Denver Elects Candidate Calling For “Community Ownership” Of Land, Labor, and Resources

One of the great unknowns in the 2020 election is the surprising shift of many young voters and Democrats toward a socialist agenda. It is still not clear if the majority of the country is ready for such a shift though polls show growing support for socialist policies. Not to be outdone, Candi CdeBaca won a runoff race last week against former Denver city council president Albus Brooks by pledging that she would implement not socialist, but virtually communist policies “by any means necessary.”

CdeBaca insists that we are now in “late phase capitalism” and that we are ready to move to “community ownership” of land and resources. Indeed, in the video from a “Denver Decides” candidate forum, CdeBaca seemed to be reading directly from Das Capital:

“I don’t believe our current economic system actually works. Um, capitalism by design is extractive and in order to generate profit in a capitalist system, something has to be exploited, that’s land, labor or resources. And I think that we’re in late phase capitalism and we know it doesn’t work and we have to move into something new, and I believe in community ownership of land, labor, resources and distribution of those resources. And whatever that morphs into is I think what will serve community the best and I’m excited to usher it in by any means necessary.”

What is astonishing is that, with failures of socialist and communist systems around the world, Democratic candidates are touting the superiority of such centralized economies over capitalism. A Harris poll found 55 percent of Americans would prefer to live in a socialist country. As with the popularity of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the victory in Denver shows just how far apart the extremes of American politics has become.

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  1. In a perfect world, everyone would be a 25 year-old multi-billionaire. Ain’t ever gonna happen. Physicality and IQ’s are different. The American “economic system” is not “capitalism,” Marx’s pejorative, it is free enterprise. Free enterprise. Period. The only, again, only context possible is freedom. Candi CdeBaca rejects freedom and favors the imposition of slavery under the “dictatorship of the proletariat.” The Illuminati, the Intelligentsia know best. Absolute equivalence is impossible. Candi CdeBaca is absolutely an idiot. This ——- lunatic is living in a dreamworld of psychosis. Non-“extractive” is impossible. Who would pick the strawberries, pick up the trash or maintain the sewer?

    “One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.”

    – Anonymous

  2. Community Ownership of land = Government housing, i.e. The Projects.

    Community Ownership of resources = Socialism. Owning a business becomes illegal.

    Why do people want their government to treat them like they are children, or handicapped? Unable to make basic decisions on their own?

    1. Community ownership of:
      K-12 public schools
      Health and Safety standards
      Medical insurance for the aged
      Old Age income insurance

      All successful government programs which also happen to be wildly popular and without turning citizens into “children”.

      1. Now Anon1, you should know by now that facts, do not exist with Trump supporters. In the future when writing about facts, please refer all facts as “leftest plots”

        1. leftest (sic) plots

          Leftist, not leftest

          Therein is the proof that when governments sponsor anything, especially education, the participants suffer

          Victims of government education, like Big Tobacco, should sue their teachers and school boards, for providing noxious, deleterious, injurious lasting effects on society

      2. When you’ve learned the definition of ‘public good’ and ‘common property resource’, get back to us.

        1. DSS, Anon doesn’t even understand the idea of federalism much less the difference between federal support vs state support.Do you really expect him to understand ‘public good’? There are a bunch of bright people on this blog. Anon is not one of them.

      3. it’s true that many of the agenda action items of the 1848 Manifesto were adopted by capitalist systems

        their effect on the polity is mixed

  3. WSJ

    Defining Socialism Down: Bernie Sanders left out a few details about his political creed.

    Part of Bernie Sanders’ apparent political appeal is his authenticity. He may be a socialist, but at least he’s honest about it. Then again, his speech on Thursday defining his idea of democratic socialism may begin to erode that reputation.

    The Vermont Senator presents himself as the ideological descendant of FDR, whom many seniors still revere and millennials incorrectly believe rescued America from the Great Depression. Medicare for All, a federal jobs guarantee and energy-industry takeover? Mr. Sanders says they are merely an extension of New Deal programs like Social Security, unemployment insurance and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

    “Like today, the quest for transformative change was opposed by big business, Wall Street, the political establishment, by the Republican Party and by the conservative wing of FDR’s own Democratic Party,” the Democratic Socialist declared. “While he stood up for the working families of our country, we can never forget that President Roosevelt was reviled by the oligarchs of his time, who berated these extremely popular programs as ‘socialism.’”

    We can understand why Mr. Sanders wants to define socialism in this way, since the polls show the word is politically toxic for most Americans. But he’s underselling his own contributions. FDR’s social programs were based on the principle of work in return for benefits. Workers chipped in part of their payroll to finance their own retirement many years hence. The benefits are unsustainable now, but at least they require someone to work.

    Mr. Sanders pitches Medicare for All as an income transfer program. Take from “billionaires” like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and give to everyone else. But there aren’t enough Bezoses to finance government health care for everyone, so Bernie will eventually have to go after the middle class. This did not show up in his Introduction to Socialism lecture.

    As striking was his failure even to mention some of the world’s leading exemplars of socialism. Venezuela and Cuba made no appearance. You’d think a candidate pitching “democratic socialism” would at least want to distance himself politically from those socialist failures—if only as self-protection.

    The oversight was especially notable because Mr. Sanders went out of his way to label American capitalists like Mr. Bezos (and of course) Donald Trump as “oligarchs” and “authoritarians.” Most of Venezuela’s wealth is generated from petrodollars and skimmed off by President Nicolas Maduro, his cronies and top government brass. Why not condemn them as oligarchs who don’t represent socialism?

    Mr. Sanders also left out any comparisons to the Nordic European states, which he has praised in the past. Perhaps this is because his endorsement has caused journalists and others to point out that Sweden isn’t all that socialist anymore. Sweden’s corporate tax rate is 21.4%—close to the U.S. rate of 21% that Mr. Sanders calls an abomination and wants to raise.

    Sweden has no inheritance tax, while Mr. Sanders wants government to tax just about everything you have at death. Or perhaps Mr. Sanders doesn’t want voters to figure out that Sweden, like most European cradle-to-grave welfare states, imposes a 25% VAT that soaks the middle class.

    Like other universal government-run health care systems, Sweden rations care. But at least people can utilize private care if they choose. Mr. Sanders recently said there would be no exceptions for Americans to his Medicare for All plan. Sweden also offers universal school vouchers, which may be why its students outperform those in the U.S. Mr. Sanders wants to ban charter schools and force kids into union-run public schools.

    Mr. Sanders’s socialism was a political novelty in 2016, in part because so few took his campaign seriously. His challenge now that he’s a serious candidate for the Democratic nomination is that his ideas will get a more thorough vetting. Maybe this is why he’s decided to define his brand of socialism down.
    Appeared in the June 15, 2019, print edition.

  4. What this nation needs can be summed up with 4 simple steps; Re-elect President Donald Trump, Elect a Republican super majority in the House. Elect a super majority, ( Republican) in the Senate. Build a super wall at our southern border so that we can pass total immigration reform and enforce it !

    1. What this nation needs is a Supreme Court that enforces and imposes the “manifest tenor” of the Constitution, not one that perceives itself as a second legislative branch.

      The entire communistic American welfare state is unconstitutional including, but not limited to, affirmative action, quotas, welfare, food stamps, rent control, social services, forced busing, minimum wage, utility subsidies, WIC, TANF, HAMP, HARP, Education, Labor, Obamacare, Obamaphones, Social Security, Social Security Disability, Medicare, Medicaid, “Fair Housing,” laws, “Non-Discrimination” laws, etc. There is no constitutional rationale for the Income Tax or the IRS, there is only that rationale under communism.

      Congress has no power to tax for individual welfare. As enumerated in Article 1, Section 8, Congress has only the power to tax for roads, water, electricity, trash pick-up, sewer, post office and other commodities and services that people use in similar amounts and at similar frequencies – items known to constitute “…general Welfare.” Indeed, Americans do not use food, clothing and healthcare in similar amounts and/or at similar frequencies. Secondly, Americans have the right to private property “…in exclusion of every other individual…” including individuals from government.

      “…Courts…must…declare all acts contrary to the manifest tenor of the Constitution void.”

      “[A] limited Constitution … can be preserved in practice no other way than through the medium of courts of justice, whose duty it must be to declare all acts contrary to the manifest tenor of the Constitution void. Without this, all the reservations of particular rights or privileges would amount to nothing … To deny this would be to affirm … that men acting by virtue of powers may do not only what their powers do not authorize, but what they forbid.”

      – Alexander Hamilton

      “Private property is that dominion which one man claims and exercises over the external things of the world, in exclusion of every other individual.”

      – James Madison

  5. Whenever countries go socialist, they usually end up in a crap heap. Cuba, Venezuela, the Soviet Union. There was a saying in the Soviet Union, “We pretended to work, and they pretended to pay us”.

  6. OT: Will the Democratic Party change its name to the abortion party?

    New York City’s Shocking Abortion Plan
    Editorial of The New York Sun | June 15, 2019
    No wonder New York City’s latest move in respect of abortion was advanced “under the radar,” as the New York Times put it. The plan being hatched to start allocating taxpayer funds for abortions for poor women who travel here from other states may not, at least at the moment, involve a lot of money. It is, though, a shocking escalation in the population wars.

    The plan, according to the Times, which broke the story, is for the city to allocate $250,000 for abortions. The idea, the headline suggests, is to challenge conservative states that have been moving to curb abortions. The allocation from taxpayer funds would go to a charity, the New York Abortion Access Fund, that cuts checks directly to clinics to cover abortions for women who cannot pay.

    “We heard the news on the abortion bans across the country,” Councilwoman Carlina Rivera is quoted by the Times as saying. “Many of us in New York felt helpless. We wanted to do more.” So she and her colleagues seem prepared to send tax collectors to raid the savings of even religious Catholics and Jews, among others, and force them to underwrite a practice that horrifies them.

    “Abortion rights activists,” the Times reports, “believe that this is the first time that a city will allocate money specifically for abortions.”

    Who knew the City Council had such solicitude for Alabama? No need for it and other conservative states to reconsider expanding their laws against abortion. If they don’t want to allow — never mind pay for — abortions, the New York City Council will be delighted to force its citizens to cover the cost, even, it seems, travel. The Council reckons our working stiffs don’t pay enough in taxes as it is.

    All this would be newsworthy enough as a local story — a chapter in New York’s emergence as the national abortion mill. It has the highest abortion rates in the country. In some minority communities in the city, the abortion rate has in recent years touched 60% of pregnancies not ended by miscarriage. Religious leaders, who have long despaired of outlawing abortions, see this as a tragedy.

    Yet it’s hard, too, not to see it as the logical next step to what is happening nationally, where the Democrats are bidding to become the abortion party. The frontrunner for the party’s presidential nomination, Vice President Biden, has just cashiered his long-held principle of opposing public funding of abortions. He did that to get right with the new democratic party ideology.

    The Sun did not set out to become even a modest tribune of the pro-life movement. We favor a liberality of spirit, a preparedness to accommodate contending convictions. Yet we recoil against the shift toward illiberality, typified by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s declaration that those who “are right-to-life” are among the “extreme conservatives” who have “no place in the state of New York.”

    That remark was met five years ago with incredulity and a certain amount of horror. Yet it’s the spirit in which the New York City Council is moving with its plan to allocate tax monies to fund abortion. We can see why it tried to advance its latest plan under the radar. Lucky that it’s out there in public now, just in time for a national election.

    1. What’s interesting is that most of the features of contemporary abortion law poll badly, but the Democratic Party elite is mad for all of them. Third trimester abortions, permission for sex-selective abortions, you name it. There’s a canyon between the political class and the public.

      1. DSS, and of course you must be including the media with the political class. Teen Vogue, I assume an offspring of Vogue, sometimes quoted by our friends on the left had an article on how to do and enjoy anal sex. That is Teen Vogue, not ‘adult’ Vogue. It seems when leftists are born their brains were aborted before delivery.

        1. Within my lifetime, you’d have gotten yourself prosecuted trying to sell that to minors. Within my brother’s lifetime, you’d have gotten yourself prosecuted trying to send it to anyone in using U.S. Mail.

        2. You are either chaste, castrated or never married. Anal sex dates back to the Old Testament, Genesis 19, and is a constant feature of straight porn.
          Promiscuous Men with Women brag about it and it is popular with women. I have never seen an STD or trauma in patients due to butt play but the number of STDs (syphilis) due to oral sex is increasing. I hear no one acting disgusted with this sexual act. perhaps Republicans should campaign against oral sex due to your disgust and / or to decrease STDs? Get real. NB: grab your wife and ask her. Stop being such a prude.

          Is Everyone Having Anal Without Me?
          It seems like everybody is talking about backdoor sex. Sit tight and take a look at the bottom line on a new national pastime.

          Women are suddenly having gobs of it: 40 percent of us, ages 20 to 24, have tried anal sex, up from 16 percent in 1992, found a survey published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2010. The number of women ages 20 to 39 who say they’ve done anal in the past year doubled to 20 percent. And 20 percent of women in relationships have had anal sex in the last three months. Now, you should probably adjust for the fact that people might be more forthcoming in this age of internet confession than they were back in the early ’90s — perhaps more people were having anal sex back then than were willing to admit it. Still, that’s a huge jump.

          Anal sex was happening, and it was happening everywhere. It’s in all that porn, of course. In a 2010 study, researchers watched the 50 most popular porn movies and found 356 depictions, in 55 percent of the scenes, of men and women having anal.

          1. “You are either chaste, castrated or never married. Anal sex dates back to the Old Testament, Genesis 19…”

            Estovir is this your first rodeo?

            Yes, I do question the discussion and instructions on anal sex in Teen Vogue (not vogue). I am not discussing the sexual positions you choose or your partners. I’m not even interested. All I did was render an opinion for Teen vogue. Teens are thirteen and higher and some before age 13 consider themselves teens. If you wish to push anal sex in the 10+ age goup or teens go ahead but I don’t htink it is a wise decision.

  7. The entire communistic American welfare state is unconstitutional.

    Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto 59 years after the adoption of the Constitution because none of the principles of the Communist Manifesto were in the Constitution.

    Had the principles of the Communist Manifesto been in the Constitution, Karl Marx would have had no reason to write the Communist Manifesto.

    The principles of the Communist Manifesto were not in the Constitution then and the principles of the Communist Manifesto are not in the Constitution now.

    No form or degree of Central Planning, Control of the Means of Production (i.e. regulation), Redistribution of Wealth or Social Engineering is constitutional.

    1. The singular American failure has been and is the Supreme Court of the judicial branch.

  8. “It’s a sad indication…” of a lack, nay, loss of resolve.

    Ben Franklin, 1789, we gave you “…a republic, if you can keep it.”

    Ben Franklin, 2019, we gave you “…a republic, if you can take it back.”

  9. Most women have common sense when it comes to right and wrong in life.
    Candi CdeBaca is not one of them

    Poll Finds Most Women Back Abortion Restrictions

    the overwhelming majority of women in this country want abortion restricted, and don’t want it funded by tax dollars. A majority also think it is morally wrong and that it causes more harm than good to women in the long run.

    Abortion may be a women’s issue, but not in the way that the media and some politicians would like us to believe. Far from seeing abortion as a sacrosanct right to be defended, the overwhelming majority of women in this country want abortion restricted, and don’t want it funded by tax dollars. A majority also think it is morally wrong and that it causes more harm than good to women in the long run.

    Such a statement isn’t guesswork, or based on anecdotal evidence. It is a fact, proven by the newly released survey on abortion from The Marist Poll. As it has for past nine years, this annual poll on abortion in America, sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, again shows just how extreme and outside the mainstream that abortion advocacy, and the resistance to restrictions, really is.

    If politicians really want to show that they trust American women, then they should follow the advice of the overwhelming majority of us and restrict abortion in meaningful ways.

    This means supporting the president’s action to ban funding of abortion internationally, which is supported by 83 percent of women, and same percentage of all Americans.

    This means limiting abortion substantially through legislation. Nationwide, 77 percent of women support limiting abortion to – at most – the first trimester. That is slightly higher than the percentage of all Americans – 74 percent. Laws restricting abortion should be embraced, not resisted.

    And 61 percent of women think it is important, or an immediate priority, for our government to restrict abortion in this way, a slightly higher percentage than the 59 percent of all Americans who hold this position.

    Not surprisingly, the majority of American women (59 percent) say abortion is morally wrong, the same percentage of all Americans who agree.

    1. Polls say that 70% of Americans reject a total abortion ban.

  10. Now you know why the Greeks and Romans restricted the vote in their republics, which by definition is representative governance elected by a body of citizens ENTITLED to vote, and why the American Founders, in 1789, restricted the vote and required voters to be: Male, European, Age 21 and Worth 50 lbs. Sterling or 50 acres.

  11. You’ve distorted the poll, Jonathan. Beyond that? It’s pure unadulterated greed that’s killing us. (Keep playing to your base, though. Keep stirring the pot.)

    From Jonathan’s linked “poll”:

    A Harris poll for “Axios on HBO” finds that socialism is gaining popularity: 4 in 10 Americans say they would prefer living in a socialist country over a capitalist one.

    Why it matters: Socialism is losing its Soviet-era stigma, especially among women. Popular Democratic socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders are bringing new life and meaning to the term.

    55% of women between 18 and 54 would prefer to live in a socialist country than a capitalist country.

    But a majority of men prefer to live in a capitalist country.

    The big picture: “It’s been a truth of American politics for decades that women are to the left of men, and I think that’s playing out in this poll,” Axios’ Felix Salmon noted on “Axios on HBO.”

    Between the lines: As the Harris poll results below show, the public has varying levels of agreement on what exactly constitutes a socialist political system. [end of excerpt]

    1. Someone needs to make another series similar to “The Handmaids Tale” where women gain more and more political power and destroy the democratic republic by forcing socialism on all of the male population. Maybe we could call it “The Benjamin Franklin Tale” and every time AOC or this idiot speak we can point to it as a warning.

      1. well see they’re already accomplishing that, because they younger generation of men don’t want to get married, so they can be forced to act as slaves to harridans, and then lose their shirts if they dare to walk.

        2. Because there’s nothing in it for them: What exactly does marriage offer men today? “Men know there’s a good chance they’ll lose their friends, their respect, their space, their sex life, their money and — if it all goes wrong — their family,” says Helen Smith, Ph.D., author of “Men on Strike.” “They don’t want to enter into a legal contract with someone who could effectively take half their savings, pension and property when the honeymoon period is over.Men aren’t wimping out by staying unmarried or being commitment phobes. They’re being smart.”

        Unlike women, men lose all power after they say “I do.” Their masculinity dies, too.

        What’s left of it, that is. In the span of just a few decades, America has demoted men from respected providers and protectors of the family to superfluous buffoons. Today’s sitcoms and commercials routinely paint a portrait of the idiot husband whose wife is smarter and more capable than he.

        There was a time when wives respected their husbands. There was a time when wives took care of their husbands as they expected their husbands to take care of them.

        Or perhaps therein lies the rub. If women no longer expect or even want men to “take care of” them — since women can do everything men can do and better, thank you very much, feminism — perhaps the flipside is the assumption that women don’t need to take care of husbands, either. And if no one’s taking care of anyone, why the hell marry?

        For women, the reason is obvious: kids. Eventually most women decide they want children, no matter how long they put it off to focus on their careers. So they often nab the best guy they can find, usually the one with whom they’re currently sleeping, and convince him to get married.

        If the man refuses, we call him, as Smith notes, a “commitment phobe.” But is that fair? Perhaps these men know all too well that women initiate the vast majority of divorces — anywhere from 65-90 percent, depending on demographics. And when they do, they take the kids with them and hang hubby out to dry with the help of a court system that’s heavily stacked in their favor. In the past, Mom got the kids because she was home with them doing the thankless, unpaid, mountainous work associated with that role. Today, neither parent is home, so there’s no reason the default custodial parent should be Mom.

        So remind me, why would a man marry today?

        No, really. What’s in it for him?

        1. “well see they’re already accomplishing that, because they younger generation of men don’t want to get married, so they can be forced to act as slaves to harridans, and then lose their shirts if they dare to walk.”


          1. statistics are out there, and social media is bursting with anecdotes. it’s got an acronym even you can look it up. MGTOW

            tell all these boys and men they’re just imagining it, tell yourself that if you like
            but it’s very real

            just as the editorial piece in fox said

            and here’s a lady on youtube who talks about it using a lot of economics perspectives


            1. It’s a fringe group of little angry boys who need to grow the eff up.

              1. on the contrary, marriage rates going down


                curtis jackson made an interesting remark about Father’s day maybe someone saw it


                50 Cent is not a “Fringe” figure. Even a person often called a racist like me follows him.

                I won’t copy the text of his remarks it would get filtered. You can listen

        2. I totally agree with the father portrayal on sitcoms. I’ve been saying that for years. Have you also noticed how movies seem to generally portray that the male character is the one who sleeps around and is the bad guy in the relationship?

          1. Since this has subject has morphed into a battle between the sexes, I’m male but…….

            Men in America are more likely to cheat and the discrepancy increases as we age.


            As if we – men – couldn’t guess this. Unfortunately we are also more likely to beat up our spouse or kill them and beat up or kill those of the opposite sex who are not our wives.

            I have some complaints about attitudes prevalent among women, but none rise to the level of seriousness of the threat and reality of physical violence. As to the future, the greater problem may be how males are able to adapt rather than girls and women. They seem to do better in highly socialized behavior, including schools, while physical strength is a shrinking benefit for thriving. The result is too many times young males lost and driftless. Given their higher propensity – and especially at that age – toward risky and violent behavior, the results can be bad for them and society.

            1. Men in America are more likely to cheat and the discrepancy increases as we age.

              I gather when you turn in the taxes you do yourself, the IRS doesn’t object to the issue of your misunderstanding of accounting identities.

              1. or of gender identity

                For being a “male”, Anon screams Estrogen and PMS every day. Maybe their MTF —> FTM thing didnt go as planned

            2. you must not be aware that women’s cheating has expanded exponentially

              that’s what they call “liberation”

              Feminists have turned Rosa Luxembourg’s remark that “marriage is slavery” on its head

              Yes, it is, now. For American men: marriage is slavery

              Not a good situation if you think Americans should be having kids to replace the generations

              a Great situation if you think America should be repopulated by foreigners

              see how these issues go hand in hand?

      2. Ben Franklin, 1789, we gave you “…a republic, if you can keep it.”

        Ben Franklin, 2019, we gave you “…a republic, if you can take it back.”

      3. No!

        What needs to happen is that President Trump, as Lincoln did to “Save the Union,” must seize power to “Save the Republic.” He must rule by executive order and proclamation, repeal all the “injurious amendments” after the first ten, summarily deport all foreign invader hyphenates a la Hoover, Truman and Eisenhower, impose vote restrictions similar to those of the Greeks, Romans and American Founders in 1789 and re-implement the “manifest tenor” of the original Constitution and Bill of Rights.

        Men persist. Women replace the men who persist. The American and Caucasian fertility rate is in a “death spiral.” The Feminazi path is not national socialism, it is national suicide. America is hysterical, incoherent, chaotic and anarchical in conditions of nullification, subversion and insurgency. Never were the “poor,” women or slaves intended to vote. The inmates have taken over the asylum. Followership is failing. It is time for leadership. As Washington acted to create the Union and Lincoln acted to “Save the Union,” so must President Trump act to “Save the Republic.”

        “For extreme diseases, extreme methods of cure, as to restriction, are most suitable.”

        – Hippocrates

    2. 55% of women between 18 and 54 would prefer to live in a socialist country than a capitalist country.

      Well then it’s a good thing The Constitution is based upon more than just polls and “likes.”
      It’s also good that The Constitution contains a provision for enforcing “dislikes” and thumb downs on the slavery of a tyrannical government.

      1. From the linked article:

        “Between the lines: As the Harris poll results below show, the public has varying levels of agreement on what exactly constitutes a socialist political system.”

        1. “Between the lines: As the Harris poll results below show, the public has varying levels of agreement on what exactly constitutes a socialist political system.”
          Really? Well let’s clarify things for them a bit. Let’s call in the experts.
          The goal of socialism is communism.
          – Vladimir Lenin
          The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.
          – Vladimir Lenin
          The Communist Manifesto
          the theory of Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.
          -Karl Marx
          It’s not that bad people do bad things — they always do. It’s that good people do horrible things thinking they are doing something great.
          – Slavoj Žižek
          Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.
          Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.
          Steal a fish from one guy and give it to another–and keep doing that on a daily basis–and you’ll make the first guy pissed off, but you’ll make the second guy lazy and dependent on you. Then you can tell the second guy that the first guy is greedy for wanting to keep the fish he caught. Then the second guy will cheer for you to steal more fish. Then you can prohibit anyone from fishing without getting permission from you. Then you can expand the racket, stealing fish from more people and buying the loyalty of others. Then you can get the recipients of the stolen fish to act as your hired thugs. Then you can … well, you know the rest.
          – Larken Rose
          If you can convince people that freedom is injustice, they will then believe that slavery is freedom.
          – Stefan Molyneux
          In a country where the sole employer is the State, opposition means death by slow starvation. The old principle: who does not work shall not eat, has been replaced by a new one: who does not obey shall not eat.
          – Leon Trotsky
          Under socialism central planning ends with a gun in your face, whereas under communism central planning begins with a gun in your face.
          – Kevin D. Williamson
          The useful idiots, the leftists who are idealistically believing in the beauty of the Soviet socialist or Communist or whatever system, when they get disillusioned, they become the worst enemies. That’s why my KGB instructors specifically made the point: never bother with leftists. Forget about these political prostitutes. Aim higher. They serve a purpose only at the stage of destabilization of a nation. For example, your leftists in the United States: all these professors and all these beautiful civil rights defenders. They are instrumental in the process of the subversion only to destabilize a nation. When their job is completed, they are not needed any more. They know too much. Some of them, when they get disillusioned, when they see that Marxist-Leninists come to power—obviously they get offended—they think that they will come to power. That will never happen, of course. They will be lined up against the wall and shot.
          – Yuri Bezmenov
          Death is the solution to all problems. No man – no problem.
          – Joseph Stalin
          It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.
          – Joseph Stalin
          Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.
          – Joseph Stalin
          One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic.
          – Joseph Stalin
          Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.
          – Joseph Stalin
          Politics is war without bloodshed, while war is politics with bloodshed.
          – Mao Zedong.
          Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. – Mao Zedong

          1. “If you can convince people that freedom is injustice, they will then believe that slavery is freedom.”

            – Stefan Molyneux

            If you allow procreators and parasites to vote, you’ll have the inmates running the asylum.

            Ben Franklin, 1789, we gave you “…a republic, if you can keep it.”

            Ben Franklin, 2019, we gave you “…a republic, if you can take it back.”

    3. Anonymous, hoz this idea?
      Have the 4 in 10 women move to a socialist country. Have the majority of men live in this capitalist country.
      Then confiscate the money made by the MEN and send it to those socialist countries where the women moved to.

  12. Franklin was correct, 211 years later this author was correct, and after 21 years we are proving ignorance and arrogance will prevail. The life-cycle will be complete.

    If there is a lesson in all of this it is that our Constitution is neither a self-actuating nor a self-correcting document. It requires the constant attention and devotion of all citizens. There is a story, often told, that upon exiting the Constitutional Convention Benjamin Franklin was approached by a group of citizens asking what sort of government the delegates had created. His answer was: “A republic, if you can keep it.” The brevity of that response should not cause us to under-value its essential meaning: democratic republics are not merely founded upon the consent of the people, they are also absolutely dependent upon the active and informed involvement of the people for their continued good health.

  13. A Harris poll found 55 percent of Americans would prefer to live in a socialist country.
    I would be happy to pay for a 1 way airfair to any country they want to go to. But they cannot return to the US for 10 years – for any reason.

    1. What is an American?

      – The Founders, in their Naturalization Acts of 1790, 1795 and 1802, thrice within the year of adoption of their Constitution and confirming their decision later, required citizens to be “…free white person(s).”

      – To vote in 1789, a citizen must have generally been: Male, European, Age 21, Worth 50 lbs. Sterling or 50 acres.

      Who changed that?

      Abraham Lincoln, through violence and his irrefutably unconstitutional “Reign of Terror,” dissolved classes in America and his successors more broadly annulled the “original intent” of the American Founders precipitating the current status of America as communist replete with Central Planning, Control of the Means of Production (i.e. unconstitutional regulation), Redistribution of Wealth and Social Engineering.

    2. Bob Miller,
      If that poll is accurate…..I’ll pass on that……but IF it is accurate, that 55% prefers socialism on the condition that the other 45% pay for it.
      There is no guarantee that it would work out that way for them.

  14. The advent of American communism and nullification of the Constitution: Comrade Abraham Lincoln’s abolition of classes.

    The timeline of Lincoln and Marx. Americans are so ignorant of history that they often do not realize that Marx and Lincoln were contemporaries.

    – Lincoln born: February 12, 1809
    – Marx born: May 5, 1818
    – Marx publishes a book about Emancipation: 1843
    – Marx expelled from France as a radical: 1845
    – Lincoln elected to US House: 1846
    – Marx publishes the Communist Manifesto: February 1848
    – Marx is a contributor to the New York Tribune (Lincoln’s favorite newspaper), 1851-1861
    – Lincoln runs for U.S. Senate vs. Douglas, famous Lincoln-Douglas debates occur: 1858
    – Lincoln becomes US President: 1860
    – Civil War Starts: 1861
    – Emancipation Proclamation: January 1, 1863

    – ISR

    Who better to describe the connections of Lincoln and Marx than the International Socialist Review?

    To wit,

    “We examine the tattered copies of the American outlet for Marx’s revolutionary preachments during the period when Lincoln was preparing to leave the political wilderness and make his march to the presidency. That journal, the New York Tribune, was the most consistently influential of nineteenth-century American newspapers. Indeed, this was the newspaper that engineered the unexpected and in many ways counterintuitive delivery of the Republican nomination for president, in that most critical year of 1860, to an Illinoisan who just two years earlier had lost the competition for a home-state U.S. Senate seat…

    Lincoln’s involvement was not just with Greeley but with his sub-editors and writers, so much so that the first Republican president appointed one of Greeley’s most radical lieutenants—the Fourier- and Proudhon-inspired socialist and longtime editor of Marx’s European correspondence, Charles Dana—as his assistant secretary of war.

    Long before 1848, German radicals had begun to arrive in Illinois, where they quickly entered into the legal and political circles in which Lincoln traveled. One of them, Gustav Korner, was a student revolutionary at the University of Munich who had been imprisoned by German authorities…

    Within a decade, Korner would pass the Illinois bar, win election to the legislature and be appointed to the state Supreme Court. Korner and Lincoln formed an alliance that would become so close that the student revolutionary from Frankfurt would eventually be one of seven personal delegates-at-large named by Lincoln to serve at the critical Republican State Convention in May 1860, which propelled the Springfield lawyer into that year’s presidential race. Through Korner, Lincoln met and befriended many of the German radicals who, after the failure of the 1848 revolution, fled to Illinois and neighboring Wisconsin. Along with Korner on Lincoln’s list of personal delegates-at-large to the 1860 convention was Friedrich Karl Franz Hecker, a lawyer from Mannheim who had served as a liberal legislator in the lower chamber of the Baden State Assembly before leading an April 1848 uprising in the region—an uprising cheered on by the newspaper Marx briefly edited during that turbulent period, Neue Rheinische Zeitung—Organ der Demokratie.

    The failure of the 1848 revolts, and the brutal crackdowns that followed, led many leading European radicals to take refuge in the United States, and Lincoln’s circle of supporters would eventually include some of Karl Marx’s closest associates and intellectual sparring partners, including Joseph Weydemeyer and August Willich.”

    – ISR

    Understanding that George Washington freed his slaves in his will and that slavery was on the wane, slavery would have “withered on the vine” and been eliminated entirely through employment of the tools of freedom and free enterprise such as, but not limited to, advocacy, boycott and divestiture.

  15. The British penalty for high treason until 1870 was considered by some to have been severe.

    “Hanged, Drawn and Quartered”

    “To be hanged, drawn and quartered was from 1352 a statutory penalty in England for men convicted of high treason, although the ritual was first recorded during the reign of King Henry III (1216–1272).

    The severity of the sentence was measured against the seriousness of the crime. As an attack on the monarch’s authority, high treason was considered a deplorable act demanding the most extreme form of punishment.

    Although the Act of Parliament defining high treason remains on the United Kingdom’s statute books, during a long period of 19th-century legal reform the sentence of hanging, drawing, and quartering was changed to drawing, hanging until dead, and posthumous beheading and quartering, before being abolished in England in 1870. The death penalty for treason was abolished in 1998.”

    – Wiki

  16. She is ignorantly & dangerously stupid!
    USSR: Gulage Camps Main Administration of Camps [a] was the government agency in charge of the Soviet forced-labour camp-system that was set up under Vladimir Lenin[1][2] and reached its peak during Joseph Stalin’s rule from the 1930s to the early 1950s. Estimated 6 mil deaths (from all sources) between 1930 to 1953.

  17. Complete insanity. This is like a radical religion to these people who deny facts and the lessons of history. Socialism has never worked anywhere, and communism is a brutal experiment that denies, crushes and utterly destroys the basic tenets of humanity.

    1. The majority is supposed to rule in a democracy, and it appears that some of the customers here are freaking out at that basic tenet. It also appears that some are intentionally ignorant of what kinds of governments are found in countries with the happiest citizens.

          1. absurd has apparently reached the age when he can say nonsense and no one bothers to ask for clarification.

            1. “when he can say nonsense”

              Anon, the problem is some of his points may be debatable but I don’t think any of it is nonesense. That you don’t understand what DSS says reflects on your poor education in the subjects at hand and that you are very dense much like the concrete you work with.

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