Day 6 on the Savage Alpine Trail

We spent much of our sixth day in the Denali National Park where we saw a huge elk with magnificent antlers and a mother moose with their calf at a lovely lake. We decided to tackle the Savage Alpine Trail which is a strenuous and demanding trail up a steep mountain overlooking the Savage River. While challenging, it was breathtaking.

We parked our car at the Mountain Vista site and climbed the trail through forest and then tundra. You ascend to the mountain top and walk along the crest on rock scrambles. One stretch is probably not for those who fear heights. It is extremely windy and at times a narrow trail. Prairie dogs are everywhere and show no fear of humans. The expansive views, including Denali itself, are truly inspiring.

The day was exhausting but exhilarating. Tomorrow we drive to Whittier where we will be kayaking.

8 thoughts on “Day 6 on the Savage Alpine Trail”

  1. I wish I was with one Jonathan Turley – Love reading and dreaming anyway

  2. I considered that trail in 2002 when we visited but backed out like a coward.

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