Court Dismisses Lawsuit By Anti-Trump Protester Against University For Allowing Her To Protest Illegally

Over a year ago, we discussed the lawsuit brought by Maria Ana Carrola Flores, a sophomore at the University of California-San Diego, who sued after being hit by a car on the highway. However, she was taking part in a protest illegally blocking the highway at the time in protesting the election of Donald Trump.  She sued the University of California Regents, the city and county of San Diego, the state of California, and the driver of the car. At the time, I expressed great doubt over the merits of this lawsuit by someone acting illegally and then blaming others for allowing her to act illegally. Now, San Diego Superior Court has issued a notice of dismissal of the frivolous action.

Flores suggested that the university was responsible because Resident Advisors had effectively organized the protest by encouraging it. It was an interesting aspect of the litigation because we have seen recently Oberlin College was held liable for its role in protests and defamatory statements against a grocery. Schools are currying favor with students by investing in protests and incorporating advocacy as part of their educational missions.

Flores’ lawyer Jerold Sullivan threw in the towel and, while calling the ruling tragic, said that the case would not be refiled. He explained that the driver did not have insurance or assets and was therefore “judgment proof.” That is why she sued the university for her own injuries. Of course, that shows a need for the money, not a claim against the university and city.

16 thoughts on “Court Dismisses Lawsuit By Anti-Trump Protester Against University For Allowing Her To Protest Illegally”

  1. “He explained that the driver did not have insurance or assets. . .” Do we know his immigration status?

  2. It’s always someone else’s fault.

    Personal responsibility may be old fashioned now, but a lack of it produces idiots who wander onto the highway, and then blame everyone else for getting hit.

    Personal responsibility is an evolutionary adaptation for survival. A lack thereof, leads to the Darwin Award and other maladaptive behaviors.

    1. Mespo, that is not far off. A mentally ill person went to the local mental health center telling them to hold him because he had an uncontrolable need to kill his wife. They didn’t and he killed her knowing witnesses were present. He was convicted and the appeal was denied. The interesting factor was that the life insurance company paid it out to the mentally ill individual. That case might have been poorly managed by the defense at trial.

      1. The life insurance company paid the benefit to her murderer????!! Is there no clause to prevent this?

        What a tragedy for the poor woman and her loved ones. They should sue those who denied him the care he requested.

        1. The life insurance company paid the benefit because he was psychiatrically ill. I think it was a government mental health facility, probably county, I think suing a clinic of this nature and winning could have severe unintended consequences. Would that mean that everyone then be admitted. Look at what happened to malpractice insurance and how the risk today is divied up.

  3. What is scary is that there are many more like this idiot being churned out by the educational system.

  4. Prosecute her for being on the highway and creating danger to drivers. If convicted chain her to a billboard over that highway for 30 days– naked.

  5. Of course, that shows a need for the money, not a claim against the university and city.

    Sir Isaac Newton comes to mind and his third law of motion.

    Lex III: Actioni contrariam semper et æqualem esse reactionem: sive corporum duorum actiones in se mutuo semper esse æquales et in partes contrarias dirigi.

    Law III: To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction: or the mutual actions of two bodies upon each other are always equal, and directed to contrary parts

    Stupid people can not accept the fact that actions have consequences, eg. Protesting in highways.

    1. Actions most definitely have consequences and the litigious nature of our society is helping to slow things to a hault. I just received this video from Prager which is quite on topic.

      Why Can’t America Fill a Pothole?

      Of course videos from this site are frequently banned from Google by arrogant people such as Professor Thomas from the other thread posted today.

      1. At home we dumped Google products in total. We always use privacy browser on Safari, use Duckduckgo as a search engine, disable java script when practical and delete cookies after every use. Our technology has been used as a way to track us, hunt us, collect our personal data and used for profit by Google and the like. Im over it. Im ready to toss my cell phone in the river and go back to land line

        1. Estovir, I also dumped Google and use Ducduckgo. I try to stay away from Java and am careful with Flash. Cookies seem to reappear even after all have been dumped. I never got rid of the landline and use private windows. All of that doesn’t secure one’s privacy. A VPN can potentially help and I tried one but it caused problems. It really does very little but satisfies a need to do something.

          Even our most personal medical information is not secure and its security is even worse with EHR’s, managed care and so much government involvement. I have seen advertisements directed towards me based on medical purchases. Though government is necessary its effects are corrupting and now we have to worry about a new breed of totalitarianism coming directly from our overlarge federal bureaucracy. Federalism was a smart idea but leftists always desire absolute control.

        2. I read that Duckduckgo uses Yahoo as its search engine.

          What we need is an unbiased search engine.

          1. is what I’m putting on my wife’s laptop. We both use duckduckgo, but her browser is Mrcrosoft;s Bing, which does what Google does, only less efficiently.

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