Lock Him Up: Harris Says Justice Department Would Have “No Choice” Under Her Administration But To Prosecute Trump

For years, many of us have criticized Donald Trump for his signature campaign mantra of “Lock her up” against Hillary Clinton. Now, however, Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.) seems to be adopting a “Lock him up” pledge to jumpstart her campaign, which remains struck around fifth in the pack. Last week, Harris pledged to prosecute Trump. This morning, she said her Justice Department would have “no choice” but to prosecute Trump after he left office.

Harris has been one of the most vocal critics of Trump’s relations with the Justice Department, objecting that he has failed to recognize the independence of the Department in making prosecutorial decisions.

Yet, this morning, Harris insisted that “I believe that they would have no choice, and that they should. Yes. There has to be accountability.”

She seems to be referencing an obstruction case despite the fact that the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General have already made the prosecutorial decisions that there is insufficient evidence to support a criminal charge. Harris is suggesting that her Justice Department would “have no choice” but to reverse that prior decisions and prosecute even though no new evidence has been produced since the release of the Mueller report.

That is a rather curious pledge for a new and independent Justice Department. Moreover, as a longtime criminal defense attorney, I would relish the opportunity to defend on a case that was expressly rejected as insufficient for prosecution but then flipped with the entry of a new administration from the opposing party.

Before “lock him up” becomes the alternative mantra in this election, the Democrats need to consider if they are objecting to Trump’s approach on the principle or merely the subject of his pledge to prosecute his political opponents.

159 thoughts on “Lock Him Up: Harris Says Justice Department Would Have “No Choice” Under Her Administration But To Prosecute Trump”

  1. Democrats are desperate to hide their own crimes during the 2016 election and the illegal spying and coup against Trump and the Russiagate ruse that gave us another Cold war that is turning hot as we speak.

      1. Illegally spying on Trump and using the bogus Russian Steele Dossier to do it while using FBI informants to set up Page and Popodapolus and Trump jr

        The Trump Tower meeting was set up by Fusion GPS

        Prof Halper in the UK set up Page and Popodapolus meetings with Russians and “dirt on Hillary “

        Halper is a FBI-CIA operative

        And stealing the election from Sanders who would have won

        1. Emma, you’ve been corrected on your first statement. Your other assertions require a link, though you won’t find anything factual to support your last falsehood.

          1. PS Emma –

            Candidate Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders
            Home state New York Vermont
            Delegate count 2,842 1,865
            Contests won 34 23
            Popular vote 16,914,722[a][1] 13,206,428[a][1]
            Percentage 55.2%[a] 43.1%[a]

            That’s a worse ass kicking than she gave Trump. 4 million margin out of 30 million votes cast.

  2. What a dumb comment by a dumb-ass broad, advocates for political opponent to be locked up for pushing back on an investigation of a hoax. This dumb-ass broad makes no mention of real obstruction of justice by her pal Madam Hillary in form of physically destroying cell phones, deleting subpoened emails, etc.

  3. Anxiously awaiting the plea deal and eventual cooperation of former Obama WH Lawyer, Greg Craig, charged with federal crimes in his representation of Ukraine. He’s got the pedigree to be unable to do the crime time (Exeter, Harvard , Yale) and the insider status (Clinton, Kissinger) to be the John Dean songbird of his era. Who knew little used FARA would be the new RICO to catch mobsters?

    1. ROLFLOL

      the pedigree to be unable to do time: never heard that turn of phrase before, i like!

  4. Lock him up for what??? P.S. Love the Willie Brown comment. Those of us who lived in CA during the Willie Brown years knew all about Kamala Harris.

    1. JuliaB.,
      I think the offense for which some feel Trump should be locked up was the one he committed on 11-08-2016.

  5. If Willie Brown is to be believed would Kamala Harris be our first hooker President?

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