Manafort Spotted In Video Of Nickelodeon Game Show

It is not uncommon for otherwise innocuous videotapes to take on a more sinister meaning with the appearance of a later notorious figure. That is the case of the rather bizarre discovery of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort in an episode of a cheesy game show on Nickelodeon called “What Would You Do?” The show features Kathleen Manafort trying to win a prize by emptying out her purse, including her husband’s wallet The host notes the excessive number of credit cards for her husband, a problem that would later become a criminal matter for Manafort. Manafort was recently convicted of bank and tax fraud after his indulgent lifestyle led to mounting debt. To answer the shows question, “what he did” was fraud and the episode caught a laughing Manafort at the very time that he was courting some of the world’s more blood-soaked figures to pay for those cards.

When host Marc Summers opened Manafort’s wallet, he exclaims: “How many American Express cards does one person need?” Prosecutors asked the same question before a federal jury. He then rattles off all of the cards as Manafort is shown laughing.

Kathy Manafort ultimately won the challenge and . . . well . . . Paul ultimately lost.

8 thoughts on “Manafort Spotted In Video Of Nickelodeon Game Show”

  1. Since we finally learned the Mueller investigation, not being able to find any Russian help for Trump, went outside their mission looking for anybody they could charge. People lost fortunes defending themselves. It was a bloodbath. Manafort probably the worse. When Trump is re-elected I hope he pardons Manafort.

  2. Too bad Manafort wasn’t a democrat. He probably would never have spent a minute in jail

  3. Some say this blog is in precipitous decline due to the character of the comments.

    I question the state of the blogger.

  4. Dr. Turley – not kind to laugh at people’s misfortune. Appellate courts are recognizing that targeted prosecution by a Mueller team made up of Democrats and Clinton associates were corrupt and prejudicial.Others who deserved it were neither investigated nor punished for similar crimes.I’m not an attorney but caution is required when talking about a case where Mueller’s team and other prosecutors went for a 25 year sentence and he barely got 4 years. Utilizing the state, FBI and political arms of the US government to punish people because of political affiliations is what the Mao, Chavez, Castro, and Putin regimes do. It’s not a laughing matter.

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