London Police Search For Head Butting Cyclist

Police in London have released the videotape below of a vicious attack by a cyclist on a pedestrian after having run a red light. The cyclist almost hit the man, returning later to headbutted the 57-year-old pedestrian before fleeing.

The attack occurred on August 22nd and the cyclist is clearly shown in the videotape. He is a white man in his 40s, 5 ft 10 inches tall and of medium build . . . and presenting some obviously massive anger issues.

According to Sky News, the victim required stitches for a cut above his eye and suffered ligament damage to his arm.

The casual attitude of the attacker is shocking. He seems entirely unconcerned about the victim as he calmly walks back and takes off on this bike.

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  1. it could be worse….

    Newport woman charged after castrating husband gets $500,000 bond
    by: WNCT Staff
    Posted: Sep 10, 2019 / 10:38 AM GMT-0500 / Updated: Sep 11, 2019 / 03:07 PM GMT-0500

    Carteret Co., NC Sheriff’s Office

    BEAUFORT, N.C. (WNCT) A woman charged after castrating her husband had her first appearance in court Wednesday morning, officials said.

    District Attorney Scott Thomas announced that Victoria T. Frabutt, 56, of Newport, appeared at Carteret County District Court.

    The Carteret County Sheriff’s Office investigated the call that she had tied up her husband, or otherwise restrained him, and then maimed him by cutting off his penis.

    The investigation resulted in felony charges of malicious maiming and kidnapping.

    Upon her arrest, the magistrate set a secured bond of $ 100,000 for her release.

    At her first appearance before District Court Judge Dave McFadyen, Frabutt was advised of the charges against her, and the possible punishments if convicted.

    She requested the appointment of counsel, and Judge McFadyen appointed the public defender to represent her.

    The District Attorney’s Office, represented by Assistant District Attorney Ashley Eatmon, requested that Frabutt’s bond be increased, given the severity of the charges, and that certain conditions be added.

    After hearing from ADA Eatmon, Judge McFadyen granted those requests.

    The judge set Frabutt’s secured bond at $500,000 and added conditions that she:

    Not leave the State pending trial of the cases
    Not possess any firearms or other dangerous weapons of any kind
    Have no contact with the victim of any kind
    Not go to the victim’s residence or any place where he is receiving care, pending trial.
    Judge McFadyen also ordered that, if Frabutt is able to post the bond, she be required to be monitored by an electronic monitoring device at all times.

    Frabutt’s next court date is September 20, in Carteret County District Court.

  2. The video does not show the major part of this story just like the one with the jogger over Putney Bridge in London last year. In that video, it appeared that a jogger deliberately elbowed into oncoming traffic a woman who was passing him. Later, a slow-motion showed that she lifted her heel a she passed him to trip him, and his reflex motion was to bump her away.

  3. if people are into headbutts, let me lay some cultural diversity on you.

    ever heard of Muay Thai? There is a similar but more brutal sport– which allows headbutts

    “lethwei” of Burma

  4. Dear Bicyclist:

    Pedestrians have the right of way. Your actions will land you in jail with a record. Who’s the stupid one?

    He’ll be sitting in his cell, told what to eat and when he can go to the bathroom, thinking, he sure showed him.

    1. Some bystanders drifted over, but there didn’t seem to be a rush to help or protect.

      He isn’t female, Karen. People don’t have that impulse with the rest of us. In any case, they’re British.

  5. The Gray Lady has managed to stoop several levels below dung, on this incredible day of 9/11, they blame planes as responsible for the WTC twin towels catastrophe


    Note to President Trump: rid us of the enemy that the NYT is

    New York Times deletes 9/11 tweet after backlash: ‘Airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center’

    The New York Times caused an uproar on Wednesday with a now-deleted tweet and now-updated story that originally said “airplanes” were responsible for the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001.

    “18 years have passed since airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center. Today, families will once again gather and grieve at the site where more than 2000 people died,” the Times’ verified Twitter account wrote in a message accompanying a story about 9/11 victims being remembered at Ground Zero.

    The 9/11 anniversary message was immediately met with harsh criticism and was swiftly deleted.

    “We’ve deleted an earlier tweet to this story and have edited for clarity. The story has also been updated,” the Times tweeted.

    The updated tweet to promote the story said, “18 years after nearly 3,000 people were lost, families of those killed in the terror attacks will gather at the 9/11 memorial. There will be a moment of silence at 8:46 a.m., then the names of the dead — one by one — will be recited.”

    The story, by James Barron, was also changed to note that “terrorists commandeered” the airplanes that brought down the World Trade Center.

    The New York Times did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    “The @NYT says airplanes caused 9/11. Wrong. It was Muslim terrorists who waged jihad on American soil and killed thousands of our fellow countrymen in the name of their religion,” Fox News’ Todd Starnes wrote, while Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee noted that the paper doesn’t seem to “have much grasp on recent history.”

    “Twin Towers NOT brought down because “airplanes took aim” at them, but b/c radical Islamists hijacked planes & took aim at them,” Huckabee added.

    Many users compared the rhetoric in the Times tweet to an infamous remark made by Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., earlier this year when she said “some people did something” when describing the 9/11 attacks.

    Many others rushed to Twitter to condemn the Gray Lady with messages ranging from sarcasm to outrage:

    1. Islamic terror attack has been cleansed from most 9/11 references today. Terrorist requires a descriptor for motive. Were they skinheads? Neo Nazis? IRA? Separatists? PeTA? Airplane passengers minding their own business and then suddenly and inexplicably moved to random acts of violence?

    2. Jess:

      Are you surprised?

      This is the same paper that talks about guns being responsible for deaths. There is a kind of anthropomorphism at the NYT wherein disfavored objects like guns (or in this case planes) are imbued with evil intent to absolve the human operators.

      Part of the intellectual dishonesty of the left.

  6. When did Turley’s blog become a substitute for liveleak? He really should stick to the serious legal issues that plague our times.

      1. Uh, that’s not an idea that passes Constitutional muster although I know that doesn’t matter to the multitudes of Big Brother acolytes out there. Nonetheless, yes, Turley should focus on the law including crazy laws, like this, that are being considered.

        “Well what would you do then?” is the question that the person who proposed this nonsense asks. My answer is nothing that is unconstitutional and infringes on the natural rights of all innocent people.

  7. Agree with TIA about the ages.of the people involved.

    No blame to the victim, but he went into the engagement expecting a few insults, the attacker went in determined to do physical damage; inevitable that he lost. Up to us to be prepared for the unexpected; once the attacker closed to within 2 feet, he was within assaulting distance and the victim should have been gearing up for unexpected/unreasonable.

    The clarity of the video is startling (as is the precise estimate of the attacker’s height). In this case we appreciate the ubiquitous CCTV surveillance system in London, but recognize that the surveillance state will keep encroaching on our privacy.

    That pernicious concept: “No reasonable expectation of privacy” is the camel’s nose under the tent flap; once it starts, their is no predicting where it ends.

  8. The perpetrator knocked over the victim (who looks a good deal younger than 57) with stunning ease. (The perp is losing his hair but looks a lot younger than ‘middle 40s’).

    The casual attitude of the attacker is shocking. He seems entirely unconcerned about the victim

    Nothing shocking about it. He’s a petty lout, not a nurse. He wanted to injure the guy.

  9. Well, all this incident attests to is the fact that violence will be perpetrated by those who wish it by any means possible. I am awaiting a call for a ban on heads by the moronic left to achieve utopia at any cost.

    1. Alma Carmen…..I would place your head first on the banning list for such a moronic statement as yours.

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