Poll: 62 Percent Of Americans Disapprove Of President Trump

President Donald Trump has been facing an array of polls showing rising disapproval of voters. A new poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows just how much ground has been lost with over 6 out 10 voters now disapproving of his overall performance. What is notable is that much of the disapproval registered in polls concern Trump combative and unpredictable public statements on Twitter and the media. As with his recent controversy over retweeting references to himself as the “chosen one” and statements about “disloyal” Jews who vote Democratic, Trump has been driving wedges with Suburban women voters and other voting groups as the GOP struggles to retain control of the Senate.

Even with the general view that Trump polls artificially low because some people do not want to admit to supporting him, these polls — and the rising negative numbers — reportedly has White House officials worried.

The poll shows again a core of 36% that remains committed. However, that is not enough to secure reelection.

What is striking on the other side however is the loyalty of Republicans. Only 12 percent are opposed to Trump and his numbers with Republicans has been polled as high as 86 percent support. That makes a primary challenge unlikely to succeed — and unlikely to drain Trump’s campaign of funds while two dozen Democrats fight over their nomination. It also however means that, absent a self-defeating choice like Hillary Clinton in the 2016 race, Republicans may be left with a candidate going into the general election with 6 out of 10 voters expressing opposition months in advance.

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  1. The entire population of the western hemisphere out 8,5 billion people in the world is pushing 800 million of whom only 62 million thought the Denmark Joke was real.

    Funnily enough about that same number are registered and non registered Socialists, their children and their illegals all found in the USA. Same number disapprove of Trump but then we found out that those who accept allegiance to a foreign ideology have at the same time rejected their citizenship which brings the population of the USA down to from the projected for 2019 to around 260 million from it’s present 325 million not including illegals.

    Some of these figures are close to correct, some are projected and some are the result of googling this place we know of at 450 S. Capitol in Washington DC. The disclaimer stated fresh information on a daily basis based on the national polls system.

    Languages used in our half of the planet are Spanish, English, Portuguese and a few others.

    Languages used in the Eastern hemisphere abut 100 per continent except eastern Asia where China alone has over 100.

    Now you can figure out where lies the joke and who resides there.

  2. Donald Trump has a100% dissaproval rating with the American people but he is favored to get reelected.

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