Argentina Bound

Today I head to Buenos Aires to give a couple of lectures on free speech at Universidad del Salvador (Callao 660, Buenos Aires – Argentina) on Thursday night and Friday morning next week. I will use the opportunity to post a travel blog for those who might be interested in some pictures and experiences in this great city.

It will be a great pleasure to meet the faculty and students of the University next week. I will arrive on Saturday morning so I should have an opportunity to explore the city this weekend. I will have just a week in Argentina so I plan to focus on Buenos Aires.

12 thoughts on “Argentina Bound”

  1. It would be fortuitous if you walked the streets of BA where the tourists do not go, observe, interact, talk to the locals and learn how incredibly fortunate you are to live in the USA. Don’t let your hosts treat you like royalty. Seek the less beaten path and learn a thing or two. Then it would be magnanimous if you recalibrated your first world woes, returned to America with a metanoia of sorts, and write, speak, teach about how incredibly dysfunctional our US government has become and how we are at a tipping point of becoming another Venezuela.

    Are you up for the task, JT, to educate the US Congressional leaders how they have disgraced our country and Founding Fathers, and thereby serve as a conduit of change?

    Enjoy your trip. Think. Reflect. Renew

  2. Prof. Turley, your love of nature will be rewarded here, but also take time to see the Biblioteca Nacional Library in Plaza San Martin where Jorge Luis Borges spent some of his happiest years. Having spent time at UC, you will enjoy a contrast to UC’s extraordinary library and Seminary Coop bookstore.

    1. see the Biblioteca Nacional Library in Plaza San Martin

      If some crooked Peronist pol hasn’t sold it to a Russian billionaire and deposited the proceeds in an off-shore account.

  3. No clue why you want to spend time in the land of idiocracy.

  4. Jonathan, Argentina has some of the finest flyfishing opportunities available anywhere on the planet, esp. in the area called ‘the Patagonia’. It is south and west of Buenos Aires near the border with Chile. For years, I’ve longed to go there, so I’m green with envy at your good fortune just to be in that neighborhood. Safe travels, sir – Warren

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