Tlaib Calls Upon Detroit Police To Only Hire Black People To Run Facial Recognition Programs

I recently spoke to the federal biometric conference in Tampa. For that reason, a story out of Detroit stood out. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D., MI.) called upon the Detroit Chief of Police James Craig to only black people as analysts to run their facial recognition program. Not only would such hiring violate anti-discrimination laws but it is based on a racially questionable assumption. The Police Chief called the suggestion “racist.”

During a demonstration of the technology, Tlaib declared “Analysts need to be African-Americans, not people that are not. It’s true, I think non-African-Americans think African-Americans all look the same!” She defended the statement by noting that people confuse Reps. John Lewis, D-Ga., and Elijah Cummings, D-Md.

Craig showed better judgment and responded “I trust people who are trained, regardless of race, regardless of gender.”

It is true that early tested of FRT had a higher error rate for African American females. However, the top performing programs are now reaching above a 99 percent accuracy. A MIT study finding the error rate shock up the industry and they resulted in better algorithms and training protocols.

The comments also reflected a fundamental misunderstanding of FRT. The point of FRT is that the algorithms makes the identification. Training concerns issues like lighting, framing, and operation. It is a contraction of terms to have the operator make the identification.

The racial stereotypes and dated information reflective in Tlaib’s comments are embarrassing. The error rate found by the MIT study are discussed in my forthcoming two-part study on privacy and biometrics. It is important for the industry to remain focused on this issue to continue to address any racial error rates. However, great strides have occurred in the technology.

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  1. I am so very happy after reading that racist garbage that Comrade Klaib is not a real Representative but like the rest of The Squat failed to complete the required Fourth Requirement and refused to take the Oath of Office. Imagine what our Constitutional Republic would be like with not only the Comrades like Squat Awk but more of these followers of the victimizers of women like this one.

  2. When Rashida Tlaib wants to do something beyond inflaming her base of support, she should consult an expert on facial recognition.

    But that’s not necessary for Tlaib’s specialty – crude race-baiting and racism. Neither one depends on facts.

  3. Tlaib illustrates the meaning of ignorati. This word is defined in the Urban Dictionary.

  4. According to the communists (i.e. liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats) in America, racism by Americans is bad while racism by the invading hyphenates is good. Whatever will happen when the “sleeping giant” is awakened to find he has been duped and his nation and wealth have been stolen? He’ll probably acquiesce again and “turn the other cheek,” right? The hyphenates had better hope so.

    We gave you “…a republic, if you can keep it.”

    – Ben Franklin

    The milquetoasts couldn’t!

  5. Not only would such hiring violate anti-discrimination laws but it is based on a racially questionable assumption.

    When ‘anti-discrimination law’ is in conflict with modal opinion in the judiciary, it is ‘interpreted’ out of existence. You pretend you don’t know that.

    If we were smart, we would eliminate ‘anti-discrimination’ law applicable to private transactions (with few exceptions), but insist on it in important venues within the public sector. Of course, the judiciary wants to do the opposite, which is one reason the influence of judges over public policy should be kept to a minimum.

  6. Not only would such hiring violate anti-discrimination laws but it is based on a racially questionable assumption.

    If we cannot have term limits, or a requirement for civics literacy to vote, then what we need is a violates the oath of office recognition program. Everything they say and do gets run through the program. When it gets a hit, then their constituents receive an alert on their electronic devices. Penalties for hits could be wide-ranging, up to and including a loss of eligibility for reelection.

    Or, just stop pretending they have any interest in honoring their oaths.

  7. Another couple of racist comments illustrating the entrenched, mainstreamed racism against Caucasians in the Democrat Party.

    People are getting indoctrinated, from the public school system, academia, and the media, to think this is okay, and even laudable behavior. She was as unaware of the injustice in her statements as any child raised in the Klan.

    1. Another couple of racist comments illustrating the entrenched, mainstreamed racism against Caucasians in the Democrat Party.

      I think you mean ‘against caucasians without post-baccalaureate degrees’.

  8. Talib demonstrates her racism and anti-Americanism all the time. Yet Democrats don’t seem to care. What does that say about Democrats? Certainly nothing good.

  9. Dear Ms. Tlaib,

    A police state run by black men and women is still called a police state.

    If you were an actual liberal, you would not support a police state action–period. You would be getting out there explaining how facial recognition software violates our Constitution. You would oppose it, full stop.

    It is frankly idiotic to suggest that having black women and men run a police state operation makes it less a violation of our Constitution than if white women and men ran it!

    I’m sure you don’t care what liberals really think but I’m taking this opportunity to tell you that actual liberals are not fooled by those of you who are actually authoritarians trying to use identity politics on behalf of your masters in instituting an unconstitutional police state.

    1. Perhaps Jeff Bezos is bribing her: “… In light of recent public concerns around facial recognition, Bezos and his company are actively writing legislation for Congress on the issue.

      We learn:

      Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says his company is developing a set of laws to regulate facial recognition technology that it plans to share with federal lawmakers.”

      1. Thank you for the link, Jill!

        What the hell is up with that? I hope they are just part of discussions, along with professors and regular computer geeks (not just the leadership).

        If they are indeed writing it, why the hell did I bother voting to elect my reps in Congress, whose job it is presumably to write legislation?

      2. Jill – sounds like another example of the fox guarding the henhouse, such as with all the former Monsanto employees now in regulatory agencies.

  10. She is the walking embodiment of the fact that many modern degrees could just as easily double as toilet paper. That anyone on the left over the age of 25 thinks this is helping is stunning. I guess the people in her district weren’t suffering all that much after all given the bupkis she’s accomplished for them and the reticence in their attitude toward her. She is impossible to take seriously.

    1. Well, let’s not forget who DOES take her seriously. Yep, Tlaib’s got big fans in Barack and Michelle, and their housemate, Valerie Jarrett, who tweeted out support for Rashida saying something like, girl, we have your back! Enough said.

        1. …or not a “housemate” at all?

          “Although the Daily Mail‘s article cited nothing more than an unverifiable “source” for all that it reported, numerous new outlets including the Daily Caller, Fox News, Newsmax, and Hollywood Life picked up the story, citing in turn only the tabloid.

          “The report played heavily on suspicions propagated by conspiracy theory web sites such as InfoWars that Barack Obama is directing an “army” of protesters from his home (a “shadow White House” located in the Kaloroma neighborhood of Washington, D.C.), dispatching minions to crowd demonstrations and town hall meetings ever since President Trump took office.

          “Kevin Lewis, Barack Obama’s post-presidency spokesman, called the story “absurd” and devoid of facts, stating to us that Jarrett was neither moving in with the Obamas nor launching a political movement intended to oust President Trump from office.”

            1. If you have anything else about Jarrett living with the Obamas, please post it.

  11. She, like AOC, thinks being in the House of Representatives makes her an expert on everything.

  12. I think there is a typo omission in the first paragraph – the word “hire” is missing.

  13. Her IQ reflects perfectly the “law skool” she attended and “earned” a JD diploma.

    “Thomas Cooley Western Michigan U – 146/142/139. Cooley has already been found out of compliance with Standard 501 by the ABA. They recently lost in their efforts to get a restraining order against the ABA to keep this secret from prospective students and did little to improve their chances of having that decision reversed with this year’s embarrassing incoming class, with similar credentials to last year’s (147/141/138). But the school is still making a fortune with an entering class of 458, third largest in the country (after Georgetown and Harvard). Cooley accepted 85.6% of applicants, far and away the highest acceptance rate in the country. (Vermont, with 159 entering 1Ls, was second, with a 78.8% acceptance rate.)”

    1. yeah well there’s a lot of normal people who go to law school at Cooley, that had to earn their way through college.

      They often end up making good lawyers because they start late but are wiser with more worldly experience. I have known many.

    1. “both stupid and racist” add “fat and white” and you have a tRump supporter; see we are all one after all.

      1. YNOT are you like this in real life, or just behind your keyboard?

  14. “The comments also reflected a fundamental misunderstanding of FRT. The point of FRT is that the algorithms makes the identification. Training concerns issues like lighting, framing, and operation. It is a contraction of terms to have the operator make the identification.”
    This is the classic mistake of assuming good faith mistakes to persons not of good faith. Talib is a radical ant-Semite, anti-American, anti-Culture hellbent on destroying the social fabric to impose her version of tyranny. She knows full well there is no racism in the process but it serves her and her minions to assert there is some. The key to defeating the enemies of democracy and social peace is to identify the enemies of democracy and social peace. Ding, ding, ding ….

    1. Tlaib was the choice of black voters in Detroit. One grasps for an explanation of why her particular shticks and resentments would be of any interest to them. The only explanation I can think of is that the political culture of Detroit is so wretched that they’ll be pleased to vote for anyone who flashes a middle-finger somewhere in the direction of The Man, making her a worthy successor to John Conyers.

        1. Of the municipalities around Detroit, Dearborn, Melvindale, Allen Park, Lincoln Park, Southgate, Wyandotte, St. Clair Shores, and the Grosse Pointes are largely uninjured to date. Eastpointe, Warren, Center Line, Hamtramck, Redford, Dearborn Heights, River Rouge, Ecorse, and Harper Woods have seen measures of deterioration. Highland Park is a ruin, rather like Detroit.

          1. In my many visits to Detroit, I have stuck to Dearborn and into the city, Greektown, and the yacht club on Belle Isle. I think Dearborn Heights is the west and north perimeter of Dearborn. It goes from decent to visibly seedy as you go west and north out from the core of Dearborn. Eastwards, it’s pretty obvious when you go over from the east part of Dearborn into the Mexican area. Then eastwards there is Corktown, which I am told was the Irish way back when, but now from the passenger seat of a car, it mostly seems dark but for the neon lights of the erotic dancing venues and a few hipster bars.

            I would not know my way around anywhere else.

            I remember the first time I went to the opera in Detroit decades ago., there was a whole block of rubble from where we parked, walking to the theater. I thought next time I come, definitely use the valet service. That was decades ago. There’s visible improvement in the city core since then. The bankruptcy helped a lot.

      1. the irony of this is that she’s not black, she’s Arab. I wonder what Arabs in Detroit will think of this, if they hear of it at all.

        At the political level, there is alliance.
        But at the social level, there is exclusion. Muslims prefer their own kind. And they prefer their own nations too. Dearborn is one of those places where you can learn the relative stratification among Arab ethnics by national origin. let’s just say Yemenis are not loved by all.

        Dearborn is one of the safer places for people on the street in Detroit. One sees women in hijab and more than a few women in burkas, walking the peaceful sidewalks. You see a lot of little kids. they have big families. What you do not see very much, is baggy pants and hoodie wearing african american urban youths on the prowl. I think they fear the Muslim residents of Dearborn. And probably wisely so.

        Of course the sizable Arab immigrant population of Dearborn, likely includes a lot of those who are not naturalized and may not vote. So Tlaib may not be too concerned about their anti-black personal attitudes and social habits.

      1. Replace anti-Muslim with anti-Semite in mesblo’s screed and you have any number of so called lawyers posting in support of tRump on this site

        1. You’re captive in your own stereotypes Ynot. That’s typical of your kind. You operate as if all your political adversaries are bland caricatures and not people of flesh and blood. This in-authenticity is a characteristic liberal attitude.

          The funny, ironic thing, is that the liberal-left is that both rejects teleological values on the one hand, and then apes the Christian moralism of previous generations on the other, in opposition to its foes, who are all presumed to be heretics of the liberal religion on their way to some variant of damnation.

          Tolerance, extends only to your allies. Diversity, among those in your own tent. Multiculturalism, excluding those cultures which are not reading from your script.

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