Fox: Over Half Of Voters Want Trump Impeached and Removed

Polls are showing significant increases in citizens, including Republicans, who want to see President Donald Trump impeached. One of the most unsettling polls must be the one in Fox News which has generally tracked more favorably for Trump. The most recent Fox News Poll shows a new high of 51 percent in favor of both impeachment and removal.

The polling for impeachment goes up to 55 percent once you add the 4 percent who want Trump impeached but not removed.

Just 40 percent now opposed impeachment.

That may still not be enough to shift Republican votes in the Senate. Yet, with the Senate now in danger, the White House may be a tad concerned about how these politicians might react after months of this scandal.

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  1. This just keeps getting better.

    It has come out that the “whistleblower” worked for one of the 2020 Democrat candidates. Democrats are keeping his identity to themselves, allowingly only Democrat members of the House and their staff to know his identity, while keeping it secret from Republican members.

    Just to make it clear that this is a political coup and not any sort of justice.

    1. Karen, it’s irrelevant to the evidence which is largely confirmed and in fact piling up. If you read a decent news source for a change you’d know this.

      1. you guys never admit it when you’re refuted, you just keep on pumping at the well of new phony notions

        for example recently someone said it was a fabrication that obama ordered trump campaign spied upon. and yet it was just revealed by James Clapper former DNI that in fact he did order it

        still waitin for you or natch or whomever has maintained the falsehood that obama did not order the campaign surveilled, to withdraw false statement

        also there should be an apology to trump and the nation for for this historical overstep, not seen since Nixon got his spies to bother his rivals

      2. The list of items that Anon deems irrelevant:

        The “whistleblower”/WB had no first hand knowledge.
        Much of what the WB stated has been disproven.
        The WB did not disclose that he met with Schiff prior to making the complaint.
        Schiff lied when he said that neither he nor anyone on his staff had met with the WB, and that he did not know his identity.
        The WB did not disclose that he worked for one of the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates.
        The WB did not disclose that he communicated with more than one Democrat presidential candidate.
        Pelosi did not call a vote for impeachment.
        Democrats, and their staff, know the identity of the WB, but will not disclose that to Republicans.
        Republicans are not allowed to call their own witnesses.
        This amounts to Democrats abusing authority to gather opposition research prior to an election.
        There have been around a dozen prior attempts to impeach Trump, all of which failed, indicating this is political warfare.

        All of this would be irrelevant to the Left. “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” Whatever it takes to get him out of office and install the Left, punishing conservative citizens as they go.

        1. Karen, there was no need to create such a list for Anon though I found it interesting and a great list as many others probably did. Anon doesn’t care about the truth or discussing facts. He is a leftist ideolgue so honesty, fairness and truth have little meaning.

  2. Oh JT, have you learned anything from your base of trump supporters? They have been told not to listen or believe their eyes anything that the dear leader, the stable genius, the one with unmatched wisdom does not want them to watch or hear. And they are trained well, they won’t pay no attention to facts, or truth.

    1. vicious and dogged Never Trumpers and Orange Man Bad fanatics ensure that there is a hardened segment of support for Trump that is uncrackable. Because there is always a certain amount of people who will stick together under pressure no matter what. on both sides.

      the interesting thing is that pressure can go both ways. We’ll see how it turns out I guess. hey, don’t worry!
      Go all out! Come deeper into this terrain, extend your supply lines farther, and see how it goes!

    2. FishWings, I have noticed this trend where Democrats blame Trump, Republicans, or conservatives for their own wrongdoing.

      As has been proven, the mainstream media is so heavily biased Left that it actively edits the news to benefit the Democrats, even cutting off coverage of the President. Many conservative sources, on the other hand, have not only both sides of the story, but have Democrats argue their case.

      Most of the criticism of Republicans actually mirrors Democrats. The common complaints about the Democratic Party is that it’s racist against whites and black conservatives, harasses conservative women, hid communications on secret servers, strong armed Ukraine into firing the prosecutor who would have revealed their fraud, tying $1 billion in aid, they target little old nuns who don’t want to provide birth control, they target Christian business owners and try to destroy them because they just don’t want to participate in a gay wedding, they target lesbian athletes for complaining about men competing in women’s sports, they don’t care about the poor because they favor open borders which strains the jobs market and benefits infrastructure, and they are shady – like when they call an employee of a 2020 Dem candidate a “whistleblower”, refuse to reveal his identity to Republican members, change the law to allow his 2nd hand information…

      What exactly are you rooting for, FishWings? Stalinism in America? NYC is the canary in the coal mine. You can be fined up to $250,000 for using the word “illegal alien” which, by the way, is the term used in federal laws. Fined a quarter of a million dollars for speaking your opinion or quoting the law.

      Leftism is quite different from moderate Democrats. Leftists want supreme government control, “for the good of the people”, and a weakened population. Already, Leftists in CA have banned straws, free plastic bags, and they have ordered that no parent may refuse one of their required vaccinations, which could change at any time. The only exemption any doctor is allowed to make, without jeapordizing his medical license, is if the child had a life threatening adverse event or permanent brain damage. Brain swelling is not sufficient. Massive seizures is not sufficient. Hallucinations is not sufficient. Even if the doctor absolutely believes that further vaccination would cause permanent harm, that harm has to occur for the child to be exempted. We have moved away from shots are a good idea, and parents have the right to say no if their child had a bad reaction, to no parent or doctor can say no short of irreversible brain damage or near death. Shots help, but they aren’t saline. You can’t give a vaccine to 324 million people and expect that everyone will tolerate it well. Some people’s immune systems overreact. Meanwhile, homeless children are exempt from the law.

  3. Hey…..let’s go ask President Hillary about the accuracy of polls. You know — the polls that gave her a 90+% chance of winning right up to election day.

  4. Don’t forget that many Trump supporters WANT impeachment or at least a vote for it to start. That way the minority Republicans will have subpoena powers, legal representation, and the right to cross examine and bring in their own people to testify. The Dems would get this bs stuffed up their collective kazoos.

      1. when did we start believing in polls?

        Another reason why the Electoral College is necessary:



        There are currently 146,311,000 registered voters in the United States. This is based on U.S. Census Bureau data from the November 2008 Presidential Elections. California has the most number of registered voters at almost 14.9 million, while Wyoming has the least number with 270,000.

    1. Good question. Can anyone name a specific impeachable offense besides you can’t stand the guy?

      And remember, as Gruber accidentally told us, it is “the stupidity of the American voter” that allows Democrats to ram their agenda through with the help of their Media. Pelosi’s “impeachment inquiry”…. is all about getting it out on the “air waves” that “the president is not above the law” and see how many dum dums get on board the “impeach the MF’er” train.

      Then bombard them with subpoenas and threats and see how many missteps the Trump administration might make….and then pounce and GET ‘EM on a technicality!

      That’s the game Pelosi is playing.

  5. The Fox poll did not just ask Republicans. Democrats overwhelmingly favor impeachment, most of them getting their news from Democrat propaganda news sites, while Republicans overwhelmingly oppose. Independents are in between. That is how how arrive at a 51/49 split. This is a political issue, not a justice one. It also reflects the availability of information. Those who watch Leftist media are hearing how Trump definitely broke the law, so of course they support impeachment. Those who have read the evidence, generally do not.

  6. Polls in part reflect the most recent thoughts placed in one’s head by the media. With time and further knowledge the effect of any one media onslaught in general will disappear though it provides according to one scholar and 8% advantage to the left. Two of the issues the poll is representing.

    I don’t think the public is yet aware of what actually happened in Ukraine and how complicit Joe Biden is. They will be more aware as time goes on.

    I don’t think the public understands the situation in Syria. I don’t know whether or not the President is correct, but there is a solid logic to both sides of the issue. Without the details that have been withheld one can’t have a satisfactory informed opinion. Does the public know that the US is moving out of only a small area, not the entire area at this point? Does the public know that the numbers leaving are small? I believe less than 400 men, perhaps substantially less. Does the public recognize that the US troops could face Turkish troops while the Turkish toops face elements similar to the PKK that has been considered a terrorist organization by the US for years? I have some sympathy for the Kurds but not to the extent that we police a huge area trying to keep apart two enemies that have been killing one another for years.

    The Democrats scream and hollar that they are our allies which really isn’t true since Turkey is a named ally and a member of NATO. With all that screaming one would think Democrats would have screamed loud and clear when we left our Vietnamese allies. The Democrats didn’t and instead wouldn’t even permit our government to make good on our promises of aid when our troops left. Democrats are hypocrits of the worst type and act only for political advantage without any care about the Republic or the American people.

    We will have to see how this turns out, but we already know bad results will be publicized by the MSM and good results withheld.

    1. OT: An article from the JP just popped up that some might be interested in. It demonstrates the power politics backed up by militaries that are being played up. Do we want to be the cream in the Oreo?

      Iran launches Turkey border exercise after Erdogan invades Syria

      Although Iranian Maj.-Gen. Mousavi said the army’s forces are fully prepared to counter “any possible movement of the enemy,” implying defense, Iran has recently often been militarily aggressive.

      1. OT: Another article I just saw with a sentence that should be carefully thought about and remembered.

        “One bullet can start a war, but no rifle has enough bullets to end a war.”

        Turkey Plays Chicken

        One bullet can start a war, but no rifle has enough bullets to end a war.

        To know this truth is to see our troops in Syria, where peace with honor is improbable and the freedom of a just peace is impossible, because we are belated bystanders—we are witnesses after the fact—to a treaty between leaders, to a breach of trust by Russia and a betrayal of a people by the twice-elected leader of the American people.

        We stand before the red line of a fait accompli, of a welcome phrased as a warning, of a warning without the deterrent of war, of a war in which we have no battles to fight and no right to stay where we are: in a sea of red whose land will not dry, whose waters will not divide, whose depths will neither save the drowned nor free the saved.

        President Trump has no reason to follow Barack Obama’s red line of war without victory. He has no reason to use martial words unless he chooses to marshal our forces—unless he chooses to place tens of thousands of U.S. troops—in Syria.

        If he cannot remove a thousand men from the Middle East, if he cannot bring five companies home, then no commander in chief can withdraw even a platoon from the disaster in Homs.

        If an isolationist is a president who refuses to fight everywhere, who believes it is better to match right with might, who knows he has no right to pursue humanitarian ends by inhumane means; if President Trump will not sacrifice more troops for his predecessor’s mistakes, if he will not ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake, let history remember him as the first president with some measure of military restraint.

        If, on the other hand, Turkey’s president continues to parrot a series of hawkish lines, if this foul creature is so foolish as to play chicken with the Kurds, he will wring his own neck.

        May his men stumble repeatedly, rising only to flee and never fight again.

        1. good article Allan

          there’s no question Edogan is a scoundrel in too many ways to mention, however, he is the head of state of NATO ally Turkey so all the chatter about “abandoning allies” is contrarywise to that significant fact.

            1. exactly — sovereignty, a notion that while under attack from globalists, remains a normative cornerstone of international relations

  7. President Trump has 2 MAGA Rallies coming up

    1 Tonight in Minnesota

    2nd Rally Friday in Louisiana

    Let’s see with our own “eyes” how many American People attend the Rallies in support of President Trump 🇺🇸

  8. My understanding is that the poll is +15 Democratic and they did not adjust for it. Republicans do not want it and Independents are split. So, if you adjust for the over-population of Democrats in the polls it is probably about 39% for impeachment. One thing Democrats can do is read a bad poll.

  9. Keep in mind that public opinion polls are meant not so much to understand public opinion but to shape it. Who is running Fox News now? Murdoch’s liberal-loving son?

  10. Paul Ryan is proving to be more powerful and influential on the board of Fox News than he ever was as Speaker of the House. He’s gunning for Trump. No respect for Ryan.

  11. Also the untruths spoken by the Democrats and the media are continual. I am surprised when this continual drumbeat the 51 percent is not higher.

    1. It IS higher. 55% support impeachment. 51% support impeachment AND removal. Americans have Trump fatigue. How long can they tolerate an Administration that is nothing but chaos and pathetic egomania? Enough with this buffoon. Get him the hell out of there.

        1. Red, that is the question not considered by the person you are responding to. The content and words (ie: buffoon) sound like words coming from a drunk rather than an intelligent human being.

          1. It’s the rallying cry of the Democrat mob: Resist! Oppose! Impeach! Obstruct! Then insert the “Dean Scream”…..and repeat. Talk about tiresome.

            1. Red, the left is duplicitous. When an important statement is made by the press and found wrong it generally isn’t corrected because in that fashion later on they repeat the same erroneous statement. We see that type of action here on the blog all the time.The leftists here are unable to focus and stay on track. That is because some are plain stupid and for others that is their method to promote their agenda by promoting mistruths.

              To the left:

              Resist is a justification for illegal violence
              Oppose is a justification for obstruction of many sorts.
              Impeach is a justification to end democracy while not saying so
              Obstruction is a method of opposing opposition

              There is no sense of fairness among the left and they will use any means necessary including those used by Stalin.

      1. We have an election in 2020. Can your outrage wait? Or would you like to see the Democrats and the Media create even more chaos and upheaval than they’ve done since election day last time around? Enough with the outrage mobs. Go vote in the next election, and act like normal people, instead of circus freaks.

      2. “Get him the hell out of there.”

        Right. That’s the plan, eh? Let’s watch the Democrats do their dirty work…oh wait! We can’t actually watch….can we?

        Why? Because it will be behind closed doors, with secret testimony, with fabricated evidence, with fake accusations, with fake whistleblowers hidden behind ‘screens’ to protect identity (and safety, oh my!).

        Why are the Democrats doing this? Because as the WaPo tells us: Democracy Dies in Darkness…yes it does….IF you let the Democrats get away with this sham.

        Just say no. Hell no. Trump2020.

  12. It should have occurred to you by now that sampling frames are so defective that you get weird outlier results all the time. Thanks for the wishcast. Been an education.

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