Apple Pulls Crowd-Sourced App Used By Hong Kong Protesters

Apple has been repeatedly accused to yielding to the demands of China in its censorship and access control demands. Now, even after a protester was shot, Apple has removed a crowd-sourced app developed by protesters to track the location of demonstrations and police. The app however is still being offered by Google.

Apple declared that the protest app “facilitates, enables, or encourages an activity that is not legal.”

Just for the record: Police chief Stephen Lo said that shooting of the 18 year old was “lawful and reasonable”.

19 thoughts on “Apple Pulls Crowd-Sourced App Used By Hong Kong Protesters”

  1. Apple’s just following in Google’s hooved footprints in the business of being Xi Jinping’s henchmen. Someone seems to have deleted the first word from Google’s motto (from “Don’t be Evil” to merely “Be Evil”). Apple never had those scruples.

  2. When US companies facilitate the dictatorship and abuse of human rights abroad…all while lecturing American citizens on morality and how we should vote.

    The unmitigated gall.

    1. I made the most important vote a long time ago: No Apple products, not even for free, over ten years ago. Haven’t regretted it since. Apple has in that time made so many moves away from Macintoshes being convenient or even safe to use that my decision took very little pondering. I apprecite their making my moral condemnation of Apple products so absurdly easy.

  3. Apple must be prosecuted for treason.

    Basic American principles are freedom of speech, press, assembly, thought, promulgation, socialization, belief, religion and every other conceivable, natural and God-given freedom and right per the 9th Amendment. Apple colludes with China to deny universal, natural and God-given rights and freedoms to the Chinese people who suffer the tyranny and oppression of a brutal, inhuman, totalitarian communist regime.

    What part of freedom does pingguo not understand?

    China has sold pingguo the rope with which to hang them.

    Apple has controverted all American principles. Apple is anti-American and anti-Constitutional. Apple is collaborating with the enemy. Apple is now the enemy.

    Pingguo must be prosecuted for treason.

  4. Silicon Valley Robber Baron Jeff Bezos of Amazon, owns WAPO that is the daily sewer of filth against the POTUS.

    These would be Masters of the Universe

  5. I have never owned an Apple product and I update my Microsoft only when absolutely needed. They have too much money. Same with Chrome which I do use because it syncs with many of my other products.

  6. “Apple”. Why did they name a tech company after some “fruit”. What are the various meanings of the word “fruit”. Queer is one. “Queers big ears.” is a phrase like “Cheers big ears!” Hong Kong is a unique spot in the world. The Brits controlled it for many years. The Communists ran them out. We ran the Brits out too. Years ago in Hong Kong they were yelling: “Kill the Redcoats!” They were referring to Brits. People all over the world want some freedoms. Some will yell for it. Me. I think “freedom” is just another word for some of us to lose. Ask Bobby McGhee.

    1. “It was named during one of his fruitarian diets,” Walter Isaacson’s new biography of Jobs reveals. On the naming of Apple, he said he was “on one of my fruitarian diets.” He said he had just come back from an apple farm, and thought the name sounded “fun, spirited and not intimidating.”

      – cultofmac

  7. Apple has managed to convince many people that their products are superior and reflect the inherent superiority of the users.

    (See the WSJ article about daters who will not respond to Android users.)

    Once again, we see that Apple is just another company kowtowing to their Chinese masters.

  8. Apple’s supply chain would not have existed were it not for the Chinese who work in animal like conditions

    Gotta love those Dims who rail about identity politics to manipulate US voters while ignoring slave labor, communism and socialism abuses abroad

      1. To be fair, though, both Democrats and Republicans were part of that foolish decision.

        Bunch of hogwash they sold to the American people.

        1. True. But how else could the Swamp Rats find jobs for their kids???

          And, how surprised can we be about Apple, when we have Twitter, Facebook, Google, and youtube silencing conservative voices???

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. What is a “Swamp Rat”? If Swamp refers to Congress then which members are rats? Is a rat just some human who snitches on another human? There were rats when Nixon was in office. Some rat ratted on Bill Clinton when he was having sex with Monica. A “whistleblower” is a rat. Why relate to some whistle when we are talking about spoken or written words? Why the word “blower”? Monica was a blower. But she was not blowing on a whistle. A rat is not just someone who snitches on some person. A rat can poop in high places. Congress should have named that legislation which uses the whistle blower words the Rats

            1. D.C. is rat city. Ppl love pointing fingers. Love throwing others under the bus. Love snitching. All the above.

              And most folks were more paranoid there as well bc of all the bad behavior. Essentially not being a good neighbor.

              Rats backwards is Star, oddly enough. I find that amusing. Not sure if anyone else does.

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