Wanted: Aging Woman With Power Saw, Mercedes SUV, And Botox

Police in Sugar Land, Texas are looking for a woman who took a power saw to a Botox clinic to steal anti-aging products. She arrived in a luxury SUV like a Mercedes-born Maleficent in search of eternal youth.

Surveillance cameras caught the entire crime scene at the Botox RN MD Spa:

These are pretty sharp images but police should probably be looking for a slightly younger looking woman.

24 thoughts on “Wanted: Aging Woman With Power Saw, Mercedes SUV, And Botox”

  1. “Wanted: Aging Woman With Power Saw, Mercedes SUV, And Botox”
    This is the Southern Californian version of ….

    “Wanted: Good woman who can clean, cook, sew, dig worms, and clean fish. Must have boat and motor. Please send picture of boat and motor.”

  2. I’m falling in love.

    Sugar Plum shows up with no makeup, or fake hair, tattoos or jewelry.
    Seems to be athletic, knowledgeable of power tools & that silver Mercedes SUV.

    Let’s go on a date. And do an oil & filter change & 4 wheel alignment. In the Mercedes.

    Love is in the air

  3. nice headlamps!
    do you think those were Cs or Ds? i mean, the batteries in the power tool, of course

    get a list of all the employees the past 5 years and all the customers the past 2 and you will find her, easy

    the cops won’t bother. this one’s too much fun to solve, and not that important.
    and if they call the FBI in (controlled substance) they will laugh it off

  4. Some of these anti-aging cremes retail for north (well north) of $500 for a 40z jar. And a lot of women who can afford it would pay $300 for the jars no questions asked re provenance.

  5. —————-
    Johnson & Johnson Was Ordered to Pay $572 Million for Its Role in the Botox Crisis. With Similar Lawsuits Across the Country, That Could Be Just the Beginning

  6. Kind of sad, really, that she’s willing to risk her freedom for something as vacuous as “beauty” cream.

  7. They really need a better description. This could be anyone. Isn’t everyone driving like they stole it with hot Botox in the backseat with their power saw? We’ll probably read all about it on their Instagram post. Instead of deflecting accusations of doing drugs, women of a certain clique explain away their shoe purchases and Botox. “But, honey, I just needed a little fix-me-up! You don’t expect me to go to the party with last year’s wrinkles and shoes?”

  8. I always knew vanity was criminal. You don’t suppose she will use the “botox made me do it” defense.

    1. Paul – Styx is married. Wah, wah, wah…

      I think you were suggesting he might be single, he is not.

      Better luck next time.

      1. Anonymous – I think Styx married that pretty Dutch girl. However, I missed his announcement. I think she is buying his shirts.

        1. Yes, I cannot agree more. Very pretty wife, seems lovely from her videos. I give it a stamp of approval, for what it’s worth.

          She is buying his shirts…lol…smh.

  9. Amateur.

    Experienced Botox burglars know to wear heavy duty protective clothing and gloves, as well as safety goggles, when using power tools for Botox heists. The purpose of the exercise is defeated if you allow your supple youthful skin to be permanently scarred by cuts and gashes experienced during the break-in.

  10. What is “Botox”?
    Her fingerprints are on the door and glass.
    This website keeps rejecting my comments on this topic.

  11. I tried to leave one comment and it was rejected.
    If you want to find this woman get her fingerprints off the wall and glass on the floor.

  12. Police should look for the itchBay in the photo who looks to be a certain age but not younger than how she looks. She also has a vehicle which can be paired with the owner. If only they had the license plate. Why did she not pull in at the parking space in front of the camera?

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