Biden: I “Have Never Spoken To My Son About His Overseas Business Dealings”

Joe Biden was speaking with reporters in Iowa when Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked the relevant question about the controversy over his son’s windfall business dealings while he was Vice President. Doocy asked “How many times have you spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings?” Biden’s response was the second greatest surprise from the press scrum. Biden declared “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.” The greatest surprise was what followed. Nothing. The rest of the press corps let Biden walk away without a single follow up answer of how it is possible for Biden could fly to China on Air Force II with Hunter Biden and never hear that his son was about to close an over billion dollar deal with the government’s Bank of China. Nothing. I just wrote a column noting the conspicuous lack of interest in the Biden deals by the media. Biden simply attacked Trump and barked at Doocy to “Ask the right questions!” He then continued on with his campaign.

Hunter Biden accompanied his father on an official trip aboard Air Force Two to China. Shortly thereafter, Hunter signed a $1 billion private equity deal with a subsidiary of the Bank of China, a deal that was later expanded to $1.5  billion. So Biden flew for almost a full day to and back from China but his son never mentioned that he was working on an over one billion dollar deal with China? One could ask what his son was even doing on an official trip to China and why he did not feel compelled (for ethical, if not familial, reasons) to mention this potential conflict of interest for his father.

For this part, Hunter has directly contradicted his father and said that he did discuss the Ukraine deal with him.

Hunter also was asked to be a director of a Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma Holdings, owned by a government minister and close associate of bloodsoaked former president and Russian stooge Viktor Yanukovych. Biden later forced the government to fire the Ukrainian chief prosecutor fired after he threatened to investigate Burisma Holdings. Biden bragged that he held up more than $1 billion in loan guarantees and gave the Ukrainians just hours to fire the prosecutor.

In fairness to Biden, the United States and many countries were clamoring for Ukraine to act on its rampant corruption, including the need for a more aggressive prosecutor. However, the obvious conflicts posed by Hunter’s dealings has been largely ignored.

There are two concerns with Hunter Biden. One is the concern of whether Joe Biden knew that his actions may benefit his son. I am willing to believe that Biden was not aware of the potential investigation of his son’s company in the Ukraine. Yet, there is the other question of whether the Biden family cashed in on Biden’s positions in these convenient and ample contracts. Children and spouses of politicians are often given positions and contracts to influence them. These payments are more difficult to track and to address under anti-corruption laws. Now, there is the incredible suggestion that Hunter Biden has never (even to this day) discussed his business dealings with his father. Never.

What has long been difficult for many of us to square is how China and the Ukraine searched the world over for the best possible person to handle almost $2 billion and they just happened to come up with the son of the Vice President of the United States, a world leader who happened to be coming to their countries with massive trade and aid plans. Hunter Biden was that much of an intellectual and finance genius from Asia to Europe and beyond?

Biden’s response in Iowa perfectly reflected the past handling of this story. Reporters have raised the story and then simply observe that Joe Biden denies any knowledge of the dealings. Thus, absent a confession, there is no evidence of wrongdoing or corruption. That’s it. It is hardly the approach taken to stories involving Trump family dealings. Yet, here was a politician faced with a serious question involving his son’s alleged profiteering during his term as Vice President and Biden lectured the reporter on “asking the right questions.” He just then walked away . . . or, perhaps more accurately, the media walked away.

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  1. I’m sure Joe and Hunter had a lengthy discussion about selling us out to the Chinese for a billion or so on AF1. Joe just “forgot” and our new-Marxist media are happy to leave it at that. The same media who breathlessly jumped on the “whistleblower” frame-up without telling us that Ukraine contacted Trump first about Hunter or that Ukraine says no pressure was applied, truly are enemies of the people acting at the behest of our seditionists in the intelligence services.
    Stunning that JT keeps getting taken in by these wolf-crying pressmen.

  2. What is so sad is how the American public is being pulled by a nose-ring by the Press. I watch and read the NYT, WaPo, etc and see how they will cover up and lie for the Democrats 24/7. Check out their headlines today. Pure drivel, smear and innuendo. Absolutely no ability to investigate – only to be an arm of the Democrat party. And the people have become Orwell’s sheep and citizens of Oceania. Dr. T – you are either working to tear down this or you are playing into its hands.

  3. You throw the phrase, “conflicts of interest”, around like our system of government isn’t totally based on conflicts of interest starting with Party Affiliation. Our Government today cannot function at any level, or at any capacity, due to conflicts of interest related to Party Affiliation. No Elective, Legislative, or Governing Process is immune to these conflicts of interest! That’s how you know that our Government System is not a form of republican Government! It’s total chaos born of the anarchy created by the erosion of Government Authority since the Civil War!

    We have no clue today even how to assemble our Government, how power is distributed through rights of Suffrage, what the Union is, or the roles and responsibilities of Government Officials, or what the Supreme Legislative and Governing Authority means, much less actually have this authority established and functioning in our Government!

    But we keep trudging on into oblivion with the only destination being the total dissolution of our Government, and maybe even our society, joining other failed societies on the dungheap of History!

    Biden clearly lied, or at best he misrepresented his conversations, but what was he doing on an Official Foreign trip anyway! As the President of the Senate, Biden is required to attend the Senate whenever it is in session to preside over its proceedings and maintain order as the President of the United States, in Congress assembled, the Union!

    Note for those of you who are incapable of understanding republican Government terminology, the Union is the States in Congress assembled, making Congress the United States, in Congress assembled, making the President of the Senate the President of the United States! The President of the United States of America, the country, is the President!

    If you just refer to the preamble of the Constitution this fact will become readily apparent; “We The People of the United States, (The Union under the Articles of Confederation), in order to form a More Perfect Union, (The Union established by the Constitution), do Ordain and Establish this Constitution for the United States of America, (The Country).

    In our system of Government the most important Government Official is the President of the Senate, the Vice President of the United States of America, who is the only Government Official who must be in continual presence in the Seat of our Government whether Congress is in session or not, and for which their absence, or vacancy, is provided for in the Same way as the President, with the immediate Selection of a President Pro Tempore by the Senate at the beginning of each Session!

    Therefore Biden as the President of the Senate should never have left the Seat of Government for any reason unless approved by the
    Senate itself, and upon that absence a properly selected President Pro Tempore should have assumed the duties of the Vice President, up to and including, acting as President if an absence or vacancy occurred during their tenure as President of the Senate.

    The Constitution only makes the selection of an acting President to be chosen from outside these three Officials when there is a simultaneous vacancy of the President and Vice President, then the duties of the President will fall to a person chosen by Congress, to act until one or both of the absences be removed, or a new President be elected, never in actuality ever becoming the President!

    So instead of trying to understand the corruption at work during Biden’s tenure as Vice President, we need to understand the corruption, and total breakdown of Government Authority and republican Government structure, that led to any situation which could be considered improper in our Government Officials in the first place, which are inherently related to conflicts of interest related to Party Affiliation, our Domestic Factions!

    “The Union as a Safeguard Against Domestic Faction and Insurrection”, Federalist Papers #’s 9 & 10, by Hamilton and Madison Respectively!

    Where is the Union today to Safeguard our Republic from the negative effects of our Domestic Factions, our Political Parties?

    1. Fpr – Step Away From The Papers. Take 15 steps back find a Civics book from a high school and read it. Then re-read it. When you think you have a handle on how the US Govt works in reality, not the amorphous theory of the Federalist Papers, get back to us.

      1. Paul:
        Did we ever find out what FPR claims as his credentials for his wrong-headed views on our government? Degrees? Experience? Came to him in a trance?

        I’m betting message in a bottle.

          1. Paul:
            Then I’m going with the message in a bottle theory — likely a Four Roses bottle.

          1. I obviously don’t need yours or anyone posting on this blog! By the way, I don’t need advice, I have references, and I know how to use them.

            You might give that a try!

            Just so you know, that’s some free advice from me!

            1. fpr – you have information. You do not know how to interpret it. You do not know how to sort out what is important from what is unimportant. You think you have found the “magic beans” for the US government, but you are dead wrong. There are several people on this blog you should take advice from, even if you don’t take it from me.

              And, you do not know how to use references!!! That is some free advice from someone who spent years teaching students how to write research papers.

              1. Those who can do, those who can’t teach! I’ve spent 40 years in R&D, I know how to analyze systems, and I know I don’t need your advice or any one else’s on this blog!

                How ignorant can you be to try to tell someone of my background and experience that I’m wrong and I don’t know how to analyze systems.

                Your a joke!

                1. fpr – I don’t know what you know about systems. However, I can tell you that you don’t know diddle about how the US Government works.

                2. “How ignorant can you be to try to tell someone of my background and experience that I’m wrong and I don’t know how to analyze systems.”


                  Computer geek who slept through civics class and considered liberal arts beneath him. Pure guess but I like it!

              2. I could write the Constitution, and would rewrite it, if it wasn’t already perfect!

                All we need to do is follow it as written instead of trying to interpret is for our own advantage.

                And I still say that I feel sorry for your students, requiring them to regurgitate BS that you learned from the cliff notes of the Parties Political Monopoly House Rules Version of the Constitution!

                1. fpr – the world and people are never perfect, hence the Constitution has had to be interpreted to meet situations that happened or were created.
                  BTW, I am sure you will have noticed that the Constitution does not provide for political parties, so what is your silly dig is about. You seem to be mixing metaphors; i.e., Cliff Notes (this is capitalized) and Monopoly. For a systems analyst, you do not seem to now systems very well.

                  1. Are you rattled, you seem not to be able to spell very well, now is not know!

                    The Constitution has never needed interpretation, and if it did then the States Together as The Union are the ones with the right to interpret the Constitution, it’s for them, and it forms a Union of them, and Article 5 of the Constitution is the only method for them to interpret the Constitution by 2/3 Majority Consensus!

                    Only those that have an agenda and want to bend the Constitution to their political advantage try to interpret the Constitution!

                    As I’ve said before, I can tell by your comments that you do not understand the principles of republican Government, or the Federal Principle!

                    And since you know that the Constitution doesn’t provide for political parties, then why are we reassembling and controlling our Governing institutions and elective process by Party Affiliation! Do you mean to tell me that they serve a useful purpose and that we need them to perform a service and govern by proxy for the People!?

                    1. fpr – there is no such thing as a Federal Principle! Get a grip!!! Personally, I do not think political parties serve a useful purpose, however, they formed, they changed, they morphed and we can’t seem to get rid of the damn things. They do help short-hand what the voters are going to vote for.

                  2. You are petty and your arguments are feeble and lack Constitutional references! And if you think your arguments are more credible than mine, I’m always open for a debate, in the most public forums possible, and we can let the people decide who’s arguments are more credible.

                    How about in your school, or would you be ashamed to present your feeble arguments in front of your students!?

                    1. fpr – I have been retired for a long time, but if you have the intestinal fortitude to put your arguments before gangsters, I will see what I can set up.

    2. But I was told, this is a corporation, and you’re an employee of that corporation. USA, Inc. (All caps, of course).

      I just need my scanner gun to work…it always jams. Beep Beep Beep.

      Who told me so?

      Paul Warburg told me so himself. 😉

    3. Fpr- when FDR said, “”I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people,” he meant it. 1932

      But before that, the Republic, and the People, got sold down the river on the wooden raft, by Congress in the Act of 1871.

      Eventually, the surrender of the gold in 1933. It was a knock-out. Game over.

      Our governance today is Roman Civil Law, and the Divine Rights of Kings/Laws of the Sea.

      Private International Law operates in D.C. though.

      Side note:

      Wasn’t is Socrates who worried about democracy? The difference between intellectual democracy versus birthright democracy.

      Plato suggested that democracy was one of the later stages to the decline in an ideal state…one that is so bad, that the People cry out for a dictator to save them.

      Alcibiades comes to mind.

      America is a Republic turned Democracy…

      …that I, in jest, like to call a Corporatocracy, for other reasons.

  4. A premise based on a hypothesis

    Did Hunter have drugs on Air force II during the trip to China? There is no TSA check in. Air Force maintenance crews could use drug testing kits that would test positive for cocaine & meth presence in the jet cabin….Check the bathroom.

    1. Why bother checking? Obama said there wasn’t a smidgen of corruption in his administration. LOLOLOLOLOLO

    1. stephen – My last words, and you can take them down now, will be, AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH.

      1. “On seeing a bedside lamp flare: ‘What the flames already?’”– Voltaire is credited with speaking those words on his deathbed.

  5. The Biden family is a Narc Family Cult. Probably goes back many generations before Joe, it might even be in the DNA.

    The family reads like a bad soap opera, telenovela. Interesting to watch with some popcorn, but that’s about it.

    Didn’t Hunter date Haillie Biden, post brother Beau’ s passing? Correct me if I am wrong on this fact, and was it just rumor.

    And didn’t the Bidens approve of this match?

    Yeah, personally, I don’t think I would talk to my one brother, if he happened to date my other brother’s wife, post passing.

    It’s just a no-no. It’s a, “Hey, don’t talk to me anymore bc I don’t want to talk to you anymore,” type of situation.

    Ppl make mistakes. Sure. Forgive ppl. Of course. But this one is just odd.

    Finding strength in your grieving brother’s wife?

    Sorry Hunter, that’s called being predatorily, and jumping on the wounded, limping deer.

    Then, you have Melissa Cohen, a s
    South African (IG model) that he mairred ~ 10 days after meeting her.

    And Melissa is literally a younger version of your ex-wife Kathleen Biden (who let you go bc you refused to stay sober).

    But the top half of these women’s faces look exactly the same, if you cover the mouth area. Talk about having a type.

    And now there is a 28 yo woman in Arkansas who is claiming a paternity test for her baby, that is possibly Hunter’s child.

    And this has nothing to do with this post, but it’s just another example of strange behavior coming from this family. It’s the typical cluster B clusterf**k family.

    1. Anon, I don’t know about the Biden family being a Narc Family Cult. Probably goes back many generations before Joe, it might even be in the DNA. I doubt there is proof of that, but if so, please show your sources. Wow stated like you did, what a dysfunctional group of Gypsies. Please Gypsies, don’t hold that against me!?
      Bye Bye Biden for President!

  6. I just hunted this down – From a CFR Tuesday, January 23, 2018, Foreign Affairs Issue Launch. Pages are unnumbered.
    “So they said they had—they were walking out to a press conference. I said, nah, I’m not going to—or, we’re not going to give you the billion dollars. They said, you have no authority. You’re not the president. The president said—I said, call him. (Laughter.) I said, I’m telling you, you’re not getting the billion dollars. I said, you’re not getting the billion. I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a bitch. (Laughter.) He got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time.”

    Hey JOE, your pants are on fire, you creep.

  7. If Biden is lying about this then he will lie about other things. We cannot trust him.
    Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson… Uncle Joe has up and gone away!
    Hey, hey, hey….

  8. “One could ask what his son was even doing on an official trip to China…”

    Indeed. And one might ask what VP Biden was doing bringing his grandaughters (Hunter’s daughters) along on an official trip as well.

    But the “scandal-free” Obama presidency consisted of the lone “scandal” when Obama wore a tan suit. Riiiiight.

    The corrupt fake news media deserves every bit of crap President Trump slings on them. Every last blit of it. They disgust me. The whole lot of them.

    1. Bob, am I understanding your comment correctly in that it implies that only Democrats are liars and thieves?

      1. Not sure, but ask the mainstream media if they lie and who they work for. They don’t work for America.

      2. NO, but then again, has any other political party in America attempted a Coup against a legally sitting President? The list of lies from the left would make the rap sheet of Micky Cohen blush.

      3. And if you don’t believe me, I dare you to read the Inspector Generals Report on investigating the investigators, when it comes out. Or is he too a lying because he doesn’t please the lefts talking points?!?

    2. And the president literally used a marker to edit a hurricane trajectory map, claimed he didn’t know who did it, and had his staff manipulate a government agency in defend of his lie

      1. Yup, ur right. So, how is the predictability of weather working out for ya?
        But what facts do you have that lead to Conflict of Interest, and lying so Son Hunter can have another drug induced hallucination, hmmm? Besides, wasn’t this the State Department’s JOB?

  9. Ever wonder just why Obama never sent a rep from his State Department instead of the VP? HA HA, THE FIX WAS IN. Biden knows it too. But the pink press will protect him, at all cost.

    1. Bob, the Obama Administration did pressure the Ukraine to clean up corruption, and Biden was part of the effort. The fired prosecutor was protecting corruption, not investigating it. Get the facts. Do you think Biden would brag about bailing out his son in a speech to a Council on Foreign Relations meeting?

      Two articles – WaPo and Bloomberg -in my earlier post debunk the accusation. I’m sure you’ll want to know the facts.

      1. Anon1 – I think Biden would brag about anything if he thought he was in a friendly room. Remember, when he was VP the press was licking their boots.

      2. Clean up corruption?!? Shirley you must be joking. That must be why Hunter B. received the business deal. There you go again, twisting the truth to fit your false beliefs.

  10. Biden is a liar. His lies conflict with the public record of Hunter Biden stating the exact opposite (that Joe Biden knew). Anyone can look this up, the internet remembers everything. Why was this left out of Prof. Hurley’s otherwise well articulated piece ?

  11. So, it’s up to Fox to keep repeating last years event of a Council on Foreign Relations event, Biden told the audience that he pressed President Petro Poroshenko to fire the country’s top prosecutor, including threatening to withdraw a $1 billion U.S. loan from the country, which has been economically decimated due to its war with Russian forces since 2014.

  12. Biden is a redfaced liar. He even told the whole story about threatening to withhold 1.4 Bil in aid unless the investigater was fired. Too bad Doocy couldn’t have asked biden about that. But we all know that the lib’s are liars and they don’t care if they get caught.

  13. Yes, how did the crack addled, dishonorably discharged son of Joe Biden get all those contracts? How didn’t he tell daddy that the Chinese and Ukrainians were showering him with juicy contracts when daddy is dealing with the same governments as the VP? And where is the media in all this? It’s almost like they’re in on it.

    1. Joe “Sargent Schultz” Biden see nothing, hear nothing. He may never even have heard of Hunter.

  14. Hunter Biden seems to be a problem child. However, Joe Biden’s story, which was recorded, puts him at risk.

    1. There has to be a problem child in every Narc family, it’s part of the deal.

      I assume Beau was the “can do no wrong” Golden Child, and Hunter was the “can’t keep his sh*t together” Scapegoat.

      Super common in these family dynamics.

      A great example of this family type is HBO’s “Succession.” Really hits the nail on the head.

          1. Whoops, ‘is.’ ***

            I post from my phone, and I am not proofing, so if something is off, it is bc of that…so, yeah.

  15. I agree it’s highly unlikely. I also call BS on highlighting what the Biden’s never talked about while ignoring what the Trump’s do talk about on a quarterly basis.

    1. It is arguably accurate to claim that Trump communicated with the Ukraine “on a quarterly basis”.
      If Biden threatened one Billion $ Dollars of withheld Ukrainian aid for his (Hunter’s) objectives, and if Trump actually used a 250 million $ as leverage, then Trump was indeed on “a quarterly basis”

        1. Understood, Enigma. If it is “the Trump Organization” doing that had contact with the Ukraine, rather than Trump, then that would seem to also undercut the Hail Mary emoluments impeahment attempt.
          Maybe it was the “Biden Organization” that discussed Hunter’s dealings with the Ukraine, and Biden himself never discussed it with his son.

          1. I’m still not talking about Ukraine, I’m talking about Eric Trump holding quarterly meetings with Donald to update him on the goings on of the Trump Organization with all the relevant players, Saudi Arabia, Russia, et al.

              1. While the Ukraine is a focus of the column and the comments, it appears that Enigma would prefer to avoid talking about it.
                It might affect a Democratic candidate negative, so I think he wants to talk about Trump Org. quarterly meetings instead.

        2. My mistake, Enigma. I thought the topic of the column, and of the comments, dealt with the knowledge or lack thereof regarding inappropriate deaings with or pressure on the Ukraine.
          Maybe I missed an actual transition to Trump Org. quarterly meetings that had been bought up, before your comment. In the context of a reading the column and a quick scan of the comments, it appeared that you were bringing up the Trump/ Ukraine contacts v. the Biden/ Ukraine contacts.

          1. I was talking specifically about the hypocrisy of Turley pointing out Biden never talking about Ukraine with his son while neve mentioning the Trump family business still run by the President/

    2. It’s insane to think that what the Trump’s/Republican’s talk about isn’t covered. Indeed, it’s lied about, distorted, taken out of context and the smears are spewed to the American people daily, hourly. The non-coverage by the Press is of the violence of the Left (like Alwyas-Fa in the West Coast, violence on our campuses, violence against our police/ICE, the assault on Rand Paul, the assaults on Republicans and Trump supporters, lies about Kavanaugh/Covington Catholic). Of course, the left/MSM reporting is always done with such vitriol. Because the US press has lost the ability to do true, un-biased investigative reporting, MSM press like the NYT/WAPo etc have become a bunch of media rags, caught in so many retractions you know they are merely acting as agents for the Democrats, willing to lie and spin but unable to actually analyze and report. As Dr T points out here, the MSM white washes and covers up anything that is negative to the Dems and thus we have a citzenry that can only think in 4 word quotes that belong on signs.

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