A$AP Rocky Found Guilty In Sweden Despite Trump Intervention

I was previously critical of the intervention of President Donald Trump in the criminal case of American rapper A$AP Rocky  Trump not only demanded that Sweden grant bond (which is not available in Sweden) but tied the continued prosecution of the rap star to the status of diplomatic relations with our long-standing ally, Sweden. Now Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, and his two friends have been found guilty of assault.

Trump’s interest in the case appears to have been the result of a call from that paragon of criminal justice Kim Kardashian.  As discussed earlier, Trump not only asked for bail (which is not an option in Sweden) but raised the diplomatic relations between the countries if Sweden were to continue its prosecution. Sweden understandably stuck with the rule of law and refused to simply release the rapper. Trump bizarrely then sent an Ambassador as an envoy to sit on a simple assault case. Ambassador Robert O’Brien “leads the U.S. government’s diplomatic efforts on overseas hostage-related matters.” The over-top-response to the case was an utter embarrassment for this country and its legal system. Sweden is simply enforcing its laws and refusing to grant waivers for powerfully connected celebrities. We have responded by making it look like the trial of A$AP Rocky is the new Nuremberg trials.

I viewed the case as suspicious given a change in the testimony of a witness and a videotape that seemed to show Mayers trying to defuse the situation. Moreover, 19-year-old Mustafa Jafari did seem on the videotape to be intrusive and obnoxious, though it is not clear what transpired off camera. In the end, however, this was a simple assault case that fell squarely within the jurisdiction of a close ally. The court held: “The court finds that the defendants were not in a situation where they were entitled to self-defense and that they have assaulted the victim by hitting and kicking him.”

Trump’s statement connecting the case to our diplomatic relations and sending an ambassador as an observer achieved nothing beyond undermining our own status with a close ally.

A witness in the assault case revised her story from initial police reports, testifying that she didn’t actually see Mayers hitting a man with a bottle. Whether or not 19-year-old Mustafa Jafari, who got into an argument with Rocky’s entourage in Stockholm, was hit with part or a whole bottle became a key issue in the trial.

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  1. Another “Trump intervention”??

    “To Appease Trump, Netanyahu Blocks Tlaib and Omar Visit to Israeli-Occupied Palestine”

    Robert Mackey

    August 15 2019, 3:51 p.m.


    UNDER PRESSURE FROM President Donald Trump, Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced on Thursday that Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar would be barred entry to the Israeli-occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, Palestinian territories that the Muslim-American lawmakers planned to visit this weekend.

    Reports from Israel suggested that the decision was an abrupt reversal, taken only after the U.S. president had pushed the Israeli leader into a corner by writing on Twitter on Thursday morning, “It would show great weakness if Israel allowed Rep. Omar and Rep. Tlaib to visit.”

    Last month, Israel’s American-born ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, a former Netanyahu aide, said that “out of respect for the U.S. Congress and the great alliance between Israel and America, we would not deny entry to any member of Congress into Israel.”

    1. AOC and Omar should be allowed to go to Israel so that the Israelis can work on their hyoid bones.

  2. One of those face-palmable moments. The First Step Act helped people who Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton screwed over. It ought to have been the centerpiece of the Trump 2020 campaign.

    This, on the other hand, was one rich guy threatening to axe our relations with a strategically important neutral state leaning toward allying with us – to get another rich guy out of well-deserved trouble.

    There are times it’s hard to defend what DJT says. This is a time it’s totally impossible to defend what he did.

    1. meanwhile cops are committing suicide in NYC while de Balsio and his wife as well continue to demoralize the men in blue. Maybe his hyoid bone will be broken soon


      Mayor Bill de Blasio pledged “help is always here” in a department-wide email to the NYPD amid an epidemic of cop suicides — just days after his wife’s signature mental health program pulled city resources from a training program for first responders because it was tied to the pro-police group Blue Lives Matter.

      “Yesterday we lost our eighth NYPD officer to suicide this year,” de Blasio wrote in the email that was sent Wednesday, shortly before a ninth cop killed himself.

      “I don’t have any easy answers or quick fixes,” the email continues, adding in bold, “But I want to say: help is always here. No matter how strong or tough you are, or how difficult it may be to accept, you always deserve help when you need it.

      Councilman Joe Borelli told The Post on Wednesday that ThriveNYC, the $1 billion mental health program spearheaded by first lady Chirlane McCray, was on board to staff a planned Aug. 19 “mental health first aid training” event but rescinded its offer of psychological counselors once it learned Blue Lives Matter was involved.

    1. Excerpt from DemocracyNow! interview:

      NERMEEN SHAIKH: In that piece itself, you in fact refer to the facility as a “gulag.”

      JEANNE THEOHARIS: Right. I mean, in many ways, it is hard, and I think it has been hard for people to wrap their heads around a federal jail in Lower Manhattan, on Wall Street — right? — with conditions that seem akin to a Third World dictatorship. Right? Dirty, too hot and too cold, fruit flies, mice, extreme isolation in parts of MCC. Conditions vary in the facility. Reportedly, Jeffrey Epstein had been moved to the special housing unit on 9 South, where —

      AMY GOODMAN: It’s essentially solitary confinement.

      JEANNE THEOHARIS: Yes, it is. Yes, it is. And so, again, just to remember, these are pretrial facilities. People are being held in solitary confinement before any conviction, before any trial. And, you know, most international bodies consider sort of extended solitary confinement a form of torture.

      1. And the end of the interview:

        AMY GOODMAN: What do you think, Professor Theoharis, happened to Jeffrey Epstein?

        JEANNE THEOHARIS: I don’t know. What I hope will come out of this is, finally, attention to the conditions there at MCC. I think we’ve seen a media spectacle in the past few days and all this interest at MCC. But I guess my question is: Is this really going to shine a light on what’s happening there, or is this part of the kind of salaciousness of this story? So, we’re kind of titillated by the details at MCC, but then we’re going to sort of let it continue, or are we going to — and again, I think we can see what finally the attention brought to bear on Rikers finally led to some — both changes there and, hopefully, more changes ahead. Will that happen —

        AMY GOODMAN: Will call for the closing of Rikers.

        JEANNE THEOHARIS: Right, the call — right. And hopefully that’s going to happen. Similar kinds of light needs to be shone at MCC. It is not clear to me, despite, again, all the attention this week to MCC, but what I very much hope, what many civil rights advocates and lawyers who have been trying to sound the alarm about MCC for years hope, is that this will finally force us to see what is happening in this high-rise dungeon in Lower Manhattan.

        AMY GOODMAN: Right next to Wall Street, interestingly.

        JEANNE THEOHARIS: Right next to Wall Street.

  3. JT: “Trump’s interest in the case appears to have been the result of a call from that paragon of criminal justice Kim Kardashian.”

    The Professor sounds quite envious of Kim.

    JT: “We have responded by making it look like the trial of A$AP Rocky is the new Nuremberg trials.”

    Here the Professor jumps the shark.

  4. OT: For Peter
    CA’s ‘Ethnic Studies’ Curriculum Praises Omar, Tlaib, Sarsour

    A proposed new ethnic studies curriculum for children in California’s public high schools reads “like a manual for future left-wing activists,” according to Breitbart, and includes the study of such leftist radicals as anti-Semites Linda Sarsour (pictured), Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib, as well as convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

    The curriculum encourages students to study such “social movements” as Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement, and the LGBTQ movement. It is laden with “woke” language, such as “hxrstories” for “histories.”

    The curriculum has drawn criticism even from the Los Angeles Times, which described it as “an impenetrable melange of academic jargon and politically correct pronouncements. It’s hard to wade through all the references to hxrstory and womxn and misogynoir and cisheteropatriarchy… [It] feels like an exercise in groupthink, designed to proselytize and inculcate more than to inform and open minds. It talks about critical thinking but usually offers one side and one side only.”

    When you’ve lost the leftists at the Los Angeles Times…

    1. Alan, is this a ‘one semester’ class or ongoing for years? And what grade level are we talking about?

      If it’s just a one semester, elective class, I don’t see the problem. It fits in with the Social Sciences. But I wonder if Breitbart even addressed those specifics. Though it’s hard to imagine that this would be a years-long study. I doubt if any Social Sciences Department would think it was worth more than a semester.

      1. Peter, you always sound like you are making excuses or justifying ideas that do not belong. I won’t bother discussing with you what education is supposed to do.

    1. Rocky is at least 20-35% of black voters voting for Trump because they can see Trump actual does things for them like a Leader is supposed to.

  5. Good to see you Trumpsters are still on this crucial event. Kurtz was last interested in foreign affairs when he thought – wrongly – that the NYT’s wasn’t paying attention to Hong Kong. He apparently DGAS that his leader isn’t paying attention to Hong Kong excepts as a distraction from his tariffs. He’s got bigger things to worry about, like this issue and Chris Cuomo.

    The only real question on this thread is which participant has the biggest butt – KK or Trump?

    1. Anon, though you have been told many times that you mischaracterized what Kurtz said you continue to do so today. In fact to help you prove your case it was requested of you to provide specific dates and articles (would need time zones written). You didn’t do so because? For one thing it could prove Kurtz correct.

      You continue to make up stories in order to prove points you cannot prove. You would like to make it seem the whole world is confused rather than just Anon is confused.

      1. Alan, when the Hong Kong protests first began, Kurtz repeatedly posted comments claiming the N Y Times was ‘ignoring’ the protests. They weren’t. The protests were right there on the Times’ front page. Yet for some peculiar Kurtz kept repeating the lie. And I guess good Trumpers are supposed to slander The Times because that’s what Trump would like.

        1. Peter, you are not accurately portraying what Kurtz said. My understanding was that he thought they were a bit late to the game. That is why I requested the time (either local or based on EST) and date of the NYTImes initial reporting. That was never answered. The reason I thought Kurtz might have a point was that I get a newsfeed from the Times and was surprised that I didn’t get that headline as soon as I thought I should have considering the fact that Hong Kong is 12 hours earlier than here.

          You guys always like to proclaim that you are right and the others are wrong, but you guys never seem to put any effort into validating your conclusions. That is the difference between a person mouthing off and a person with skill.

  6. Nothing more bizarre than Parsing Bill. As if the Clintons and their mongrel defenders didnt have enough dung to make them stink for millennia even if they swear they are as fragrant as roses.


    Parsing Bill

  7. Jonathan Turley gets it right.

    “Trump bizarrely then sent an Ambassador as an envoy to sit on a simple assault case. Ambassador Robert O’Brien “leads the U.S. government’s diplomatic efforts on overseas hostage-related matters.” The over-top-response to the case was an utter embarrassment for this country and its legal system. Sweden is simply enforcing its laws and refusing to grant waivers for powerfully connected celebrities. We have responded by making it look like the trial of A$AP Rocky is the new Nuremberg trials.”

    “Trump’s statement connecting the case to our diplomatic relations and sending an ambassador as an observer achieved nothing beyond undermining our own status with a close ally.”


    Professor Turly notes, in the second last paragraph, that by sending our ambassador to court, as an observer, we ‘undermined our status with a close ally’. Yes, we did, and that was Trump’s intention. Since taking office Trump’s main focus has been alienating our traditional allies. If only Trump would alienate Russia!

    1. oh that’s a great idea. Russia has updated their nuclear arsenal, the biggest in the world besides our own, and we are pulling out of a intermediate range nuke treaty with them. Sure, it would be super wise and smart for Trump to “alienate Russia’ just to please you guys. NOT!

      Oh for the old days when Democrats supported diplomacy

      Seems some still do: Let’s hear from Tulsi Gabbard on diplomacy


      1. Kurtz, it seems that Gabbard is one of those Democrats that Trumpers keep saying Democrats should support. That alone makes me suspicious of her.

        1. i don’t follow Trump’s pronouncements like you guys do so I wouldn’t know.

          I have been advancing her for attention for many months now. She is a laudable candidate with a strong antiwar message. I can’t hold with all her supposed positions but they are worthy to hear for their main message, and that’s hers.


          Likewise,. I have advanced Andrew Yang for his illuminating of the issue of the effect of AI and robotics on the workforce


        2. Trumpers keep saying not to swim in the waters where there have been recent shark attacks.
          I hope that Hill is suspicious of that advice, given the the source.
          And that he ignores it

    2. “Trump’s main focus has been alienating our traditional allies.”

      Nah, he’s only alienating the wacked-out lefties, like yourself, both here and abroad. The people on the right, both here and abroad, love him for it.

      1. Ivan, you’re correct. Trump is alienating our traditional allies while cozying up rightwing strongmen. Consequently the world community is totally confused. Suddenly the United States is rooting for the bad guys while dissing the good guys. It only makes sense to Trumpers who can’t differentiate between the good guys and bad guys. That’s the Trump effect.

        1. “Trumpers who can’t differentiate between the good guys and bad guys.”

          The entire statement is ignorant. Is he cozying up to China? No. Trump’s actions right or wrong has created havoc in China’s economy. Maybe you think Iran is our friend and their chants of Death to America are expressions of love.

    3. If only Hillary had been elected, we’d be hearing “Putin must go” from President Clinton.
      Since the “Saddam must go”, “Mubarek must go,” “Kahdaffi must go” Hillary Policy worked out so well, why stop there?
      And the Hillary- worshippers like Hill would be telling us why that is such great policy.

      1. Tom / Anonymous never heard of the Arab Spring. And this is common for people in the rightwing media bubble. Apparently Fox News never covered the Arab Spring. So Trumper’s think it was Hillary’s idea to take down Mubarak and Quaddaffi.

        1. Another ignorant comment. It was Hillary’s idea to get the US involved in taking down Ghadaffi. Fox News did a much better job detailing the Arab Spring than the MSM.

          1. Alan, the Libyan people rose up against Ghadaffi. Tabby / Absurd told you that only days ago. After 40 years the Libyan people got sick of Ghadaffi and said ‘Enough!’. And why wouldn’t they?? 40 years is 2 generations. Can you imagine going from grade school to age 50 with the same crazy despot in power? The Libyans must have been sick to death of Ghadaffi. The problem is that when dictators have been in power that long, they bring down everything when they go down; leaving a power vacuum in their wake. But that wasn’t Hillary’s fault. Only Fox News viewers think it was.

            1. According to Brock Boy Hill, nothing is ever Hillary’s fault.
              If Hillary did it, it must be OK.

            2. Peter, don’t be a prevaricator.There was no claim about what happened in Libya that differs from the truth. The problem was HIllary Clinton and then Obama got us involved in the uprising and Ghadaffi’s death. That was stupid and a foreign policy failure. Yes Hillary Clinton and Obama are at fault no matter what else was going on.

          2. Allan does not seem to understand the justification for taking out the Khaddafi regime.
            It’s up to us to go into countries whose cultures we don’t understand very well, decide when and how many of the people there “are sick of” a regime, take out the regime, and pat ourselves on the back for creating the mess that follows.
            Then, like Hill, do all kinds of contortions, bending himself into a pretzel defending a stupid foreign policy venture.

            1. Allan is not commenting on any justifications regarding the removal of Ghadaffi. Allan’s discussion only involved explaining the stupidity of Hillary Clinton and Obama in linking America to Ghadaffi’s death. There are a lot of people on this blog who understand very little of history and foreign policy.

              1. Hey Alan, how come you need that creepy Anonymous helping you?? Or maybe that is ‘you’. What a sleaze bag!

                1. Alan forget that he used his name that time. He thought he was still Anonymous.

                  Darren Smith should look at this.

                2. Allan definitely posts using “Anonymous.” My first thought when I read that particular comment was that it was Allan.

                  1. “Allan definitely posts using “Anonymous.””

                    No Allan doesn’t unless it is a mistake which Allan (me) invariably corrects.

                    You however, continuously use the “anonymous” label so I don’t know what you are complaining about. I think anyone using the anonymous label shouldn’t be permitted to post.. I’ll make sure my symbol appears as validation of the comment.

                3. Peter, don’t be stupid. You have heard my opinion about those that do not use a name.

            2. The ever-brave ‘Anonymous’. How tenacious he is under the cover of anonymity. Secure in the belief that he can attack me every day without me knowing for sure who he is.

              Why don’t ‘I’ do that? Instead of using my name, I’ll just become yet another anonymous. That way I too can make hit & run attacks to my heart’s content. If Anonymous can do it, I can too.

        2. Is Hill related to Susan Rice? I haven’t heard such stupid reasoning since she made her idiotic remarks on the Sunday talk shows.

        3. And of course it wasn’t Bush 43’s idea to take out Saddam.
          Hill is unusually dedicated to displaying his stupidity.

  9. Trump’s interest was not because of a call from Kim Kardashian, but rather, it was from watching the videos of the incident that she directed him to.

    “The court finds that the defendants were not in a situation where they were entitled to self-defense and that they have assaulted the victim by hitting and kicking him.”

    I disagree. The victim repeatedly assaulted the defendants on camera, and stalked them for quite some time, trying to shake them down for money. Swedish police failed to arrest the victim and perform a drug test. If he had been found to be under the influence, it would have led credence to the story that he would not stay down or stop. What about the sexual harassment of women all along the way? The alleged assault of the other couple, who talked about it on camera?

    The only possible guilt I can think of is their kicking the man once he was down on the ground.

    I wonder if this would have turned out differently if the defendants were females. A man follows them, harasses them, strikes them repeatedly, making one of their heads bleed, won’t go away despite repeated pleas.

    I am also curious if this was a racist assault. Why did this immigrant target the black Americans? Was that investigated?

    When I first heard about the story, I wondered why Trump would get involved. Then, upon watching the videos, and reading about the accusations of the conditions in the jail, it became clear that Sweden has a problem with crime against tourists.

    Is the behavior on the video an outlier, or is this what tourists in Sweden can expect now? It appears the country has changed quite a bit.

  10. The most amusing part of the story is that Trump intervened because Kim Kardashian asked him to intervene.

    1. The implication is that all Kim Kardashian has to do is snap her fingers, and tell Trump what to do.

      However, the reality is that she has gained access past the phone tree to get to Trump’s reps, was able to tell them about a disturbing video about American tourists being mistreated overseas, and the videos prompted a reaction.

      A great many movie stars and singers have had friendships with past Presidents, with access to the White House. That includes the Obamas. If this had been Barbara Streisand, and the tourists with an orchestra, she would have been applauded, but Kim and A$AP, being a reality star and a rapper, are rather gauche, so they are sneered upon.

      It does not matter who the messenger is. It matters if the complaint is valid. Many of us had grave concerns that the police at least did not arrest both parties to sort this out.

      1. I watched part of a couple of episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians over the years. Found it pointless and annoying. The parts that I saw seemed to show wealthy people crying about manufactured drama. Maybe there were interesting parts of the show that I did not see.

        I’d blown her off as part of the general narcissistic trend of “influencers”. These are just popular people who are making money off of being popular. Getting paid by designers for wearing or talking about their products, for no other reason than they are popular. Compare with Meghan, now the Duchess of Sussex. She has been quite helpful in promoting brands that she supports, such as up and comer shoe designer Sarah Flint, merely by wearing their products. She does not make a dime off it.

        Giving popular people online free stuff to get them to wear and talk about your clothes, shoes, makeup, or whatever product seems to be today’s form of advertising. It might be the modern day version of a commercial with paid actors. My impression is that it feeds into this narcissistic self obsession of people becoming famous online for nothing, without talents or skills, until they feel entitled to free wedding photography, free gowns, free vacations…

        Kim K was firmly in this camp in my mind. However, as of late, she has become active in philanthropy, working towards prison reform, and trying to get people pardons whose sentences seemed disproportionate to their crimes. She has met with some success in this area, and is even studying to become a lawyer. I do not know if she will stick with it, but it is nice to see her turning her focus away from the mirror. She has also been loyal to her husband through some infamous ups and downs, including his battle with mental illness. It speaks well of her that she showed devotion when someone was vulnerable, and easily cast aside.

        Perhaps my opinion of her is improving.

  11. Interesting headline. Professor should get a sideline working for NYT.

  12. How did all this “go down”? The defendant got released, came home to America, tried in abstentia, convicted? Is he going back? Sweden is a goofy place. Humans known as Swedes live there. Migrants are coming in there. The times they are a changing.

    1. I wonder if he may have been found guilty because he was tried in absentia, and thereby offered no testimony.

      1. Karen S says: August 15, 2019 at 11:21 AM –
        “I wonder if he may have been found guilty because he was tried in absentia, and thereby offered no testimony.”

        No, Karen. He was “found guilty” because he assaulted someone; he was found guilty because he was — and is — “guilty” of the crime with which he was charged. As TIA would say, “This isn’t that difficult.” He’s lucky that he got off with “time served.”

  13. Trump’s intervention was embarrassing. Sweden has every right to try someone accused of a criminal offense occurring within its borders. A three-against-one hitting and kicking pile-on, even if the victim was an obnoxious loudmouth, falls squarely within the definition of assault. Sweden has no history of abusing prosecutorial discretion and its government is one of the least corrupt in the world. I’m glad that they proceeded with the trial despite Trump’s intervention, but the defendant should not have been released. He should have been treated like any other defendant. At least it’s unlikely that he will ever return to Sweden, but the President wasted political capital on a lightweight cause that in no way benefits American interests.

      1. Paul:

        Swedish men are obvious feckless cuckolds in the face of this rape epidemic. They’d rather spend time rousting folks warding off obnoxious drunks than confront the deviant invaders in their midst. Nothing much worse than a male who’d let the weakest members of society be sacrificed so he could make the slopes by ten.

        1. The Muslim immigrants are not “invaders,” they are legal immigrants. They were offered asylum by Sweden; which they took and then spit in the face of their benefactors. Sweden was naive, but so was Germany. You invite Africans into your country, you’re going to have problems. Whether North Africans or sub-Saharans, it’s just a matter of degree. There was a video two days ago on England’s Daily Mail showing teen Africans rioting in a McDonalds in England. Apparently due to 300 years of slavery and Jim Crow in England, right? Ha Ha. The fact is, Africans are low I.Q. and create problems everywhere they go. Even in the City of Brotherly Love. But the liberal pansies don’t want to admit the obvious. I credit Finland for rounding-up their trouble-making Muslims, taking them to the Swedish border and shoving them across. It would have been more amusing, however, had they dumped them across their other border into Russia.

          1. “The Muslim immigrants are not “invaders,” they are legal immigrants. They were offered asylum by Sweden; which they took and then spit in the face of their benefactors. Sweden was naive, but so was Germany.”
            Any group of foreigners who enter your country with no intention of assimilating and who rape, pillage and murder are by definition invaders, colossal naivete notwithstanding. They ignore modern day Laocoöns at their peril. (See Horse, Trojan). The cunning politicians who invited them are traitors and the feckless citizens who tolerate them are betrayers to every legacy their ancestors left them. Definitions do help with analysis.

            I have no idea what the rant about Africans means. i’m talking about Muslims of whatever stripe.

            1. Mespo: “Any group of foreigners who enter your country with no intention of assimilating and who rape, pillage and murder are by definition invaders…” Hmmm, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Stats show that black males in the U.S. are only 5% of the population but commit more than 50% of violent felonies…..do they fall within your definition of “invaders?” Or are they just the result of “colossal naïveté” in bringing them here in the first place?

            2. Laocoons and his sons were strangled by the serpant even though he was correct about the invaders. So it seems today when people warn of illegals crossing our borders. The horror and pain can be seen in the sculpture of the event in the Vatican. I recall this only because one of my favorite sculptures in the Metropolitan Museaum of art is Ungolino and His Sons which is in the met (contemplation of canibalism) and has tremendous artistic similarities to Laocoons and His Sons.

              Both demonstrate our fate if we continue down the path of the left. (It is worthwhile to see both sculptors if one is in the right place. Pictures don’t do them justice.)

              1. “Laocoons and his sons were strangled by the serpant even though he was correct about the invaders.”

                And the Soros of that day, Poseidon did it! Or maybe the Hillary of the period, Athena.

                1. History repeats itself. I guess that is why Charles Hill recommended that anyone who wishes to go into the foreign service read the classics such as Thucydides.

                1. He tried to protect his borders from the Trojan Horse and we now know what happened. That should be a lesson to us all. The interesting thing that interested me is the similarity between the two different scultures, the one you posted I think is in the Vatican and the one much later in the Met. Both are phenomenal pieces of art.

            3. A lot of H1B Visa holders and recent citizens work in science, and attend universities. I have studied and worked next to brilliant people from all around the world. Many overcame tremendous hurdles to get an education, and come here. They view the opportunities in America like an incredible blessing, and they work hard.

              Some of those people came from Africa, and they were fine, hardworking, very bright people. Judge the individual before you.

              The problem is that when you take an undifferentiated cross section of a society known for violence, the abuse of women, and human rights abuses in general, then they retain those issues. You are not seeking out those who merit coming to the West, who want to assimilate, who will succeed. You’re just scooping up people at random. There are certain realities about Muslim majority countries regarding women, non believer women, gays, apostates, children, that need to be dealt with in determining immigration figures. A cross section would import the very same acts we consider crimes and preying upon women, which Sweden has learned to its sorrow.

              ISIS fighters have kids, they live in a war torn country, and they want better economic opportunities. I don’t want ISIS fighters to come here. But there are people all around the world who would dearly love to live in the West, and would share our values.

              It is more responsible to temporarily help people in need, but offer immigration on a merit based system. To me, merit does not mean financial stability, although immigration figures should always be managed to match the jobs and housing market. There may be room and support for more indigent arrivals one year over another. Merit means that they want to be an American, share our values, be law abiding, and work hard. The Kennedy Air Lifts are an example, and were responsible for the continued education of Wangari Maathai, who planted trees across Kenya.

              Ayan Hirsi Ali comes from Somalia, rife with terrorism and violence. Virtually all the women in Somalia have suffered FGM, yet Ms Ali is an advocate to end the practice, heal the problems in Islam, and end violence.

          2. Yeah, that’s terrible. Did you hear about the 2 white kids who went on rampages in El Paso and Dayton? Low IQ honkies.

            1. “Yeah, that’s terrible. Did you hear about the 2 white kids who went on rampages in El Paso and Dayton? Low IQ honkies.”
              Must have learned about mass killing from the jihadis.

            2. Hell Yeah!

              Given a bunch of Mercury ( a Neurotoxin), containing Vaccines as kids, then given by the Docs/Big Pharma SSRI drugs for the ADHD the vaccines caused & then the idiots don’t feel right in the head so they go off smoking Meth!

              Hell Yeah, it must been out 2nd Amd Right that’s causing all these bast#rds going nuts.

              Matter of fact I’m thinking maybe you need some more Govt/FDA/CDC approved vaccines! LOL;)

              1. They’re a statistical aberration, but one which unfortunately causes life-long pain to numerous families. The Antifa supporter in Dayton even killed his own sister, who by all accounts was a successful, motivated young woman about to graduate from college with a science degree.

                1. What was that number I heard yesterday?

                  650000 US babies are aborted/murdered every year in the US by Doctors using Assault Weapon Surgical Instruments? Wasn’t that the number?

                  And that’s not counting the Adults killed by the medical/Big Pharma community.

                  The point is the media & the Dim/Commies continue to use the most misleading stats to make totally fake claims.

                  But everyone must give up their Rights for Nothing!

      2. Paul, your story is 2 years old. Were you just googling for something negative on Sweden? I guess that’s what good Trumpers do.

          1. I’m sure you can Google something negative on any country. But if I had to pick a nation to live in outside North America, Sweden would probably be one of my Top 10 choices.

            1. Moving to Sweden:

              1) A Proven identity
              2) Live in the country for 5 years
              4) Conduct self well for those 5 years. That means entering the county legally.
              5) Need a residence and prove you are there to remain
              6) Citizens obey the law
              7) Negatives for Swedish citizenship: Crimes, security threats, outstanding debt.
              8) Though not a residency requirement they expect you to learn Swedish.
              9) Passport will likely be required.
              10) You will have a high tax bill even if you are in a low income group.

              Take note that you are looking for a country that used to control their borders and required citizens to prove who they were and to obey the law. I guess you choose countries that are considered safe and then wish to ruin them.

        1. Peter, if Paul took something from 2 years ago he is under exaggerating. Things are worse today.

          1. in the cities probably. countryside is probably beautiful and “Swedish” as ever

            I would love to spend a summer there. Winter, I’ll pass

            Stockholm is awesome but the last thing i want to see if I travel to Sweden is refugees from the Levant and North Africa. Ugh. I can just stay in the US if I want to experience that sort of wonderful diversity.

          2. Allan – the article was not exaggerating, just stating the facts at the time.

    1. TIN:
      They warned the drunk to stay way. It’s what body guards do. He ignored them and approached in a threatening manner even as ASAP tried to diffuse it. Still Sweden locked ASAP up with no due process even after seeing the tape. Somehow you favor a foreign powers unfair “guilty until proven innocent” system over an American. Trump upheld American values like trial before punishment. Not a darn thing wrong with that and you know it.

      1. You go to another country, you respect their laws. Or suffer the consequences. Well, unless you’re an American rapper. The fact is, Trump doesn’t give a rat’s ass about some third-rate rapper. This is all about politics and pandering to black voters. He tweeted that Sweden “let our African American community down.” As though Sweden is supposed to base its judicial actions on the presumed sensibilities of some subset of American black musical tastes. I voted for Trump the first time, but I’ll likely sit this one out. Actions like this are transparently clownish and degrade respect for the American presidency.

        1. TIN:

          “You go to another country, you respect their laws. Or suffer the consequences.”
          So with that categorical statement, I guess you’re all in on Otto Frederick Warmbier’s treatment in North Korea.

          You don’t want to vote for Trump that’s fine. Reap the reparations, court-packing, higher taxes whirlwind if he loses. That’ll be a big win for you.

          1. C’mon…..North Korea and Sweden are hardly comparable. Poor lil’ Rocky was complaining about the food in the Swedish jail. Apparently he doesn’t like lutefisk. How sad. No KFC or whatever crap he’s used to. A terrible violation of international law! I’m sure they’ll be taking up his case at the United Nations shortly.

            1. TIN:

              “C’mon…..North Korea and Sweden are hardly comparable.”

              Had you made such a distinction I might have agreed, but every detention of an American is decided on a case-by-case basis. This was wrong and only varied from Wambier’s in degree, not qualitatively in its onerousness. And lutefisk is cruel and decidedly unusual punishment.

              1. gamle ost is yuck too

                somehow i think i agree with you and tin

                tin if you “sit this one out” you’d be making a mistake.

                strength of the wolf lies in the pack

        2. I remember a time when an American citizen could feel safer in a foreign country simply because he was a US citizen.

          When the class gets roudy the teacher has to step in.

    2. Sweden has no history of abusing prosecutorial discretion

      See Lynette Burrows’ writing on the administrative tribunals which supervise the ‘child protective’ scam in Sweden.

  14. Trump got him released before trial, brought home and no jail time in a weak case with an ever-changing witness account. It’s what I’d hope any American President would do for any American charged abroad in similar circumstances. His music sucks but that’s another conversation.

      1. “Oh, for Pete’s sake, Mespo. This wasn’t the Gary Powers case.”
        Said by the guy on the “free” side of the jailhouse door.

    1. “His music sucks but that’s another conversation.”

      You like rap and I like classical. Big deal.😀

        1. Tupac was the best. Meaningful lyrics and he wasn’t trying to glorify criminal life, but rather sang about the realities of life in the hood.

          A$AP forgot the ending to Veni, vidi, vici, and it’s kind of weird how he praised the Lord while committing crimes. Not sure where he’s going with this.

          1. Oh my gosh, it does sound like a pan flute!

            Remember when South American bands of pan flutes were everywhere?

  15. What I find interesting is that if Rocky was a Muslim he would have been charged. Should we start laying odds on Rocky going back to serve time while Trump is President?

          1. The free world rejoices!

            Now, about that Kashoggi guy and Warmbier kid…………

              1. So, 2 more Trump/US losses which included kissing the a..es of murdering dictators.

                But hey! He sure did show up those tyrants in Sweden.


                1. Anon1:

                  “So, 2 more Trump/US losses which included kissing the a..es of murdering dictators.”

                  And who might they be? Sanctioned and tariffed China? Sanctioned and missle pointed Russia (Putin is not a dictator)? Sanctioned North Korea? Note the pattern.

            1. Anon1, et al:

              Kashoggi, wasn’t that one of the guys involved in Saudi Govt coup in Los Vegas where all those Americans were killed & the govts & media covered it up?

              How did you like that video of that helicopter, in the dark, between the buildings, firing a 50 cal? Nice Light Show.

              The sound of the copter’s rotors… Voop, voop, voop… & the crack of the 50.

          2. Mespo, very interesting. Newsweek: “a judge deliberated a verdict. Rocky’s legal team were confident his release meant he would receive a not guilty verdict or wouldn’t be issued any additional time since he had already spent a month in prison.”

            Rand Paul was visciously attacked by his leftist neighbor while in his yard wearing headphones and minding his own business. This caused him serious harm and paid, enough that the lung was damaged and a portion had to be removed requiring several weeks of pain and recuperation.

            The leftist for such an attack I believed received 1 month in jail. Something is very wrong in the mindsets of Liberals while they spew their virtue signalling.

          3. Mespo, thanks for the article.

            What stood out to me was:

            “Initially, a judge ordered Rocky to remain in Swedish custody for two weeks during an investigation of the assault. The conditions Rocky faced in jail, as well as his prolonged detainment, sparked national outrage in the U.S. as many fans protested his imprisonment and issued a petition requesting for the 30-year-old to be allowed to return home during the investigation. Celebrities and members of congress also supported Rocky, urging the Swedish government to let him spend the trail in his home-country opposed to lockup.”

            What’s that? Members of Congress urged Sweden to release A$AP and return to the US?


            “Espaillat was joined at a Wednesday press conference by Congressional Black Caucus members Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, who chairs the House Democratic Caucus, Rep. André Carson (D-IN) and Congressional Hispanic Caucus chairman Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX). The lawmakers said that the three men are being held in “solitary confinement,” suggested that they are being treated unfairly and urged the U.S. State Department and the U.S. and Swedish embassies to do more to facilitate the trio’s release.

            “We are calling on Secretary Pompeo to do more,” Espaillat said of U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. “This is not enough. It is unconscionable that young men that are doing well, they are on the right track in life, they’re very successful, they’re icons in the hip-hop community, are treated under these inhumane conditions.”

            How interesting. The story about Democrats in Congress urging Sweden to release A$AP, and for the Secretary of State to intervene, suddenly evaporated when Trump got involved. Then, suddenly, it became how ludicrous it was for the President to intervene. About…face!

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