Trump Spiritual Adviser: “Let Every Demonic Network . . . Be Broken . . . Be Torn Down In the Name Of Jesus”

Megachurch pastor Paula White has been described as Donald Trump’s Spiritual adviser. If so, one can understand the attraction. White’s prayers sound a lot like Trump’s tweets. White gave the opening prayer for Trump’s kickoff rally and called for the destruction of “Demonic networks” in the name of Jesus. The only thing White did not proclaim is that Trump is actually the Archangel Michael.

White proclaimed “Let every demonic network that has aligned itself against the purpose, against the calling of President Trump, let it be broken, let it be torn down in the name of Jesus.”

I did not think that it could get much worse than Trump calling reporters and networks “traitors” and the “enemy of the people.” However, White is actually praying to God to intervene with “Demonic” media. She also declared that Trump would overcome the hellish plans of his opponents who she described as “the enemy”: “I declare that President Trump will overcome every strategy from hell and every strategy from the enemy.” She finished by declaring that Trump’s victory would be a “victory in the name which is above every name … the name of Jesus Christ.”

White is a proponent of prosperity theology and has been called a heretic and charlatan by other religious figures. She held an early prayer vigil for Trump to support his candidacy, including another highly controversial “prosperity gospel” preacher, Kenneth Copeland, who we have previously discussed.

The prayer this week was unnerving in its mix of hyperbolic rhetoric with religious zealotry. It was hard to tell the difference between Trump hyperbolic tweets and White’s prayer to the Almighty.

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  1. I wonder if Prof Turley noticed Jesus seems to be blessing Prez Trump hundred of thousands/Millions of American Patriots that are Legal Voters?

    What a crowd Trump had last night in Orlando, inside & out! A huge amount of the had their Infowars tee shirts on.

    Or did he notice that the Commie/Islamic Satanist Dims/Rinos can’t seem to fill a quarter of a high gym & the only way they can get votes is through Fraud?

    Speaking the continuation of us citizens being disenfranchised by the open borders Traitors:

    1. Traitors this, traitors that….mindless ignorance…hey, take a look Oky, regardless of the super-duper and terribly exciting gathering of the Orlando Deplorables, the top 6 Democratic contenders ALL poll as easily beating Trump. Freak-Out!!!

      1. Bahaha, Polls! Hilllllllllary 95% – Trump 5%. Lay off the fake news.

  2. Since religion is but one of the nine types of Philosophy I’ll stick with Moral Philosophy and skip Poltics which has no morals.

  3. If you look at US foreign and domestic policy there is only one conclusion to draw–this nation is being run into the ground by a cabal which: 1. has an end-times approach to the world and 2. is completely power mad.

    The three nations pushing hardest for WWIII are the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel-all run by religious groups convinced that god is telling them what to do and all armed to the teeth.

    Members of The Family are in charge. That belief system is more hateful and bizarre than the beliefs of most Armageddenists. The Family believes that whether one is a Jew or a Muslim, everyone is actually a “Christian”. Further, they believe that god has put all the Family’s “leaders” in charge and that these “leaders”, no matter how stupid, evil, vindictive, insane, etc. they may be, god wants them in power and their particular faults are simply part of god’s plan. (See Jeff Sharlot for more info.)

    There also seems to be other strange cult members in the mix of “leaders”. No doubt these are “christians” as well. Because these are people are fully convinced of their righteousness before god, they have no reason to either question their own actions nor do they have any break on them.

    Many of the most dangerous people in human history have been godly and today’s godly “leaders” are only different from past “godly leaders’ in the weapons which they possess. They really can end the world and apparently, that is what they seek to do.

    Most armageddenists try to hasten the coming of the end times. They fairly salivate for the burning of the earth and the vicious punishment they are convinced their god will rain down on others.

    There is no reasoning with religious lunatics. Unless they break out of that cult’s way of “thinking” no rational arguments against the actions they wish to take holds sway. They are doing as god tells them and that’s the end of it.

    Therefore, I hope that when an order to commit a war crime against Iran (for example–a war of aggression built upon a false flag which is already taking shape) there are those who will refuse that order and put the person giving it under arrest. i really don’t see any other way out. There must be people of enough courage to stand up and refuse to execute war crimes. I hope there are people that understand we are in fact dealing with a weird religious cult running this nation, one that has no regard for our Constitution or the lives of others or the survival of our planet.

  4. Triumph of the Bible-thumpers! The AntiChrist didn’t show up soon enough, so they’ve invented one.

  5. Estovir, according to Alexa, this site was doing fine until ‘you’ became a regular here. And that was my worry the day you started posting. I feared that Estovir’s endless, mindless posts would alienate readers. And they did!!

    How ironic that ‘you’, of all commenters, should point out that web traffic is down.

    1. I thought these threads were doing OK until Hollywood Hill showed up.😉😃

      1. Tom, look at the graph on Estovir’s post. It actually starts downward around 3-4 months ago. That was about the time Estovir became really active here.

        1. OK, Peter, I’ll check it out. I think JanF/anon1 showed up about then.🤔.
          I’d never heard of that “Alexa” site.
          A classmate “made it big” as a large city DJ. This was by the time he was in his late 20s, and he had a strong presence in that market for over 35, until he died 4-5 years ago.
          He knew the industry inside and out, and mentioned some services that rated market share, refined “targets” for advertising, etc.
          The name of one big company is on the tip of my tongue, but I can’t to thing of it now.
          ……I think it was something like ORCAN? anyway, they seemed to be the “king” in that field.

  6. After Trump conned his rubes and willfully ignorant followers, going after the far-right christians who believe God wants you to have a private jet plane, was easy pickings. And the ONLY spiritual adviser Trump has, is the almighty dollar.

    1. I would trade some dollars to have some private advisory sessions with Paula White. I think I would trade a lot of dollars from that. She appears to be an angel, and surely could elevate me with her rapturous inspiration.

      Thank you POTUS Trump for introducing us to another one of God’s heavenly creations, wow!

  7. This “advisor” could never be as disgusting as Obama’s spiritual advisor, Jeremiah Wright. Only Sean Hannity had the courage, first, to draw attention to the heretic Wright. And Barack and Michelle sat there with their little girls every week, listening to the hate speech, and anti-American “sermons”. No outcry at all from Dems and Libs as Wright yelled “GD America!” …and sinmiluated the sex act from the pulpit!



    Paula White, President Trump’s evangelical spiritual adviser, took center stage Tuesday night to give the opening prayer before the president announced his bid for reelection in front of thousands of supporters at the Amway Center in Orlando. She asked the crowd to join hands and, after a few minutes, interrupted her prayer to speak to the crowd instead of God, like an actress breaking the fourth wall.

    “Now, I need you to really go with me here,” she said to a cheering crowd.

    “Right now, let every demonic network who has aligned itself against the purpose, against the calling of President Trump, let it be broken, let it be torn down in the name of Jesus!” she prayed. She added: “I declare that President Trump will overcome every strategy from hell and every strategy from the enemy — every strategy — and he will fulfill his calling and his destiny.”

    White didn’t say what demonic networks and enemies Trump was up against.

    But the dramatic prayer would be par for the course at a rally infused with disdain for Trump’s list of stated enemies — the media, the Democrats, the usual suspects — and punctuated with unwavering support for the president’s agenda.

    White’s appearance fit that theme. The wealthy televangelist, controversial in Christian circles, has ratcheted up support among evangelicals for the president’s hard-line immigration policies and used her Facebook following of more than 3 million to champion the idea that God has blessed Trump’s plans. On Tuesday, as Trump rehashed his 2020 vision by renewing calls for mass deportation, White’s messaging echoed the campaign.

    “I declare that no weapon formed against [Trump], his family, his calling, his purpose, this counsel will be able to be formed,” White said in her opening prayer.

    As The Washington Post Magazine reported in a 2017 profile of White, it’s unclear how much influence she wields on the president as his spiritual adviser, which is not an official title. But Trump’s associates and family members confirmed that the two have enjoyed a close relationship. She told the magazine they connected after Trump called her out of the blue to tell her he saw some of her sermons on television, allegedly saying she had the “it” factor.

    She would go on to lead a White House evangelical advisory council and give Trump’s inauguration prayer. And from there, she defended him through tumultuous crises, such as the public outrage over his administration’s policy of separating immigrant families.

    Some political or religious leaders have looked to the Bible to justify that policy. White offered a hypothetical situation involving Jesus’ immigration status.

    “I think so many people have taken biblical scriptures out of context on this, to say stuff like, ‘Well, Jesus was a refugee,’” White told the Christian Broadcasting Network in July 2018. “And yes, he did live in Egypt for three and a half years. But it was not illegal. If he had broke the law, then he would have been sinful and he would not have been our Messiah.”

    White’s embrace of Trump’s immigration policies is not the only reason she has become a divisive figure among Christians. She’s also a proponent of “prosperity gospel,” which teaches that those who devote themselves to God and donate toward religious causes will be rewarded with material wealth and spiritual health on Earth.

    Edited from: “Trump’s Spiritual Advisor Seeks His Protection From ‘Demonic Networks’ At Reelection Rally”

    Today’s Washington Post

    1. Regarding Above:

      At a glance this story sounds comical: ‘A wealthy southern televangelist serves as opening act to a longtime playboy of a president’. But the reality of their relationship is profoundly disturbing. Trump and White, the most unlikely political bedfellows, are working in tandem to con the very stupidest Americans.

      Had Hollywood created this pairing in a fictional movie, said film could have only been a comedy. As a drama it would have strained credibility. Critics might have said, “America is smarter than that”. Yet this really happened, just last night, in a major American city.

  9. Trump’s true spiritual advisor is his love for mammon. “The love of money is the root of all evil.” I presume it’s the same for all or most persons desiring such office.

    Trump’s self-perceived “savior” complex seems to grow the longer he is in office. The difference with Bushie is that he started out with a big “savior” complex. All three including Obama were war mongers in the extreme, and denied their lust for death. The only perceived difference is that Obama knew every step he was just doing what his paymasters (bankers, industry) wanted, while Georgie and Trumpy conflate war with their Savior complex, in both cases primarily for “the (alleged) promised land of (modern) IZrayhell.”

  10. “I like your Christ. It’s his Christians I do not like. They are so un-Christlike.”

  11. Well, Pastor Jeffries of Texas, and Franklin Graham are closer advisers to Trump then Paula White, only rumors make her an “important” adviser. Her rhetoric is simplistic and bombastic, that does not mean Trump takes her seriously.

  12. Her opinions are profoundly at odds with what is generally accepted by most Christians. For that reason, she should be stripped of her First Amendment rights.

    1. Darren Smith: ‘Who’ is this person using my initials???

      This is the second day in a row this sock puppet has commented.

        1. Oh, it’s ‘you’, Olly, trying to make some snarky political point?

          1. While it is OLLY making a political point, (based on your comment to Darren, a point that you cannot reasonably deny), I’m not PH.

  13. AND how is this any different than the call to remove all those demonic statues, university names and mascots, the latest being GW “Colonial” mascot? There been about 110 so far and it hasn’t stopped.

    I certainly hope YOU are just as unnerved with this toxic mix of hyperbolic rhetoric with religious zealotry. Just seems to depend on whose Ox is being gored now?

    Let’s see just how your Ox will be doing after the extent of the deep state is revealed. Time to repent, the TIME is NEAR!

    1. SKW, Prof. Turley does not select nor write on the chosen topics. There is a person who is selected (by divine intervention, no doubt) to do this stuff in the name of Prof. Turley.

  14. ‘The only thing White did not proclaim is that Trump is actually the Archangel Michael.’

    Isn’t he?

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