Protesting In Vein: Blood Hose Hemorrhages On Climate Demonstrators

The problem with blood hoses is that they are inclined to human-error hemorrhaging. Protesters in London planned to use an old fire engine to spray the Treasury building with fake blood but it did not exactly work out . . . .

Extinction Rebellion arranged for 1,800 liters of red liquid was dumped at the front entrance to 1 Horse Guards Road, Whitehall. However, the effort to drench the 100-year-old building was frustrated by hose handling issues.

15 thoughts on “Protesting In Vein: Blood Hose Hemorrhages On Climate Demonstrators”

  1. This kind of protest is entitled behavior, oblivious of all the hard work employees will have removing fake bloodstones from the pale stone. They shot it a couple of stories high before the over pressurized hose blew the nozzle off. Then it sprayed all over the street and sidewalk.

    Why should anyone else have to clean up their mess?

    I say, if a city permits this kind of protest, then as a condition, the protestors should have to clean up the area spotless. Otherwise, it costs taxpayer money, and is just a pain for the cleanup crew to try to scrub all that out. What spoiled behavior, to selfishly create so much work for others.

  2. Take off, you hosers!

    I say seize the fire truck as an instrumentality of the crime of malicious mischief.

  3. (music to the Song: Rednecks)
    Went in dumb come out dumb too.
    Hustlin round London in their alligator shoes.
    Drunk at the weekend at their bar be ques…
    We’re drunk on the weekends at the bar be ques.
    We’re keeping the Queeny down.

    We’re Rednecks, Rednecks…
    We don’t know our hose from a hole in the groudn.
    We’re Rednecks. …Rednecks…
    We’re keeping the Queeny down.

  4. Just another example of the ignorant and destructive nature of so many of these activists.

  5. First, don’t dump red dye on historically significant buildings, even if they house government. It could stain.

    Second, eeeeew. Just eew. Stunts like this are gross.

  6. That’s why we pressure test our hose every year. I love how the idiots never think to shut down the line or turn the pump off. Just keep chasing that lose line! It’s really too bad that the line didn’t smack some sense in to one of them. If they were this dumb, I can only assume they had no idea how to actually run the pump in the first place and probably ran the pressure sky high.

  7. Incompetence, compounded with a remarkable lack of initiative as they watched the hose spurt and did nothing effective.

    Another act of vandalism from the left; no wonder they are often held in contempt.

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