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Hiking in the Clouds of Colorado Springs

As a lifelong backpacker and hiker, I often use speeches to explore state and federal parks in different states. This weekend was a particular delight. I was able to take a day after speaking at the Tenth Circuit judicial conference in Colorado Springs to explore some of the trails in the North and South Cheyenne forest and the spectacular Seven Falls areas.  Colorado is paradise for hikers and Colorado Springs has endless choices within an hour or so drive. It was raining but the effect was spellbinding as I hiked among the clouds at around 7500 feet in elevation. I wanted to share some of the photos. Continue reading “Hiking in the Clouds of Colorado Springs”

The Majestic Beauty of Zion

My trip to Utah to speak to the Federal Bar Association allowed me this week to return to Utah, one of my favorite places on Earth. While I only had a day for hiking, I drove to Zion National Park for some wonderful hikes. I wanted to share some of the pictures and encourage everyone to take a trip to Utah to see the almost indescribable  beauty of this state. Continue reading “The Majestic Beauty of Zion”

Father’s Day With Mother Nature On The Billy Goat Trail

I did my customary dawn hike this morning on Billy Goat Trail and it was like walking through a Monet with a heavy fog over the river and rocks.  It was truly enchanting.  I hope all of our fathers have a great time today.  We started our celebrations early last night (and watched the movie “Eddie the Eagle”) and will continue today.  Leslie is making me one of my favorite Pasta Carbonara (with pancetta) dishes with tonight. Continue reading “Father’s Day With Mother Nature On The Billy Goat Trail”

Protesters Deface Billy Goat Trail With Anti-Police Graffiti

As many on this blog know, I am a lifelong hiker and backpacker.  I often do dawn hikes on the Billy Goat trail along the Potomac, one of the most cherished and beautiful areas in the Washington metropolitan area. This morning, I decided to celebrate my birthday with one of my dawn hikes and it was glorious. I had the trail to myself as the sun was coming up over the Potomac.  It was a perfect hike until I made it to the end of the trail (one the Angler’s end) where the beautiful rock face is now defaced with anti-police graffiti. Continue reading “Protesters Deface Billy Goat Trail With Anti-Police Graffiti”

Turley To Speak at USC Law School on the Supreme Court

This afternoon I have the pleasure of joining a distinguished panel to speak on the Supreme Court at the University of Southern California’s Gould School of Law. The event is part of the LACBA Business Law Section 2020 Virtual Institute for Corporate Counsel and will also include Michael J. Gerhardt of UNC School of Law and Pamela S. Karlan of Stanford Law School who testified with me during the Trump impeachment hearing.  It will also include Beth S. Brinkmann of Covington & Burling LLP.

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Sweet to Bittersweet: Hiking Sagehen And Donner Summit Trails

Yesterday hiking in Nevada and California took me from the sweet to the bittersweet. The Sagehen trail can only be described as a “sweet” trail. Trails have personalities. Some played with you and make you earn the summit. Some are just sweetheart, girl-next-door trails. That is the Sagehen trail. A lovely 5 miles there-and-back to a lake with added side trails available. I then did the Donner Summit and Mount Judas trails. That one is not sweet but gorgeous. Think of Mary Ann and Ginger. It was a great combination on a spectacular day.

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The Beauty of Mount Rose

I am in California to speak among the judges and attorneys of the Eastern District in Lake Tahoe on Sunday. As many on this blog know, I am an avid hiker and often take the opportunity of these trips to explore the local trails and forests. Yesterday, I hiked the Tahoe Rim Trail and then the Mt. Rose Trail. These trails take you along the Nevada and California border. The latter is quite difficult as you work your way up the summit of the highest point in the area. At roughly 9000 feet, it is the highest peak of the greater Sierra Nevada range. It is a gorgeous though strenuous hike.

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Sunday Hikes: From Billygoat to Scott’s Run

I started Sunday with a dawn hike at Billygoat trail. I then went on a hike with visiting family (and our dog Luna) to Scott’s Run. It was a gorgeous fall day with temperatures hovering in the 50s. Scott’s Run is shorter, but you can walk to the waterfall and then along the river. It tends to be quite busy, but it remains a favorite for dog owners.

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Day 10: Hiking Crow Creek

On our final full day in Alaska, we selected the Crow Creek trail. This was my first time on the trail but we received excellent advice from Jimmy Stokes, an amazing hotel staff member at the Alyeska Hotel in Girdwood. Jimmy saw us hiking and suggested Crow Creek. He gave us a map and great advice for the challenging hike. Like all things Jimmy, we soon discovered that he was right on the money with distances and other details. Alyeska is a terrific hotel that celebrates everything Alaska to its great food and outdoor adventures. Jimmy is an example of how the staff go the extra mile for every guest. This trail was a highlight of the trip.

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