Jeffrey Epstein Arrested In New York

Jeffrey_Epstein_mug_shotNotorious billionaire Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested on sex trafficking charges in New York.  The arrest comes after months of litigation linked to Epstein’s controversial plea bargain over a decade ago.  Ongoing litigation over sealed records recently led to an order to unseal, including material linked to Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz who has denied allegations that the underaged girls were ordered to sleep with him.  Epstein is accused of trafficking dozens of minors in New York and Florida between 2002 and 2005. He will appear in court in New York on Monday,

I have previously written about the disgraceful sweetheart deal given to Epstein. The deal was struck by Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta and not only succeeded in protecting Epstein from serous jail time but protecting a host of high-profile friends including Bill Clinton who were regulars at his infamous island resort. The problem is that the investigation is not being handled by the Inspector General but the oft-criticized DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility. OPR is routinely criticized for its defense of accused officials, even in some indefensible circumstances. For critics, it often seems more like OPR offers more cover than scrutiny in controversies over prosecutorial abuse. Moreover, the Epstein scandal involves serious questions of corrupt influence by powerful friends of Epstein. Such questions require serious investigative measures. OPR is more likely to find that the deal was within the scope of permissible decisions by a prosecutor like Acosta despite being widely ridiculed as an utter disgrace.

Epstein was notorious for his infamous “Lolita Express” where he took friends like Bill Clinton by plane to his private estate on the Caribbean island of Little Saint James with young girls who allegedly were used as prostitutes.

Despite a strong case for prosecution, Epstein’s lawyers, including Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr, were able to secure a ridiculous deal with prosecutors. He was accused of abusing more than forty minor girls (with many between the ages of 13 and 17).  Sasse is correct, the handling of the case is a disgrace but it is unlikely to result in any real punishment. Certainly not for Epstein who pleaded guilty to a Florida state charge of felony solicitation of underage girls in 2008 and served a 13-month jail sentence.  Moreover, to my lasting surprise, the Senate approved the man who cut that disgraceful deal, former Miami U.S. attorney Alexander Acosta, as labor secretary.  The Senate did not seem to care that Acosta betrayed these victims and protected a serial abuser.  In other words, everyone was protected–the powerful Johns, Epstein, the prosecutors–just not the victims who were never consulted before Epstein got his sweetheart deal.

After the deal, it was revealed that not only did Clinton take the “Lolita Express” more than previously stated but that he notably told his Secret Service details not to come on the trips to what some called “Orgy Island.” Clinton was not the only fan of Epstein.  President Donald Trump referred to him as a “terrific guy” in 2002, saying that “he’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

Epstein will now be reportedly charged with one count of sex trafficking of minors and one count of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of minors. Those charges could produce a sentence of 45 years in prison if Epstein were convicted.


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  1. “With Jeffrey Epstein locked up, these are nervous times for his friends, enablers”


    JULY 07, 2019 05:59 PM, UPDATED 23 MINUTES AGO

    ‘“This case is being handled by the public corruption unit, and those people don’t typically handle cases involving child exploitation, so there may very well be some bombshells here of other people’s involvement because their role could mean there was some official action that was corrupt or some official acted corrupt in some way,’’ Hakes said.

    ‘Monday’s first appearance is expected to be brief, with the actual indictment revealing little of substance. More crucial will be a bond hearing later in the week to decide whether Epstein can go free while awaiting trial.”

    1. Another excerpt from Julie Brown’s Miami Herald article:

      ‘The fact that search warrants were issued shows that federal investigators have new evidence against Epstein beyond the sex cases he was given federal immunity for in Florida in 2008, legal experts told the Miami Herald.

      ‘”They can’t take information from a case in 2002 or 2005 to get a search warrant today; there had to have been something for probable cause that contains evidence of a crime found now, so I’m interested in what that evidence is,’’ said Francey Hakes, a former federal prosecutor who once oversaw the Justice Department’s child exploitation crimes division.

      ‘Lawyers for Epstein’s victims, in court filings, have often likened Epstein’s sex operation to an organized crime family, with Epstein and Maxwell at the top, and below them, others who worked as schedulers, recruiters, pilots and bookkeepers.”

    1. “these cases involve vulnerable girls — 13,14,15-year-old girls.”

      Which begs the question:
      Did Hillary Clinton, lover of pink puzzies, get a piece of the action just like her man, Bill Clinton?


  2. Anyone who believes Acosta accepted the original plea deal on his own without significant pressure from above is dumber than a box of rocks.

    1. RSA,
      For what it’s worth…..and I don’t know what it is worth… of the prosecutors involved in the Epstein case published an article claiming that one of the difficulties for the prosecution was getting the underage girls involved to come forward as witnesses against Epstein.
      I think I posted a link to that article several months back, but I don’t remember the name of the prosecutor or her entire argument for why they settled on a relatively light plea deal.

  3. I looks like President Trump took one trip with Jeffrey Epstein, from West Palm beach to NYC. Also looks like one of the under age girls, worked at mar-a lago where Epstein was a member until he was kicked out for soliciting a younger girl.

      1. It tells everything Wrong down there since Nixon’s walking.
        Tiered Justice made obvious here, rule of man, not law, rules the ‘Special’ justice for those with money. Proving the state religion truly is Mamoon.
        No where near a christian nation, see refugees, created by cheap fuel, lead feet, School of the America’s work keeping C.A/S.A. safe for multi-nationals world wide.. Turning all my families lives worth spit, the Revolution that 3 dozen folk, both sides to settle its future. Est. 1585, few years short of 200 years before we had a Republic to lose. Revolutionary now lost, two century plus run experiment over.
        I may now kiss the Queen’s ring in good conscious.

  4. “I think I would have broken every molecular bond in his body until he was reduced to atoms in primordial goo.”


  5. Fishwings asks others if THEY’RE “advancing dialogue!?!🙂😃😄 At least that shows that Fishwings, one of the most empty-headed people who comment here, might have a sense of humor. I will credit Fishwings for the fact that having nothing to say does not prevent Fishwings from saying it.

  6. Could someone clarify if Epstein (AKA Slimeball) has been arrested on the original charges, because his plea deal was vacated, or if these are new charges? The charges stem from 2002 to 2005, but I’m unclear if these were part of the original plea deal, or if they discovered additional acts?

    Voluntarily engaging in the sex trade is one thing, but there is a special place in hell for those who groom and traffic underage girls.

    1. The DOJ deal through which Acosta helped Epstein avoid facing cross-state and cross-border sex trafficking charges was challenged and found to have violated the Victims Rights Act (essentially the pleas deal was hidden from the victims until it was signed). A Judge in Atlanta was supposed to be deciding where the Epstein case should go next. I have the same questions you have.

      There were parts of the NPA that made no sense, such as protecting co-conspirators and orgy-attendees from future prosecution. Dersh is in hot water because these terms could possibly be self-serving, based on accusations that he attended an Epstein party and had sex with an underage girl there.

      1. That deal stank to high heaven.

        It sounds like details will be coming out for the next few days about Epstein’s most recent arrest.

    2. karen S.
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      Keep the mace handy, eyes open, you’ll be Grand!
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  7. where he took friends like Bill Clinton by plane to his private estate on the Caribbean island of Little Saint James with young girls who allegedly were used as prostitutes.

    Hillary was at home baking cookies singing Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man” because she knew these young girls were just like Bill’s other rape victims, hoes who chased $100 bills in the trailer parks of Little Saint James

    Hillary should be investigated as well

    1. Wynette once said “I have lived my songs”. Unless she was pretty brazen, she didn’t mean this one. She was married 5x. Imprudent living killed her at age 55. Loretta Lynn is 87 and still not altogether retired.

      1. what is it with women of country music leading such tragic lives?


        “Lynn was married for almost 50 years until her husband died at age 69 in 1996. In her 2002 autobiography Still Woman Enough and in an interview with CBS News the same year, she recounted how her husband cheated on her regularly and once left her while she was giving birth.[28] Lynn and her husband fought frequently, but she said that “he never hit me one time that I didn’t hit him back twice”. Loretta has said that her marriage was “one of the hardest love stories”.[50][page needed] In one of her autobiographies, she recalled:

        I married Doo when I wasn’t but a child, and he was my life from that day on. But as important as my youth and upbringing was, there’s something else that made me stick to Doo. He thought I was something special, more special than anyone else in the world, and never let me forget it. That belief would be hard to shove out the door. Doo was my security, my safety net. And just remember, I’m explainin’, not excusin’… Doo was a good man and a hard worker. But he was an alcoholic, and it affected our marriage all the way through.[51]”

        – Wiki

        1. Nothing tragic about that. They had an argumentative marriage. Her late husband isn’t here to offer his side of things (and, of course, being a husband, wouldn’t be as assiduous at dreaming up specious arguments as to why he’s not accountable for anything).

          1. Cheating on your wife may be trendy in todays world but it reflects the most degenerate type of man in existence. Add to that physical violence and that is a textbook case of pathology.

            1. Estovir don’t get too preachy. Today’s trend is women who cheat on their husbands.

            2. that’s an interestingly overbroad and extreme opinion. i know quite a few basically decent men who have cheated. and quite a few decent women too. the big trend is women who want to “play around” for sure. maybe you havent heard of “dating apps” which were tailor made mostly for them

              1. Trust is a treasure that, once lost, is gone forever. And for what? Someone on the side who supposedly doesn’t matter? You don’t make your marriage better by going outside it.

                Decent people sometimes fall and do terrible things. Cheating isn’t decent. It is exposing your spouse to anguish, betrayal, and STDs, plus a string of lies. Once someone commits adultery, it’s anything but decent. It often breaks up a marriage.

                Dating apps, a lack of monogamy, and preference for the pill over condoms are part of the increase in STDs, some of which are becoming so resistant to antibiotics that they are virtually untreatable.

                I will agree with you, however, that either gender may cheat. Women cannot be believed merely because of their gender, and are just as capable of lying as a man. I don’t get why people want to stay married, but act single. If they want to act single, then they should be single. If someone gets married, then they should remain steadfast.

        2. He didn’t really think she was more special than anyone else in the world if he kept cheating on her. And she didn’t think too highly of herself if she stayed with an unfaithful man. Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery.

          Nowadays, when someone cheats, it’s pretty common for the unsuspecting spouse to contract an STD like herpes, Hep C, or HIV. One of the guys I knew found out his wife was cheating on him with his neighbor when they both came out with herpes. The neighbor told the husband that he’d slept with a prostitute and contracted oral herpes. Low and behold, a couple of weeks later, the wife got cold sores, too. When confronted, they confessed to having an affair. That meant that his wife was sleeping with a man who slept with prostitutes, and then presumably going home and sleeping with her husband, too. It was a pretty rotten thing to do to her husband, but I think he escaped getting infected.

          As for why female country singers lead tragic lives, the genre is often a rural version of the Blues. Those who can sing the country blues from the heart, and with talent, do well on the charts. Country is either about love, betrayed love (“The Thunder Rolls”), working hard, rodeo, farm machinery (“She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy”), or bittersweet reminiscing (“Time Marches On”).

      2. “She was married 5x. Imprudent living killed her at age 55.”

        Then why is Trump still alive?

        1. I’ve wondered if Jackie Kennedy Onassis escaped contracting STDs, considering her husband was promiscuous. He had a particular affinity for strippers.

          I cannot imagine Jackie’s humiliation when Marilyn Monroe wore a sheer dress she had to be sewn into, while singing “Happy Birthday, Mr President” seductively. This was on top of claiming she “made his back feel better.”

          ““If I don’t have a lay for three days I get a headache.”

          So said the 35th President of the United States, as recalled by British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan.”

          1. When you die, who do you pass the torch to? Kennedy has been dead for 50 years. You are an idiot.

      3. This is absurd x 9 says: July 7, 2019 at 4:45 PM

        Wynette once said “I have lived my songs”. Unless she was pretty brazen, she didn’t mean this one. She was married 5x. Imprudent living killed her at age 55. Loretta Lynn is 87 and still not altogether retired.


        Then why is Trump still alive?


        Draft-dodger Donald Trump once said that the danger he faced from getting sexually transmitted diseases was his own “personal Vietnam.”

        In a 1997 interview with shock jock Howard Stern, Trump talked about how he had been “lucky” not to have contracted diseases when he was sleeping around.

        “I’ve been so lucky in terms of that whole world. It is a dangerous world out there. It’s scary, like Vietnam. Sort of like the Vietnam-era,” Trump said in a video that resurfaced Tuesday on Buzzfeed, “It is my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave soldier.”

  8. “Clinton was aboard the infamous Lolita Express owned by a billionaire pedophile at least 26 times,” __Free Beacon

    Things about Clinton are proven. Things other than knowing or having things in common there is no solid proof what so ever that Trump had any illicit affairs on Eptein’s island or even that he went there.

    1. Well Maybe old Slick Willy just liked Epstein for kosher reasons and not procurement.

      Wait a second, that didn’t come out right. Sorry

      1. 😜

        Bill Clinton is such a moral cripple your comment made perfect sense

        speaking of country music female stars….

        Country musician Loretta Lynn to Trump: Call me

        The highest-profile celebrity to weigh in on Donald Trump this week may not be the actor Samuel L. Jackson after all.

        Country singer Loretta Lynn, a legend in Nashville whose life story was told in the movie Coal Miner’s Daughter, is also talking about the Republican presidential front runner – and she loves him.

        “Trump has sold me – what more can I say?” Lynn told me over the phone just before the start of Trump’s rally Thursday in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

        Lynn’s friend, Phyllis Jones, 71, had driven to Rock Hill from nearby Charlotte, North Carolina and had called her famous pal while she waited for Trump to appear.

        Lynn, 83, who penned and recorded country hits like “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” “The Pill” and “Rated X,” still performs between eight and 10 shows a month. She said she has been stumping for Trump at the end of each show, and declared her support for him at an awards dinner in New York in early December.

        She said her audiences generally respond warmly to her cheers for Trump, and that’s unusual.

        “When you get up there and try to say you want to see Hillary Clinton win, that wouldn’t go over so big,” she said.

        Other Republicans can’t live up to the real estate mogul, Lynn said, but Texas Senator Ted Cruz would be her second choice.

        However, she said: “When you’re advertising for the best, forget the rest!”

        Lynn added that she wants to campaign for him.

        “I just think he’s the only one who’s going to turn this country around,” she said, but added she had no plans to try to contact Trump herself. “I’m going to let him call me.”

  9. President Donald Trump referred to him as a “terrific guy” in 2002, saying that “he’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

    Since the President had nothing to do with the Lolita Express and there’s no evidence he knew about the sex trafficking, appending this to an account of Clinton’s conduct is cheap.

    1. Trump reportedly flow on the aircraft. Not sure where to, however.

      Bill Clinton reportedly left his Secret Service detail behind on one flight on the Lolita Express to “Orgy Island”, and THAT, if it can be proven in court that he did so in order to have coitus with underage women, qualifies Clinton to spend the rest of his miserable life in jail.

      1. Trump reportedly flow on the aircraft.

        Sez who? Every story about Trump and Epstein has the same bloody quotation from 2002.

    2. Barring the inclusion of other information, that doesn’t exist in Professor Turley’s piece, I wonder what bearing Trump’s comment has on the subject at hand.

      1. Nothing, really. There were magazine profiles of Epstein 15 years ago which made reference to the opinions of various parties who had crossed paths with him (some offered on the record, some purportedly in confidence to reporters). Likely plenty of old quotes about Epstein to be mined, but that one’s the one that gets recycled again and again.

        There is something quite odious about this case. Again, Trump’s personnel operation saddles him with a ringer (drawn from the ranks of the GOP establishment), and he takes his time repairing matters. The hideous plea agreement was concluded in the interregnum between Alberto Gonzalez departure from the Department and Michael Mukasey’s arrival. That may explain something. Acosta’s behavior suggests he was being blackmailed. Would the threats have come through Epstein’s lawyers or from a different direction? I cannot help but think that Alan Dershowitz is either telling the truth and there’s a large amount of fabrication in these claims contra Epstein (which doesn’t mean that a damning quantity might not be true) or that Alan Dershowitz is just plain crazy. No clue right now. The U.S. Attorney is best advised to keep James Comey’s daughter off this case, btw

        1. First of all I certainly disapprove of any sort of sexual contact between adults and minors.
          Secondly I certainly disapprove of adult procurement of underage sex workers.
          Thirdly I disapprove of underage sex workers who in fact and by definition are being exploited wrongfully.

          All that said: the sex trafficking statutes are vague and they are often misused and abused by law enforcement in selective prosecutions, as a pretense most often for raiding immigrant owned and operated massage parlors that are suspect of the high crime and misdemeanor of adult workers (usually 40-60 years old) possibly having touched a man’s privates for money. As was the case in the Robert Kraft incident.

          The difficulties in these cases of all varieties usually comes down to obtaining solid testimonial evidence from the victim.

          In some cases the leverage is put by law enforcement on the victims which amounts to basically “testify you were pimped out or we will bust you for prostitution.” This is unethical but common tactic.

          I don’t know any particulars about Epstein but as loathsome as he seems and I believe him to probably be, he has the presumption of innocence on new charges. That is a cornerstone of our system of due process.

    3. Especially since Trump effectively called out Epstein on his yearnings for “young girls” in a manner that left him free from Slander charges. Brilliant‼️

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    And all my friends are pedophiles.
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    Jeffrey the 8th I am!

  11. I guess Mr. Epstein will be getting a cabinet post in the next month or so.;)

    1. “I guess Mr. Epstein will be getting a cabinet post…”

      Bill Clinton is no longer president so I guess not.

        1. Fishwings, such comments are silly. I want to know more about this case but silly comments don’t advance the dialogue.

          1. Are you advancing any dialogue, beyond your own ideology and blind devotion to your dear leader? I have yet to see it.

            1. I advance what might be considered classical liberalism. Therefore I don’t have any significant devotion to political party or person except where they might agree with my positions and the opposition disagrees so strongly and stupidly.

              You are blind because I have advanced many positions on this blog but never comment on a position of substance. You only comment using juvenile generalities. Specifics require a working brain and yours seems to have been unused for years.

              1. Allan wrote — predictably:

                “Specifics require a working brain and yours seems to have been unused for years.”

                A rather typical remark by the man-boy Allan. He focuses on the brains of others because he doubts his own. A better man would stick to facts and substance.

                1. Yes, Brainless Wonder, I focus on the brain when stupid comments like yours are made that have no substance. Otherwise I concentrate on substance. I like this characterization of me by you “man-boy Allan”, that is my charm.

                  1. Allan is the one and only “Brainless Wonder.”

                    As for ‘charm’??? Only in his dreams.

                    1. Brainless Wonder, if I didn’t have that charm you wouldn’t be coming after me all the time. I so happen to like women with brains so even if I were available that would immediately leave you out.

                    2. You’re flippin’ delusional. Allan, and truth be told, I find you nauseating. I comment because some of your bs requires a response. You’re disgusting.

                    3. As I said Brainless Wonder you keep following me around and get all nasty about it. The answer is NO. I am happily married and like women with brains. That leaves you completely out.

                      You seem to be showing an intense interest in Epstein’s girls. You sound like you are on the prowl.

                    4. I’m sure you’re a real catch, Allaninny. Now, go blow…, fathead.

                    5. “I’m sure you’re a real catch”

                      That is right. Now go Brainless Wonder. Go back to prowling.

                    6. You’re no catch, Allaninny, but one thing is certain: You’ll be hanging around JT’s blog 24/7, as you do, spewing a whole lot of Allanonsense.

                    7. Well, Brainless Wonder, you can always have Diane she will take anything.

                    8. Your mother is calling for you, Allan. She says you have to be up early for summer school, tomorrow. Study hard, little buddy.

                    9. Thank you for making me younger. That is something many people pay money for, but you give it away for free. One has to wonder what you do with the rest that no one is interested in. Brainless Wonder, Diane is calling for you.

                    10. Little “I gotta have the last word” Allan will go on like this forever. I’m sure you must try the patience of your teachers, little fella.

                    11. Just playing with you Brainless Wonder. Consider it sympathy playing to satify the needs of a pitiful individual that can’t get what she wants.

                    12. Yes, Brainless Wonder. Say what you will but you keep chasing me, flattering me and all sorts of other things. Now that you are done playing Diane wants you.

          2. Allan, remember the tactics the trolls use, with the following bolded rules employed often. You cant negotiate with terrorists

            Saul Alinsky – Rules for Radicals
            <em "Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have."
            "Never go outside the expertise of your people."
            "Whenever possible go outside the expertise of the enemy."
            <strong"Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules."
            "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon."
            “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”
            “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.”
            “Keep the pressure on.”
            “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”
            “The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.”
            “If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside.”
            “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.”
            “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

            – Wiki

            1. Since the Trolls use those tactics on the blog and the NYTImes along with the Washington Post, who can forget them?

  12. Why did you focus on Clinton and somehow forget Trump? He claimed him as a friend and nominated the lax prosecutor Acosta tied to a sweetheart deal for Epstein.

    1. I wasn’t surprised by the oversight. Comeones bias is showing.

    2. Everyone who attended Orgy Island with Epstein should be investigated. The law should apply equally to everyone. We know that Clinton frequently traveled there without his Secret Service. Why wasn’t he investigated?

      If Trump went to Orgy Island, then he should be investigated, too, along with Clinton. Also, did Hillary cover it up?

      1. There are flight recordings of Clinton going to orgy island but I never saw proof of Trump going.

        1. Me, neither. It would be typical of Democrats if Trump was investigated for his connection with Epstein, and various and redundant committees formed, while Clinton’s demonstrated trips to the island were studiously ignored.

          Anyone connected to that island should be investigated.

  13. Saved – by Brett Kavanaugh & Company. Double jeopardy.

    1. What does Brett Kavanaugh have to do with this case? Give it your best effort and try to offer an exposition that would make sense to a non-insane individual. You can have your sister vet it before you post.

      1. I only touched on this issue, so I might have this reversed. It is my understanding that the SCOTUS ruled that a state could bring identical state charges as federal charges for the same crime. Since each had its own sphere of sovereignty, it was not considered double jeopardy. Kavanaugh sided with the majority.

        I think that Gorsuch and Bader-Ginsberg were in the minority, believing it to be double jeopardy. Gorsuch wrote something about the unfairness of the government going after someone for the same crimes in different venues until it got the outcome it wanted.

        1. It’s Sunday, so I’ve got to run. Don’t have too much time, so anyone jump in if you have more info. A brief search turned up this:

          I believe that the poster had it backwards. Kavanaugh actually enabled the state to try Epstein for the same crime again.

          “Justice Neil Gorsuch was apparently on the same page as Ginsburg, and called out the majority for “endors[ing] a colossal exception to this ancient rule against double jeopardy,” despite the fact that, “A free society does not allow its government to try the same individual for the same crime until it’s happy with the result.”

  14. Double jeopardy is his stay out of prison card issued by Brett Kavanaugh & Co,

    1. Actually, the current charges appear to have been against different victims than the ones for whom Epstein was tried for abusing in Florida.

    2. Actually, I believe that Kavanaugh sided with the majority in SCOTUS that a state and the feds could charge someone for the same exact crimes. This would effectively nullify Presidential pardons.

      It was Ginsberg and Gorsuch who said it was unfair for the government to keep trying the same crimes in different courts until it got the desired result.

      That said, this arrest might have been for new victims. I am unclear if it was for the exact original charges and victims.

  15. Penn State (the Sanctuary City for Pedophiles) has offered him the position of Dean for the College of Child Education and Development!

    1. Sandusky tried to get a new trial but lost.

      The person I blame the most in this serial pedophile rape case was the assistant coach who walked in on Sandusky raping a minor and quietly left. What kind of decent human being does that? I think I would have broken every molecular bond in his body until he was reduced to atoms in primordial goo.

      I can’t believe he didn’t get the death penalty.

      1. He didn’t see anyone raping anyone. He saw Sandusky in the shower in a compromising position. And, no, you wouldn’t have done that.

        He and Paterno discussed it the following workday and reported it to two of their superiors. It was the superiors who dropped the ball, not Mike McQueary. Again, the University has a police department. Not a security corps, but an actual police department with powers of arrest.

        1. Unfortunately, for all their moralistic preaching at others, universities have a bad habit of turning a blind eye to sexual abuses, but those usually if not at least more often, committed by big hulking football players who can barely read and stick it to some drunk co-ed who cries rape to varying degrees of credibility.

          I believe like other serious crimes, these cases should be investigated impartially and prosecuted fairly, or not, according to the facts. But, when there’s a star player who’s helping the universities rake in the millions, they are often reluctant to throw the book at someone, especially if they’re a hard luck story from the inner city. etc etc etc.

          These cases are handled more seriously these days but in the late 80s and early 90s there were very many that were swept under the rug at different universities. I won’t say any names for those with which I might be familiar. But, these were not exceptional problems in football programs.

        2. I read the account. He saw Sandusky having anal sex in the shower with a minor.

          “BELLEFONTE, Pa. — A former Penn State assistant coach who was a central figure in Joe Paterno’s downfall testified Tuesday that he heard a “skin-on-skin smacking sound” in a campus locker room one night in 2001 and saw something that was “more than my brain could handle.”

          Jerry Sandusky was standing naked in the showers behind a boy, slowly moving his hips, Mike McQueary told the jury.

          McQueary, one of the star witnesses in the child-sexual- abuse case against Sandusky, said he had no doubt he was witnessing anal sex. He testified that he slammed his locker shut loudly as if to say, “Someone’s here! Break it up!”

          Then, he said, he went upstairs to his office to try to make sense of what he had seen.”

          I’m sorry. Why does the right thing to do elude adults in charge who learn of pedophilia, whether it’s in the Catholic Church, a school, or a football program? #1 protect the child immediately. #2 Call. The. Police. #3 Fire them if the accusation is proven.

          After thinking about it a good, long while, the assistant coach told the head football coach about it ten years before charges were filed. That person kept it quiet. The witness kept it quiet for a decade. These are grown men who dropped the morality ball while a predator groomed fatherless children.

          Also, absolutely, if I witnessed the rape of a child or minor I would fight to the death to protect that child, if I had to, whether stranger or my own. Maybe I would have dialed 911 and set the phone down first. Sandusky probably wouldn’t have even fought but run. I don’t think I would have walked away from a sexual assault, or dithered about whether to report it. It’s not like he wasn’t sure what was happening or worried about a false accusation.

          The foster care system is full of sexual abuse victims, and perpetrators. I know someone whose neighbor was a foster parent, and two of the children were sexual assault victims. It screwed them up permanently and gave them a very skewed idea of how to get or show affection, making them vulnerable forever. Their future prospects and peace of mind are often ruined.

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