Professor: Tom Brady’s Popularity Due To White Supremacy

Professor Kyle Kusz, who teaches a kinesiology professor at the University of Rhode Island, has declared yet another example of the culture of white supremacy in America: Tom Brady. Kusz concludes that it is white supremacy that explains the popularity of Brady in his book “Making American White Men Great Again: Tom Brady, Donald Trump, and the Allure of White Male Omnipotence in Post-Obama America.” It is a bizarre theory since, as I have patiently explained in the past, Brady’s success is only explained by the fact that he sold his soul to the Devil decades ago and he is watched over by a barely disguised Cerberus in the form of Bill Belichick.

Kusz does not appear to think that six Super Bowls and three MVP awards would make Kim Kardashian a football icon. Instead, according to Kusz, it is all about his race. Kusz insists that Brady became popular with the rise of “white rage and white supremacy.” He further criticizes Brady for not denouncing Trump and argues that both Trump and Brady illustrate  “how they represent the cultural (re-) emergence and valorization of a white masculinity that unapologetically desires a manly omnipotence ….”

Kusz even compares the “visual aesthetic” of Brady’s Under Armour commercial starring Brady to the Nazi propaganda film “Triumph des Willens.” 

My favorite point is Kusz arguing that Brady’s famously restricted diet shows how his “white masculinity is repeatedly constructed.”

This is what passes for academic work today.

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  1. There is no question that Tom Brady is a racist. The following video proves it. Note how Mr. Brady spends significantly less time hugging a black teammate than he does hugging a white teammate. The proof is irrefutable.

  2. Oh, and another thing! How come people like Prof. Kusz don’t put their money and their body where their mouth is??? He is quite free to move to a country NOT run by white men. Like Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, Bangladesh. . . .

    Why not go to one of those places and live if you think white men are sooo bad.

    Kusz is like one of those 20+ year old kids who lives with mommy and daddy but want to b*tch about their rules and their behavior. Well, heck, just move out! Kusz, you don’t have to live here. Enjoy the rest of your life somewhere like the Congo, or El Salvador. Please!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. SqueeKKKy is most ignorant. Everybody in South Asia is Indo-European. That means “white”, SqueeKKKy.

      Both Pakistan and Bangladesh are countries in South Asia, SqueeKKKy.

  3. Better Quarterback
    Shows up and plays
    Better Team
    Better Coaches and staffs

    Besides it’s a racist remark and should be called out as pure racism

  4. Note the Leftist politicization of academic fields totally unrelated to politics. In this case: kinesiology.

    Most non scientific papers published are never cited by another soul other than the author. They exist only to justify the positions of their authors, and are mainly garbage. If you string together enough Leftist catch phrases, like a Mad Lib, you’ll get published.

    Getting published used to mean something. A peer reviewed journal used to have standards, which elevated the authority of papers. It’s all garbage at this point.

  5. Professor Kusz is racist and bigoted to claim that Tom Brady is only popular because of white supremacists.

    Negative claims about all white males is racist and misandrist.

    Leftist dictators set up boogeymen among their own populations in order to seize power, and their loyal, thoughtless followers dutifully bleat their message. Hitler did it to the Jews. Stalin with his class warfare and the Holodomor. Mussolini with the Yugoslavs.

    Leftists in America target the 1%, white males, and they claim that if they are given more power, and we give up more rights, they can freeze the planet’s climate at today’s value. Give us power and we will save you.

    We’ve heard it all before. The public education system produces naive people who have been taught socialism is good, and not to question or reason with Leftist dictates. Conservatives, Liberarians, and Classical Libersals observed the Leftist takeover of the public education system, turning out little Oktoberists, and we didn’t stop it. We did not take mastery over the communication of what we stand for, and allowed Leftists to define us to people at their most impressionable.

    Therefore, we are left with young people who cheer racism and misandry against white males, echoing the same rhetoric as the dictators of the past who killed millions of people. They applaud efforts to curb the speech of those with whom they do not agree, even resorting to violence, as well as the loss of their freedoms – to receive a free bag at a store, fly, eat meat. Their entire first world standard of living are made possible through fossil fuels, from their smart phones, computers, tablets, the roads they drive on, the solar panels they support, their eco anxiety meds, medical tubing, the pens they write with… And yet they demand that fossil fuels be completely abolished, which would lead to astronomically expensive energy that is unreliable, only working when the wind blows or the sun shines. They have not been taught that nuclear energy is the only clean, reliable, inexpensive energy source.

    Our country may fall to the ignorant mob clamoring for dystopia, victim to yet another Leftist murderous regime. No great civilization has lasted forever.

    1. The public education system may produce all manner of social ills, but if you read his capsule biography, Prof. Kusz attests that he learned to be an idiot at Ithaca College.

      1. Ithaca College might have granted him a bachelor of science in idiocy, but he would be a subway station lunatic without the millions of followers of this kind of idolatry who have completed idiocy course work in the public education system, as well as their prerequisite classes, Blind Obediance 101, Communications Propaganda, Post Rational Debate, Aristotel and Plato Were White Male Supremacists, Classical Literature Is The Patriarchy, and How To Avoid Critial Thinking.

        I have a child in elementary school, and find the experience frustrating. Not only do I have to show him how to skip the 6 laborious steps and lengthy sentences of Common Core subtraction, and just line them up and subtract them, but I’ve also had to research sources for pro-American history lessons that take a balanced approach to history. Don’t get me started on the Lattice method of multiplication, or all the gimmicks. I got a non Common Core math curriculum to choose extra work, and I taught him how to read, myself, as my enquiries showed that the district still clings to the debunked “blended learning” approach that results in an average of only 60% of children reading at grade level. Plus they don’t teach cursive in school anymore so I had to teach him that skill, as well. I’m basically homeschooling him in tandem with his public eductation, which means my kid has to do more work after school just to fill in the gaps in a public school education. I just didn’t want to take him out of school and have him miss the experience of having classmates. Plus, children need to learn how to handle and navigate the politicized classroom, as that’s the reality of college and, frankly, the workplace. While the majority of children at his public school did not pass state testing, my child is reading several grades above his level, and exceeded the standard. But what about all the parents who assume the school is the expert at teaching? What about when the homework load becomes harder as he gets older? Will there still be sufficient time for the extra work? Common Core cuts most parents out of the ability to help children with homework. While I teach my child how to properly add, subtract, multiply, and divide, they still have to know all those ridiculous Common Core gimmicks for tests.

  6. Isn’t it funny though, how all these Hispanics, blacks, and Asians flee countries run by Hispanic men, black men, and Asian men to sneak into a country run by white men??? Either Europe or the United States???

    I mean if blacks are sooo smart, and was kangz, and built the pyramids, why are they leaving Aftica in boats and some drowning to reach Europe and live in white people countries??? They should have no need for us. Why are Mexicans and Central Americans sneaking across the border, and maybe drowning or dying of sunstroke to get to our horrible,racist country run by white men??? I mean, gee if us white people are sooo bad. . .

    So maybe white people are supreme after all??? Sure looks that way from the immigration flows.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Isn’t it funny though, how all these Hispanics, blacks, and Asians flee countries run by Hispanic men, black men, and Asian men to sneak into a country run by white men???

      The Far East isn’t producing all that many emigrants anymore.

    2. Squeeky
      “Spot-on!” as our fellow white brothers and sisters in the UK say.
      I would love to hear your questions answered…on the telly.

  7. WOW and wonder what’s wrong with our teachers an schools today. Here it is in print an way to much to say in a comment field. Really Sad

  8. “…sold his soul to the Devil decades ago and he is watched over by a barely disguised Cerberus in the form of Bill Belechick”. Wow! In the words of one of my Law professors; “it’s a beaut, I wish that I had said it”. This is what happens when you give someone with limited intellectual resources, this professor Kusz, a bully pulpit from which to spew silliness. In his defense however, I guess, the idea of being paid for excellence is just outside the professor’s frame of reference. The idea of being paid for performance is one of the things that makes America great and he just doesn’t get it. I remember when the Chicago Bulls were struggling without Micheal The Great who was giving baseball a try. Upon his return, they continued to struggle because they were being beaten under the offensive glass; they needed a rebounder. Enter The Worm (our next Ambassador to North Korea?). He promptly filled the role, got the rebounds and helped the Bulls win the next championship. Rodman was and perhaps is a cross dressing, cocaine sniffing freak but he got the job done. Every blue collar person I know cared not a bit about his personal habits. The only thing that mattered was his performance. The professoriat in this country is so divorced from actually having to produce that comments like those emanating from this Kusz person are nauseatingly common.

  9. Maybe just another droll self-loathing white dude or a guy looking to move up in the radical pecking order. Here’s hoping for a comfy bridge foundation in his future.

  10. Kinesiology classes exist so that football linemen will have something that they can pass.

    1. David Benson is the God Emperor of Making Stuff Up and owes me thirty-eight citations (one from the OED, one from the town ordinances and two from the Old Testament), an equation and the source of a quotation, after forty-four weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – linemen can even read and understand that Weart is crap. They are just too polite to tell you.

    2. No, we have kinesiology classes because just shy of 300,000 people are employed as coaches and trainers outside of primary and secondary schools and another bloc (again, around 300,000) are so employed in schools. Ergo, a training program for them is in order. More people receive certifications in such subjects (around 60,000 per year) than would have to to staff such programs (around 27,000 might do), but that’s part of the bloat in tertiary schooling generally. Just reducing the share of each cohort receiving a BA degree in an academic subject or in the arts to what was the norm in 1970 would permit a 5-6% reduction in faculty manpower and doing something sensible like shortening degree programs and eliminating the requirement that students obtain distribution credits would permit another 25% reduction.

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