Running The Nenana With Raft Denali

One the greatest highlights of the trip to Alaska was returning to join Nenana Raft Adventures ( on a whitewater adventure in Denali. This is one of my favorite companies, run by Judith White, who is a fixture in Denali with Nenana Raft Adventures and Denali Paddlesports. Judy attracts top raft operators from all over the country and the company is takes every precaution to give amateurs a safe but exciting time on Class Four runs along the Denali National Park. It is a wonderful way to break up days hiking at Denali and we had a ball.

I am always amazed at the experience of the rafters with Nenana Raft Adventures. These experts come from all over the country to work for the company during the short season. They are informative, professional, and a lot of fun. There is a “Wilderness Adventure” for those who do not want to go whitewater rafting. However, I enjoy whitewater rafting and Judy White has a company that handles every detail for both safety and satisfaction of the customers.

Here are a few of the pictures from the river.

12 thoughts on “Running The Nenana With Raft Denali”

      1. I think you’d get bashed into a lot of rocks before then, so you’d be cold and battered.

      2. Mespo, More than 10 minutes in that water and gonads will be found nestling between the kidneys.

        1. Eeeegads. You are laden with full drysuits.

          Go to Gauley or New River, West Virginia or Ocoee, Tenn where you can raft Class IV shirtless, PFD, swim trunks, sandals and get sun.

          Muy frio! no thanks. Nice pics though. And clearly you have gotten big, JT.

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