Geraldo: I Would Love To Beat The “Rotten Snitch” Attacking “This Poor President”

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“FOX & Friends” took on a WWF feel this week when FOX News correspondent Geraldo Rivera said that he would like to give a beating to the whistleblower behind the Ukrainian story: “I would love to wap him, but that is another story.” Silly Wabbit, beat downs are for kids.

Geraldo captures the widening and unsettling divide in this country in his take on the controversy:

GERALDO RIVERA (FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT): After listening to the Democrats, they believe that they have it now. 

That everything else, Russia collusion, Stormy Daniels, taxes, making money on hotels, and all that. They are going to put everything away and they are going to laser focus on this. This is gonna be what the impeachment is all about, maybe one or two little other things fall in. 

So it’s going to be the president of the United States in a conversation that was intercepted by a rotten snitch — I’d love to wap him, but that’s another story. 

Imagine this poor president, his whole tenure in office has been marked by snitches, and rats, and backstabbers, it’s amazing how he functions at all.

Notably, Trump’s acting National Intelligence Director testified that he believed that the whistleblower did the right thing. Not a beat down or “wapping” mentioned.

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  1. It will be plastered over every Dims swing-district when they run:

    “Further explaining the DOJ’s handling of the referral, the official said the criminal division concluded that the information they had gathered did not amount to a criminal violation of campaign finance law because nothing “of value” was clearly promised or exchange as a result of the call.”

    Impeachment is a fantasy to quell the Dim Civil War. It just postpones it ‘til they lose in 2020.

    1. That is obviously false mespo and self mocking.

      The asked for favor was of personal value to Trump and the favor Trump said we are giving, of national value to them.

      1. That’s not how the OLC works and you know it.
        Get ready for 2020 it’s going to be a doozy. Trump unleashed. Wouldn’t want to be a Dim then, at least one SCOTUS job, scores of appellate and trial posts, plus deregulation at record pace. Might even clean up the university cesspools. Oughta be glorious. Radicals in full retreat mode.

        1. As the Dimocrats descend deeper and deeper into the sewers the dimwits like Anon press on with further intensity. All that effort just to stay above the Dimocrats that keep falling upon them.

        2. Mespo, i’m not interested in your fantasy league predictions, which are always the same and which you always think should end discussion..

          You said the OLC deemed there was nothing of value discussed in the phone conversation. I described the obvious value of what was discussed. I understand that the OLC position as you describe it is indefensible, but if you somehow think it is, have at it.

          1. There is a world-wide rebellion against globalism that Trump led. Why do you think the globalists are running from elections in Britain and Italy? You might think the changing of the leaves doesn’t foreshadow Fall but the rest of us can read those leaves. Get you life raft ’cause the wave is coming.

  2. From a speech by the Obama Administration Ukrainan Ambassador in Odessa in 2015 encouraging reform affecting corruption. Note, ZLochevsky is the owner of the gas company that hired Hunter Biden.

    “….For example, in the case of former Ecology Minister Mykola Zlochevsky, the U.K. authorities had
    seized 23 million dollars in illicit assets that belonged to the Ukrainian people. Officials at the PGO’s
    office were asked by the U.K to send documents supporting the seizure.
    Instead they sent letters to Zlochevsky’s attorneys attesting that there was no case against him. As a
    result the money was freed by the U.K. court and shortly thereafter the money was moved to
    The misconduct by the PGO officials who wrote those letters should be investigated, and those
    responsible for subverting the case by authorizing those letters should – at a minimum – be
    summarily terminated.
    Even as we support the work of the new Anti-Corruption Commission, and the recruitment of the work of the new Anti-Corruption Commission, we have urged Prosecutor General Shokin to empower Deputy Prosecutor
    Sakvarelidze and Kasko to implement reforms and bring to justice those who have violated the law,
    regardless of rank or status. We are prepared to partner with reformers within the PGO in the fight
    for anticorruption….”

    Joe Biden was the Obama Administration’s point man on the Ukraine and spoke for this effort and rightly bragged about itt to the CFR

  3. Look, stupid, I said that his ratings had been in the 40s for a long time.
    What part of that did you not get?

    1. Like forever dumb a,s while Obama’s were not stuck there, yet you tried to pretend your cult leader is doing as well.

      1. I stated that at this stage of their adminstrations, Trump and Obama had neag identical favorability ratings.
        That is all that I said. If you want to imagine that I tried to “pretend” something else, those products of your imagination may be a another facet of the Anon1 Code.
        BTW, I’m not “dumb”, but if it helps YOU out, I am willing to dumb down explanations if it’ll help you to better understand the words that are written.

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