Beto O’Rourke Accuses Fox News of Spreading The “Seeds of Terror”

As the Democratic presidential race gets more crowded and frantic, the rhetoric is rising. As with some of President Trump’s comments, one can dismiss much of these comments as irresponsible efforts to trigger a base of voters. However, some comments raises more troubling issues. That was the case with Beto O’Rourke’s comments on the media. O’Rourke accused conservative media of being the mouthpieces of terrrorism — an attack every bit as chilling as Trump’s calling the media the “enemy of the people.”

O’Rourke was pushing the effort to tie Trump and conservatives to the recent massacres. I have previously criticized that effort, but this goes beyond other candidates by a great measure.

“When President Donald Trump describes Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and “bringing crime,” or refers to undocumented immigrants as individuals who “infest our country” — he speaks not as America’s President but as an emissary of hate. And his vilification and fear-mongering connect with those who are open to receiving it.

The seeds of terror we saw that August day are transmitted day and night on Fox News, the most watched cable news channel in the country. They are amplified by right-wing websites like Breitbart, and in messages forced onto local news broadcasts by Sinclair Media.”

It is equally concerning that the media has not responded as it has (correctly) to Trump’s attacks on the media. This is an effort to attack a part of the media viewed by Democrats as hostile to their platform and candidates — just as Trump has tended to attack media viewed as hostile to his side (though he has been attacking Fox News recently as well). This is not about the “seeds of terror” but the seeds of demagoguery in the United States.

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  1. Elizabeth Warren and Robert Francis O’Rourke, yah that’s the team that will take down Trump and Pence. Talk about two real individuals. Not plastic or phony.

  2. My comment to Beto:

    Talk with your hands…
    Talk with your hands…
    You’re dumb as toast and sit on dry land..

    We can’t stand you..
    Go back to your zoo.

    Beto O Rourke is dumber than glue.

    1. You can let them muslims in here … But Not The Irish! Go back Beto, go Back!

      1. pull conor mcgregor’s visa. he just clobbered an old man in a bar drunk on his own whiskey. pathetic!

        I’d take that Muslim from Dagestan who strangled him in his last MMA match as a welcome visitor over him any day.

        1. What will we do with a drunken sailor?
          What will we do with a drunken sailor?
          What will we do with a drunken sailor?
          Early in the morning!

          Shave his belly with a rusty razor
          Shave his belly with a rusty razor
          Shave his belly with a rusty razor
          Early in the morning!

  3. Some joyous news in fighting well funded murderers and terrorists in our country: Planned Parenthood.

    Planned Parenthood to withdraw from Title X without ‘judicial relief’

    SAN FRANCISCO – Attorneys for the Planned Parenthood Federation of American told the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in an Aug. 14 letter that the organization would have to withdraw from the federal Title X program by the close of business Aug. 19 “absent emergency judicial relief.”
    The appeals court is hearing a legal challenge to the Trump administration’s “Protect Life Rule” to bar Title X funds from being used for promoting or providing abortion as family planning.

    On July 11, the court in a 7-4 decision said that even as court cases challenging it proceed, the rule can take effect. An emergency stay had been sought by some abortion rights advocates, including Planned Parenthood, and by 20 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.
    Planned Parenthood has called the Trump “Protect Life Rule” a “gag order” on its operations that must be lifted.

    Catherine Glenn Foster, president and CEO of Americans United for Life, said in an Aug. 15 statement it was “no surprise Planned Parenthood is withdrawing from Title X.”

    She said the organization knows this decision “will feed its reality distortion field that, despite being one of the most generously tax-funded nonprofits in America, it is somehow being attacked simply because the Department of Health and Human Services wishes to respect congressional intent. And Congress was clear: Title X was never meant to fund abortions. The law is clear.”

    1. A binary choice:

      “Does the group wish to financially benefit from providing abortions, or does it wish to continue receiving money under Title X?”

      Planned Parenthood Exposes Its Dedication to Abortion. __ National Review.

  4. The mainstream media has become a propaganda machine for the Democrat Party, deliberately tailoring the information they share in order to affect voting behavior. The media has been guilty of getting many prominent stories wrong, such as the Covington High School kids, due to journalistic negligence. There is room for improvement. “Enemy of the people” rhetoric is more inflammatory than constructive.

    Fox is not a terrorist organization. One can complain that they are biased right, although they consistently put on Democrats who argue their points.

    The fact that the media has not focused on the terrorist comments is further proof that it operates to the benefit of Democrats. Editorials and opinions in the media are free speech. Democrats can have media outlets. So can Republicans. I would like to see more unbiased news, with viewers given the respect and information to form their own opinions. But the media is permitted to be opinionated. Others are permitted to harshly criticize them.

    O’Rourke had the right to call Fox News a terrorist organization. Since it is the most watched network, he just insulted a lot of voters, whom he had no chance with anyway. Since he’s a public figure, he can’t be sued for slander.

    However, his behavior might put off moderate voters in his own party, and it certainly gets the conservative media and internet buzzing, energizing people to go to the polls and vote against this nonsense.

  5. JT: “…just as Trump has tended to attack media viewed as hostile to his side (though he has been attacking Fox News recently as well). This is not about the “seeds of terror” but the seeds of demagoguery in the United States.”

    And Trump would be our demagogue-in-chief.

    1. And Trump would be our demagogue-in-chief, if he ever lived down to half the things the Left fears he will become.

      There, fixed it for you.

      You’re welcome.

  6. Does anyone reading this really believe that today’s call for speech codes, safe spaces, trigger warnings, etc. will not result in the eventual gutting or repeal of the 1st Amendment and the adoption of European/Canadian style “hate speech” laws?

    I wonder which major political candidate will be the first to call for such.

    It’s coming soon to a locale near you.

    And I have news for decent old school liberals like JT. Your liberal positions on most other issues won’t save you from being called a Nazi too.

    And for the good NRA, Heritage Foundation, Federalist Society types, who wrap themselves in the flag and denounce nationalist/populist conservatives, you will not be allowed to make a separate peace with the left.


    1. antonio,

      The Left is smart. They see the reality of social groups, pressure, and organize effectively,

      Conservatives are perennially ineffective. They have been since like 100 years ago when they utterly failed in anti-suffrage efforts across the anglo world

      the Democrats would immediately extend the franchise to illegal immigrant residents if they could.

      it’s precisely their intention to do so, via amnesties

      conservatives self-police every litle thought and pronouncement but they have nearly all their core candidates out there agreeing on legalization of border crossing now, which would be a virtual end to the US as a sovereign state, leaving us wide open to tens of millions of border jumpers where only millions crossed before

      it is getting down to brass tacks

  7. “It is equally concerning that the media has not responded as it has (correctly) to Trump’s attacks on the media.”

    That seems odd, if we are to believe that the media is NOT the enemy of the people!

    I am shocked, SHOCKED, that a media which is NOT the enemy of the people has not responded to Beto as it did to Trump!


    Fox News’ Tucker Carlson recently asked his audience a question: “How precisely is diversity our strength?”

    The conservative cable personality then wondered aloud whether differences within a population could ever foster cohesion within institutions from marriage to the military.

    “Do you get along with your neighbors or co-workers if you can’t understand each other or share no common values?” he asked.

    Naturally, the segment immediately sparked backlash on social media, with viewers bashing the talking head for the thinly veiled bigotry of his argument, which stank of the old school sort of prejudice by which liberal America still finds itself shocked.

    Taking to Twitter in self-defense, Carlson said his message had been distorted and slammed leaders for not asking what he felt were serious questions.

    “Instead, they’re trying to silence anyone who raises them, while at the same time promoting mindless tribalism for political expedience,” he wrote. “Division keeps them in power.”

    Edited from: “Tucker Carlson Is Pandering To Fox News Viewers, And it’s Working. Today’s Talker”

    USA Today, 9/11/18

    I entered the search heading: ‘Fox News Commenter Racist’ and 11 pages of entries came up. It took me about 20 minutes to scroll through all of them. If Fox News hasn’t any issues regarding race, the network then suffers some very serious P R problems.

    1. Carlson asks a valid question.

      I wonder if the Japanese are keen to embrace racial and national diversity. They seem to have done ok without it for a few thousand years and no signs of changing their intentions.

      Are the “middle Kingdom people” in China who literally call themselves the center of the world, in danger of surrendering their famed ethnic pride, and embracing diversity? Not from the signs of it in Xinjiang!

      Nationalism and ethnic pride is alive and well.

      Pretty much everywhere besides ….. where white people have lived for countless generations.

      One could take from that many conclusions. But i wonder, a) why are white people so self hating and weak and lacking pride?
      and b) who’s encouraging this bad trend? c) if the people encouraging this are actually mostly people in whiteskins themselves, what to make of that?

      let me know what you think about all that Hill.

      1. let me know what you think about all that Hill.

        Mr. Kurtz,
        You’ll get a half-wit response from Hill as he does not have access to the left half of his brain.

      2. Tucker Carlson recgognizes a fact of life. If what Peter thinks is true was true then he could go to Saudi Arabia and live with a woman just like he lives in America, but I don’t think they would last long. This doesn’t mean that races can’t mix. They do and in the US they mix much better than in most places of the world. Tucker accepts that and doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. Peter’s problem that is a Democratic problem is that races have mixed well in the US and so the left has to import enough people that either don’t have the time to mix or cannot mix to support their candidates. The left depends on hate. The right depends on mutual understanding.

        1. yes, allan, ethnic groups can mix peacefully in civil society. moreover, they can even mix peaceful even while retaining their distinct ethnic communities. this is something that can be seen in that interesting place called Israel

          one thing people fail to reckon about Israel, is how much Israeli Arabs like living in Israel, and prefer it to the Palestinian authority

          you rarely hear this fact from the Palestinian agitators like “the squad”

          I am starting to understand, slowly, why the American left including its prominent Jewish voices, are often so anti-Israeli. Basically, they just don’t like law and order, and they thrive on chaos and conflict fed by big populations of poor and uneducated people who will believe whatever BULL their self appointed faction leaders tell them.

          A recent survey of Israeli Arabs in the town Um Al-Fahm indicated that the vast majority would prefer to remain citizens of Israel and would oppose their town being transferred to a Palestinian rule. Um Al-Fahm, is the stronghold of the Islamist movement in Israel. This survey was conducted by and published in[1] the Israeli Israeli Arab weekly, Kul Al-Arab, known for its nationalist pan-Arab Nasserist inclinations. The editor at large of the magazine, Samih Al-Qasem, recently told the Egyptian magazine, Al-‘Usbu’ that “Even if 250 million Arabs normalize their relations with Israel, he alone would oppose it.”

          Following is an article discussing the survey entitled “Um Al-Fahm Prefers Israel,” by Joseph Algazy, Ha’aretz, August 1, 2000.

          “During the [recent] Camp David summit and even during the preparations that made for it, the subject of territorial exchange between Israel and the Palestinian state was raised for the umpteenth time. According to the proposal, some of the Jewish settlements in the territories would remain under Israeli sovereignty, in return for the transfer of Israeli Arab communities in the Northern Triangle region, including the city of Um Al-Fahm, to Palestinian control. The advocates of this proposal have never bothered to consult with the individuals who would be immediately involved in such an exchange – namely, the [Arab] residents of those communities, who are Israeli citizens.”

          “Those advocates should realize that the [Arab] residents themselves are totally opposed to the idea. During the present round of Palestinian-Israeli talks, the head of the ‘Abna Al-Balad’ (‘Sons of the Village’) group, Raja Aghbariya, who lives in Um al Fahm, declared, in an interview published in the Nazareth weekly Kul Al-Arab, that he is ‘prepared to give up the National Insurance allowance [he gets as an Israeli citizen] and Israeli democracy to be united with the land and people of Palestine.'”

          “A few days later, the results of a survey conducted by Kul Al-Arab indicated a completely different view among the city’s residents.”

          “In the survey conducted among 1,000 residents [of Um Al-Fahm], both male and female, from all of the town’s clans and large families as well as all segments of the local political spectrum, 83 percent of respondents opposed the idea of transferring their city to Palestinian jurisdiction, while 11 percent supported the proposal and 6 percent did not express their position. Of those opposed to the idea, 54 percent explained that they were against becoming part of a Palestinian state because they wanted to continue living under a democratic regime and enjoying a good standard of living, which includes National Insurance allowances and pensions. Of these opponents, 18 percent stated that they were satisfied with their present situation, that they were born in Israel and that they were not interested in moving to any other state. Another 14 percent of this same group went so far as to say that they were not prepared to make sacrifices for the sake of the creation of a Palestinian state and to be its “sacrificial offering of atonement.” Another 11 percent cited no reason for their opposition to the annexation of their city by the Palestinian state.”


          now, one thing that also impresses me about the israelis, is they are not fools when it comes to illegal immigration. that really speaks for itself.

          most of all, even though they are just towards their arab 1/5 population, they are also smart in knowing that ethnic alliances COULD cause problems and especially if a certain demographic mix is exceeded. the issue of disparate fertility is known and appreciated by Israeli leadership across the political spectrum and generally they do not call their own people “bigots” and other bad names for mentioning the issue

          this is why a lot of “European new right” leadership (especially in France and Germany) has forcefully jettisoned the antisemitic aspects of prewar European politics and taken a strong interest in learning from Zionism as a social political force which achieved its strategic objectives in the sustainable and successful existence of the Israeli state.

          1. The shrieks you just heard were emanating from Autumn, Princess Trohar, and the rest of the Fire-Up-the-Gas-Ovens caucus.

            1. Kurtz, nice posting and as DSS says that will create a lot of shrieks that fortunately will not come through the Internet.

            2. So says posters like the above, who adore Europe and Canadian thought crime laws that imprison (for you know, national security) anyone who disagrees on the Western version of the holocaust.

              BTW, just for clarity, to which of the several alleged “6 million dead” holocausts do you refer?

              “What you can not criticize, is your God.”

              BTW, what part of the US Constitution allows Congress the right to give the power to declare war to the POTUS?

            3. War monger/Israel first iron clad “Law of god:” anyone who does not support Israel above and beyond any US interest is Hitler, Pol Pot, and Jack the Ripper combined, and deserves to die immediately, preferably a horrible tortured death.”

              Thus speaks god.

              1. Israel has a right to exist despite Trohar’s anti-Semitic rhetoric but to anti-Semites and people like James Patrick Reardon, Jr. they should be killed. Denial of the Holocaust by such people is typical as is denial of the fact that Israel has tried to make peace, but there is no peace unless all the Jews wish to drown in the Mediterranean Sea. Take note how these anti-Semites specialize in hating Jews and for the most part stay silent about all the killings that don’t concern the Jews or the United States.

                One can argue that Israel is not perfect and make comments that are negative about Israel. The problem is not the negative comments rather the lies of the one’s that wish the Jews were all dead.

              2. Princess Trohar – Jack the Ripper is a piker compared to even John Wayne Gacy. Your list should be Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin and Mao. You have to get those Communists in, deary.

            1. interesting information polling thanks

              big things that jump out, this is a pro Fatah polling effort undertaking in Fatah controlled institution, with a not surprisingly anti Hamas and pro Fatah outcome– no big deal just making the observation

              secondly 70% reject a one state solution. if i read that right. i find that interesting because that would favor Arabs. Maybe they don’t get it. who knows. so not even Palestinians like that. interesting

              maybe that’s because….. even though it would favor Arabs, it would not favor Fatah? yeah, exactly….. back to the first observation…

              1. Kurtz, in 2014 an area called the Triangle was discussed so that it could be placed under Fatah control. The idea was rejected by Arab leaders and citizens. One has to remember that saying and actually doing are two different things because saying the wrong thing can leave a person dead. I don’t think I would put much credence into An-Najah University located in that hotspot though we do have individuals that simply search and latch onto things having little ability to think.

                From the ADL: “Today the student council of An-Najah is known for its advocacy of anti-Israel violence and its recruitment of Palestinian college students into terrorist groups. ”

                Anon is not a reliable source for anything.


      3. Kurtz, it was Bob Dylan who said “It doesnt take a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing”. Well currently the winds are blowing towards diversity throughout the western world. There’s no avoiding it. To say that only ‘self-hating Whites’ accept diversity is ignoring the winds of change.

        1. pffft!

          Your winds of change that smell badly are the fartlike cravings of greedy industrialists who want endless cheap migrant labor onshore as well as off;…. and their quislings in the government who crave more cheap votes.

          their little breakings of wind will be submerged in the haboob of native discontent. you will see it happen. you saw it happen with Trump and you will see it again. They will reap the whirlwind

          1. Trump has a long history of hiring undocumented illegals, so I assume it’s his flatulence you are apparently referencing and we know who craves it

            1. Kurtz, White people are becoming an increasingly smaller ratio of the western population. It’s okay, nothing to freak about.

            2. Trump doesn’t hire those people though some might have worked for him which would typical where he was building. Remarkably, to his disadvantage ( if what you assume is true) Trump wants to put a stop to that while keeping the playing field level (something you know little about). This proves what a great President Trump is.

              1. What a joke. Trump can put an end to his own hiring of undocumented immigrants anytime. He’s a self serving hypocrite, and now that you know it, so are you if you continue to support him. There is no other explanation.

                1. Do tell us which of the self-serving hypocrites running for the Democrat nomination is the one you choose to support??

                2. No. The are illegals all over. It is the job of government to send them back and to pass laws so the business community can all be on a level field.. Business people are not supposed to be policemen.

                  Where Trump had some illegals they have been fired. You don’t want to secure the border with simple rules that send them right back. You like the political instability because you can use it in your ideological war no matter who is hurt or who is killed.

                3. Do you know of any time when Trump became aware he had illegal aliens in his employee that he refused to fire them? Conversely, which of the democrat candidates have made any effort to address the mass shootings that take place nearly every weekend in places like Chicago and Baltimore?

                  The entire Democrat party are self-serving hypocrites, and now that you know it, so are you if you continue to support them. That is a self-evident truth.

    2. R U kidding, or are you really that “naïve?” Fox regularly scores more viewers than the next 3 cable “news” networks combined, and occasionally they score more than terrestrial news networks (free, over the air). Their political views lean toward the polar opposite of every single other news network, Google, FB, etc., except all such outlets are pro war all the time, including Fox (Tucker the exception, see below).

      I generally can’t stand Fox, but Tucker is an exception. Anyone who states he tows the GOP and neocohn line is lying, naïve, or both. He has called out Trump incessantly for the same stuff Turley does and more. Tucker is staunchly anti-military excursion, especially for any regime change, because they have all failed miserably and help to destroy the US. (To Tucker’s shame, he does not call out Saudi Arabia as much as he should.)

      But Tucker has had more than a dozen segments where he positively condemns GOP policies that are anti-worker and anti-family in the extreme, and if they really cared about people they’d change. Tucker recently promoted Romania’s policy to give $35k income tax direct credit for any family having X children (forgot the #) and permanent life time/no income tax for women having 4 children or more…a far cry from Soros-inspired policy to import 3 world illiterates to “solve” population depletion among advanced western nations.

      There is absolutely, positively NO known corollary to Tucker on any other cable “news” network, i.e. someone who does not CONSTANTLY promote the DNC viewpoint on every single subject.

      The MIC faction has an iron fist hold on virtually the entire DNC, GOP, and all MSM. Anti-war Tucker is the sole known exception.

      1. “except all such outlets are pro war all the time, including Fox (Tucker the exception, see below).”

        A very narrow minded opinion. Very few people are pro war rather there is a difference of opinion as to how to prevent wars or larger wars. I so happen to like Tucker more than anyone else on any network for he presents his opinions with an open mind. Are his opinions fixed? I don’t think so. I believe he can be persuaded if the evidence exists. It’s good to hear all points of view and recognize that sometimes we do not have the information to draw a proper conclusion and if we did we might change our minds.

        If we all put our ideologies away for a few moments we might all recognize that frequently what is really important to our lives isn’t that much different. What differs mostly is the means and the means are terribly affected by politics.

        1. Tell readers two things:
          1. A MSM rep not named Tucker Carlson who is not pro US military excursion (especially Re. regime change) 24/7/365.25 days per year.

          A bit after Trump’s inauguration “reporter” Brian Wilson was orgasmic with glee Re. Trump, solely because Trump launched several big missiles into Syria, a nation with ZERO EFFECT on US national security. This was the first and only time every single MSM “reporter” was adored Trump, to the extent of wanting to have Trump’s baby on camera. They called launching missiles “Presidential!” AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO RECALLS WHEN EVERY SINGLE DEM AND REPORTER LABELLED BUSH 46 WITH THE “WARMONGER” EPITHET 24/7?

          If you want to know why MSM never mentions Tulsi Gabbard except to curse her and call her an “Assad apologist,” look no further than her anti-military excursion anti-regime change policy. Unlike the liars Trump and Obama, Tulsi means it. (It’s too bad she’s pro-abortion.)

          2. Tell readers which military excursions since WW2 positively resulted in a net benefit for US citizens.

          Prior to the US installing by military force CIA asset/The Shaw of Iran, the Iranian rulers were moderates, but we caused a coup solely to further US military and economic hegemony. Ever since that regime change, Iranians have elected only more radical leaning Islamic rulers. Warmongers say there’s no correlation between that change. Bull.

          1. Prior to the US installing by military force CIA asset/The Shaw of Iran,

            You’re never in danger of being taken seriously, but you’re lowering your odds even further by uttering howlers.

            1. When you’ve lost the point of the disagreement, attack your opponent personally.

              1. You haven’t been attacked ‘personally’. You made a statement that is false. You don’t have a license to talk out of your a** or lie without it being pointed out.

                1. Princess Trohar – DSS is correct. You make a mistake or lie on here, people will be happy to point it out. There are no “Safe Zones” on Turley’s blog.

                  1. Mr. Schulte,
                    Out of respect for royalty, it’s best to avoid correcting the Princess.

            2. Thanks for agreeing with my points Re. MSM policy Re. military excursions, and that such military excursions since WW2 have all been net negative for the USA and its citizens. If you didn’t agree, you’d reply to my 2 simple questions.


              “1953 Iranian coup d’état

              The 1953 Iranian coup d’état, known in Iran as the 28 Mordad coup d’état (Persian: کودتای ۲۸ مرداد‎), was the overthrow of the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in favour of strengthening the monarchical rule of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi on 19 August 1953, orchestrated by the United States (under the name TPAJAX Project[5] or “Operation Ajax”) and the United Kingdom (under the name “Operation Boot”).[6][7][8][9] It was the first covert action of the United States to overthrow a foreign government during peacetime.[10]”

              So far, no evidence that Wiki is lying just personal attacks for bad disagreeable news Re. USA unlawful regime change wars which netted very bad results for American citizens, which still cause bad things for Americans today, e.g. threat of nuclear winter US vs. Russia vs. China (the latter two support Iran today, BTW).

          2. “Shah” not Shaw.

            I think the MSM talking heads are not qutie that bad. bad, but not quite as.

            question 2 is more interesting. start by observing, the question is not what wars were just. we put that question aside.

            only on whether they were good for the US or not:

            maybe, quite a few that were net benefits but the list is very long. Maybe some not. big question, no time. 2 wars only?

            Let’s take Korean conflict. South Korea, has become an industrail powerhouse and staunch ally of US strategic interests in the region. I don’t accept the justifications for the war in the first place as wholly authentic, but so what. I would say that one is a sold PLUS. But it has costs too, the occupation is perhaps outlived its necessity, and I favor diplomatic engagement with the DPRK.

            :Lets take Vietnam. Again I question the :typical democracy type sloganeering excuses, but not the strategic value at the outset. Cam Ranh Bay is the best deepwater port in Asia i hear. That alone was worth a stratetgic investment.

            What about holding on to it long after the RVN showed itself as corrupt and incompetent and unsustainable? Maybe a sooner exit would have been wiser in retrospect. Nonetheless. even a left leaning critic of US war policy over the decades, MIchael Hudson, an economist, explained in his book “Super Imperialism” how the effect of big US debt to finance the war, had an effect of forcing abandonment of the postwar gold peg, and that allowed even greater US financing opportunities and control over trade relations globally. It is a critical book but the point is critical. The US was a winner in money and finance terms even when it had lost in Vietnam militarily. Does that justify the war? I don’t know, certainly that is not what the author intended, but the argument is made that it left us in a more favorable financial position than we were at the outset.

            I recommend the book to all, very fascinating. But, it helps to have had macroecon classes to understand.


            One suspects that Lenin was right that in the later stages of capitalism, wars and rivalry among the industrial powers, in the third world, to open and dominate markets would become inevitable. It sure seems like that has happened and it’s going to keep on happening like it or not. lets hope our government, whomever is in charge, will use successful negotiation and diplomacy to pursue our interests without resorting to wars.

            1. 1. Trohar’s question is rhetorical. She’s not expecting an analytical response.

              2. She’s steamed that American troops got in the way of the SS before they could finish the job.

              1. So says MIC apologists after the US kills hundreds of thousands of innocents, all or most with skin darker than their own. Next they’ll tell readers that a direct result of the US handing over East Europe to Russia and appeasing China for helping conquer Japan in WW2 did not directly result in the death of over 60 million innocents, or ten x the alleged number of Jews in the alleged holocaust.

                No need to wonder who butters the bread for the pro war, war mongering types who frequent here. The world’s #1 largest work force is the US Dept. of WAR (AKA “DEFENSE” hahahah), so says Business Insider:


                Benevolent bombing of Syria, a nation of ZERO national security interest to the USA:

                Hey, war mongers, got any links to contradict the above, or just more personal slams for whatever?

                Pray tell readers how Syria has any national security interest to the US, like, in less than 5000 words.

              2. Don’t type in place of me you liar. I meant my Q, which you can’t/won’t answer, hence your lie.

            1. So my bad grammar proves the US installing the SHAH of Iran by military force was a complete and utter success, right?

          3. The Shaw of Iran…, are you talking about George Bernard Shaw (Irish)? I don’t think what I am reading from you makes any sense regarding my comment so I will let your reply linger and decay on its own. No intelligent thought will be necessary.

            1. The roots of “shaw” and “shah” are identical, idiot:
              Got any more stupid, pathetic replies to avoid answering my points?

              Also, the author of this blog used to post a higher ratio of grammar errors than any other known blog (it’s improved over the last year or so). And yet you post here, so you obviously don’t give a crap about grammar except when the post contradicts your war POV.

              1. “The roots of “shaw” and “shah” are identical, idiot: ”

                Trohar, OK, so now we know you are talking about the Shah instead of George Bernard Shaw. At least now I know that Pigmallion was written by Shaw and not the Shah of Iran.

                I don’t care much about spelling or grammar except when the person writing doesn’t care about the facts.

      2. Not that it matters a bit, and none are really news channels, the 2 liberal versions together roughly equal Fox viewership.

    3. Diversity is no one’s strength. Ask the Incas about the Conquistadors. Oh, they aren’t around anymore.

      1. Diversity accounts for evolution. You know how you are tall, fit, genetically endowed and intelligent? Well McDonalds biscuits might be your downfall

        YOU, Out of the gene pool!

        Organisms continually adapt to their environments, and the diversity of environments that exists promotes a diversity of organisms adapted to them.

      2. Diversity has been and is our strength. If you don’t like it you should move.

  9. I hope these idiots never realize that the majority of the Democrat party is somewhere to the right of them. JT mentioned something about public sensibilities on his beer thread and whatever public defends these extremists has no sensibilities whatsoever.

  10. The facts are out there and the implication that we need any news vehicle to understand our world is the most troubling concept and one that Mr. Turley should eschew.

    1. self hating losers who are “so sorry” are welcome to eliminate their own carbon footprint, permanently.

      generally of course, they aren’t “sorry” for anything, except losing

      they’re sorry like a criminal is sorry– yeah, sorry for getting caught

  11. Beto (Not real name but pandering for votes) O’Rouke is hanging on for dear life.

      1. Karen S – the funniest was watching him change his tire. A “real man” calls AAA and has then change the damn tire.

    1. he’s a loser flaming out at the end. pathetic. slink off dog, nobody likes you, traitor to the clear interests of his countrymen and a lame sort of white malinchista. Whose votes was he campaigning for anyways? pathetic cur.

    2. Beto is at the back of the pack for now, but us getting some press for his “seeds of terror” comment.
      He also is changing his name to “Alpho-Beto” to create a stronger, bolder image. That’ll keep his name(s) out there with the name change if he keeps lobbing accusations linking Trump to terror.

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