Doctoral Candidate At UC-Santa Barbara Faces Protests After Speaking Out Against Transgender Ideology

We have previously discussed the growing intolerance on campuses over those who speak or write from a conservative or opposing perspective. The latest such target is Laura Tanner, a doctoral candidate in its Department of Feminist Studies. Tanner has written against transgender status and ideology. Her tweets have led students and alumni at the University of California-Santa Barbara to demand the termination of Tanner’s association with the university.

Tanner is a feminist who rejects transgender status. She wrote various tweets on the subject including “A woman is someone with a female body and any personality … not a ‘female personality’ and any body. Any other definition is sexism.” She also argued that “It’s not possible to be born in the wrong body,” and “so called trans women will never be anything but men.”  Those views were declared by The Daily Nexus as “transphobic.”

While offensive to many, Tanner’s views are also shared by many people including some authors. However the teaching assistant is now the subject of protests by former students not for her conduct in the classroom but for her personal views expressed on Twitter.

The position of these students and alumni is that Tanner could excel in her teaching two courses and assisting in four other courses but still be fired due to her opposing personal views on transgenderism.

One of her former students, Kyremina Youssef, has reportedly discussed her filing a complaint against Tanner and led demonstrations against her. In response to such complaints, Laury Oaks, the chair of Tanner’s department, called Tanner’s social media posts “distressing.” He also told the student that ethics and a Title IX complaint could be filed.

In the meantime, a June 12th letter from doctorate students denounced a “graduate student’s transphobic and anti-sex work rhetoric and reported conduct as an instructor.” The Ph.D students wrote:

We acknowledge that the gender binary, as it is commonly understood in the US, is rooted in the logics of colonialism, racism, and gendered domination, and that fighting transphobia is integral to resisting and healing from the harms that these systems create. The violence of transphobia, particularly transmisogyny, falls especially hard on communities of color and contributes to the exploitation, criminalization, and incarceration disproportionately experienced by black, brown, immigrant, and working class people. As queer students, students of color, and/or allies, our visions of feminist futures include and affirm people made invisible by and marginalized by the gender binary. In
our classrooms, we are committed to holding space for trans students, including taking seriously trans students’ experiences, standpoints, and intellectual contributions.

At no point do these future teachers express any support for the right of their colleague to hold opposing views. Instead, they encourage action against Tanner while adding “To the students who are troubled by all of this, we support your freedom of speech as it may manifest
in awareness-raising, protest, etc and offer our collaboration in efforts to address transphobia and anti-sex worker sentiments on this campus.” These students however are trying to silence a colleague due to her exercise of free speech outside of school.

If Tanner took improper actions in class, there are ample means to sanction her. However, the focus of these protests appears to be her voicing her views of transgenderism on social media. What is chilling is the complete lack of recognition that Tanner also has free speech rights as well as academic freedom in voicing opposing views. What do you think?

This campus was previously involved in a notorious incident involving one of its faculty from the Feminist Studies department. We have previously discussed how  Feminist Studies Associate Professor Mireille Miller-Young criminally assault pro-life advocates on campus of the University of California at Santa Barbara.  To the shock of many of us, she was not fired by the University of California and how she was supported by many faculty and students in her violent response to a pro-life display. 

Miller-Young’s concept of activism was on display when she led her students in attacking a pro-life display, stealing part of their display, and then committing battery on one of the young women.  She pleaded no contest to the criminal assault. Despite the shocking conduct of Miller-Young and the clear violation of the most fundamental values for all academics in guaranteeing free speech and associational rights, the faculty overwhelmingly supported Miller-Young and the university decided not to impose any meaningful discipline. To make matters worse, Michael D. Young, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, not only issued a statement that seemed to blame the victims but practically defended Miller-Young’s conduct. Faculty and student defenders attacked the pro-life advocates and one even referred to them as “terrorists” who did not deserve free speech.

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  1. The Constitution has not, as far as I can tell, been amended to give “protected status” to transsexuals. This is an important point. While I have no specific animus toward transsexuals, we can’t go on firing people for speaking their minds on a point on which reasonable people can disagree.

    Of course, the Left says, we can. But the Left is very close to overplaying a very weak hand. They still have hands on the levers of power because the Obama administration was fond of usurping Congress’ right to make law, and made a considerable body of regulations to do what the people of the United States never agreed to do, grant “protected status” to people whose actual status is not self-evident to most Americans.

    By coercive measures such as the illegal disciplining of Ms. Tanner for speaking her mind away from her workplace, trans activists are going to force a reckoning in which the people will take back the powers that activists and their sympathizers have illicitly stolen from them. Then, they will weep and claim that the ignorant masses are oppressing them – when all that happened is that the people will finally have taken the power back to decide Americans cannot be punished for speaking freely.

    1. It is called “ideology” or “dogma” more and more as people realize that the science does not exist to prove that “born in the wrong body” is an actual occurrence, nor is there such a thing as pink brains, blue brains, “feeling like a woman” or “feeling like a man.” Some people believe they have the “soul” of the opposite sex — something else which is impossible to prove. We are the sex we are born and it is immutable. A man cannot become a woman and a woman cannot become a man. Yet, some people truly believe they can and expect the rest of us to deny reality for the sake of validating their beliefs.

      Basically, transgenderism is faith based, just as religion is. In this day and age in modern countries, most individuals and governments would not compel people to believe in a specific religion, yet transgender ideology is being used as the basis for all sorts of laws and is being taught in public schools as early as kindergarten. Public schools of course do not teach any religion as fact, yet public school teachers and counselors are falling all over themselves to teach transgender pseudoscience as fact, convincing countless kids along the way that they are transgender, teaching them that when someone does not conform to sexist stereotypes, they are trans and must be medically modified or they will be driven to suicide. It sounds hyperbolic and too outrageous to be true, but it is happening.

    1. If all that was required was for us to wink and call the girl in the suit or the guy in the dress by their chosen name at the office and play “let’s pretend,” treating them exactly like the biological man or woman they are presumably attempting to be, there would be no problem and this whole issue would be a rare, marginal, barely commented on curiosity few would even experience. After all, if you’re doing “trans” correctly, the would should see you as your chosen sex, yes? They shouldn’t even notice short of being stripped by the EMT’s!

      But that’s not what the “trans” activists forcing this issue seem to want. They want attention, and lots of it. They want Drag Queen Story Hours. They want Pride Parades. They want our kindergarteners indoctrinated into the idea that “trans” is normal and that they, too, can be “trans.” (Yeah, because Gender Dysphoria with that 41% suicide rate, sterility and hormonally induced cancer some day is our fondest wish for all our kids!)

      They insist on not just the unremarked, quiet normality of indifferent acceptance, but publicity, approbation, even CELEBRATION and kowtowing to their specialness by the ENTIRE NORMAL WORLD. The rest of us, you see, have to live in the skin we’re given, sans fantasy. No one’s obliged by law to service my claim to be Napoleon, OR his horse! Or any other break from reality I might enjoy.

      The real reason this issue is so “incendiary” is that most of us hate cognitive dissonance; deception of our senses makes us very, very uncomfortable. We like to know whom we’re talking to, in the ways we’ve understood since the dawn of human sentience. Most of us don’t do paradox very well. Most of us are also instinctively uncomfortable around people behaving like they are mentally off their rails. That’s a survival instinct, sorry.

  2. There are many facts that are offensive to people suffering from a mental illness. That does not render the facts wrong.

    Gender dysphoria is a mental illness, and patients deserve compassion. There is an extremely high suicide rate, even after sex reassignment surgery.

    The gender binary is not rooted in colonialism. It is defined by science – XX, XY, and chromosomal disorders like Klinefelter syndrome.

    There are many unintended consequences of policies meant to be more inclusive of those suffering from the illness of gender dysphoria. For example, biological men can compete in women’s sports as women, essentially creating men’s sports, and coed sports, but no women’s sports any longer. Biological men destroy the biological female competition. These biological differences are why we segregate sports by gender in the first place. Biological gender advantages have nothing whatsoever to do with identity. Biological males using Title IX to knock biological females out of competition is misusing the same.

    In addition, biological men have gained access to battered women’s shelters, where the most vulnerable women no longer have their own space. There was a case where a man with a beard and combat boots identified as a woman at a shelter in Canada, was housed with an abused woman, and when she complained, she got into trouble.

    Biological males have access to women’s most private spaces, including showers, restrooms, changing rooms, and women’s shelters. In the UK, transgender females are getting recommendations for pap smears, which are impossible, instead of prostate exams, missing the appropriate cancer screenings. Studies show that Alzheimers affects men and women differently. Transgenders who are considered female patients might not get the correct medical care. There is vastly more to the genders than merely identity, which is performative. Science already has discovered myriad differences between the sexes. These do not evaporate with differences in behavior, surgery, or hormone treatment, which comes with health risks.

    Many feminists are taking issue with policies where all that’s required to be a woman is to claim to be one. That’s not what being a woman means. You can be biologically male, and perform in any identity you choose, have any surgery, and you will still be a biological male. You can change your identity, change how you behave, change your name, change your clothes, change your shape, but you cannot change biology. A transgender female is still going to need a prostate exam cancer screening instead of a mammogram and pap smear. If a male wants to perform as a female, that’s fine. Drag queens and cross dressing are well established. But biological males do not have a human right to access spaces for biological females, or to harass or punish people who do not voluntarily choose to cooperate with their self perceived identity. You cannot expect the entire world to conform in a way that a mental health patient desires.

    Biological males are trying to silence biological female feminists. They’d better not complain about it, either, or the biological males will try to get them fired or kicked out of academic programs.

    How would anyone interested in equality of the sexes support biological males shutting females out of sports, or silencing female critics?

    1. When did tolerance and kindness to mental health patients morph into punishing women if they don’t accept that all it takes for a man to be a women is just to say he believes he is? When did this turn into biological males shutting females out of the top echelons of their own sports?

    2. Its being pushed on children…..Children who are being experimented on with powerful hormones and Binding and drastic surgeries that cant be reversed.

      They are abusing children too!

      1. Castrating male children is child abuse, as is grooming. Eunuchs periodically come into fashion, and it appears they are in vogue again. The last time we saw such a craze was the castratti opera singers.

        Children often play make believe with their identities. There was a recent commercial that featured a little girl who wore a tiger costume everywhere. If a child does that with gender, it can lead to the parents enforcing the make believe, solidifying it, and eventually castrating him.

        Considering up to 95% (depending upon the study) of children who exhibit gender dysphoria grow out of it by adulthood, this is child abuse and medical malpractice.

        What a terrible thing, to render a child infertile, expose him to drugs with serious health risks, and castrate him, because he identified as a girl at a very young age. What must these parents think, when they discover that 95% of kids grow out of it, and they mutilated their own child for no reason?

          1. “Lactacia”… Is some kind of a perverted kid folk hero to aspects of their community. The sexualization of children is sickening. Isn’t that sort of thing illegal? or not anymore?

            1. Young children are identifying themselves as gay or pan sexual and don’t even know what sex is yet.

              Sexual identity has become a political tool for brainwashing kids.

              1. Most of the stuff the left throws around are political tools.
                AOC chief of staff confirms: Green New Deal was not really about the climate

                The chief of staff for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stated that her signature Green New Deal was not really about saving the planet after all.

                In a report by the Washington Post, Saikat Chakrabarti revealed that “it wasn’t originally a climate thing at all … we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing.”

                The revelation came during a conversation with Sam Ricketts, climate director for presidential candidate Jay Inslee. Chakrabarti further told Ricketts of the Green New Deal, “I think … it’s dual. It is both rising to the challenge that is existential around climate and it is building an economy that contains more prosperity. More sustainability in that prosperity — and more broadly shared prosperity, equitability and justice throughout.”

                Chakrabarti further said of Ricketts’ climate plans with Inslee, who has campaigned almost exclusively on environmental issues, “I’ll be honest, my view is I still think you guys aren’t going big enough.”

                AOC had previously tweeted that “@JayInslee’s climate plan is the most serious + comprehensive one to address our crisis in the 2020 field.”

                The Green New Deal itself was fraught with complications in its February roll-out, which included confusing language and contradictions in the “Frequently Asked Question” section. Now-withdrawn statements that were widely shared with media and posted online claimed the Green New Deal would provide “economic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work” and called for “a full transition off fossil fuels and zero greenhouse gases.”

                The FAQ also claimed, “We set a goal to get to net-zero, rather than zero emissions, in 10 years because we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast.”

                Democratic Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts, who is a lead co-sponsor of the Green New Deal, said of the roll-out fumble, “I’m familiar with the fact sheet. But again, it’s separate from the resolution, all right? The resolution is really what the document is that I was speaking to today … That’s the key document. That’s what you should focus on. Focus on the resolution.” AOC later blamed the FAQ on an unnamed aide, saying “I definitely had a staffer that had a really bad day at work.”

                The Green New Deal, which some estimated could cost upwards of $93 trillion to enact, also promised “economic prosperity for all.” The resolution was soundly defeated in the Senate in March.


              2. The end of the article was quite interesting and referring to AOC’s cheif of staff (Caps Mine)

                “In a video from 2018, Chakrabarti promoted his recently elected boss’ agenda in Congress while wearing a T-shirt that featured the face of Subhas Chandra Bose, WHO COLLABORATED WITH BOTH HITLER AND IMPERIAL JAPAN DURING WORLD WAR II.”

        1. At age 13 and 14, girls are being given double mastectomies to appear more masculine. There are even a handful of 12-year-olds who have undergone double mastectomies. Are these girls diseased? No, their bodies are quite healthy. These girls have been told by adults they are boys if they want to be boys or if they “feel” like boys (whatever that means). There are plastic surgeons who specialize in this breast removal surgery for women and girls and they are happy to take the money from these girls’ parents and perform double mastectomies on healthy girls who are still in junior high. This sounds too outrageous to be true, but I assure you, in the USA and Canada, it is happening.

          From :
          USA’s top pediatric gender doctor Johanna Olson-Kennedy is currently in receipt of a $5.7million NIH grant to study the effects of early medical interventions for adolescents with gender dysphoria. Mid-way through the study, the minimum age for cross-sex hormone treatment was decreased from 13 to 8. (This means that an 8 year-old girl with precocious puberty may be given testosterone.) The lack of a control group and a short-term follow-up virtually ensures that Olson-Kennedy will get the results she is after and testosterone use will be declared ‘best practice’ for girls in early puberty. Olson-Kennedy is an enthusiastic advocate for testosterone for 12 and 13 year-old girls.

          What is being done to kids in the name of the unscientific and impossible “born in the wrong body” narrative is so much worse than most people realize. Read the entire article linked above. It will leave you very angry.

          1. Suicide rate of transgenders is high. Sex operations in general don’t change the problems faced by the individuals concerned. It not uncommonly makes them worse.

          2. Hormones are dangerous and raise the rates for heart attack and strokes .We are literally experimenting on kids.

            And sterilizing them and mutilating their bodies with zero scientific evidence that it helps or long term outcomes.

            In fact research is provided evidence that after surgical and hormone transition suicide rates are even higher,

            This form of medical abuse and malfeasance is going to come back and bite the communities that pushed medicalization and surgical disfigurement and permanent altercation of young people who have not the maturity or intellectual capacity to understand the consequences,

    3. It sort of seems like the feminist movement went a little too far and brought this one on to itself. May have lost its direction over the years and failed to see this one coming. A shame really…

  3. It does not say anywhere that Tanner doesn’t have the right of free speech. She is also free to say anything racist or anything else offensive. But she and everyone else have to be aware that there are consequences to what one expresses within the right of free speech.

    1. Paul Simon – does a transgender female require a prostate exam or a pap smear? Will evidence at a crime scene be XX or XY? Will they be at risk for ovarian cancer? Go through menopause? Is there any way to make a biological male a biological female?

      Why in the world would there ever be negative consequences for stating scientific facts? Why would biological differences be equated with racism? A trans woman is literally a biological male, and there is no therapy, hormone, or surgery that can change that fact. At some point, the transgender person will have to come to terms with that, and accept how they are, with or without surgery, or be very unhappy.

      People have the right to perform however they like, as long as they don’t hurt anyone. They do not have the right to force speech or perception in anyone else. Everyone forms their own opinions, and not even a totalitarian state can change that. Although they do try.

      1. Another example – the symptoms of a heart attack are different in biological males and females. Also, coronary artery disease often affects the small arteries in biological women. This is why women who get an all clear angiogram should still be referred someone who specializes in female heart disease.

        Should there be “consequences” for pointing out that transgender women still need the medical care, in many cases, of their biological sex, which is unchanged?

        1. You demand, “People have the right to perform however they like, as long as they don’t hurt anyone. They do not have the right to force speech or perception in anyone else.” Yet, you also argue that this professor has the right to denigrate a transgendered person’s right to the very same thing and to self expression. There is no crime in making racist comments like Trump does when he panders to his ignorant base, but there are consequences to making racist remarks. For example, if you work for the Californian state you might lose your job because the people in California decided in a democratic process that denigrating “the other” is not ok for a state employee. None of this says that there is a totalitarian regime that forces any speech on anyone. Everyone is still free to say what they want to say. Further, does a conservative evangelical church have the right to fire an employee who publicly expresses her pro choice opinions as a private citizen?

    2. Biology is a fact.Since when did the left become so detached from reality that we even argue about male female difference?

      When did stating the obvious become offensive?

      1. Harvard’s president got canned for that very thing, and that was some years ago now.

    3. Federal law prohibits a school teacher from making racist remarks. You repeat the wrong, pathetic, ubiquitous, and narcissistic mantra. You conflate a civil law and potentially criminal trespass with stating obvious scientific fact: No matter how much progressives rant, protest, toss into prison, or execute, someone born with an XY chromosome, shall never be found to have an XX chromosome.

      Progressive “gender fakes” and their sycophants are the true science deniers.

      Shame on you and your type for encouraging and approving of XY chromosome felony rapists increasing their access to XX victims in shelters who are naturally less physically able to defend themselves.

      Shame on you and your type for insuring that every single athletic champion designated for XX chromosome persons shall soon be held by exclusively XY chromosome persons.

      Shame on your for desiring to incinerate Title IX’s previous benefits awarded exclusively to XY chromosome persons.

      The teacher expressing her opinion violates absolutely no student rights. Academic freedom guarantees her rights to express her opinion. Her opinion violates no one’s rights, and is speech guaranteed by the 1st Amendment.

      1. Yes, the teacher is violating any transgendered student’s rights to self expression. Just because some cannot wrap their heads around the existence of transgendered people throughout human history doesn’t mean we should allow anyone to denigrate such fellow humans.

  4. The post states that Tanner’s views are more on the conservative side, and that may be true, however most of the women I know who are speaking out against transgender ideology are more on the liberal side. Many, many left-leaning women who were once trans allies are waking up and smelling the coffee, and realizing that there is no science behind transgenderism. This is why it is increasingly being referred to as ideology — it is simply a person’s feeling or belief.

    “Anti-discrimination” and “equality” laws such as the Equality Act sound wonderful, but more and more people like Tanner are realizing and speaking out about how transgender males are being allowed to compete against women in sports, shower with women at the gym, bunk with teen girls at camp or on school trips without parents’ knowledge, etc. Women like Tanner and myself want to be kind to everyone but we are realizing that by being kind and going along with transgender “males can be women” ideology, we are forfeiting our hard-won rights to privacy and fair sporting competition to men.

    Unfortunately, trans organizations are doing a good job of panting women as bigots when women want privacy away from males in places such as gym showers, bathrooms and hospital rooms, and when we want to compete in women’s sports with other females only, not males. As Tanner works in the department of feminist studies, her views on this topic, whatever they may be, are appropriate — she is commenting on the effects of transgender ideology on women, girls and feminism in general.

    As Tanner has pointed out, men cannot be women. This is scientific fact yet Tanner is being called offensive and phobic for stating it. Transgender ideology is based on woo, feelings, and stereotypes. A man may prefer stereotypically feminine roles, clothing, hairstyles, etc, but this does not make him a woman, as this is scientifically impossible. It is unbelievable to me that a university doctoral candidate is receiving backlash from her university for stating scientific facts. Maybe the protesting students are flat-earthers, too, and will go after the physics department next.

    1. Skkeptical, I agree with your comments – I’m male – but it seems that modern “feminists” – my wife is old school feminist – fall more often against Tanner’s position than with her. Do I have that right in your opinion, or there is hope?

      1. As they say you can have your own opinions but not your own facts…..

        The fact is there is a disconnect and tension between Trans and gay and feminists.Trans people are pushing the “agenda” of there is no such thing as gender.If there is no such thing as “gender” there is no such thing as being GAY or female.Can a transgender man have a baby?Even the biological capacity to carry a child?
        Then that’s not a woman no matter how much makeup and sequins they put on it. it a man who had the biology and hormones of a man and made a choice to have surgery to superficially LOOK like a women or man whatever he case.Now I dont care what adults do and have nothing but sympathy for trans people the same sympathy I have for Anorexics.
        Anorexics see a fat person while they are skeletons and dying.Should we support that delusion too?

      2. Anon1: I think the issue with Old School Feminists is that they too readily fall in line with whatever is supposed to be liberal, without thinking it through. Younger feminists, such as this woman at UCSB, recognize that just because something benefits white males, that it doesn’t necessarily benefit women. And that’s what the trans-woman movement really comes down to: Privileged, entitled white males demanding whatever they want, any everybody else is expected to fall in line or be harassed and “outed” as a bigot. And where did “outing” come from, BTW? Gay white men “outing” someone they thought was gay, against that person’s wishes. All in a mood of vendetta and tantrum against ppl who weren’t acting the way they wanted. The fact is, gay men are at most 5% of the U.S. population, but have enormous influence in the media, in Hollywood, in business, advertising and academia. They are predominantly white, middle to upper class, and unusually wealthy due to college education and no children to support. Have your wife go to a bookstore or newsstand and flip through any gay magazine, such as “Out” or “TheAdvocate.” She will likely be amazed at the advertisements for Rolexes and other luxury goods, and the pandering of all major American corporations for gay money. Bottom line, this is not an oppressed minority. And due to their money, power, and sense of entitlement, gay men are demanding that the rest of us accede to more and more bizarre proclivities and behaviors. If men want to compete in women’s sports, use women’s bathrooms, take up space in shelters which exist to protect women and children, then we’re supposed to step aside and let them, or be harassed and defamed as a hater. And if perverted men want to have sex with animals or young boys, well that’s just another “preference,” right? I feel bad for the young scholar at UCSB, but I admire her courage and hope other young women will begin to think for themselves. The societal privilege of spoiled and entitled gay white men does not mean that everyone else has to concede to whatever they demand. Women should recognize and demand their own spaces.

        1. Kitty, you don’t get what my wife and old school feminists believed and fought for, which is many of the rights now enjoyed by younger women, including health care, abortion rights, and against discrimination and restrictive laws (the state school she and I went to had a curfew on women students and they were not allowed to wear anything but dresses on campus on weekdays before 7:00 PM) . Trans men playing under TitleIX wasn’t one of them and Ms Tanner would have an ally in my wife, not an opponent. My question to Skeptical was what she thought majority young modern feminists thought on this issue, because my impression is they may favor Tanner’s opponents. Could be wrong.

          1. i met a feminist social concern whatever person the other day, she a former friend.

            as soon as she told me what her job was, these days, some kind of pious nonsense at the university, I excused myself quickly

            who wants to be friends with leftist bores?

    2. The Transgenderism movement promotes that all it takes to be a woman is a belief that you are one. Any biological women who disagree, or who do not want biological males admitted to their private spaces, or sports, must be harassed and silenced.

      Seems contrary to women’s rights, Title IX, common sense, and science.

      It is disturbing how biological women are being forced to go along with this against their will. Essentially, males are invading their sports and privacy without their consent.

      One can be kind and compassionate to transgender people without granting them access to biological female sports and private, protected spaces. Their upset at the world not conforming to their inner picture of themselves is due to their illness, and should be dealt with compassionately.

      A transgender female will still have XY chromosomes, and still require a prostate exam. Still have inherent biological male advantages in sports, skeletal differences, brain differences, different risk factors for diseases, only a female can pass on mitochondrial DNA, different hair loss, won’t have ovaries or go through menopause…there is a very long list of the differences.

      Behavior and surgery changes zero of the above list. In the end, the person is still a biological male performing in society as a female. If that makes the person happy, then great, but that does not grant the power to compete in women’s sports or access to the shower.

      My friend when to college where a guy in a beard always dressed in little girl dresses, like tutus, or spandex. No matter how nice this person might be, he would have had no business in a women’s shower. There was a homeless woman who believed that she was Elvis’s girlfriend. There is also now a movement called pup play, which has two different genres. One is sexual play for gay men, the other is people who, regardless of gender, literally believe they are a dog trapped in a human body. They identify as dogs, ask their friends to accept licks for hello, and wear costumes whenever possible. They behave as dogs, and wish significant others to treat them as a pet.

      They are not actually dogs. It would appear the height of lunacy to harass anyone who didn’t accept that pup play people were not real dogs. Outside of transgenderism, this logic would seem obvious.

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  6. “A woman is someone with a female body and any personality … not a ‘female personality’ and any body. Any other definition is sexism.” She also argued that “It’s not possible to be born in the wrong body,” and “so called trans women will never be anything but men.” Those views were declared by The Daily Nexus as “transphobic.”

    Phobic implies she harbors an extreme or irrational fear of something. Those views by Tanner are not phobic but realistic. Additionally, if the transactivists seek to silence her and/or get her kicked out of the school, that too would not be phobic but reality.

    1. I agree with Tanner Olly. There is a disconnect between the idea that sex is mostly or all a social construct (a tenant of many feminists) and the idea that one must change their physiology to achieve their true self. Why? If biology is irrelevant, someone feeling “trapped” in the wrong body should just adjust their socially determined orientation to fit their body. We’re either fluid or we’re not – I don’t believe we’re infinitely fluid and much of modern science is confirming that fact, including the likelihood that sexual orientation – not necessarily sexual identity – is set early or before birth. I am all for freedom of those of both sexes to act as they see fit and as is of no harm to others, but not to the point of denying reality, including biology. The idea that children are being allowed or even encouraged to do permanent harm to themselves to “fix” their biology, especially given that modern research shows many if not most of those so troubled grow out of this desire as they mature, is an outrage that should be outlawed immediately.

      As to the situation at UCSB, it is the right of those lobbying against her to do so, though still upsetting in an environment where freedom of speech should be encouraged, and what the university does is the important thing. My guess is that they will be weighing possible law suits and they’re responsibility under various civil rights laws.

    2. Trying to silence a biological female’s opinions about biological males seems antithetical to feminism.

      1. Allowing a biological males to encroach on womens hard fought rights is also antithetical to Feminism.

        Who knew we would even be questioning that there are different sexes?Its insanity and children are being propagandized into it!!

  7. How can a people or a nation continue on if they are being chemical/vaccines poisoned, IQ’s attacked & sterilized? It can’t!

    And look it up quick as google & other big tech are washing the internet they don’t want the public to see.

  8. Jill, I am getting pretty tired of tolerating anything the left says without advocacy from the Right. As a matter of fact, SICK AND TIRED OF THE BS ATTACKS. Then when we stand up, we are attacked as intolerent. Do you see anything wrong with this?!?

  9. Bob,

    On the right, I would do a read on JT’s post today about Donald Trump. On the left, if you listen to Consortium News, there is an interview by Aaron Mate about Russiagate. That has been a debacle of left wing intolerance and authoritarianism. There’s tons more but those are both two very good examples!

        1. Jill, my point exactly. It isn’t the Right that is doing the majority (by a factor of 1,000,000 squared) and so responses are hard to find. Thanks for making my point.

          1. Bob,

            I am confused about what you are saying. I think you are saying that only the right abridges our Constitution. That is not correct. The left has been very bad about this for a while now. Examples are easy to find of both groups doing this.

            This is a society wide problem. We need to understand how deep the problem runs so we can correct it. Each side thinks that only the other side has this problem so they don’t take the log out of their own eye!

            We have to own up to our own side’s failure to stand up for other people’s rights. It’s a huge problem and only rigorous honesty can help solve it.

  10. (music)
    If you’re queer you are queer..
    You are queer all the way.
    From your first gingerail to your last dying day.

  11. It is all quite simple and simple language for academia is important. If you have a dong you are a male. If you were born with a dong and had it removed and then surgery provided a vagina then you are a transgender female. Sign on the so called rest rooms: Female: No Dongs Allowed. Male: Dongs Only.
    Nuff said Fred.

  12. Just more BS from the people who grow BS as a profession! Remember the mantra from these kooks: Free Speech for me, but not for thee.

  13. These PhD students are working on their doctorates of Transpandering! Lol! No one, it seems, is being taught simple logic: If ALL female disadvantages stem from culturally-imposed gender roles, then there can be no male or female “personality.” But the trans left accepts a female or male “personality” exists that has no connection to physiology. LOL! More popcorn, please!

  14. This is disgusting.
    The only way it is real is if people are forced to believe despite the facts
    This is fascism, believe or else
    This is a test of worse things to come when they want people to say only the things they want to hear and believe
    This is wrong
    This is scary, I mean for 2000 years there were only 2 genders, and now it’s wrong
    He is he and she is she
    Nothing else

    1. In February of 1981, William Casey — head of the CIA, stated, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

  15. At least they didn’t tell here to leave the country! But seriously, she has a right to her views.

  16. There was a time when a professor could “go against” the prevailing consensus. If someone disagreed with their published work, they would write a paper refuting it.

    There was a time when the student was taught that disagreement with the current science was a Good Thing. It was taught that that is exactly how science advances: current consensus proven wrong.

    A professor commenting in public about their professional opinion is normal.

    1. This nation is just more and more scary. Occurring on both the left and right, I see a nation full of authoritarians who are unable to think. People cannot make arguments when they disagree with someone. Any person who disagrees with this professor should speak up. They should be able to explain why/where she is mistaken. She is making an argument. Now, engage with the argument. That is the essence of a free exchange of ideas which is supposedly what should happen at a university.

      If students want to protest her, they have that right. But I’d really like people to be able to counter an argument. It would be refreshing to have people who felt strongly about something actually sit down and hash things out. Disagreement with another person’s ideas is not a valid reason to fire them.

      Citizens of this nation are letting their authoritarianism out into the open. We should really pay attention to that. The will to stifle dissent, on the right and on the left is strong. Instead, we need to support other’s rights, even the rights of people we don’t like. In the end, all this authoritarianism makes us stupid and easy to control. People who can think, make arguments, and support each other’s rights are not easy pickings for those who would like to control them.

      1. Occurring on both the left and right,

        Jill, there isn’t one pathology in higher education you can lay at our door.

        1. DSS,
          Except that those in higher education and on the right (students and their parents and alums included) did not sufficiently speak out against said pathologies when they were less invasive.

      2. Jill, good comment. Please define and provide examples of “This nation is just more and more scary. Occurring on both the left and right”.






        but, we have to organize at some point. the question is always when and how

        and how to punish the czars of political correctness at universities. they need severe reprisals.
        lawfully, of course.

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