Poll: 62 Percent Of Americans Disapprove Of President Trump

President Donald Trump has been facing an array of polls showing rising disapproval of voters. A new poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows just how much ground has been lost with over 6 out 10 voters now disapproving of his overall performance. What is notable is that much of the disapproval registered in polls concern Trump combative and unpredictable public statements on Twitter and the media. As with his recent controversy over retweeting references to himself as the “chosen one” and statements about “disloyal” Jews who vote Democratic, Trump has been driving wedges with Suburban women voters and other voting groups as the GOP struggles to retain control of the Senate.

Even with the general view that Trump polls artificially low because some people do not want to admit to supporting him, these polls — and the rising negative numbers — reportedly has White House officials worried.

The poll shows again a core of 36% that remains committed. However, that is not enough to secure reelection.

What is striking on the other side however is the loyalty of Republicans. Only 12 percent are opposed to Trump and his numbers with Republicans has been polled as high as 86 percent support. That makes a primary challenge unlikely to succeed — and unlikely to drain Trump’s campaign of funds while two dozen Democrats fight over their nomination. It also however means that, absent a self-defeating choice like Hillary Clinton in the 2016 race, Republicans may be left with a candidate going into the general election with 6 out of 10 voters expressing opposition months in advance.

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  1. The Trump narrative collapsed today with “hereby ordered” and “enemy Powell” and these tariff numbers thrown around like confetti.
    He became ridiculous today. Not a just bully. Not a just boor. Ridiculous. A laughingstock.
    Even a few GOPers are starting to mock and question competence.

    1. Acromion must think he can sell his TDS propaganda Bullsh8t here to these readers.

      He must think the readers here are to stupid to pull up a chart showing how many time the US “Commie, yes Ck Marksism”, Central Bank Did Not raise interest rates under Obama & how much Credit was lent into the economy then Compared to how many times the Central Bank, FRS, raised Rates while they were pulling 50 BILLION $$$ A Month Credit Out of the US Economy just as soon as was Trump Elected Into Office.

      Anyway, please tell us more about these Never Trumpers Competence & their operating plan, The Communist Manifesto.

  2. Only the truly stupid believe that 62% of the population disapproves of the President. Are you one of the truly stupid?

  3. Most people disapprove of Donald Trump for his personal behavior and abrasive nature. They could care less what he does or political platform.

  4. Supreme Court Justice RBG underwent surgery to remove a tumor from what little pancreas mass she has left

    But she’s doing fine, swimming laps from Florida to Cuba while never coming up for air, rappelling off of the Washington Monument while guzzling Manischewitz and throwing spitballs with one eye closed at the White House. She’s ready to wrestle the “thin” Rhino in France and challenge Mespo at an all you can eat Spaghetti Contest.

    no sirree. she has no medical issues whatsoever. For she is the Chosen One

    1999, colon cancer
    2009, pancreatic cancer
    2014, stent right coronary artery
    2018, cancerous nodules in her lungs

      1. That she survived a Whipple procedure in 2009 and is still living today is what amazes. The share of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer for whom that is their trajectory is in the low single digits. A retired general surgeon who frequents the sites I do said last year that the simultaneous appearance of multiple tumors in the lung is “99% metastatic”. Every once in a while, oncologists can blow a stage-IV cancer out of your system with radiation and chemotherapy (a leukemia or lymphoma, or a tumor originating in the thyroid or colon), but it’s unusual in the best of circumstances, and tumors originating in the lung and pancreas are just about the worst of circumstances.

        The New York constitution has since 1846 mandated formal retirement at age 70, and currently debars retired judges from hearing cases past the age of 76. I do wish these rules were adopted at the federal level.

      2. She’s already on borrowed time: 91% of those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer due within 5 years. She gets special care given her elite status so add 5 or 6 to that, but either way she’s dead woman walking.

  5. Among Today’s Tweets:


    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 6h6 hours ago

    ….My only question is, who is our bigger enemy, Jay Powell or Chairman Xi?
    17,426 replies 9,915 retweets 38,019 likes

    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 6h6 hours ago

    As usual, the Fed did NOTHING! It is incredible that they can “speak” without knowing or asking what I am doing, which will be announced shortly. We have a very strong dollar and a very weak Fed. I will work “brilliantly” with both, and the U.S. will do great…
    7,571 replies 11,127 retweets 43,386 likes

    These tweets suggest that Trump is indeed worried about a looming recession. So Trump wants to get way ahead of it by setting up Fed Chairman Powell as the culprit.

    No American with any level of education is likely to think Jerome Powell caused whatever recession comes. But Trump’s less-than-educated base will accept this nonsense at face value. Commenters on this blog will undoubtedly parrot Powell’s culpability.

    In that second tweet Trump resents that the Federal Reserve operates independently from White House control. The Fed was designed that way on purpose. We don’t want presidents lowering interest rates to boost their reelection campaigns.

    1. You would have too be an idiot to not be worried about when the inevitable recession is going to hit…of course Trump is trying to get ahead of this inevitability. Even though recessions are natural, the people wrongly give credit/blame when it occurs or doesn’t occur…the people(left and right) are indeed dumb.

      Anyone(like the Shill) who says that the Fed operates independently hasn’t been around markets for very long…anyone(like the Shill) who says the Fed was designed to be independent is talking out their asss. Yeah, JP Morgan designed the Fed to be independent! You’re a moron, Shill.

      1. Ivan, you’re comically off-base while presuming to lecture me!

        J P Morgan ‘was’ the Central Bank before the Fed was created. The Fed was created, however, to get ‘away’ from J P Morgan. The idea was to have an official Central Bank that could not be directly controlled by either the President or Congress.

        We don’t want interest rates to be politicized. That doesn’t mean they never are. But it’s not desirable. The Reagan White House, for instance, could not stop Paul Volker from cranking up interest rates to historically high levels. Consequently we had a fairly serious recession in the early 80’s that cynics labeled “The Reagan Recession”. It wasn’t Reagan’s fault. That was just Paul Volker trying to halt inflation once and for all.

  6. Hey, JT–the only poll that counts will be Election Day, November, 2020. On that day, you will hopefully apologize for quoting such an obviously idiotic NORC poll!

  7. 2016, the higher the polling is against Trump the better his chances of winning. Hilary was measuring for the new curtains in The Whitehouse.

  8. The are not that many Poles who vote in the American elections. Most are Dems but not all. To talk about the Poles all the time is a waste of time. I wonder what the Irish Americans think of Trump v. Biden or Trump v. Warren.
    Which of those women candidates claim to be of American Indian gene pool? Was it Warren? Is she the one that is called Pocahontus? Was she a liar back in college days?

  9. Biden is the only one of the Gang of Twenty Or More for whom I could vote. If it is Biden vs. Trump then I may flip a coin. I will flip a quarter. Heads its Trump, Tails it Biden.
    What Trump is saying about some of the Dems who are anti Jewish bigots is not strong enough. That gang of four needs to be removed from Congress. Send em back to Minnesota or where they came from. Bent people got no reason to live.

    1. Liberty, are you saying this knowing that Biden’s son Hunter with help from the federal government (similar to the Uranium transfer to the Russians) made a lot of money in permitting a Michigan military arms company to be sold to the Chinese which permitted the Chinese to gain accesss to military secrets? He did this while Biden was VP and Kerry Secretary of State. He was partners with Kerry’s son.

  10. The Associated Press-NORC Center poll isn’t part of the Real Clear Politics consortium from which they tabulate their poll of polls. That is because the methodology of the NORC isn’t rigorous. In fact they survey virtually everyone, thus including many people who don’t or can’t vote. Though their opinions are important also, the distorted sample doesn’t allow for easy comparisons across presidencies.

  11. I would think that any poll question that brings up Twitter would get a negative response. I suspect that future Presidents will learn from his missteps, and employ a similar team for Twitter as they use for speech writers. The latter is a significant staff that spends hours crafting and cross checking speeches and public statements. And then, the President bypasses them entirely with his phone. Extemporaneous comments make him an open book with nothing to hide. What you see is what you get, and you never have to worry that you don’t really know what his opinions are. The whole world knows at the same time that he forms them. That could be a good thing if he would allow that cushion of social media staff between writing and posting.

    It’s really a shame that my phone never rings with the White House (or the CA governor’s office) wondering what to do.

  12. Thank you for the information (i.e. hit piece), Professor.

    I wasn’t aware there was a presidential election today.



    As a patron of charities, David Koch ranked among the most open-handed donors of his era, disbursing more than $1 billion to cultural and medical nonprofit organizations. But it was through a network of well-financed advocacy groups that the Koch brothers achieved their greatest distinction, spreading an uncompromising anti-government gospel that moved the Republican Party steadily to the right.

    They had inherited a deep mistrust of big government from their father, a founding member of the arch-conservative John Birch Society. David Koch said he fervently believed that minimal government led to more prosperity and freedom for all people.

    David Koch warns against financial regulations: ‘We want maximum freedom to launch businesses’

    “It’s something I grew up with,” he told journalist Brian Doherty, editor of the libertarian magazine Reason, “a fundamental point of view that big government was bad, and imposition of government controls on our lives and economic fortunes was not good.”

    In 1980, David Koch was the Libertarian Party’s nominee for vice president on a ticket with corporate lawyer Ed Clark. He aligned himself with a platform that called for the abolition of all corporate and personal income taxes, Medicare and child labor laws. When the ticket flopped at the ballot box, garnering 1 percent of the popular vote, the brothers pinned their political ambitions on the ascendant Reagan-era GOP.

    The Kochs’ chief instruments were Americans for Prosperity, a nonprofit group founded in 2004 and technically dedicated to “social welfare,” and a series of semiannual conclaves that attracted some of the wealthiest conservative donors in the country. In the 2016 election cycle, the Koch network spent nearly $900 million, not much less than the total laid out by the Republican Party.

    Through a network of well-financed advocacy groups, David Koch and his brother, Charles, achieved their greatest distinction, spreading an uncompromising anti-government gospel that moved the Republican Party steadily to the right.

    Over time, evidence of the Kochs’ influence could be found in almost every corner of the political landscape. One of their most effective stratagems was the bankrolling of right-wing primary candidates for House and Senate seats. Among the beneficiaries was Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), an obscure state senator who was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2014 with the backing of the Kochs.

    On the state and local levels, Koch money was credited with helping Republicans install majorities in 31 state legislatures by 2018.

    Edited from: “David Koch, Billionaire Industrialist Who Influenced Conservative Politics Dies At 79”

    Today’s Washington Post

    1. Regarding Above..

      Here’s The Key Paragraph:

      The Kochs’ chief instruments were Americans for Prosperity, a nonprofit group founded in 2004 and technically dedicated to “social welfare,” and a series of semiannual conclaves that attracted some of the wealthiest conservative donors in the country. In the 2016 election cycle, the Koch network spent nearly $900 million, not much less than the total laid out by the Republican Party.

      $900 Million to Republican campaigns in just 2016 alone!

      One has to ask where the GOP will be when ‘both’ Koch’s are gone.

      1. Hill:

        “$900 Million to Republican campaigns in just 2016 alone!” That figure is dwarfed by what unions spend on politics. Unions spent $2 billion on politics in 2018 alone.

        What differs between wealthy philanthropists and unions, is that the former spend their own money, and the latter spend other people’s. It has long been the case that union members are forced to join a union in order to be employed in many fields, and then they are forced to donate to political causes they might not choose, when political donations are taken from union dues.


          1. Peter, you missed her point. If I am a member of many unions I pay dues going to political situations that I may not agree with.

            Peter, would you agree with a law that makes the political contribution part of union dues entirely optional without any pressure?

            1. Alan, that law is known as “Right To Work” and it’s been promoted extensively by the Koch Bros.

              Here in California, the Koch Bros spent huge amounts to get ‘Right To Work’ before the voters as a ballot initiative. It lost of course. The Koch Bros knew it would. But their strategy was forcing unions to spend big money defeating the initiative. That’s how devious the Koch Bros are.

              1. Hill:

                Devious? Or they just donate to causes they believe in.

                Do you believe it is fair that you are forced to join a union if you want to work in certain industries, and then you are forced to support politicians against your will? If so, what is your argument in favor?

              2. You are so full of bull, Peter. I know the law but I am generalizing the question so that you don’t simply object to the law because of the Koch’s or any other reason. Let’s get an answer.

                Peter, would you agree with a law that makes the political contribution part of union dues entirely optional without any pressure?

                As usual I don’t expect you to answer because your mindset is based solely on how your party gets the most votes. That is not how a democracy is supposed to function and is an impediment to our Republic but who says that you care anything about our Constitutional Republic?

                1. Karen / Alan, ‘NO’, I don’t believe in ‘Right to Work’ laws.

                  If an employee wants the benefits and protections of a labor union, they must be willing to either pay dues or work a lower-paying. non-union job. Employees who want it both ways are known as ‘Free-Riders’.

                  For the record I belong to one of the Guild’s unique to the Film & Television Industry. I have been a member for 30 years.

                  1. unions would do better if better people got more involved. it’s like a lot of things, reflects the membership. i always like Teamsters i find. lots of Teamsters are big shooters. I have plebian tastes. So, I doubt I would hit it off with the SAG crowd.

                    1. Kurtz, the Teamsters are here in Hollywood. They drive Transportation Vans that go from Parking to base camp to sets. They’re known in Hollywood as “Transpo”

                      SAG is ‘not’ the only guild. There is the Producers Guild, The Directors Guild, The Writers Guild, The American Society For Cinematographers in addition to SAG / AFTRA. There is also IATSE which represents film crews, wardrobe, hair, props, sound, set dressers, etc.

                  2. That wasn’t my question Peter.

                    I will repeat my question since it only involves political contributions not anything else.

                    Peter, would you agree with a law that makes the political contribution part of union dues entirely optional without any pressure?

                    1. I gave you your answer, Alan. ‘NO’, I am not okay with right-to-work laws or Free-Riders. If you don’t want the benefits of a union, work non-union. Simple as that.

                    2. “‘NO’, I am not okay with right-to-work laws”

                      In other words Peter, if the union leaders said they were giving 30% of union dues to a candidate for president you would be OK with that?

              3. i am not a fan of right to work laws. i have no problem with the northern states approach to labor organizing.

                1. https://www.prosperousamerica.org/why_trump_hit_the_koch_globalists_on_tax

                  August 08, 2018
                  By David Morse, CPA Tax Policy Associate Director

                  “President Trump struck against the Koch Brothers and their network last week in a tweet stating:

                  “They want to protect their companies outside the U.S. from being taxed, I’m for America First & the American Worker – a puppet for no one. Two nice guys with bad ideas. Make America Great Again! “ –Donald Trump, Twitter, July 31, 2018

                  The president’s trade policies and Koch opposition may have induced a reaction. But the President delved into the results of last December’s tax cuts, asserting that he is for “America First and Worker First.” By contrast, he said the Kochs “want to protect their companies outside the US from being taxed.” The Koch network has even indicated they have a priority concern for overseas workers. However, it is more likely that they are concerned with their ability to continue to enjoy tax avoidance.

                  Laura Ingraham said on Facebook that “One could also make the argument that selling out American workers, and offering up our industries and our marketplace to the gods of globalism is also pretty destructive.” ,Laura Ingraham Fox News, July 30, 2018.

                  If the President wants to seriously embrace the mantle of “America First” tax reform and Pro-“American Worker” tax policies, he should tell Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) of the House Ways and Means Committee to move towards a tax program that that prevents the Koch Brothers and other companies from avoiding taxes and laying off US workers and when moving overseas.

                  When Chairman Brady released a proposed Tax Cuts 2.0 plan two weeks ago, experts hoped for improvements and technical changes to make the Tax Cut and Jobs Act work better. However, the proposals were somewhat predictable and lackluster. Most notably, there were no changes fully addressing the Kochs’ globalist tax avoidance loopholes.

                  Before the TCJA, the Koch-financed tax network had been hyper-focused on achieving tax reform that enabled even more companies to profit from offshoring. Koch-Based multinational companies had been good at making their American profits disappear into foreign subsidiaries. But an origin-based territorial tax system was the desired goal of multinationals. Such a system has no constraints on one of the biggest practices of tax avoidance: profit shifting.

                  Under the current system, an American Koch-subsidiary selling in the US could buy its raw materials, services, and even production from foreign Koch-subsidiaries at a substantial mark-up. In effect, the American subsidiary selling the product to the American consumer would claim less profit in the US. Meanwhile, the foreign-subsidiaries (that never had any contact with the American consumer) would claim most of the profit. This allows a company to keep much of its earnings overseas. An origin-based territorial tax would have removed that limitation and keep profit shifting loophole in place. This type of territorial is fake because it continues to allow companies like the Koch Industries to avoid paying taxes unlike their domestic American competitors.

                  Unfortunately, the writers of the TCJA simply formulated a new skin for the old worldwide system and curbed some tax avoidance. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a report indicating that only $65 Billion of over $300 Billion of profit shifting will be recaptured. The Koch Brothers’ are now working to repeal the modest anti-tax avoidance provisions, known as BEAT, FDII, and GILTI. But Congressional tax writers indicated that these protections were a natural consequence of a territorial tax. A territorial tax system will always be fake as long it relies on origin-based taxation. Michael Graetz, a Columbia Law School professor and former Treasury official, described GILTI as “a truck built on a car chassis.”

                  While Congress has recognized that multinational companies (such as those owned by the Kochs) have been avoiding American taxes, they declared victory after solving only around 20 percent of the issue of tax avoidance. Most analysts agree that while a snippet of tax avoidance was clipped off, the incentives for tax-avoidance methods remain sizable. What remains are significant differences in effective tax rates that disadvantage domestic corporations unable to compete with foreign and US multinational corporations. Simply put, domestic corporations can’t transfer-price their way out of facing a tax burden.

                  The TCJA solutions has additional problems. The bill continued incentivizes for many companies to move or keep production offshore as a mechanism to avoid taxes. Thus, the TCJA actually hurts American businesses and American workers by rewarding companies that move factories and jobs overseas. Koch industries has even more reason to offshore American factories and American jobs. The TCJA also didn’t fully achieve tax equality between domestic and foreign companies.

                  A truly America First tax system, one that protects production located in America, is still possible if Congress replaces the fake territorial tax with a real one—Destination-Based Sales Factor Apportionment. The principles of the sales factor system are simple. Companies pay taxes on their profits, but only on those profits directly allocated to sales within the US. Legal loopholes and profit shifting get wiped off the tax board by making the location of the customer the determining factor in where the sales are located.

                  Let’s take the Koch-subsidiaries again. Under Sales Factor Apportionment, the Koch parent company would now be obligated to report sales in the US as compared to global sales of all subsidiaries, and use that fraction to figure out how much global profits are taxable by the US. There would be no profit shifting because the calculation is relatively straightforward. A sale to an American is a US sale, and the profits are American. Moving factories and jobs away or disguising American profits as foreign ones will yield no tax benefit.

                  Destination-based Sales Factor Apportionment is more fair because it applies to foreign companies the same way it applies to American companies. If you sell in the US, you pay tax on the profits made from US customers. The need for the complexities of GILTI, BEAT, and FDII disappear because the system is built to tax territoriality, and uses a measure that is very hard to game.

                  These ideas are not new. States have been using them successfully for years. Individual states started with a formula of apportionment using sales, capital, and labor. Over time, a sales emphasis has come to dominate the system. Partially this benefits the businesses, but it also helps the states because faking sales outside of the state is much harder without legal loopholes or illegal tax reporting.

                  Sales Factor Apportionment would give the president a pro-American alternative to lackluster Tax Cut 2.0 proposals so that when the Koch global business network hires cheap foreign labor and sells to wealthier US consumers, they will pay their fair share of US taxes. It would improve the Tax Cut and Jobs Act by helping smaller domestic business, keeping jobs in the US, and providing fairness across the board.”

          2. Hill – unions force tens of thousands of workers to make political donations against their will.

            Regardless of what causes the Koch brothers support, it’s with voluntarily given money, as far as I understand.

            1. Yes, they also force them to receive overtime after 40 hour weeks, work in safe conditions, and receive health benefits. It’s an outrage.

              1. Anon, note the indignation Alan and Karen display with regards to unions.

                David Koch’s obituary notes that he inherited $300 million in 1967 before he was 30. That would be more than a billion today (adjusted for inflation).

                Yet David and brother Charles have spent years trying to prevent workers from joining unions or getting a living wage. The hypocrisy is unbelievable!

    2. RIP, but the conservative court majority which ruled on the Citizens United case gave him, Soros, Unions, Adelson, and many others too much influence over our political system.

      “Money doesn’t talk, it swears. ” Bob Dylan

    3. Hill, people donate money to causes they believe in. This applies all across the political spectrum. Limited government is central to conservative ideology, which means that those with means preach that gospel. Soros is on the other side of the spectrum.

      Kosh also donated hundreds of millions of dollars to cancer research.

      I wondered if you were perhaps not aware that all caps is considered shouting online. When you preface your posts with a few all caps sentences, it comes across as shouting.

      1. I would add that the one change I would make is to ensure that politicians are not for sale. I would limit donations to $2500, and make sure that PACs have the same limits as individuals.

        Let everyone donate to whatever causes they believe in, but we need to revise funding in order to ensure that politicians are not for sale.

  14. Watch the war monger deniers jump on this one so I can post the list of their 95% share. That must be the % Hillary was talking about.

    1. Nothing new there they have been doing that for decades and decades There is even a movie about it with Sean Connery. Those are man made. ever look at a google satellite view of the Amazon/

  15. When I compare President Trump to a non human President that sounds and acts like I think one should I too disapprove of President Trump. What does that mean? It means that the perfect is better than the imperfect. Being perfect is a dream so I have to vote for human that is flawed and from what I have seen, President Trump is far far better and more qualified than any of the other flawed contenders, so much so that I cannot see for voting for anyone else. One should not let seeking out the perfect make them give up on the good.

    1. for flawed think of Woodrow Wilson, FDR big time, LBJ bigtime, Carter another war monger, Clinton the same and of of course another War Powers dodger Obama. and you get a whole string of intentionally imperfect unless you use a certain foreign ideology as the standard.

      1. to keep it on track when I see 62% from a leftist propaganda machine I just figure stupid is as stupid does with the Stupid party but it is not, i assure you an ad hominem. That takes a human presence.

        Ad Machina that’s latin but if you say Ad Machina To The Collective it comes out with one choice.

        Ad quod est machina communis

        Google got that one right!

    2. Yeah, Allan, that is, coincidentally, the message female Trumpster volunteers who have just been trained are going to be trying out on women who overwhelmingly, regardless of social status or education, oppose Trump. They are going to be planted into womens’ gathering and groups to try to sway them away from what their lying eyes and ears have told them about this orange aberration. Don’t believe that innocent little kids are living in cages like animals. Well, if you’ve seen the images, it’s just the lying MSM again cherry-picking things to make him look bad. Well, if you feel sorry for those little kids, it’s their parents’ fault for bringing them here, not Trump’s fault for creating concentration camps. When he calls women “nasty”, it’s their own fault. For instance, Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle (because she refused to meet with him), the Danish PM (because she called his announcement of intention to purchase Greenland “absurd”), the list goes on. Well, that’s OK, isn’t it? I mean, isn’t the world supposed to bow down to Trump? It’s the fault of other world leaders when Trump lashes out against them with something offensive. After all, they know, don’t they, that he’s a narcissist who can’t refrain from retaliating when someone doesn’t bow down to adore him (he’s “the chosen one”–or, haven’t you been paying attention?) or give him what he wants, so when he does or says something stupid or offensive, it’s their fault for provoking him. Unless Trump is re-elected, the stock market will crash, your 401K will dissolve, unemployment will be rampant, there will be floods, pestilence, famine and disease, dogs and cats will get along and the 4 Horsemen will come. Because, after all, isn’t everything wonderful on Earth due to the orange very stable genius, “the chosen one”? Didn’t he inherit the worst economy since the Great Depression, which he single-handedly turned around? (No–that was Barak Obama). Well, he defeated ISIS, wiping it from the face of the Earth–right? (No–it is resurging as we speak). Well, he’s a financial genius, so by cutting taxes, America is better off–right? No–the national debt has reached historic numbers and is climbing fast. The tax cuts put money in everyone’s pocket–right? No. Just the ultra-wealthy, who have used the cash to repurchase stock, not build factories or increase businesses. The tariffs are going to bring China to its knees, and they’ll buckle under immediately—right? No. They’re purchasing most of their grain from Brazil, and have just added more tariffs to US goods. There are clear signs of a recession on the horizon.

      What, exactly, is Trump “good”, “better at” or “more qualified than” anyone else? Alienating our allies? No one at the G-7 conference is looking forward to dealing with Trump. Because of his tantrum last year, when he stalked out because he didn’t get his way, they’ve already chucked the idea of issuing a joint statement. And, Macron confirmed today that Russia was kicked out for invading and occupying the Crimea–not because Obama was sore because Putin “outsmarted” him, as Trump claimed. As long as Russia continues to occupy the Crimea, it cannot return. How about assaulting our American values? Dividing America along racial and religious lines? Trump was a failure as a businessman–multiple bankruptcies. A recent study found that if he had simply went to a stockbroker and deposited the money he inherited from his father and told them to invest it, his net worth would be the same or maybe even better than it is right now, by doing absolutely nothing. There is nothing “good” about him–either as a person or in the Presidency he cheated to get. Most Americans cannot wait for this nightmare to end.

      1. more drivel today, but an attempt to make it relevant, good try Natch

        ” No one at the G-7 conference is looking forward to dealing with Trump”

        did they call you and tell you?
        did they say so in offical declarations?

        Noooooo.. you just know, because you are arrogant

        the pot calls the kettle black, when you say trump is narcissist, as you do every single day like a broken record.

        1. Tell me, why do you think Pres. Macron of France, who is hosting the meeting, already called off issuing any kind of joint statement? Why do you think he made a public statement today that G-7 isn’t going to let Russia back in until it vacates the Crimea, (obviously calculated to shut up Trump before he starts demanding this) and why he refuted Trump’s lie that the reason for Russia’s ouster was the invasion of Crimea, not because Obama retaliated because Putin “outsmarted” him? Aides to various leaders have said there is worry about Trump and his instability. Of course, they’re not on the record.

          Does it concern you at all that the POTUS is advocating for Russia when it invaded the Crimea, won’t leave, Putin murders dissenters, and why he publicly stated he sided with Putin over US intelligence officials on the issue of Russian interference in the 2016 election? Well, probably not, but the rest of us who are reasonable are alarmed.

          1. Nat, would that be the same Macron who has, kike Merkel & others in Europe, let muslims invade their nations to the point that Europe will be owned by muslims in the not all that distant future?

            Is that the genius that you reference? I’m a nutcase? First look up

            Muslim Demographics In Europe


      2. “Yeah, Allan, that is, coincidentally, …”

        Natacha, if you have a point make it. Piling all of your horsesh-t into a response doesn’t tell the reader anything except that you are full of sh….

        1. Maybe if you watched some other source of news besides Faux, you would have seen the story about how worried Republicans are about the opposition of the overwhelming majority of women to Trump. They recruited volunteers to try to spread the messages I detailed above, and the propaganda volunteers showed up in Iowa today, at various womens’ functions, trying to change womens’ minds about what they saw, heard and know about Trump.

          BTW: I’d be flattered if you called me a “nasty woman”, too. I’d like to be in the company of Duchess Meghan and the Danish Prime Minister.

          1. “Maybe if you watched some other source of news besides Faux, ”

            Therefore, since I do get news from loads of sources, you demonstrate that you don’t know what you are talking about.

            Now if you actually have a question about policy or about fact say it eliminating all the BS.

            1. Allan: you never answered my question: “What, exactly, is Trump ‘good’, ‘better at’ or ‘more qualified than’ anyone else? I told you in detail why I disagreed. Spell out, please, why you think he is superior than anyone else. If you can’t, then just admit you’re a disciple like Karen.

              1. You are talking nonsense Natacha. You didn’t say anything in detail rather you provided a word salad of bullet points that were randomly placed, poorly written and are essentially meaningless.

                The country is doing quite well under Trump and is doing better than many predicted. This has occurred despite the fact that he was impeded by the never Trumpers in the Republican leadership and the Democrats. That is politics and that is understandable. However, much of the damage to the nation, not to Trump personally, came from certain people that created a Russia hoax that is now being revealed and proving that there were a lot of bad actors in the intelligence community. This impaired our foreign policy. We also are seeing major Democrats that have been around for more than 10 years reversing their previous positions 180 degrees also damaging to the nation. We are seeing elements of tribalism and perhaps “tribal warfare” that is also destroying the nation. I say these things because Trump has been accused of acting like a dictator but if he was a dictator those things would never have been able to occur. As President he has been quite moderate with regard to presidential powers and certainly more moderate than many of his predecessors.

                Your main argument starts with the ‘lying orang man …’ followed by a bunch of discobobulated rhetoric that is so bad that it is worthless discussing anything with you unless you change your style. Everything is superficial and sounds like the talking points from those who flunked the rhetoric courses at the Media Matters School for Extreme Leftists.

                If you wish to discuss affairs do so one at a time but be prepared for an in depth discussion.

                1. allan, you are one miserable frack posting on these forums like a slot machine junkie. Sad

                  Your wife and family must really be sheet to you considering how you live on these spaces


                  1. Teacher without a name. Thank you for your concern but don’t worry we are all perfectly happy. You should worry a bit more about yourself and your fears.

                    1. I am sure it would be a blessing to them if your idiotic rants are confined to the the intertubes rather than inflicted on them. Sadly they must carry their shame silently.

                2. You over-think and miss the point. Intellectual arrogance will get you nowhere. 38% of the land cares not about Trump’s dismal character. Place yourself in that cohort. In all seriousness, what was the point of Article 25 if it wasn’t to protect against Presidents who think they’re King of the Jews and want to buy Greenland? What other sign do you need? If Trump were the Head of any Fortune 500 Company he’d have been already fired and removed in disgrace by the horrified board of directors..I guess love is blind while ignorance is pervasive.

                  1. Acromion, your comment fits in nicely with Natacha’s word salad. You should discuss things with her. Both of you can take your random sentences, mix them up and create new posts that can then be posted again with about the same affect.

                    You have a bit of tomato between your teeth.

                    1. “soft and mushy.”

                      YNOT even your replies reflect what you are, Reprocessed Food Discharge

      3. In context….Trump was saying “I am the chosen one” to finally….finally….be a US leader who has the balls to deal with China head on. And he is correct.

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