Buenos Aires On Day Six

d0AWqSYDSZqOLrRlUAUz6gOn our sixth day, we walked around the city and looked at some of the many leather shops.  We also continued to daisy-chain restaurants and cafes in this food-centric city.  We joined our friend Laura for a great day in the city.

After shopping, we went to a well-known cafe in Recoleta called Cafe La Biele.  Listed as as Cultural Place of Interest for Buenos Aires, the cafe has been the favorite of famous writers like Jorge Luis Borges and traces its founding to 1850.  It is a great atmosphere to sit and take in the sights and sounds of Recoleta.

It is surrounded by some of the oldest trees in Buenos Aires.

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After a simple lunch, we resumed our walking around the city.  That night we returned to one of our favorite locations, Parilla Penia.  This simple local restaurant has amazing food, including a garlic and oil mix that is virtual heroin if you like garlic. There is also wonderful grilled peppers and salads to add to the meal.  There is also a meat stack that is something that must be seen to be believed.  It was one of the best ribeye steaks of my life.  I consider the restaurant every bit as good as Don Julio and maybe better in some respects. However, this is a neighborhood grill with no pretenses.  It is full of locals having a long fun evening of food and wine. I absolutely recommend this restaurant, which may be my overall favorite in the city.

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We returned stuffed to our hotel to rest up for another culinary onslaught tomorrow.

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5 thoughts on “Buenos Aires On Day Six”

  1. Professor…..The cuisine you’ve described at all of the cafes and restaurants you’ve visited has sounded scrumptious.
    I think I’ve gained 10 lbs. just reading about them………and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

  2. What a lovely old tree.

    I’ve enjoyed the photos of the city and the nightlife, but what about the horses? Argentina is rather famous for its horses. I hope to see some photos of criollos before you leave.

    1. https://www.ranquilco.com/blog/argentine-criollos-–-worlds-most-dependable-horse

      “The Criollo Breeders Association organizes a yearly, 465-mile endurance race to test the stamina of their Criollos. The horses must complete the race in less than seventy-five hours, all while carrying a minimum of two hundred and fifty pounds and eating only what they find on the trail.”

      The country also has a strong racing tradition, as well. I fondly remember an Argentinian ex-racehorse I used to ride.

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