Texas Man Arrested After Ice Cream Licking Video

We have been discussing the disgusting trend of people filming themselves licking ice cream and then returned the tubs to the freezer for some unsuspecting person to buy. The prank has caused huge losses for stores and ice cream makers. There is an interesting twist on this story out of Port Arthur, Texas where authorities have charged D’Adrien Anderson, 24, with the crime. Anderson has produced a receipt showing that he purchased the ice cream but, under Texas law, it does not matter.

The video that Anderson posted was clearly intended to suggest that he returned the tub for resale.

While his father insists that his son only wanted to get a lot of Facebook likes, in Texas, that is all that is required. If you create the impression of tampering, it is still a crime. After all, the effect is the same as people avoid the product.

It is a crime under Texas law to “knowingly or intentionally threatens to tamper with a consumer product with the intent to cause fear, to affect the sale of the consumer product, or to cause bodily injury to any person.”

Anderson is charged with a Class A misdemeanor and could face a penalty of up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $4,000, if convicted.

14 thoughts on “Texas Man Arrested After Ice Cream Licking Video”

  1. It’s not a “prank”. Posting selfies of licking ice cream of one particular brand (they seem to pick on Blue Bell) is definitely going to cause prospective customers to buy other brands – impacting not just the Blue Bell company but their employees severely. It’s a hard-ball ploy to damage public confidence in a business.

    The guy’s 24 years old and cannot claim it was a “youthful indiscretion”. A year in the pokey may be excessive, but if his dad doesn’t think it was anything but a ploy for viral status in Facebook, he should be proud to pay the $4000 fine and court costs.

  2. Just another example of the inane culture that the terribly mis-educated and under-educated AOC thinks is better than the rest of us. Her generation is poorly educated, void of the facts and is best at emotional outbursts like those we see in kindergartners. I worked hard to make sure my millenial Gen Z kids aren’t like this but the culture and our educational situation hindered it at every step.

  3. This isn’t a prank, it’s an assault.

    This is a great way for kids to get herpes, hepatitis, mono, or any number of diseases, depending upon viability upon freezing.

    Putting human body fluids into food for sale sabotages the manufacturer, jeapordizes jobs, and can seriously harm someone.

    Disgusting. Throw the book at them. it’s too bad prison employees are not legally allowed to like his prison food before serving him 3 squares.

  4. And yet, AOC says the “youth of today are smarter.” I’m seeing evidence of just the opposite from ANTIFA, to ice cream lickers, to police water splashers, to hate crime stagers, to Youtube sensations. I don’t think so. These fools are an embarrassment.

  5. As I inquired in the previous post on this subject: But did he have a licker license?😊
    Btw, Port Arthur is where SE coastal Texans live who are not good enough to fit in to the haute societe’ of Beaumont, Tx.
    Janis Joplin was from Port Arthur……’nuff said.

  6. I scream, you scream, we all scream. But I won’t buy ice cream. ICE should arrest this guy and send him back to…..
    To where? Where did he go to high school?
    For sentence: shove his head into a barrel of ice scream while his family screams.

  7. Thank god they caught the guy. This sort of tampering has got to stop. I buy ice cream.

    1. Then I suggest you don’t buy ice cream that doesn’t have a plastic band around the lid. I’m surprised that all producers haven’t adopted this basic safety precaution. Ben & Jerry’s for example, has a clear plastic ring that you have to snip off in order to remove the lid. If the plastic is missing, then tub has obviously been opened and you don’t buy it.

      1. Thanks for beating me to the punch, TIN.

        I’m surprised that Jonathan Turley hasn’t mentioned this obvious solution in his postings.

        And yet another reason to buy Ben and Jerry’s.

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