Buenos Aires: From Perón To Pistolas

R031+zBvQ3GHet7UGDfILgOur fourth day in Buenos Aires was a wild contrast that began with the home of Eva Peron and proceeded to the Museo de las Armas Teniente General Pablo Riccheri. We also went to one of the truly unique restaurants in the world, a fusion of Jewish and Argentinian cuisine. It was truly a day of contrasts and fusion in art, food, and history.

We started the day with breakfast at the cute little cafe at the Eva Perón museum. It was actually one of the best meals that we have had. It is a small charming cafe with a garden area. I ordered eggs which were done to perfection. My only disappointment as someone notorious for my bad “Dad puns.” I felt that I had achieved my greatest success when I was asked if I wanted my eggs scrambled or fried. The waiter asked how I wanted my Huevos Argentina and I said “don’t fry for me Argentina.” Crickets. I was robbed.

The museum is small but interesting. The building is very charming with its the beautiful Andalusian patio from 1923. I thought the most interesting displays showed Eva as an actress. There is also a tape of her famous speech from the Pink Palace where she cried on the shoulder of her husband. The movies include Leonardo Favio’s movie Perón, sinfonía del sentimiento (Perón, A Symphony of Feeling).

It will take just an hour or so to go through the museum, but I recommend breakfast at the cafe.

We went from the Perón museum to the Arms museum (yes, both Leslie and I could chose a museum and the results were predictable). As many of you know, I am a military history nut and this was a great find. The building itself is magnificent and located in a wonderful area.

The museum is located on Avenue Santa Fe at 702. We were charged the tourist fee of 150 pesos, which is well worth it. There are 18 rooms packed with various guns, artifacts, swords, and other weaponry, including a room with Japanese weapons. There is little rhythm or reason to the arrangement with guns from the 1700s mixed in with a new .357 Smith and Wesson. However, it is an incredible collection. It contained a number of weapons that I have never seen, including some of the most counter-intuitive designs. Some were hilariously bad designs like a seven foot pike with a gun placed in the middle so you would have to balance the pike with three feet on either end to try to shoot this small caliber weapon. One could image firing up at a horse mounted soldier or a castle wall, but the odds of actually hitting anything (unless the pike was already in the body of the victim) was remote.

The gun collection was from countries from around the world, including some gifts that showed Nazi symbols. There were a great array of machine guns including Gatling and Maxim machine guns. It is the type of eclectic museum that I adore from cane swords to horse gas masks. It was a feast for any military history buff and I could not recommend it enough. Be sure to walk across the street to the park and take in the lovely views and memorials and architecture (including a lovely Art Deco building).


We walked through the city and then went for dinner at one of the hottest and most interesting restaurants in the city, Michiguene. Named for the Yiddish word (meshuggah) for “crazy,” the restaurant is a fusion of Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Israeli and Middle Eastern cooking. It is the brainchild of Chef Tomás Kalika and listed as one of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America. It is one of the most interesting meals that I have had in my wife with a symphony of different spices and flavors in every carefully constructed dish. I particularly recommend the cauliflower stake and pastrami (which comes in a solid piece over a thick potato latke). It cannot describe the how different these flavors were, including a beet ice cream dish of borscht that was incredible. The breads were to die for including challah with schmaltz that left you dying for more (which they immediately brought to the table). On some nights they have live Klezmer music, but the atmosphere and food is divine with or without the band. While a tad pricey (though much more affordable with the current exchange rate), this is an experience like none other.

Here are a few of the pictures from the dinner.

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  1. Our ship visited Buenos Aires in 1981 and the memories I made there are still some of my favorites. The people are great, the city was beautiful and I hope that someday I am able to travel there again. We were there training with their navy (just prior to the Falkland war) and some of the officers I had come to know on the General Belgrano were killed when that ship was sunk. Most people do not realize that Argentina was once one of the most prosperous countries in the Americas.

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  3. “7 Places to Follow the Dictatorship Footsteps in Buenos Aires”


    Plaza de Mayo

    The Plaza de Mayo is the city’s central square, located in front of the president’s residence, the Casa Rosada. This was where the mothers of the disappeared gathered in 1977 and began to march in pairs in silent protest against the dictatorship, demanding to know the whereabouts of their children. The mothers of pregnant women became known as the grandmothers, and now the famous organisations of the Mothers and Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo is one of the foremost activist groups in Argentina.

    The Grandmothers have been conducting a decades-long campaign to find their grandchildren, as their pregnant daughters would have been killed once they gave birth, and their children would have been put up for adoption. It is estimated that between 400 and 500 babies were born to disappeared women, and the Grandmothers established a DNA bank for anyone who questions their real identity. So far, approximately 123 people have been reunited with their birth families through DNA testing.

    The mothers and grandmothers still protest every Thursday at 3.30pm, and you will see the iconic symbol of their headscarves painted on the ground in the square. (end of excerpt)

  4. JT:

    Love the pics. Particularly impressed with the exquisite cut glass dinnerware. Food sounds good but unless you can dip your bread in left-over red sauce, its seems a little bland to these southern European taste buds.

  5. We have a cruise originating in Bueno Aries come March. We will be spending a few days touring that great city before boarding. Your posts are giving us a great insight. Thank You.

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