Portland Man Assaulted For Wearing MAGA Hat

We previously discussed the media coverage of politically motivated violence. A new such case has raised in Portland after Luke Lenzner was attacked by a man and a woman simply because he was wearing a “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hat. Leopold A. Hauser and Adebisi A. Okuneye were arrested after the attack.

The attack occurred around 12:50 a.m. at the Growler’s Taproom. Lenzner was out with his wife when he was attacked on the patio because of his MAGA hat. The two alleged assailants were a few blocks away.

What is astonishing is how people do not seem to recognize that attacking people for their political beliefs is the very heart of signature of the fascism that they say they oppose.

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  1. Can’t wait until one of these idiots is shot in self defense and the courts rule in favor of the hat wearer. Then the whole gun law debates start back up ha ha

  2. Too stupid to debate or discuss civilly, 2 against one, large idiots who can’t admit their cowards. Go with the social programs, you are obviously not gainfully employed. Education might help!

  3. TRUMP IS a Great President Despite All OF This Violence. the Attackers are simply some uneducated people that buys into Fake News and worships a Dumb looser like Obama

    1. Right after the PP boys attacked Portland. It’s proven maga hat wearers are, become, and support domestic terrorism.

      1. Planned Parenthood is dying, languishing, drying up financially. Go to them and murder your children for the cause.

  4. Perhaps an update is in order, Jonathan?

    “It’s not adult behavior to go out and troll people,” Radosevich said. “And that’s all this was. One giant troll.” -from the following article

    “Man in MAGA hat clashed with different Portland bar crowd before his alleged assault, video shows”


  5. Oh look, Americans support the Fox News anchors yet again while ignoring the Lying Liberals

    No wonder they hate Americans


    “Carlson’s show is still No. 2 in cable news overall, with Sean Hannity still at number one, Laura Ingraham at number three, and The Five at number four continuing to beat even rival networks’ primetime programming at 5 pm. The performance of those top four shows highlighted another month on top for Fox News — which finished with the most total day viewers in all of basic cable for the 38th straight month, and the third straight month in primetime.

    Rachel Maddow‘s show came in at number five, with an average of 2.33 million viewers, more than double Chris Cuomo‘s 1.11 million in the same 9 pm time slot”


      1. Oh, I think you can figure it out “Anonymous” at 11:45 AM.

        (Hint: El Paso)

  6. I would think, the Left really isn’t going to be very happy when the center and right finally decide to retaliate. It’s amazing what people will bring onto themselves.

    1. oh, don’t hold your breath. that should have happened a long time ago. if you’re waiting for a reaction then you’re waiting on a patient to wake up from a coma

    2. An”ti Orwellian on August 28, 2019 at 7:43 AM
      I would think, the Left really isn’t going to be very happy when the center and right finally decide to retaliate. It’s amazing what people will bring onto themselves.”

      No shortage of crazy angry Americans on the Right. Thanks for confirming.

      1. The right killed 22 in El paso, 1 in Charlottesville, 10 in Pittsburgh, and 9 in Charleston, not to mention the 2 in Pennsylvania, etc.

        Only in your sissy ass world is having your hat knocked off scary.

        1. I think you’ve responded to the wrong person, Anon1.

          I said: “No shortage of crazy angry Americans on the Right. Thanks for confirming.”

          This was in response to Anti-Orwellian’s comment.

  7. Anyone that thinks it’s ok to attack someone else because of their political beliefs should be deported to a country that is not free if that’s how they want to live. This is absolutely horrible! I never thought this hate would would be here in maine, you attackers should be ashamed of yourself!

  8. Here’s a thought, for every illegal that comes in send a millennial back to the country the illegal came from. At least most of the illegals want to work.

    1. And your kids could use some work ethic. I agree. Meanwhile try not to canonize every angry jerk looking to pick a fight just because he wears a red hat so he must be on your side, and then maybe we can have a civilized country.

  9. @Fu magats

    I will take you seriously if you were to condemn how Muslims treat women, including FGM.

    Of course, most leftists who routinely claim to be great protectors of women will not condemn the Muslim treatment of women.


    1. Okay. You got it. I condemn all religions that treat women as inferior to men. (Muslim, Jewish and Christian). Most liberals do. I don’t see what that has to do with a stolen valor nutcase going around trying to start fights with average folks at a bar, or why that would make you want to defend him. I mean would you support any crazy guy starting fights just cause what hat he was wearing? That’s kinda stipid.

    1. @flaunch

      I think the standard leftist definition of a “nazi” goes way beyond members of the NSM or American Nazi Party.

      A “nazi” is anyone who disagrees with any aspect of the leftist narrative concerning race, immigration or supports traditional ideas concerning free speech.

      And of course, it is ok to do violence to such people.

      Wonder why the glorious warriors of the antifa tend not punch Bikers for Trump, cops or military members. After all they’re “nazis” too, right? And it’s ok to “punch a nazi”.

      Remember according to the leftist narrative, “your speech is violence and our response is self defense”.

      I’m waiting for one of these characters to attack someone with a concealed carry permit. This will not end well for them.


    2. The crime is the real american trump supporter didnt get up and knock those pussy ass commie’s back to they’re moms basement. That the crime.

  10. Reposting Josh’s comment:

    Josh says: August 27, 2019 at 7:05 PM

    Seems there’s more to this story. Here’s a video of the same guy an hour earlier at another bar…


    Seems like a real gem. So yeah, from Portland’s perspective we definitely have right wing nuts running around trying to start fights. Oh and he later admitted he’s not actually a veteran despite what he said in his rant.

  11. That’s because the Dems and their lapdog, the MSM, have changed politics. There was a time when you could say your opponent was wrong on their position but now it is no longer right and wrong but evil vs. goodness. Therefore it is no longer discourse but akin to a religious crusade and in the case of the Dems they seem to be reliving the Inquisition where you either profess fealty to their way or any and all manner of opposition including violence is allowed against you. Much of that was copied by the Nazis against Jews, yet so many of them proclaim to be Antifa(anti fascist) or look favorably towards Antifa, which might be a joke if it weren’t dishearteningly pathetic.

    1. You know the way the Nazis worked was, they’d start a fight or blow up a building and then scare the population by blaming the attack on commies and liberals and Jews… That’s what this is, a guy who went and started fights all over town and then Mr. Turley, a natural capo apparently, decided to only show you the aftermath from the aggressor’s point of view. This blog should apologize to the people of Portland and issue a condemnation of this man’s behavior and a full retraction.

    1. Oregon needs the feds to move in a take over, way too many civil rights violations committed by the communist left called antifa.

  12. “Right-Wing Star Andy Ngo Exits Quillette After Damning Video Surfaces”

    “The writer and photog is out of a job after being caught in incriminating undercover footage with right-wing activists. His former employer insists the two events aren’t related.”

    Will Sommer
    Updated 08.27.19 3:49AM ET / Published 08.26.19 11:16PM ET


    “The conservative op-ed website Quillette announced Monday night that controversial right-wing writer Andy Ngo is leaving his job as an editor at the site, an announcement that comes on the same day that a Portland newspaper published a story revealing that Ngo witnessed a far-right group planning violence but never reported it.”

    1. “Super Awkward for Right-Wing Blogger Andy Ngo to Make a Cameo in Video of Plot Against Antifa”

      “Ngo has found a sympathetic ear in mainstream figures like CNN anchor Jake Tapper and President Donald Trump.”

      By Tess Owen
      Aug 27 2019, 2:25pm



      Right-wing blogger Andy Ngo went from relative obscurity to a national conservative hero in the struggle against antifa after antifascists beat him up during a rally in Portland, Oregon, earlier this summer.

      But now video has surfaced of Ngo smiling and laughing with members of the far-right group Patriot Prayer shortly before they allegedly orchestrated an attack on a group of antifascists at a leftist bar in a separate incident in May. A female bar patron was knocked unconscious and said she suffered a fractured vertebrae.

      In his coverage, Ngo framed the incident as an “antifa brawl” and did not mention that he was with members of Patriot Prayer as they donned body armor, helmets, and weapons before launching their alleged attack.

      To Ngo’s critics, the footage confirms what they’ve argued all along: that far from a victim of political violence in Portland, he’s a willing participant. He’s been repeatedly accused of selectively editing videos from protests in a manner that absolves far-right activists of responsibility and skews blame towards antifa.

      His coverage of antifa’s protest tactics (which are sometimes violent) in Portland has helped drive national attitudes toward the decentralized activist movement over the last two years. The June attack inspired two GOP senators to introduce legislation to label antifa as domestic terrorists, and Ngo has even found a sympathetic ear in mainstream figures like CNN anchor Jake Tapper and President Donald Trump.

      Ngo didn’t respond to VICE News’ request for comment.

      Ngo, who has made a career out of peddling conspiracy theories about Muslims and live-streaming antifa activities, became famous when antifascists came after him during a rally on June 29. It’s not clear how the confrontation began.

      Video of the melée, which went viral, showed a black-clad activist throwing punches at Ngo. He then emerges from the fray dazed and dripping with silly string and a milkshake someone had thrown at him. He went to the hospital and was treated for a brain hemorrhage, according to medical records he provided to BuzzFeed. …

      1. He didn’t film what they liked so he’s a grifter? i dont get it

        He quit Quillette and now they say he was fired except the editor says he was not?

        Now you can see how easily the Left lies.

        Keep in mind the socalled “footage” was taken by a liar, who was an antifa that pretended to be sympathetic. a liar, a fake, a con artist, who says he’s exposing Ngo.
        sure I believe that, not

    2. I will try to make time to watch the full 18 minute video before making a determination. It does appear, at this point, to reflect badly on Ngo.

      Did the undercover person (Ben?) report the planning of violence? If he did not, it reflects badly on him, too.

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