American ISIS: “I Want To Be The Beheading Person”

Two Somali-Americans were arrested at Tucson International Airport for conspiring to join the Islamic State. What is striking about the arrest is how images that repulse ordinary people will attract those people with extremist or twisted mentalities. Ahmed Mohamed and Abdi Hussein were arrested at the airport on July 26th and the FBI released communications from the men, including Mohamed telling the undercover agent, “[I]f I go to Syria I want to be the beheading person.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation says Ahmed Mohamed and Abdi Hussein have been communicating with an undercover agent posing as a supporter of ISIS. Mohamed met with the undercover agent several times in Tucson. Abdi Hussein joined him on at least one of the meetings, and told the agent that he wanted “to be on the front line” and “kill so many people.”

Both men came to the United States as Somali refugees.

Here is the FBI statement.

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  1. That lawsuit filed against the Cowboys claims as a factual matter that the team and the local police conspired to conceal the severity of an automobile accident involving running back Ezekiel Elliott, days before a playoff game against the Packers in January 2017. But the lawsuit itself makes no legal claims arising from those contentions.

  2. “Both men came to the United States as Somali refugees.”
    I wonder how many examples of blood thirsty Muslim “refugees” we will need to finally figure out that Islam and personal liberty are mutually exclusive philosophies. These are Exhibits A & B for Trump’s vilified travel ban. I truly think great nations die from stupidity not timidity.

    1. A number of Muslim countries are passably governed. They’re not all police states.

      1. Since the Shah was deposed all Muslim states are tyrannies in waiting.

        1. Senegal is a tyranny in waiting because of Iranian internal politics? I’m not understanding you.

          1. Wahaabism was reignited after the Shah was run out of town by Khomeini aided mightily by Jimmy Carter. Since that time, Wahabbists have infiltrated most all Islamic governments pushing radical perspectives like demonization of the West. Senegal is going the way of all other “moderate” states. Here’s an example of the growth of the Salafists:
            The Al Falah movement, which specializes in teaching and preaching, is the first Salafist movement to have established itself in Senegal.

            “After graduating in 1975, it opened a few schools here and there.

            In 2017, when I completed my thesis (“The ideological conflict between Wahhabism and the Sufi brotherhood Tijāniyya south of the Sahara: Senegal as an example”), there were 115 schools with 20,000 students and a thousand employees.

            Today, Salafists own television channels, radios that deliver fatwas and countless websites. They have made themselves known by financing the construction of wells in remote villages and by offering books to traditional mosques: in general, copies of the Koran and Wahhabi books.”


            1. The Wahhabi school is a strand of thought within Sunni Islam. It predates the Iranian regime by a couple-hundred years.

              That people advocate one thing and another in a given country does not define the political order in that country. Senegal held parliamentary elections just two years ago. The number of seats won by obnoxious Islamist parties was close to nil.

        2. Perhaps you are not aware that the Shah was one of the worst tyrants…with our help.

          1. Savage:
            I’m aware the shah didn’t engage in an international holy war against our interests and presided over a country where women weren’t subjugated into wearing burkas and his people weren’t forced into one religion and Iran fought not supported terrorists. The world has seen few tyrants worse than the mullahs who rule there today. Try to quit hating our country .

            1. mespo, that’s a bad habit you and other Trumpsters here have a bad habit of accusing those who you disagree with of hating America. That can cut both ways and especially with some fellow posters regularly attacking groups and locations of America and a leader more loyal to Putin then his own government.

              1. What you’re all in the business of proving to us every day is that there is hardly anyone left in the Democratic Party who has a positive contribution to make to public discourse.

                1. This is absurd x XI says: July 31, 2019 at 8:45 AM
                  “What you’re all in the business of proving to us every day is that there is hardly anyone left in the Democratic Party who has a positive contribution to make to public discourse.”


                  Very few Dems are posting comments to this blog. The sample size is tiny and not nearly big enough to prove your point.

            2. A complaint: the burka is peculiar anywhere outside of Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, and even in Saudi Arabia it’s the preference of an odd minority only. There was some survey research done in a set of seven Muslim countries a few years back, and if found the burka and the niqab had a constituency only in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and were a majority preference only in Saudi Arabia.

              The official preference in Iran is for a garment called a ‘chador’ which does not cover the face. This describes popular styles in Iran today.


              The Iranian regime was bloody and cruel during the Khomeini years. There’s been considerable political decompression since then. It’s an international problem because of Ayatollah Khamenei’s witless ambitions and hatreds. The domestic situation has not in nearly 30 years been particularly brutal measured on a regional scale or against the backdrop of the 3d world as a whole.

          2. You don’t know what you’re talking about. The Shah was a perfectly ordinary Near Eastern despot. See, for example, the period evaluations produced by Freedom House. For some reason, people like you fancy we’re doing something nefarious by having ordinary diplomatic and trade relations with foreign countries whose political order is unlike Canada’s. (Or, you pretend to think that for effect, when the foreign country in question isn’t run by the hammer-and-sickle brigade). Parliamentary institutions are a chancy business in the Near East, North Africa, and Central Asia and the only loci where they were in place more often than not in that part of the world during the period running from 1953 to 1978 were Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, and Lebanon; there were electoral institutions of a sort as well in Pakistan, Kuwait, and Jordan, though not all that consequential.

    1. Anonymous:
      I suppose Trump is responsible for the rain, snow and hail, too, since they followed his inauguration. This shooter was a twisted soul who would have been murderous under Obama’s, Trump’s or Abraham Lincoln’s presidency. Amazing how post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacies abound among the Left.

    2. It is reprehensible to blame Trump for the Gilroy garlic festival shooter. Disgusting.

      It is ironic that you have posted really extremist ad hominem attacks, but blame Trump for divisiveness. Look in the mirror.

      1. …”really extremist ad hominem attacks…”

        Please give us an example, Karen S,

        1. Anonymous:
          I’d say more like stupid attacks but how about you explaining in detail how Trump’s comments motivated a psycho to act as a psycho.

          1. You’re not exactly in-the-know about human behavior, are you mespo727272… If you don’t get it, there isn’t any ‘splaining that I could do that would convince you.

            1. Anonymous:
              “If you don’t get it, there isn’t any ‘splaining that I could do that would convince you.”
              You can’t explain it because you have no facts particularized to this assailant. That makes your surmise pure speculation or, based on your past commentary, manipulation. You might pull that “gee everyone knows but you” stuff at your usual blog venue but critical thinkers around here won’t suffer your brand of bovine manure. Try again. You’re 0 for 1.

        2. “And our Tweeter-in-Chief continues to divide — and inspire hatred among us.”

          There you go – your own words, you dolt.

          1. “And our Tweeter-in-Chief continues to divide — and inspire hatred. There you go – your own words, you dolt.” Canuck Sailor

            To say that Trump — Mr. I-just-gotta-tweet — divides Americans and inspires hatred in some people is not an “extremist” view. I recently had a conversation with an attorney who said the same thing. This person is well-known and well-liked in our city — and would not be considered an extremist (or someone who uses extremist language) by anyone.

            1. “I recently had a conversation with an attorney who said the same thing. This person is well-known and well-liked in our city — ” says Anonymous. Well, so am I. That makes my opinion of equal value to your lawyer friend. Better actually, since I’m not a lawyer (apologies to JT).
              At least your consistently a dolt.

              1. “At least your (sic) consistently a dolt.” -Canuck Sailor.

                You say the sweetest things.

              2. Canuck Sailor said: “That makes my opinion of equal value to your lawyer friend. Better actually,…”

                Hey, thanks for the good input, Canuck… I’ll be sure to give you (and your comments) the attention that you (they) so richly deserve.

              3. That other Anonymous seeks to become well known and well like here as Hill’s sycophant.

      2. Responding to Karen S and her comment on July 30, 2019 at 9:38 PM:

        I’m not the president, honey. Nor do I have over 64 million followers.

        Trump needs to lead; he needs to behave in a manner that is presidential — and responsible.

        1. He needs to stick it in the radicals’ face every chance he gets. That’s being a leader in the face of a rabid no-holds-barred opposition. Your idea of being Presidential means being deferential.

          1. “Your idea of being Presidential means being deferential.”

            No. It doesn’t.

            1. Anonymous the sycophant knows the meaning of being deferential as Hill’s lackey.

  3. Meanwhile, on U.S. soil:

    ‘A day earlier, a California teenager who had been linked by his Instagram posts to white-supremacist literature opened fire at the Gilroy Garlic Festival, killing three attendees. Trump addressed the killings in remarks Monday, expressing sympathy for the victims of the “wicked murderer.”’


    “…linked by his Instagram posts to white-supremacist literature…”

    “MAP: Timeline of mass shootings in the US since 2000”—14WH11UWCww

      1. The thugs and rats of Baltimore are winning.

        Rep Cummings is sipping his cocktails and screaming about Mueller’s report while the people of Baltimore are living in bloody hellllll

        Heckuvajob Cummings!
        Those Democrats sure know how to live off of the plight of the poor, minorities, people of color and victims of crime and rats

        Teen among 3 people injured overnight in separate shootings, Baltimore police say

        JUL 30, 2019 | 9:20 AM

        Two people were injured by gunfire Monday night in the Upton and Dolfield neighborhoods and a third person walked into an area hospital with gunshot wounds early Tuesday morning, according to Baltimore police.
        Officers responded Monday around 4:50 p.m. to the 1300 block of Shields Place in Upton for a reported shooting.

        A few hours later around 9:05 p.m., officers responded to a report of a shooting in the 3600 block of Dolfield Ave. in the Dolfield neighborhood where they spotted and followed a vehicle that was leaving the area at a high rate of speed, police said.

  4. “Tony Blair is right: without the Iraq war there would be no Islamic State”

    “Analysis: The former UK prime minister used to claim the 2003 invasion would undermine jihadis. The 12 years since have proved how wrong he was”


    As Iraq sank into chaos from early 2005, sectarian positions steadily hardened. Sunni militants, though battered in 2006 when Iraqi tribal leaders joined US troops in fighting them, were tamed for a time but never defeated. In the years since 2011, when US troops left, and in the wake of the Arab spring, Isis was able to feed off grievances that had remained unresolved since the British and US armies rolled north from Basra eight years earlier. The jihadis’ rallying call that British and US-led aggression caused all of this still resonates broadly, far beyond their constituency.

    A sense of loss, enduring indignity and injustice on one hand, and helping to restore lost glories on another are a potent double act for Isis, which openly hails 2003 as its raison d’etre. It remains just as much of a unifying principle now as it was back then. Events ever since in Syria and Lebanon, where Iran is ascendant militarily and politically have if anything given it even wider appeal. This would not have happened if the Iraq war had not been launched.

    In Baghdad on Sunday, Jihad Mohanned, a Sunni resident from the west of the city, said Blair’s acknowledgment was “so obvious it’s surprising he bothered to speak”.

    He added: “It really isn’t possible to come to any other conclusion. Without the invasion, we would not have Isis. It’s crystal clear.”

  5. JT, why do you think that the USG has been supporting ISIS? I agree that it is evil to want to commit this horrific violence but our govt. actively supports ISIS. We also are BFF w/Saudi Arabia who regularly beheads critics of its govt. Why are they USG’s BFF? Why are we selling them our weapons?

    This shows that there is something wrong with the very top of our power structure as well as these two individuals. Basically, USGinc. is in agreement w/these men.

    The other thing to consider is that the FBI has been regularly recruiting people with actual head trauma and using them as patsies for “terror” plots. I don’t know if that is the case here, but I plan to look into that. The use of brain damaged individuals is really repulsive.

    1. JILL

      These two gentlemen? were obviously set uP /entrapped by the same agency that played a key role in the framing of LHO for the CIA assassination of JFK.

  6. Well, thank God they caught them. It gives me chills to think of how many make it through to their goal. God bless those who serve as our shield and sword.

  7. Professor Turley, I am ashamed of you. What a racist post.

  8. “[I]f I go to Syria I want to be the beheading person.”

    This is verbiage obviously articulated by Rep Ilhan Omar since she and her Squad declare such animus towards millions of Americans daily.

    Did Ilhan Omar marry one, nay, both of these Somali terrorists considering her history with previous “marriages”?

    Judicious minds want to know.

    Ilhan Omar SPLITS with her husband – the father of her three children

    Leftist congresswoman Ilhan Omar and her husband – the father of her three children – have split and are heading for their second divorce, has learned exclusively.

    The bust-up comes just as critics are demanding answers as to whether she married her own brother in a successful bid to get him into the United States.

    Omar has now dumped her current husband Ahmed Hirsi – who she first married in a religious ceremony in 2002 and divorced in 2008 – and moved into a penthouse apartment in one of Minneapolis’s trendiest neighborhoods, has learned exclusively.

  9. Haven’t we been incessantly told that “diversity is our strength, in fact, it’s our greatest strength.”

    Maybe these 2 misguided souls didn’t get the memo or perhaps our multicultural education is deficient in some manner.

    Letting in millions of people that have absolutely nothing in common with the dominant culture in a very short time, what could possibly go wrong?

    Or maybe, just maybe, diversity is not a strength but a source of tension and conflict.


    1. Exactly Antonio. We should have never let the Catholics in back in the 19th century and early 20th. The real Americans of those times warned us.

      1. comparing Catholic immigrants from Europe to Muslim refugees from africa is preposterous

        antonio is right

      2. @anon1

        Please stop!! I am both Catholic and Hispanic (FYI). The 19th century Catholics, Irish, Jews, Poles, etc. didn’t want to blow me up or cut my head off.

        For whatever cultural differences the 19th century immigrants had, they were not so unassimilable and the mass culture at the time demanded assimilation. No multiculturalism, no bilingualism, no safety net. In fact, a third of the Ellis Island people could not adjust and returned to Europe.

        You make the fallacious assumption that all peoples and all cultures are basically the same. People with an average IQ of 75 (Somalis) will build a different society than people with an average IQ of 108 (Japanese).

        Put the people of Haiti (another low IQ place) or Somalia in Iceland and most will be dead in 20 years. Put the people of Iceland in Haiti and they will create a tropical paradise in the same amount of time.

        I’m curious at to what your reply will be. Calling me an evil racist is not an answer.

        Anon1, I hope you get all of the diversity you can handle up close and personal. Being a good, virtual signaling liberal will not help with a dindu or jihadi comes calling.


        1. Excellent reply. Correct in detail. Most people have no sense of history whatsoever.

      1. Hey, jackass – if we want spam, we’ll go to the grocery store. Bug off.

  10. Has anyone spoken to Ilhan Omar about this? I would love to hear her comments

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