Mueller Hearing Generated Less Than 13 Million Viewers

The House Democrats and the media built up the Mueller hearings for weeks as the long awaited moment in the Trump investigations. It appears that the moment came far too late for most Americans. Less than 13 million viewers tuned in for the hearings, which was widely described as a disaster for the Democrats and, frankly, Mueller. In another example of the growth of cable over broadcast, Fox News secured the largest audience for the day — an ironic conclusion given the false report that Fox would not cover the hearing live. Yet, the numbers were down overall from the hearing of former FBI Director James Comey. The hearing undermined the Democratic position with a remarkably ill-conceived plan of having members just read portions of the report to Mueller who came across as befuddled and confused.

Here are the results:

Fox: 3.03 million

MSNBC: 2,408,000

ABC: 2,124,000

NBC: 1,989,000

CBS: 1,905,000

CNN: 1,515,000.

In the most sought after demographic group, NBC drew 536,000 people in the advertiser demo. ABC News came in second among people between 25 and 54, notching an average of 489,000, followed by Fox News with 441,000; CBS with 406,000; CNN with 365,000; and MSNBC with 347,000.

Since Attorney General Bill Barr garnered 11 million for his hearing, this was well below what the Democrats and the media had hoped for. This is a case where the coverage numbers carry a strong political meaning. Democrats worked hard to drive up the viewership and spend weeks prepping and planning with members. What they produced was an anemic and conflicted hearing.

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  1. Repeat after me: “I’m not going to speak to that” “I’m not going to get into the details of that” and finally the piece de resistance “That is beyond my purview”.

    What kind of witness gets away with this without at least being found in contempt? If he wants to take the 5th, he’s free to do it but he can’t just keep trotting out theses lines on every other question.

    1. Steve, if you were paying attention, the Justice Department put restrictions on what Mueller could say. Surely you don’t think those Republicans would just sit there, tearing their hair out, if they could have threatened Mueller with ‘contempt’.

      1. Mueller implied in his testimony that there was a link between the
        IRA and the Russian government despite an order from a judge for him to
        stop making that connection because there is ZERO evidence!!
        There may be some fireworks with that judge because of Mueller’s
        statements. He was expressly warned by the judge that she would consider
        a range of sanctions were there any repetition. On the other hand, as
        far as I could tell a few years ago when I had last researched the
        topic, federal judges are very reluctant to sanction federal attorneys. I
        could find only one published instance where that had occurred, and it
        was only a measly $500 penalty. (Rule 11 sanctions are supposed to
        compensate the other side for the expenses of opposing an unjustifiable
        position, as measured by the reasonable billing rate of the other side’s
        lawyers, although judges do have authority for departures.)
        Misbehavior by federal lawyers is exceedingly common, I suspect
        precisely because they are so seldom held to account for unprincipled
        That fact Mueller conducted such a shoddy investigation and pushes lies based on zero evidence is no
        surprise to me.

        Republicans Shredded Mueller at the Hearing Called by Democrats: But will this be all?

        Russiagate is over, and it is clear even to the most stupid American that Russiagate was an attempted coup against the president of the United States. The remaining question is whether Trump will “move on” or whether those responsible for the coup will be indicted for their numerous crimes. Indictments are absolutely necessary if the rogue military/security complex is to be brought under control. President Kennedy said that he was going to break the CIA into a thousand pieces, but they killed him first. President Trump should at least abolish the covert operations branch of the CIA, which starts wars and blackmails and assassinates political leaders. Foreign policy belongs to the State Department and the decision to go to war belongs to Congress. It is absolutely imperative that President Trump put the official, elected government back in charge. He cannot do this unless a number of heads roll.

        If President Trump lets them get away with it, the executive branch, legislature, and judiciary will become stage props for the deep state. If the US is to remain even faintly connected to accountable government, President Trump must bring the culprits to justice“


      2. Hill, if you were paying attention the questions he refused to answer without taking the 5th were not beyond those restrictions. Nor did he use that as an excuse for his failure to answer.

        1. Steve, then Republicans would have threatened Mueller with contempt. But they didn’t! One could see that Devin Nunes, in particular, was visibly exasperated.

          1. Hill – the Republicans do not have enough votes in the House to threaten contempt. You need at least a majority of the committee members. Republicans would need to get Democrats to join them and the Democrats were clearly rehearsed and in lock step.

            1. “Democrats were clearly rehearsed and in lock step”

              Yes, Paul, however the dynamics for the future have changed. The Democrats now have the Squad which is actually a firing squad destroying whatever credibility Democrats might have had.

            2. Paul, the Democrats were equally as flustered. And that frustration dominated coverage. Mueller’s avoidance of hard questions cut both ways.

              1. Hill – he did destroy some of their aha moments. Really, the Democrats should be charged with Elder Abuse.

                1. I am extremely skeptical Mueller’s current condition sprouted up a couple of months ago, or a couple of years.

                  Nobody put a gun to his head saying he had to take the job. He did that on his own — given his condition. And he needs to take responsibility for that.

                    1. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, it’s a bit absolute. He either has dementia or he doesn’t.

                      My Dad didn’t have dementia in his 70s, But he knew he couldn’t work 40 hours a week, and he wouldn’t have taken a job like this — out of enlightenment.

                      This guy was a figure head. And in my view, shouldn’t have taken this job.

                    2. SteveJ – I would have liked for her to have taken episodes later when he was starting to tire. She has three more out with Republicans questioning him and it is clear he is either lying or evasive in his answers. I have a nurse friend who works with elders and she thinks he is in the early stages of dementia. However, she would want him tested.

      3. And yet, Hill and every other progressive twat give Mr. Magoo Mueller a pass for disobeying his direct superiors Rod Rosenstein and AG Barr, who ordered Mueller to determine whether Trump could or could not be charged with obstruction. Instead, Mueller lies and says we could not “exonerate” him. Sorry, but in the criminal justice world, the absence of a criminal charge means the subject is “innocent,” because that’s the nature of the US system: “innocent” till proven guilty. I guess that’s news to the former FBI Chief Mueller.

        And Hill also ignores the fact that the DOJ specifically told Mueller he can and must list (indeed that’s what Mueller was paid to do) criminal obstructions charges against Trump even though a sitting POTUS can not be indicted. IOW, Mueller lied when he stated the law prevented him from listing any charge including obstruction against Trump.

        Listing a sitting POTUS’ alleged crimes is NOT indicting him/her. Congress could and would use such list to impeach Trump and make him NO LONGER a sitting POTUS.

        But Hill would rather ignore all this, and hope you do the same.


        1. Princess, you’re just babbling here. Barr and Mueller are best of friends.

    1. right on:

      “The most notable aspect of the Mueller report was always what it omitted: the origins of this mess. Christopher Steele’s dossier was central to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s probe, the basis of many of the claims of conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia. Yet the Mueller authors studiously wrote around the dossier, mentioning it only in perfunctory terms. The report ignored Mr. Steele’s paymaster, Fusion GPS, and its own ties to Russians. It also ignored Fusion’s paymaster, the Clinton campaign, and the ugly politics behind the dossier hit job.

      Mr. Mueller’s testimony this week put to rest any doubt that this sheltering was deliberate. In his opening statement he declared that he would not “address questions about the opening of the FBI’s Russia investigation, which occurred months before my appointment, or matters related to the so-called Steele Dossier.” The purpose of those omissions was obvious, as those two areas go to the heart of why the nation has been forced to endure years of collusion fantasy.

      Mr. Mueller claimed he couldn’t answer questions about the dossier because it “predated” his tenure and is the subject of a Justice Department investigation. These excuses are disingenuous. Nearly everything Mr. Mueller investigated predated his tenure, and there’s no reason the Justice Department probe bars Mr. Mueller from providing a straightforward, factual account of his team’s handling of the dossier.

      If anything, Mr. Mueller had an obligation to answer those questions, since they go to the central failing of his own probe. As Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz asked Mr. Mueller, how could a special-counsel investigation into “Russia’s interference” have any credibility if it failed to look into whether the Steele dossier was itself disinformation from Moscow? Mr. Steele acknowledges that senior Russian officials were the source of his dossier’s claims of an “extensive conspiracy.” Given that no such conspiracy actually existed, Mr. Gaetz asked: “Did Russians really tell that to Christopher Steele, or did he just make it up and was he lying to the FBI?”

      Mr. Mueller surreally responded: “As I said earlier, with regard to Steele, that is beyond my purview.””

      thanks absurd

  2. Beyond Mueller’s ‘Purview’: The Justice Department will have to examine the rest of the Russia story.

    Having failed to prove collusion and obstruction of justice, the cheerleaders of the Robert Mueller investigation are now highlighting his claim this week that Russia is still trying to interfere in U.S. elections. No doubt the Russians are. Which makes it all the more important that the Justice Department finish the half of the Russian-meddling probe that Mr. Mueller didn’t.

    We’re referring to the areas that Mr. Mueller said this week were not in his “purview.” We counted nine times the former special counsel resorted to that answer, all in response to questions about the origin story of the FBI counterintelligence operation against the Trump campaign.

    Was Mr. Mueller familiar with Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm that Democrats used to flog dirt about Donald Trump and Russia? “This is outside my purview,” he said.

    Did he know that Fusion GPS was also representing a Russian-based company known as Prevezon while it was flogging that dirt? “It’s outside my purview,” Mr. Mueller said.

    Did he know that Fusion GPS was working with Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who figured so prominently in the meeting at Trump Tower in 2016 with Trump campaign officials? She wanted to repeal the Magnitsky Act that allows sanctions against Vladimir Putin’s cronies. “Outside my purview,” he said.

    And what about the notorious Steele dossier, supposedly based on Russian sources, that formed the basis for a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign? “Well what I think is missing here is the fact that this is under investigation,” Mr. Mueller replied. “And consequently it’s not within my purview, the Department of Justice and FBI should be responsive to questions on this particular issue.”

    None of this was under investigation as far as we know when Mr. Mueller began his probe in May 2017, so that isn’t a good excuse. How could Mr. Mueller think that the Steele dossier that drove the media clamor about Russia-Trump collusion for months wasn’t part of his purview? Mr. Mueller may never answer that question.

    Which leaves finishing the job to the Justice Department under Attorney General William Barr. In his public life Mr. Barr will never have a more important assignment. Americans need to know how and why a U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement agency came to spy on a presidential campaign. They need to know the real story, not merely the one leaked to a sympathetic media by former FBI and Obama Administration officials.

    So much doesn’t add up from the dribs and drabs we have already learned. If the fear of Russian influence was so great, why didn’t the FBI tell Donald Trump? If the threat was so great, why did the FBI send its operatives to entrap a pair of minor campaign advisers, Carter Page and George Papadopoulos? If they thought Mr. Trump was a Manchurian Candidate, then why not seek to engage someone with real authority who actually spoke with Mr. Trump?

    The good news is that Mr. Barr does seem determined to find the truth. “The use of foreign-intelligence capabilities and counterintelligence capabilities against an American political campaign to me is unprecedented and it’s a serious red line that’s been crossed,” Mr. Barr told CBS News in May.

    There are several key areas to explore. The first that will become public is the investigation by Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz into the FISA warrants against Mr. Page and perhaps others. Were they legitimate and based on solid information? Or were the FISA judges deceived as part of a politically motivated campaign against Mr. Trump? Mr. Horowitz should report sometime this autumn.

    Other areas include the private actors such as Fusion GPS, the Democratic law firm Perkins Coie that paid Fusion, the former British spy Christopher Steele and others. What actions did they take and how did they influence the FBI and FISA court?

    Then there’s the FBI investigation, which was controlled by a small number of officials under former director James Comey. Their actions and motivations need to be examined closely for their legality but also for their communications across the government, especially with former CIA Director John Brennan and the Obama White House.

    All of this is being investigated by U.S. Attorney John Durham at Mr. Barr’s request. His probe may not find illegal acts, but the documents and facts related to all of this should still be made public consistent with U.S. national security. Mr. Barr has pledged to declassify as much as he safely can, and we hope he leans to more disclosure than the insiders will want.

    As Mr. Durham’s probe proceeds, look for the attacks on Messrs. Barr, Durham and Horowitz to escalate. We hope they bear up under the pressure, because the U.S. cannot tolerate intelligence and enforcement officials who abuse their power for political ends. If abuses occurred in 2016, they need to be exposed and punished so it never happens again.

    1. The Dunham and Horowitz investigations? You mean “witch hunts”? The American people are not going to fall for Barr’s “hoax!” It’s time to “move-on” from “Investi-Gate.”

      1. Jeffrey, why do you refer to those investigations as witch hunts? Clearly the Steele Dossier was likely misused in the FISA courts. Don’t you think that deserves looking into?

  3. Far more productive use of time watching reruns of The Three Stooges. Far more entertaining. And far more substantive.

  4. A new article in Time by Joyce Vance:

    “This Might Be the Most Important Exchange in the Mueller Testimony”

    “We are left to ask whether this is how an American president should behave. Are we comfortable with a president who believes the public should be kept in the dark? Trump didn’t sit for an interview. He didn’t give full responses to written questions. Is that a commitment to justice and truth? Is that upholding the oath of office?”

  5. Joyce Vance On The Most Important Exchange In Mueller’s Testimony | The Last Word | MSNBC

    1. that opinion was typical prosecutor BS. lol, what a waste of airtime, no wonder they have bad ratings

    2. Aaron Maté

      Ex-MSNBC host @krystalball slams MSNBC’s immersion in “feverish Russia conspiracy theories”, and asks: “just how much damage has MSNBC done to the Left?.” What leftist Russiagate skeptics were attacked for saying long ago is now too obvious to deny:

      Krystal Ball: How much damage has MSNBC done to the Left?

      Not Mueller Time – At Last!

      “The two tent poles of the whole RussiaGate affair are the social media campaigns

      of the St. Petersburg troll farm and the alleged hack of the DNC computers by

      Russian state operatives. That’s not our view but the claim of the Mueller report

      itself which said the alleged Russian interference occurred “principally

      through two operations.”

      Yet both poles are so flimsy that they can’t be taken seriously by anybody

      who examines the facts with even a half-open, adult mind.

      In a word, the troll farm’s efforts at using US social media were an amateurish

      joke which were well and truly lost in the sea of noise and trivia which

      washes through Facebook, Twitter et. al, and which had no relationship to the

      Kremlin in any event (see below). Likewise, the overwhelming evidence on the

      public record says the DNC emails were leaked by a disgruntled

      insider not hacked by Russian agents operating over the internet

      thousands of miles away.”

    1. BS mespo, unless you mean failing to meet the demand by some for confirmation bias instead of news. The main problem for newspapers are the internet and cable news, which both deliver that confirmation bias and instant news. Waiting for the daily newspaper is an archaic practice.

        1. I heard a great thing on FAUX radio today with Larry Kudlow and some guy, brian killme? wierd name

          Larry is awesome



    The Mueller Report was first submitted to A G William Barr on March 22. Barr was then allowed to respond with a Trump-friendly summary which went largely uncontested in its first week of news coverage. Democrats and Journalists lacked any full report to counter Barr’s spin.

    A 448 page redacted version of The Mueller Report was publicly released on April 18; almost a full month ‘after’ Barr’s summary. By then Barr’s spin had hardened like concrete in the minds of every Trump supporter.

    Mueller’s testimony to Congress should have followed the full report’s release within a timely manner. ..But it didn’t..!! Instead almost three full months have passed since then.

    Therefore Professor Turley is being totally disingenuous by concluding America wasn’t that interested in Mueller’s testimony. In the four months since Mueller first submitted his report to Barr, numerous stories have played-out in national and international news. It’s not like the American public would keep Mueller’s report fresh in their heads that whole period.

    So of course Mueller’s testimony before Congress became a ratings bust. It was like the movie sequel that comes out years after the original. Months ‘are’ years when it comes to news cycles. A news figure from three to four months ago, can seem irrelevant unless new revelations accompany their reemergence. That was not the case with Mueller’s testimony.

    One should also note that the days of Big 3 networks have long passed. So its not even logical to expect a Big 3 TV audience for a long-delayed sequel to a news story. I’m just surprised the Big 3 networks bothered to even carry it.


      Blame it on Mueller and his team. Barr worked faster than one could expect so that he could release the entire report as soon as possible. Mueller declined to help out. Everything released had to be vetted and certain things could not be made public by law.

      Blame the Mueller team. You make excuses for everything Peter. That is the type of Shill you are. This is the type of comment that makes you look totally ignorant.

      1. I do not understand how Mueller could help make the redactions and still not know what was in the report. Granted the Democrats gave him a competent adult as an assistant. I think, after watching Mueller for about an hour, that he is slipping into dementia. I think the Democrats knew this and put him on the witness stand anyway.

        1. Are Paul in Phoenix..?? Where have you been the last 8 months? Have you been using an “Anonymous”?

          1. Hill – yep, it is I. 🙂 For some reason my computer would not recognize Turley’s site until today. I did double scrub my computer yesterday, so that may have solve the problem.

              1. Hill – however, it still does not correct my misspelled words. Baaaaad computer. Baaaaad.

        2. Welcome back Paul. Mueller’s team could have helped. But we didn’t know at the time Muellers condition though I believe he used that condition as a cover as well.

          1. Allan – I have breakfast with a friend’s father, who has dementia, about once a month. I knew him when he was completely competent. When he went downhill, he was like Mueller, some good moments, some bad moments. Hence, the addition of a competent adult to help Mueller with his testimony. I would guess he did not dress himself for the hearing.

            1. Paul, some people know instinctively when it is good not to have a good memory.

              1. So many of you are making medical diagnosis and yet not charging appropriate fees



                1. Estovir – I am not sure how we would charge for our services on Turley’s site. Do you? Are you charging? 😉

                  1. Estovir – I am not sure how we would charge for our services on Turley’s site. Do you? Are you charging? 😉

                    I have refrained from making any diagnosis of Mueller because I can not charge! its also unethical without seeing the patient in person. At the university I charge for my services but at the free clinic I volunteer. Hope that helps


                    1. Estovir, you are entitled to an opinion. it just shouldn’t be one connected to the degree you hold. When psychiatrists, in their letter against Trump, placed their M.D.’s after their names they were unethical and demonstrated that they were incapable of living up to the ethical standards of the medical profession while also demonstrating that their medical abilities were compromised. An appropriate response to that type of action should they have been on the staff of a medical school would have been to suspend or fire them.

                    2. Estovir – since I have NO medical training, I am allowed to freely diagnosis. It is called free speech. 😉

              2. Allan – that is true. Before Congressional committees, Hillary Clinton has the memory of a vole. And yet, she wanted to be the POTUS.

        3. The Dems had two bad choices. Either cancel the hearing which after a big buildup would backfire or let him testify and hope that it does not backfire. They gambled and lost.

          1. olesmithy – I think they are going to continue to investigate Trump because they think that is the way to bring him down. Personally, I think they are hurting their own cause.

            1. That could be but such actions are at least in part reflective of Nadler/Schiff need (on several levels) for a “win” after the Mueller hearing setback.

  7. Mueller failed to establish a probable cause predicate for his investigation, evading all questions surrounding the inception of the “collusion” narrative. My guess is that Mueller knew much more than he was saying, particularly about the Durham investigation and what has already been uncovered about State Dept. and CIA involvement is framing and attempted entrapment of Trump the candidate, then laying an impeachment trap. Mueller appeared to be disgusted with the partisanship on display, and most passionate about taking proactive steps, bipartisan steps, to harden our campaign and election system against Russian interference.

    1. ” passionate about taking proactive steps, bipartisan steps,…”

      I think you give Mueller too much credit. He refused to answer any questions involving the Steele Dossier which was central to FISA suppoenas and other things. He saw over an investigation that was totally partisan..

  8. Instead of bashing Bill Barr the Democrats should have listened to him as should have Mueller. Barr being the fair minded, honest, compassionate person he is, he made a statement that let Mueller off the hook. Barr has had a relationship with Mueller and probably recongized Mueller’s condition and problems. He was being humane, but no, the Democrats don’t give a damn about anyone, fairness or humanity. They have stupid people in contro (like Adam Schiff)l and a vocal voting membership of non thinkers. Mueller testified, destroyed his reputation, destroyed in part the reputation of the Democrats and totally failed the mission stupidly set out for Mueller.

    1. “Democrats don’t give a damn about anyone, fairness or humanity. They have stupid people in contro (like Adam Schiff)l and a vocal voting membership of non thinkers.”
      Trump’s got it wrong. The Democratic leadership is the enemy of the people not the media. The media are just useful idiots.

      1. mespo – I would posit that most of the media is part of the Democratic leadership. 🙂

          1. Mr Kurtz – thank you. My life has been relatively quiet, so I am not sure about enter the lion’s den again.

            1. Roar! Don’t worry about Natacha — she’s a real sweetheart. Her bark is much bigger than her bite, if you know what I mean. 😉

  9. Gee, could it be because this is all sooo boring? Add to that, the fact that nothing will ever come of any of this wasteful circus.

  10. Is it gaslighting when the person choses to isolate themselves from the truth?

    People have already made up their minds. The Mueller hearing probably changed few minds. People see what they want to see.

    Congress is wasting time and money and they want to keep going. They’ve built this childish narrative and it’s all about power. We’re paying for the quest to take back political power.

    Who wants to watch a bunch of unjustifiability wealthy people use our money to get their power back?

    Keep it up congress. Please keep it up.

    1. The Mueller investigation netted about $10 million (Manafort seized assets vs costs).

      1. when a Congressman takes a leak it costs $10 million. It doesn’t move the needle on anything. The significant costs of the investigation are not tangible pecuniary ones. The talking heads just chirp about that in their questions because John Q Public thinks it’s a big number.

        In my mind the bad things :

        a- supposedly about election tampering but the election tampering the russians did via hillary went untouched

        b- the broadness of the “purview” took them into many nooks and crannies without probable cause- this has a negative effect on democratic election processes in itself

        d) the lame process crime convictions generally make the government look oppressive

        e) the public spectacle over this mess was the big win for Russia. They can point to this thing as a major coup where a petty forked attack with low resources paid huge propaganda payoff.

        Mostly the Democrats accomplished the big win for Russia, is the big irony

        The Russians are not monsters, they are not mortal foes, but they are adversaries and rivals and our system is profoundly different than theirs. In this fracas, our system was discredited.

        And I say it again. It was a forked attack. They attacked both candidates which ensured a payoff, if the Americans made a big issue out of the meddling in either way. And our government fell right into it.

      2. Manafort had nothing to do with Russia or Trump and was working with the Podesta group in the Ukraine.Podesta got legal immunity for the same “crimes’.

        Manafort was working against Russia……

        Manafort’s pro-Ukraine lobbying campaign reached Obama, Biden

        “Alan Friedman, a former journalist based in Europe who helped Manafort launch the group, told Manafort after the meeting that the member of the Hapsburg Group “delivered the message of not letting ‘Russians steal Ukraine from the West,’” prosecutors say.”

  11. Sadly, the issues here are TV ratings rather than the importance of the hearing and issues investigated by the report. Those that have not read a single word of the report and have no clue of the contents will certainly have no shortage of opinion based on conjecture. It seems my team winning the football game is of paramount importance; facts be damned. Put another way, to quote from Buffalo Springfield – “Hooray for our Side!”

    1. One of my theories is that so much of Trump’s support remains – despite his disgusting behavior and obvious lying ignorance – because it’s too embarrassing to admit how wrong they were with the one-finger salute their vote represented. Resentment and revenge against perceived elites – Trump’s support had a higher average income than Hillary’s – is probably gratifying, no matter how off base it is, but none of them can admit the obvious now without looking like fools, and doubling down is all that’s left. The obvious is that Trump is unfit for the office on the basis of character, knowledge, ability, discipline, and work ethic. It takes a fool to think otherwise and the Trumpsters will stick together, looking through their fingers as their hands cover their face, and hope a $1 trillion debt increase isn’t the only “accomplishment” he’ll leave. (By the way, GDP growth is right around 2% and projected to dip as the year goes on – that’s where it was for the last several years of Obama and without the new stimulus bill the GOP passed. Trump and others here mocked that growth rate as something they’d blow right through. The only thing he’s blown right through is the debt.)

      1. Anonymous1:
        Wrong. Trump is perceived by his base as loving the country and trying to make it better. He’s produced results. The opposition appears to hate the country; hate Trump; and hate anyone who’s not an Ivy League graduate (see a pattern) with a haughty air of “do as I say and not as I do.” That’s it in a nutshell but given the Left’s myopia and sense of self-righteousness it won’t be seen. I predict they’re in for another harsh lesson.

        1. Mespo, if Trump is so good to common folks, why did his tax cut only benefit the richest 1%..?? Why does Trump want to take healthcare away from the masses? Why won’t Trump allow the Minimum Wage to rise to a level workers can live on (instead of trying to cut them off food stamps)?

          This idea that Trump is good to common folks flies in the face of every Republican policy.

          1. What a fool. Why, why, why to questions answered many times. If you wish to engage in discussion we can do so right now one issue at a time. Take note on the minimum wage question, after raising the minimum wage Bernie Sanders has to fire people. How does that help the common folk. Take note more people are now employed than ever before, the ACA screw-d the middle class and Trump is doing work arounds to help the people. Salaries especially for the middle class have risen.

            I agree with a lot of Trump’s tax cuts so you will say its because I belong to the better off group but the truth is I am paying more in taxes than before. I have nothing against that. My objection is to how that money is being spent and wasted.

            1. Sure, Alan, anyone can live on $7.25 per hour. I just can’t think of city or town where that’s possible. But if one can go without food and share a bedroom with strangers, it might be feasible.

              1. Peter Shill: Sure, Alan, anyone can live on $7.25 per hour.

                What does David Brock pay you to troll these forums?

                Given you earn your pieces of silver by the character count, including spaces, you should give to the poor and downtrodden working for DNC candidates.


                Some of the lowest-paid campaign staffers are employed by New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker….


              2. the wage rate is not set at cost of living. it may be less than cost of living. it often is. there is nothing remarkable if the minimum wage is lower. it may suck for entry level workers., but if you artificially set a higher floor on the price of labor, then jobs at that level will be reduced

                Or, a lot of the entry level employment, at least from employers who can account for it creatively, well, a lot of the jobs may move onto the black market. which will lead to a loss in tax revenue. That’s what usually happens when minimum is too high. People find ways around it, and those ways usually result in a loss in payroll tax revenues.

                this is hard to explain to certain people who never had to pay labor or manage books, or be concerned with tax revenue collections on the government side

                1. I’ve made payroll every week for 40+ years, including this one.

                  Increasing the minimum wage will ultimately increase wages across the board, which needs to happen as they have been stagnant for 20+ years (adjusted for inflation) – even with steady productivity increases – while profits and the income of the richest Americans has risen (while their tax rate declined), as has their share of national wealth. That needs to turn around and raising the minimum wage for the first time in 10 years is a good part of it. Raising the top marginal rate and the corporate rate are another.

                  “Using 2018 inflation-adjusted dollars, the federal minimum wage peaked at $11.79 per hour in 1968.[7][8][9] If the minimum wage in 1968 had kept up with labor’s productivity growth, it would have reached $19.33 in 2017.[10] “

                  1. In my early 20’s, I actually lived on the Minimum Wage, and then just above the Minimum Wage. I didn’t own car at the time but I didn’t need one either. Nevertheless, I managed to keep a decent apartment while putting money in the bank. No one could do that on today’s Minimum Wage.

                    1. “Unfortunately, the real minimum wage is always zero, regardless of the laws, and that is the wage that many workers receive in the wake of the creation or escalation of a government-mandated minimum wage, because they lose their jobs or fail to find jobs when they enter the labor force. Making it illegal to pay less than a given amount does not make a worker’s productivity worth that amount—and, if it is not, that worker is unlikely to be employed.”

              3. Peter, minimum wage is paid to entry level jobs. That is very important because it offers the least educated a way to enter the employment market. You prefer they remain on welfare so you have a permanent underclass that is created by the people the Democratic Party is hoping to solicit for their votes, the unemployed and the illegal.

                People that apply themselves find their income increasing and that group has benefitted tremendously from Trump policies in both lower taxes and hopefully less competition from illegals.

                But, let us discuss minimum wage and we can start with Bernie Sanders raising the wages and then firing people

          2. “…why did his tax cut only benefit the richest 1%..?? ”

            You know this is a lie, yet you keep repeating it. What sort of malfunctioning moral compass allows you to do that? Are you bothered at all by such blatant dishonesty?

            1. Peter couldn’t get into law school so he is a member of Michael Cohen’s club for chronic liars and deviant drop outs.

            2. “President Donald Trump’s trade wars have already wiped out all but $100 of the average American household’s windfall from Trump’s 2017 tax law. And that’s just the beginning.

              That last $100 in tax-cut gains also could soon disappear — and then some — because of additional tariffs Trump has announced or is considering. If the president makes good on his threats to impose levies on virtually all imports from China and Mexico, those middle-earning households could pay nearly $4,000 more as they shell out more for a vast range of goods — from avocados to iPhones.

              Subtract the tax cut, and the average household will effectively be paying about $3,000 more a year in additional costs….”


              1. that is unfortunate — but somebody had to stand up to china on trade abuse practices. and yeah, tariffs are the tool.

                long term it will be worth it

              2. Other writers figure higher income and dispute your articles. However, one thing that needs to be recognized (agreed by most) is that as long as China continues doing what they do we will lose intellectual property and find our jobs outsourced. That will mean a lot of unemployment and lower paying jobs. You don’t think very far ahead.

            3. Foxtrot, last year, during the midterm elections, Republican pollsters discovered that the Trump Tax cut was a total dud with voters. That’s why Trump pivoted back to the border wall long before the November elections.

              1. The tax cut provided a growing economy and jobs. A lot more people think positively about the tax cut than you think, but then again any success of Trump to you is a failure.

              2. pollsters sell their services telling people what we already know.

                just like anuses, we all have an opinion, and they mostly stink

          3. this assertion is not supported by the facts peter. it is a talking point that sells with your crowd, so you just keep saying it. but that doesn’t make it true.

            Heritage foundation claims at fee,org:

            “Last year’s tax reform cut taxes for the vast majority of Americans.

            Using IRS data, The Heritage Foundation found that average households in every congressional district will get a tax cut in 2018. Most Americans are already receiving their tax cut through lower employer withholding.

            The average American can expect a $1,400 tax cut this year, and a family of four will get a $2,900 reduction.”

        2. Then the problem mespo with his supporters is worse than hoped for. How anyone thinks Trump loves anything but himself is inexplicable and causes worry. Their constant supervision may be in order.

          We know he dodged the draft, made fun of veterans who were captured, apparently pays next to zero taxes while the rest of us pick up his slack, hires illegals, and has no visible principles of any kind. What evidence is there for him “loving America” and where is the evidence his political opponents hate it?

          As to your personal resentment to the ivy leaguers, most of them probably did pretty good on that tax cut and many of his appointees went there, while the less fortunate and non-elitists – who voted more for Hillary than him – got next to nothing out of it, stand to lose their health insurance, if they’re farmers their shirt, pay more at Walmart, and are less protected by predatory credit and business practices.

          That dog won’t hunt.

          1. more lies and boring ones at that. snoozefest. anon, try and say something interesting and new for once.

          2. And Hillary rightfully lost to that……

            Hillary only beat Trump by 3% and only because California is bigger than most countries.

            Hillary lost states that went to Obama twice…..and turned safe Blue states red.

            Americans’ Distaste For Both Trump And Clinton Is Record-Breaking


            RECORD BREAKING!!

            Hillary Clinton is more unpopular than Donald Trump. Let that sink in

            “Donald Trump is one of the least popular politicians in the history of the United States. Yet, Trump is still more popular than Hillary Clinton. Let that sink in.

            According to the latest Bloomberg National Poll, Trump has a net favorability of 41% whereas Clinton has a net favorability of 39%. If Democrats are to escape the political wilderness, they will have to leave Clinton and her brand of politics in the woods. ”


            Chaos on Convention Floor: Protests, Boos and Chants of “Bernie …


            Video for hillary booed at convention
            ▶ 8:51
            Jul 26, 2016 – Uploaded by Democracy Now!
            Chaos on Convention Floor: Protests, Boos and Chants of “Bernie” Mark … the Democratic Party favored …

      2. you almost made a legit point but your habitual insults negated it. lame comment as usual

  12. The ratings were low because the Average Working American doesn’t give a crap about this nonsense. Besides, we were all at work!

  13. Even CNN doesn’t want to discuss Mueller as a major headline. This morning at the top of the hour of 0600, CNN began their news show by breathlessly covering a new poll that reflects Biden is well ahead of his Dem opponents with Warren & Buttleig at the bottom with single digit %.

    On the other extreme, Fox News is milking Mueller. 😉

    Fox News at the same hour led with Mueller “Investigating the Investigators” for a solid 20 mins. CNN finally switched to “Investigating the President” segment yet 13 minutes past the hour.

    No one at the gym bothered to stop to look at the news segments. I was the hapless one forced to monitor the various TV Monitors since my Stair Master machine was stuck in front of them. Oh joy.

    Fox News gratuitously splatter Rachel Maddow’s photos while CNN did not

    Alternative universe

    1. Estovir is ignoring the polling just out showing Biden with 10 points over Trump, including in places like Ohio. Trump ties Sanders, Warren, and Harris.

      1. Even you want to change the subject!!!! LMAO

        You are pulling an Elizabeth Warren: scam and deception live strongly in ewe, 🐑

        Warren Fellowship Applicants: Campaign Program Was a ‘Great Scam’: Two men accepted into the 2020 candidate’s volunteer fellowship program described the process for entry as deceptive and at times exploitative.

        the Massachusetts Democrat faces criticism from several of her own supporters who said the lowest tier of her campaign structure doesn’t match the image she projects.

        Two early converts to Warren described the process for entry into her campaign’s volunteer fellowship program as deceptive and at times exploitative in interviews with The Daily Beast. They said they were pushed towards unpaid positions over paid ones, misled over the availability of financial assistance and asked to sign highly-restrictive nondisclosure agreements that worker advocacy groups concede are irregular. Both applicants verified their accounts with emails and text messages from the Warren campaign.

        The complaints from those offered unpaid fellowships could raise new questions for Warren as she seeks to put her lengthy history advocating for consumer and worker rights at the center of her rising campaign.

        “What was sold to me was very different than it actually was,” said Jonathan Nendze, a rising senior at Seton Hall University who was offered a volunteer fellowship position on Warren’s campaign. “It was kind of a great scam of getting people to show up and work in the capacity of volunteer, but to function as a paid intern in the amount of work they’re doing,” he said.

        Like other Democrats running for the White House, Warren’s campaign offers paid internships. But unlike many others, the campaign also offers volunteer fellowships and volunteer fellowships for academic credit. Earlier this month, The Daily Beast reported that some workers’ rights groups and activists worried that having an unpaid option could lead to a loophole for campaigns to exploit free labor. In the aftermath of that report, two applicants who were offered positions in Warren’s volunteer fellowship program in early voting states came forward to say that they felt their experiences illustrated those fears.

        1. Apparently Estovir is hard of hearing. I’ll try again:

          Estovir is ignoring the polling just out showing Biden with 10 points over Trump, including in places like Ohio. Trump ties Sanders, Warren, and Harris.

          1. More on scam and deception given the above paid troll thrives in darkness and blindness

            Warren’s campaign, which brought in $19.1 million in fundraising during the second quarter of 2019, declined to comment specifically on the use of NDAs for volunteer fellowship positions. Additionally, it has defended the use of unpaid volunteer fellowships on grounds that many fellows “receive stipends from educational institutions or other third-parties” and that those in the intern and fellowship programs have “access to cost-free supporter housing while they’re working in-state.” But according to internal campaign emails obtained by The Daily Beast, the campaign has not always clearly conveyed this to the fellows themselves.

            In one email to Nendze and other incoming fellows, Eleanor Wood, the campaign’s New Hampshire’s deputy organizing director, wrote that the team would “do our best” to provide housing, rather than guarantee it.

            “If you are moving to NH, we will do our best to provide summer supporter housing,” Wood wrote in an email dated on May 31, describing “a cohort of 50+ volunteer fellows and paid interns” in New Hampshire.

            The Warren campaign reiterated that all fellows and interns receive free housing.

            The promise of free housing was the biggest draw for Cole, a recent political science graduate at a Chicago-based school who initially agreed to a volunteer fellowship position with the Warren campaign in Des Moines, Iowa.

            Cole, who asked that his last name not be used, recalled telling Grace Smith—a Polk County field organizer with the Warren campaign—that he didn’t believe he could cover living expenses without being paid. “She said it’s totally understandable,” he said, describing their conversation. “There’s this great housing program,” Cole said Smith stressed.

            Cole was offered the position by Smith over the phone on May 24. The following night, she sent a text message saying she was “hoping to hear back” from Cole about a decision that day. It was just a few hours before midnight, according to records reviewed by The Daily Beast.

            “She was really, really selling me on it in a way that she just wanted me to say yes to add another person,” Cole said. He ultimately texted back that would commit to joining the campaign for the summer.


            1. Estovir hopes Warren will be the nominee, but just like Ms Vance in Wednesday’s kerfuffle, she will never be the nominee or the president. Meanwhile polling just released shows Trump getting his a.s kicked again, but by Biden by 10 points,

                1. AWBT,

                  Dems strongest candidate would be Amy Klobuchar, the centrist Dem from the Midwest. Any serious, adult, intelligent, self possessed, and like able candidate who does not scare off voters will kick Trump’s ass. She fits the bill perfectly and wins in Trump districts in her own state.

      2. Biden polls best against Trump for a lot of legit reasons. Biden would be a strong contender, but he is showing his age. I have no problem with old leadership in general, but in the election you gotta have energy. Look at Pete Butt, man, he’s been flying all over the place! He’s got a lot of energy. I admire that about Pete

        But Biden’s lack of energy is going to hurt him in the general, if he wins the primary.
        Trump will tear him up. You will see.

        Kamala doesn’t want the VP job which some people are pushing her towards.

        1. Dems strongest candidate is would be Amy Klobuchar, the centrist Dem from the Midwest. Any serious, adult, intelligent, self possessed, and like able candidate who does not scare off voters will kick Trump’s ass. She fits the bill perfectly and wins in Trump districts in her own state.

          1. i still can’t even think of what she looks like. they say she is mad at her staff. i know you like her. she may be ok in spite of your affections but i havent had time to check her out.

            in other news:

            tulsi gabbard’s account was suspended by GOOGLE. Time for antitrust action NOW against this meddler in our Democracy!!

            1. Klobuchar’s attackers were anonymous. 60 other staffers wrote and signed a letter praising her as demanding but a fair inspiration who cared about them.

        2. Mr Kurtz – Pete hurt himself badly in his reaction to the police shooting in South Bend. If you cannot run a small city, how are you gonna run a large country?

  14. Only a bomb because the right wing fools say so. I didn’t and many didn’t expect it to be a “bombshell”. It’s all in the report. The bloated fascist is a crook, period. There was nothing that revealed he didn’t write or read the report, have you? I haven’t even made it through much although I have it and started, more than I can say for most repugthuglicans and their ill informed faux (not the) news basket of deplorables. .

    Keep GitMo open for those that belong there, the bloated fascist, his crime family and all his enablers.

    1. Oh Sarge….crime family? really?? You do realize that our other choice was to install the Clinton Crime Family back into the White House to continue the pay for play operation Hillary was running over at the State Department, right? Calm down. The country is doing great with Trump.

      1. The Clinton’s made no money on the A rated Clinto Foundation charity, unlike Trump’s grifter family and their numerous shadowy “business interests”. Further Trump did not place his business interests in a blind trust as is the standard for even those only pretending to honest and fair government, but gave control to his sons.

        1. Yeah well, Trump did not get rich as a politician, did he? And he is working for free, donating his salary. We know the Clinton’s made all their money grifting…and monetizing their “public service” in any way possible…legal and illegal, corrupt and unethical…so let’s not use the name “Clinton” in the same sentence with the words “honest and fair government”….

            1. That’s right. They were “dead broke” while shamelessly asking their supporters to not only pay their legal bills run up by their nonstop scandals, but to also pay to furnish their new mansions. Years after Hillary’s first failed presidential bid, she and Bill were still hustling her supporters to keep donating money to pay off her campaign debt when they could have easily paid it off themselves. And recently they did a world speaking tour…an evening with Bill and Hill….and had the gall to charge ridiculous ticket prices that people were unwilling to pay to hear those two wax on. Why not do it for free? Bill and Hill get massive pensions and perks from all their years of “service.” Surprisingly (not!) it was an embarrassing dud for them. But, since they have no shame, they’re still at it. Grifting, that is.

              God is good. That’s why Donald Trump is president and Hillary is not. 🙂

          1. PS Trump and his entire family grifter family made more money from his tax cuts than they could on presidential salaries if he stayed in office for 20 years. He also bills the government for various businesses and make deals in countries with whom the US has sensitive negotiations, including China and SA.

            1. You are talking through the wrong orifice. You don’t have the slightest idea of what Trump gained, if anything, or lost. You just like talking through your A$$.

    2. The bloated fascist

      These are some of the same words that the paid trolls Anon, Anon1, Natacha, Diane, et al use which confirms my hunch. Same user, different handle.

      Anarchy thrives in darkness, to paraphrase Wah Putz

      1. If anyone pays Estovir – if so, they’re not getting their money’s worth – most likely the Klan, neo-Nazis, Putin, or some other enemy of America.

        1. If anyone pays Estovir….

          You pay me. Your taxes pay my salary, and I thank you for that


          1. If SS, yes, but if state welfare, that depends. Surely no one holds down a job while wasting so much time here.

            I own my business, so my only boss is my conscience.

            1. If you work for the gub’mint you can waste a whole hella lot of time here, there, anywhere. 😉

      1. Fascism is a belief in strong government based on nationalist and in some cases racial identity.

        1. that is a weak definition which does not differentiate it from generic nationalism. you are bandying it about in the usual way which is not useful to anyone but a propagandist.

          on the topic, the best. Dr Roger Griffin.

          among these various definitions his is the most useful

          but first lets hear from Il Duce himself

          “Benito Mussolini, who was the first to use the term for his political party in 1915, described fascism in Doctrine of Fascism as follows:[17]

          Granted that the 19th century was the century of socialism, liberalism, democracy, this does not mean that the 20th century must also be the century of socialism, liberalism, democracy. Political doctrines pass; nations remain. We are free to believe that this is the century of authority, a century tending to the ‘right’, a Fascist century. If the 19th century were the century of the individual (liberalism implies individualism) we are free to believe that this is the ‘collective’ century, and therefore the century of the State.

          The Fascist conception of the State is all-embracing; outside of it no human or spiritual values can exist, much less have value. Thus understood, Fascism is totalitarian, and the Fascist State—a synthesis and a unit inclusive of all values—interprets, develops, and potentiates the whole life of a people.

          …everything in the state, nothing against the State, nothing outside the state.

          Fascism is a religious conception in which man is seen in his immanent relationship with a superior law and with an objective Will that transcends the particular individual and raises him to conscious membership of a spiritual society. Whoever has seen in the religious politics of the Fascist regime nothing but mere opportunism has not understood that Fascism besides being a system of government is also, and above all, a system of thought.”

          [pretty much NOTHING like that coming from any politician in america including trump]

          now Griffin

          Historian and political scientist Roger Griffin’s definition of fascism focuses on the populist fascist rhetoric that argues for a “re-birth” of a conflated nation and ethnic people.[28] According to Griffin

          [F]ascism is best defined as a revolutionary form of nationalism, one that sets out to be a political, social and ethical revolution, welding the ‘people’ into a dynamic national community under new elites infused with heroic values. The core myth that inspires this project is that only a populist, trans-class movement of purifying, cathartic national rebirth (palingenesis) can stem the tide of decadence[3]

          Griffin writes that a broad scholarly consensus developed in English-speaking social sciences during the 1990s, around the following definition of fascism:

          [Fascism is] a genuinely revolutionary, trans-class form of anti-liberal, and in the last analysis, anti-conservative nationalism. As such it is an ideology deeply bound up with modernization and modernity, one which has assumed a considerable variety of external forms to adapt itself to the particular historical and national context in which it appears, and has drawn a wide range of cultural and intellectual currents, both left and right, anti-modern and pro-modern, to articulate itself as a body of ideas, slogans, and doctrine. In the inter-war period it manifested itself primarily in the form of an elite-led “armed party” which attempted, mostly unsuccessfully, to generate a populist mass movement through a liturgical style of politics and a programme of radical policies which promised to overcome a threat posed by international socialism, to end the degeneration affecting the nation under liberalism, and to bring about a radical renewal of its social, political and cultural life as part of what was widely imagined to be the new era being inaugurated in Western civilization. The core mobilizing myth of fascism which conditions its ideology, propaganda, style of politics and actions is the vision of the nation’s imminent rebirth from decadence.[29]

          Griffin argues that the above definition can be condensed into one sentence: “Fascism is a political ideology whose mythic core in its various permutations is a palingenetic form of populist ultra-nationalism.”[30] The word “palingenetic” in this case refers to notions of national rebirth.”

          1. apply this to trump?

            “[F]ascism is best defined as a revolutionary form of nationalism, one that sets out to be a political, social and ethical revolution, welding the ‘people’ into a dynamic national community under new elites infused with heroic values. The core myth that inspires this project is that only a populist, trans-class movement of purifying, cathartic national rebirth (palingenesis) can stem the tide of decadence”

            –Trump is nationalist that is fair

            –he is not a revolutionary. that is missing. big missing element. cant be a fascist if you are just a conservative or sort of a conservative. he is also something of a decadent figure in his own right, so clearly not a fascist per Griffin’s type

            –he is populist, ok

            –there is no palingenitic message. people could say MAGA is a rebirth sort of slogan, fair enough; but there is no purification or catharsis, no call for a new elite.

            HOWEVER, if he added that, I would certainly applaud him. We certainly do need to purge our decadent elites and replace them with a more socially responsible and heroic element. For sure!

            In other words, if he wore more fascist, I think I personally would like him better. He’s not quit there yet, however. he’s only a populist-nationalist variety of American conservative, that’s about it.

          2. People will argue continuously on what is marxism, communism and fascism and one will find disagreements among scholars. Fascism has been used in such a variable way as it frequently has little meaning. I like to differentiate facism from individualism and I will provide two quotes from The Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism said to be written by Musolini but at least the first half was written by Gentile. I have compressed one quote of yours without alteration of content and added a second

            “For if the nineteenth century was a century of individualism (Classical liberalism always signifying individualism) it may be expected that this will be a century of collectivism, and hence the century of the State”

            Against individualism, the Fascist conception is for the State; and it is for the individual in so far as he coincides with the State . . . . It is opposed to classical Liberalism . . . . Liberalism denied the State in the interests of the particular individual; Fascism reaffirms the State as the true reality of the individual.

            Marxism, communism and fascism all get rid of individualism transferring power to the state. Transferring power to the state means bigger government. Transferring power to the individual means smaller government.

  15. I don’t think congressional hearings have ever had robust audience numbers. You might check C-SPAN’s historical data.

    What the hearings revealed was that he did not write the report and did not read it and may, in fact, be suffering from cognitive impairment. They reveal that however large or small is the audience.

    1. The House Judiciary Comm has a YT channel and I am subscribed to it. I watched the hearing on there.

  16. It seems that Mueller, like so many other Americans, has lost interest in attacking Trump and moved on. Now if only the media and Democrat politicians could do the same….

    1. Putting aside Mueller’s role, which ended officially months ago, what you describe is difficult to do when Trump spends most of his time attacking others – petty and otherwise – while continuing to collude with the Russians by taking their side in their attacks on our electoral system while doing little to nothing on the problems our country faces.

      1. Spotted a typo there Anon1 —-> “…while doing little to nothing on the problems our country faces.”

        You talking about the Democrats, right?

        Of course. Duh. The Democrats think Trump is the problem so they are entirely focused on taking him out. The smart ones, however, can see that Trump is focused on solving problems that people actually care about. We have more people working than at any point in the history of our country. That’s amazing. Keep America Great! Trump 2020!

        1. Most of the drop in unemployment since the crash came under Obama, with his last 2 years eclipsing Trump’s 1st 2 years.

          The House has been busy passing legislation, the Senate not, and Trump does nothing but play reality TV host. He’s also stepped down as leader of the Free World to give him more time to suck up to murderers like Putin, Lil Kim, and Saudi MBS

          “So far this year, more than 100 bills have passed the House but have not made it through the Senate or onto the president’s desk, including a voters’ rights bill, a climate bill, and the Equality Act, sweeping legislation that protects LGBTQ people from discrimination in the workplace, housing, service and public accommodations.

          Approximately 20 bills have passed in the Senate and have not yet made it through the House, ….”

          Here’s bills the House has passed since January.

          Health care
          HR 259 — Medicaid Extenders Act of 2019
          House Resolution 271 — Condemning the Trump Administration’s Legal Campaign to Take Away Americans’ Health Care
          HR 986 — Protecting Americans with Preexisting Conditions Act of 2019
          HR 987 — Strengthening Health Care and Lowering Prescription Drug Costs Act
          HR 1520, the Purple Book Continuity Act (bill aimed at lowering the cost of prescription drugs)
          HR 1503, the Orange Book Transparency Act of 2019 (bill aimed at lowering the cost of prescription drugs)
          Civil rights
          HR 1 — For the People Act of 2019
          HR 5 — Equality Act
          HR 7 — Paycheck Fairness Act
          HR 124 — Expressing opposition to banning service in the Armed Forces by openly transgender individuals
          Gun control
          HR 8 — Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019
          HR 1112 — Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019
          HR 9 — Climate Action Now Act
          HR 1331 — Local Water Protection Act
          S 47 — National Resources Management Act
          HR 2578 — National Flood Insurance Program Extension Act of 2019
          Military/foreign affairs
          HR 840 — Veterans’ Access to Child Care Act
          HJ Res. 37 — Directing the removal of United States Armed Forces from hostilities in the Republic of Yemen that have not been authorized by Congress
          SJ Res. 7 — To direct the removal of United States Armed Forces from hostilities in the Republic of Yemen that have not been authorized by Congress
          HR 31 — Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2019
          HJ Res. 30 — Disapproving the President’s proposal to take an action relating to the application of certain sanctions with respect to the Russian Federation
          Mueller report
          H.Con.Res. 24 — Expressing the sense of Congress that the report of Special Counsel Mueller should be made available to the public and to Congress.
          Other legislation
          HR 1585 — Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2019
          HR 1500 — Consumers First Act
          HR 1994 — SECURE Act
          HR 1644 — Save the Internet Act of 2019
          HR 2157 — Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2019
          HR 269 — Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness and Advancing Innovation Act of 2019
          HR 251 — Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Program Extension Act
          S 24 — Government Employee Fair Treatment Act of 2019
          HR 430 — TANF Extension Act of 2019
          Concurring in the Senate Amendments to HR 251 — Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standard Program Extension Act
          HR 790 — Federal Civilian Workforce Pay Raise Fairness Act of 2019
          HJ Res. 46 — Relating to a national emergency declared by the President on February 15, 2019
          H Res. 183 — Condemning anti-Semitism as hateful expressions of intolerance that are contradictory to the values and aspirations that define the people of the United States and condemning anti-Muslim discrimination and bigotry against minorities as hateful expressions of intolerance that are contrary to the values and aspirations of the United States, as amended
          H Res. 194 — Rule Providing for Consideration of H.R. 1644 and H.R. 2021
          HR 2480 — Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act
          HR 375 — To amend the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 to reaffirm the authority of the Secretary of the Interior to take land into trust for Indian Tribes (also known as the “Carcieri Fix”)
          Votes to end the government shutdown
          HR 21 — Making appropriations for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2019, and for other purposes
          HJ Res. 1 — Making further continuing appropriations for the Department of Homeland Security for fiscal year 2019, and for other purposes
          HR 265 — Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2019
          HR 267 — Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2019
          HR 266 — Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2019
          HR 268 — Disaster Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2019 (Disaster Supplemental and short-term continuing resolution through Feb. 8)
          HR 264 — Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act
          HJ Res. 28 — Further Additional Continuing Appropriations Act, 2019 (Short-term continuing resolution through Feb. 28)
          HR 648 — Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2019 (Six conferenced bills minibus)
          HJ Res. 31 — Making further continuing appropriations for the Department of Homeland Security for fiscal year 2019 (Short-term homeland continuing resolution through Feb. 28)
          Conference Report to Accompany HJ Res 31 – Making consolidated appropriations for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2019, and for other purposes

          1. “He’s also stepped down as leader of the Free World to give him more time to suck up to murderers like Putin, Lil Kim, and Saudi MBS”

            Really?? Stepped down as leader of the Free World?? Some would say that the US is now holding the cards under Trump’s leadership. For example, we are now the world’s largest producer of oil and gas which means countries like Iran can’t blackmail us anymore. And then we have China….Russia….and so much more…where Trump is moving the ball down the field in the interests of America, American workers, and world peace. No doubt about it. The world is better off under Trump’s leadership.

            1. Please give an example of Trump “leading the Free World”, not his luck in our discovery of more non-renewable fossil fuels, which of course began under Obama, though he shouldn’t get credit for that either.

  17. If this is not a signal to the democrat party it further underscores their retreat into a false world of their own creation.

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