“Don’t Do It”: Author Calls For People To Stop Wearing Red Hats To Avoid Traumatizing The “Disenfranchised”

Author, Rebecca Makkai, 41, is calling for people to stop wearing red hats. Any red hats. The reason is that she believes that “disenchanchised” people are being traumatized by the color due to its use in Make American Great Again (MAGA) hats. At first I thought that this was another example of derangement in the Trump era, but, as a fellow Chicagoan, I am just assuming that Makkai has found clever way to dissuade people from wearing hats for the Cincinnati Reds and the Nats.

Makkai is a celebrated author and a Pulitzer finalist. She called on “normal people” to stop wearing all red hats, even those who are protesting Trump: “for the love of God: The clever folks wearing “Make America Read Again” or whatever caps — NO. You’re making everyone scared. Don’t do it.” She explained further that it is “Not worth making disenfranchised people feel unsafe.”

This could be a rough transition for everyone from Maoists to Catholic cardinals. Yet, that is apparently easier than dealing with colors as neutral elements used in all forms of art and expression.

58 thoughts on ““Don’t Do It”: Author Calls For People To Stop Wearing Red Hats To Avoid Traumatizing The “Disenfranchised””

  1. First it’s red which is really the colors of the extremely far left socialists and then what next no red, white and blue. how about the Comrades just take a hike back to hammer and sickle land where they have a choice between that log and their swastika.. depending on which type of socialist they really our. As for Progressive Regressives. Just run them out.

    To make that color controversy make sense we should never forget that our colors are the trio of red, white, and blue and never let foreign ideologists dictate ANY thing to our Constitutional Republic.

      1. Anonymous – Disney is killing off the gingers in its franchise. One by one they are replacing them. Latest is The Little Mermaid.

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