legislate. Instead of working, they are instead throwing one unfounded accusation after another. The media have whipped viewers up into a frenzy, claiming Trump was a Russian Manchurian candidate or a spy, working to overthrow the country. When that latest accusation fizzled, instead of admitting that they mislead the American people, they are moving on to another accusation – obstruction and a cover up. Hurry up, folks! Forget about Russia! It’s not about Russia anymore! Now it’s obstruction and cover up.

    My father was jaded about Democrats one of the times he had to testify before Congress for a topic that the politician knew was not an issue at all. He admitted to my Dad in the hallway that he just needed something to run on in a tough race. He wasted millions of dollars, and cast public suspicion on the Pentagon, just to get re-elected. It was never about justice. It’s all a game of grandstanding and manufactured crisis.

    That’s what voters need to understand. It’s Game of Thrones to them. There’s no dirty trick they won’t try. People need to stop being sheep and bleating obediently the lies that they’re told. One would think that after they found out that Trump is not anti-semitic, or racist, or have heart disease, or dementia, or mental illness, or trying to start nuclear war with North Korea, or trying to kill Japanese koi, or a Russian spy, that they would take the next accusation with a ton of salt. When are they going to get savvy and say, “prove it!” Just wait for an allegation to be supported before foolishly jumping on another band wagon. They are wrong over and over again. Trump’s just a guy who makes mean Tweets. He’s not a Russian spy. He’s not covering up being a Russia spy. It was Hillary Clinton who paid the Russian spies to defraud voters. Why is this so hard to understand?

    People are not using critical reasoning, but rather obedience. You cannot be blindly loyal to party. Trump does things that deserve criticism. Democrats, on the other hand, keep attacking various parts of the Constitution, including the Electoral College, judging based on race, and hurling slanderous accusations against Trump and his voters. Snap out of it.

    1. Karen, unless you can offer an explanation for why Trump is fulfilling Putin’s goals in Europe and in undermining our intelligence agencies, while continuing to hide his financial entanglements in Russia, the most reasonable assumption by those not in your cult is that Trump is a Russian agent.

      By the way, his campaigns collusion with Russia is a matter of fact confirmed by the Mueller report. Making that clear to the Americans who have not read it – almost all of them – will cripple your leader.

      1. Not sure what that question to Karen means.

        What goals?

        Question is vague.

        Perhaps some sort of perceived disengagement from multilateral combinations, you have in mind, but what exactly is not clear. The US still leads NATO.

        Conflict with EU member states on some things may be liked by Putin, but it is not necessarily bad for America.

        You would have to identify what you mean by “Putin’s goals” before the question could be answered.

        Seems like a “conspiracy theory” type remark to me. and a poor one.

        1. Its the question they told him to ask in the latest Correct-the-Record circular.


          A critical reviewer of Andrew McCabe’s television interviewers offered that his worldview is remarkably Brussels-centric and he seems addled that Russia might disrupt the operations of the EU. These memes have been circulating.

      2. Mueller’s conclusion was no collusion.

        The only person who paid Russian spies to discredit a political opponent was Hillary Clinton.

        Putin’s goals in Europe? The one Putin would want to win would be Socialist Bernie Sanders in 2020. Then we’d be comrades.

    2. Karen, Honey, we’ve told you before that if we want to know what Hannity thinks we’d just watch him. We also know you are a faithful disciple who just repeats what she hears, so your ironic accusation of people being sheep is just plain laughable, as is your suggestion that the majority of Americans “snap out of it”. Pelosi is carrying out the will of the American people to get Trump out of the White House where he does not belong. If immediately launching into impeachment is not the most-effective way to do this, then she won’t pursue that route unless there is overwhelming public sentiment, but there are more than enough grounds to do so. Read the Mueller Report. Russians helped Trump cheat to win the Electoral College by spreading false information about HRC on social media platforms in key districts where Trump’s campaign directed them using polling information. This is a fact.

      Mueller deferred to Congress to deal with Trump’s obstruction of justice. His investigation did not “fizzle”. Trump was not exonerated, he did obstruct justice, and continues to do so right in front of the American people. He has caused multiple witnesses to ignore valid subpoenas, and 2 federal judges ruled against his baseless arguments. Just yesterday, he refused to carry out the duties of the office he stole with Russian help unless Congress agrees to drop the investigation. That’s before investigators start digging into his finances, which Trump so desperately is trying to hide. Why do you suppose that is? In exchange for their help to “win the victory”, Trump has dropped sanctions, which is what Russians wanted him to do. His son Eric admitted that Trump companies receive most of their financing from Russia. Is Congress supposed to ignore the ties between Trump, his campaign, Russians and his promoting the agenda they want? Why won’t Trump admit the truth exposed by Mueller about Russian election interference and take steps to stop it from happening again? We all know why.

      You say it is a lie that Trump is a racist. He provides the evidence, not media, not “the left”, “libs” or “Dems”. He praised White Supremacists as “fine people” after they murdered a protester named Heather Heyer. He called African countries “sh**hole”. He treats Puerto Ricans as if they aren’t Americans and don’t have a right to government assistance after the hurricane. He called Mexicans “rapists”, “criminals” and “animals”, and cages infants and young children to punish their parents. Six children have died in custody since last fall. He entered into a consent decree to stop racial discrimination in housing, and continues to lie about the outcome of this lawsuit brought by HUD, claiming he “won”. Trump is a pathological liar. His mental illness is on full display. Reasonable people can see for themselves that he is a racist, a liar, a narcissist and a xenophobe, and it is not slanderous to say so. He is the porn star POTUS. Americans expect their POTUS to posses high moral standards, good judgment, patriotism and outstanding communication skills. Trump resorts to grade school level taunts and insults against anyone he feels threatened by. If anyone needs to “snap out of it”, it’s you.

      1. NUTCHACHA

        Your claim is a non sequitur. The implication of your preposterous claim is that “racism” is violence. You ridiculously infer and assign powers of dictatorship to yourself and your ilk. People must adapt to the outcomes of freedom; Freedom does not adapt to people…dictatorship does.

        Racism is opinion, perspective and thesis provided for by the constitutional freedoms of thought, speech, belief, religion, socialization, assembly, publication, press and every other conceivable natural and God-given right and freedom per the 9th Amendment.

        The right to private property means that owners may “discriminate” as they choose with their private property – they may charge any price or rent and they may determine to whom they sell or rent. James Madison defined private property as “that dominion which one man claims and exercises over the external things of the world, in exclusion of every other individual.”

        The Constitution and Bill of Rights define and provide rights and freedoms, they do not dictate success, failure or otherwise outcomes of individuals. Deal with it. The Constitution does not differentiate individuals or citizens by color or any other criteria.

        Were the American Founders “racist” when they thrice required citizens to be “…free white person(s)…” in the Naturalization Acts of 1790, 1795 and 1802, which they first passed within the year, 1789, of adoption of the Constitution and Bill of Rights which they authored?

        “Racism” was constitutional according to the men who wrote the Constitution. It cannot possibly get any more constitutional than that and from that, I believe we would be safe in presuming that “racism,” as thought, speech, belief, religion, socialization, assembly, publication, press and every other natural and God-given right and freedom per the 9th Amendment, is irrefutably constitutional.

        You are deliberately, insidiously and erroneously conflating “racism” with harassment, vandalism, assault, battery, mayhem, rape, murder, etc.

      2. Oh, look, there she is obsessing about me, again, and calling me her honey, complete with sock puppets below so she can pretend someone agrees. Dream on. No means no, lady. If she called women pet names against their wishes in the workplace, she’d be fired by now.

        Her argument is without merit, and, frankly, OCD.

        Trump did not praise white supremacists in Charlottesville. It’s all on video. He specifically said he was not praising the racists, but the Democrat media edited that part out. If you watch the entire video he makes it quite clear.

        There were 4 groups who convened: (1) Locals who opposed the removal of a historical statue in their own local park, who peacefully protested. (Fine people) (2) People who peacefully protested the statue-supporters’ peaceful protest (Fine people on the other side). (3) Out of town racists who violently protested (Bad People on One Side). (4) Out of towners violently protesting the racists’ violent protests, like Antifa with bats (Bad People on The Other Side).

        This is an example of the media claiming that Trump supported racist Neo Nazis being another hoax. Obviously, he wouldn’t want his own daughter, son-in-law, or grandchildren to die, which is what reasonable people would have figured out.

        Hillary Clinton and Comey interfered in the election. Clinton literally paid Russian spies for fraudulent information about her political opponent, in order to defraud voters, and Comey misled the FISA court, claiming it was verified, when it was not.

        Don’t be so easily led.

        1. “Oh, look, there she is obsessing about me, again, and calling me her honey, complete with sock puppets below so she can pretend someone agrees. Dream on. No means no, lady. If she called women pet names against their wishes in the workplace, she’d be fired by now.”

          “Her argument is without merit, and, frankly, OCD.” –Karen S.


          Karen is being Karen. Again.

    3. Karen @ 12:13 p.m., today: “…keep attacking various parts of the Constitution, including the Electoral College, judging based on race, and hurling slanderous accusations against Trump and his voters. Snap out of it.”

      High-drama Karen is channeling someone else, IMO, when she ends with “Snap out of it.” But “it’s a reasonable wager” that she’s being paid to post, so her lengthy (and histrionic) postings aren’t a surprise.

      That said:

      Back in 2012, by Jonathan Turley


      How about a debate between JT and Karen S?

  19. The Democrats are Red Sox fans still crying over Buckner’s muff in the 86 series. It’s over, Nancy, and if you don’t wake up very soon Trump will win several deep Blues in 2020.

    1. Since so many of you Faux News disciples keep predicting “curtains for Nancy”, that must have been on Hannity last night.

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