D.C. Police Post Video Of Savage Attack On Tourist At The Washington Hilton

The Washington Hilton Hotel (where Ronald Reagan was shot) was the scene of a savage beating of a tourist by a dozen youths at the entrance of the hotel in broad daylight. The brazen attackers exhibited little concern that they would be stopped, let alone arrested, as they took turns kicking, hitting, and spitting on the man. Police have released pictures and the video in the hopes of identifying the attackers.

The Hotel at 1919 Connecticut Avenue and T Street, NW is in the heart of the restaurant and tourist area. It is the location of the annual White House Correspondents Dinner and part of the popular Dupont Circle area.

The video shows the victim walking with another man toward the entrance of the hotel when a group of young males and females jump out and attack them. They pile on the victim and then punch his friend when he tries to intervene. No hotel security can be seen which is quite surprising.

Screen images:

The vicious of the attack of the attack is shocking including a girl who runs back to spit on the man. The obvious dangerousness of these young people is manifest. This is not some youthful indiscretion. It shows an utter lack of empathy, restraint, and humanity. The fact that this could happen at the very entrance of one of the most popular hotels in Washington is chilling.

The victim was left with head injuries and an injury to his left eye.

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  1. Two arrests recently:

    15-year-old girl arrested after Washington Hilton attack – The …
    7 days ago
    A 15-year-old girl was the second teenager arrested after surveillance video showed a group stomping a man …

    Police arrest teen after group seen on video … – Washington Post

    Jul 26, 2019 – Police are searching for as many as 14 people in the attack on a man … group seen on video attacking man outside Washington Hilton hotel.

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  5. Signs of the Times. It’s going to get worse as Satan knows his time is short.

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