“Is New Mexico Going To Pay For It?”: Colorado Leaders Respond To Trump’s Declaration That He Is Building A Wall In Colorado

Pundits had a field day after President Donald Trump announced at the Shale Insight Conference in Pittsburgh that “We’re building a wall in Colorado” when talking about border wall progress on Wednesday afternoon. The best zinger came from Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette who simply asked “Is NEW Mexico going to pay for it?”

Pres. Donald Trump said yesterday:

“And we’re building a wall on the border of New Mexico and we’re building a wall in Colorado, we’re building a beautiful wall, a big one that really works that you can’t get over, you can’t get under and we’re building a wall in Texas. We’re not building a wall in Kansas but they get the benefit of the walls we just mentioned.”

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis responded on Twitter: “Well, this is awkward… Colorado doesn’t border Mexico. Good thing Colorado now offers free full day kindergarten so our kids can learn basic geography.”

Actually the White House could justify the comment by saying that the wall will follow the original Mexican border, as shown above.

Personally I have never felt that New Mexico was sending “their best” to Colorado.

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  1. trump can’t even admit he made a speaking error, said it was all a joke….Of course he is the joke that is not funny any more.

    1. He was hired with a big lead majority to both expose the socialists and help eradicate them. That would be your group. The foreigners who worship a foreign ideology. I reckon the joke isn’t funny anymore since he kicks your favorite mode of transportation with regularity. The funny part is watching the worms wriggle to the left trying to think of something to say. Remember the left that used to be the center until we USA citizens figured out they weren’t snakes, just worms.

  2. Actually the wall should turn North after Arizona and be routed to include both New Mexico and Colorado. Complete with border crossing customs and immigration stations. The same for California. Only one problem.

    I recall Mexico was offered Caifornia gratis not to long ago but refused. They bluntly stated they could afford neither the water nor the welfare bill.

    1. Now if we could just get the Congress off their dead burros to pass the new NAFTA replacement for USA, Canada and Mexico the border fees would kick in and Mexico would start paying for the wall. Once paid for the fees continue and start paying for the cost of operation … just like any turnpike.

      I’m sure the concept is far beyond Spoke Math now favored by the social promotion Collective

  3. Can we please extend the wall around about 15 counties in California? Cement, 50 feet high topped with razor wire and trigger happy guards in towers?

    1. Guards and razor wire are fine but I’d just put a “Welcome to Mexico” sign on top and watch all the back jumpers.

  4. Oh how could I forget this one:

    “I love the state of California. I practically grew up in Phoenix”
    – Dan Quayle

    1. For some reason, the entire Quayle family decamped to Arizona some years back. He got one of those strange gigs with an investment bank, as did John Kasich. However, Kasich continued to live in Ohio, while the Quayle’s hit the road. Pretty sure all the kids went with them, even though they were college age and older at the time.

      No clue why people want to live in Arizona.

      1. If I thought I could live not far from the Grand Canyon with my family, my bags would be packed so fast. Flagstaff, Oak Creek Canyon, etc.

          1. Cindy Bragg – you are so sweet, however I am not listed on any of the brochures. 😉

          1. FFS……I love Sedona…hiked many times. But it’s a little too trendy for me, as far as residing there.
            It’s my profile pic on Facebook….I’m trying to make it my avatar(?) for this blog but can’t figure out the technicals involved. Need to ask my 9 yr old grandson.
            I am in love with red dirt, anywhere, anytime. The aroma when the hot sun hits it (along with pinon) should be bottled by Chanel.

      2. dry heat. if you have sinus and allergy problems exacerbated by living in a humid corner of flyover, or arthritis, that other malady worsened by wet and cold days, then dry heat is a pleasant change of pace.

      3. Excellent place to live if you need dry hotter weather and stay out of the Phoenix area. Too many Californios and too close to the border. Now states to pity are Washinton in the Seattle area, and most of hte Boston to Washington DC area with the new worst of the litter being Queens. not the band, the barrio.)

    2. mespo – there is an explanation for Quayle’s comment about California and Phoenix. CA is a 6 hour drive to San Diego and 8 hours to LA. We are known as ‘Zonies in southern California because of the number of Arizona license plates. We have a very friendly relationship with SD, not so much LA.

  5. And my personal favorite:

    “A zebra does not change its spots.”

    —Al Gore

    1. mespo – don’t I remember Al Gore getting a D in Earth Science or something. Biology was too much for him. 😉

  6. “I promise you, the president has a big stick. I promise you.”

    —Joe Biden, citing Theodore Roosevelt’s famous quote, “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far,” April 26

  7. “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

    —Joe Biden, referring to Barack Obama at the beginning of the 2008 Democratic primary campaign, Jan. 31, 2007

  8. “You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent….I’m not joking.”

    —Joe Biden, in a private remark to an Indian-American man caught on C-SPAN, June 2006

  9. Gosh it’s fun to make fun of our president. Thank goodness Turley never misspeaks in public.

  10. When people speak off the cuff it is not uncommon for them to make singular errors that they know are incorrect. It is the simpler mind that attaches tremendous significance to such errors. One should not pay much attention to that simple mind for little else exists within it.

    1. “It is the simpler mind that attaches tremendous significance to such errors.”

      I agree 100%, which is why it’s sad that President Trump couldn’t let it go and felt he had to construct a new reality where his simple misstatement was in fact an intentional joke. Kinda makes one wonder what else he would lie about.

      1. Brad, the President has more than a simple mind and more than one reason for acting the way he does. He is not lying though at times he can make a mistake. His actions are very calculated though sometimes I think he might be going over board (though in the end he has been right more times then I gave him credit for). Firstly he has to satisfy those simpler minds that believe such errors are of such great importance. They vote as well. Secondly he likes to control the narration, He frequently uses that narration to keep his “enemies” off balance and has been very successful at that. He also uses it to take the medias attention off one subject and onto another. He is extremely skilled. Most of his enemies underestimate that skill and that is how he won and will win again in 2020 despite the abuse of power by Democrats, depsite the cowardness of Republicans and despite the unfavorable press that knowingly lies to promote his downfall.

        It’s all in the numbers and polls don’t recognize what Trump apparently is able to internalize. To the pollster it is a simple answer yes or no. To Trump that answer is a blended and sophisticated one which means a yes answer can be a no and a no a yes. His dialogue is attuned to those distinctions.

        1. This is a rather tortured response. Your first post implies the Prez made a “singular error”. That directly contradicts the Prez, who insists he did not make any error at all. My gut tells me you were correct and the President is willing to lie about even the most inconsequential things.

          1. Brad, you’re hitting on something interesting here. People who B S on a regular basis become so accustomed to it that they often B S about things that don’t even matter. In other words, B S just becomes a habit that’s hard for people to break.

          2. “This is a rather tortured response.”

            No, Brad. It is a detailed response where I cannot guess 100% the reasons behind any of the President’s complex thinking. I don’t have the exact statement in front of me so if you provide a transcript in context I can look at it and discuss it further but I don’t see how that matters.

            “When people speak off the cuff it is not uncommon for them to make singular errors that they know are incorrect.” was a correct statements. I did not include the President’s statement in that nor did I state what was in the President’s mind. What the exact motives are for any of the President’s statements would require an answer from the President.

            I can see you didn’t get the exact simple answer you desired so you referred to it as a “tortured response”. To that I can respond that you answer was a cop-out.

            “My gut tells me you were correct and the President is willing to lie about even the most inconsequential things.”

            Brad, you appear not to be well versed in how people react and respond. You also reported incorrectly what I said which leads me to believe you were careless in your response. Instead of saying he lied I said: “He is not lying though at times he can make a mistake.” Again you lacked a good answer so you simply did what you accuse the President of doing, you lied.

            1. The subject of the blog post to which you replied was about Trump saying he was building a wall in Colorado.

              Your take, without disclaimer:

              “When people speak off the cuff it is not uncommon for them to make singular errors that they know are incorrect… yada yada yada”

              You did not outright say the president made a mistake. That’s why i said you IMPLIED it, which is the only reasonable inference to your initial post.

              I’m not sure why you are feigning ignorance of what Trump said since the original quote is in this blog post and the tweet claiming he was kidding is getting mocked all over.

              We get it. You think everything Trump does is a brilliant strategic move.

              1. “I’m not sure why you are feigning ignorance of what Trump said since the original quote is in this blog post and the tweet claiming he was kidding is getting mocked all over.”

                Brad, a lot of more important things are misquoted on this blog or taken out of context only to be revealed later to have been wrong. What he said is not very important and I set out in my posts reasons for such a thing to be said. The left is looking for reasons to criticize and blow up while not focusing on all the things he has done. If everything you say and wish to be true about this unimportant statement is true and this is what you have to criticize the President with then he must be doing a great job.

                “We get it. You think everything Trump does is a brilliant strategic move”

                Again we get the point. You are not happy with the answers provided so you say something that is ridiculous. I don’t always agree with the President but I try to deal with substantial things and not delve into the petty world that seems to be common on the left.

      1. Dave……that’s what he said……that there were 57 states.
        He was/is definitely moron-worthy, but don’t take my word for it, look at his grades. Oh wait, he won’t let anyone see them.
        They are THAT good…LOL

        1. I must say, I am not sure if you are talking about Obama’s law school grades or his undergraduate grades, but nonetheless, grades are not everything.

          I say this from experience. ::cue the eye rolls::

          But not all ppl have smooth experiences in college or graduate school. Sometimes ppl have life issues that are out of their control that make a huge impact on their grades. I guess it also depends on how sensitive you are, and if you have a good support system around you as well.

          I do think most ppl are sensitive about their grades to a certain extent, some more so, and some less so. I am in the less so category. It depends on how much emphasis you want to give your grades.

          For example, most peers at my law school were trying to Bloat their GPAs as much as possible before graduating, e.g., taking professors who were easy graders, etc.

          Most of my peers thought I was crazy for just taking coursework that I liked and that I wanted to take bc I was interested. Bc that meant I took some professors who were tough graders that most were avoiding…I didn’t care, I was paying top dollar to be there, so whatever.

          Moreover, can’t forget my last semester that was so rough due to non-school related issues.

          I had personal life problems like the world was ending. I really felt I was in a chaos storm that I couldn’t escape.

          Someone, not me, went into my apartment where I lived alone and rearranged my stuff. I complained to management but they didn’t do anything about it. I went to the police department and nothing.

          Then, I started having serious health problems. I was in and out of doctors’ offices all semester. The neurologist, the endocrinologist, the ENT, you name it, and not a single doctor had an answer for me.

          My apartment issues including l
          flooding dishwasher, clogged sink/tub, broken stove, and the never-ending broken lights. The maintenance guy thought I was doing something to break the light bulbs. He was rather annoyed with me bc he had to keep coming back to apartment.

          And then the car issues, I won’t list those off here.

          Long story, short, I bombed my last semester, but I luckily graduated.

          I did not care about my grades at
          all, I was thankful to graduate and thankful to those professors who passed through which allowed me to leave/move/get out of dodge.

          And of course, once I did move, all my health issues mysteriously vanished. So, go figure.

          But if you looked at my grades, without knowing me, you would wonder, what the hell happened here.

          And that’s where I think most ppl have some sensitivity.

          1. Oh yeah, last, but not least, the possible serial killer…or whatever he was…who tried to the pick me up to share a lovely dinner together of bacon and eggs from a 24-hour diner in his brother’s vehicle that he was borrowing for the night.

            He wanted me to follow him in my vehicle, packed with all my personal belongings in it, as I was driving across the country the next day, back to Los Angeles…To follow him in his vehicle behind the closed CVS dark parking lot down the street around midnight ish. I had checked into my hotel for the night, but I needed a quick bite to eat. In hindsight, should have just gone McDonald’s. Lol.

            So, he suggested we park next to each other, and I get out of my car and into his brother’s car, and we could each together, like good time old buddies, that we definitely were Not.

            I lied, told him I had a bf who worked down the street at the Pentagon, that I was meeting in 10 minutes, so no can do.

            He literally told me, if I change my mind, I know where to find him…

            He has a very nice cross hanging from his rearview mirror, I said, Idk why bc I wasn’t religious at the time, but I said, that is a very nice cross you have there.

            He said thanks, it’s my brother’s Ankh, I am not religious, this is his car too…I am borrowing for the night. And that’s how I found out it wasn’t even his car.

            And I rolled my car window down an inch bc I thought he wanted directions, bc his phone died or something…shame on me.

            I booked it out of there, after meeting mister creepy GQ magazine “let’s have dinner in brothers car” model boy. Lol.

            Don’t talk to strangers at diners in the middle of the night.

            1. Wow! … I wouldn’t even begin to take in your experiences.. Yikes.
              But sounds like you’ve got life figured out.
              BTW……..I don’t care about grades either…..but I heard that the actual reason he would not release school transcripts was because the identity of his religion was one them.

              1. Oh, i see, his religious affiliation…interesting. I didn’t know that. Learn something new about Obama every day.

                Life figured out? Nope, definitely not. Just rolling with the punches over here. Learning along the way, and adjusting accordingly.

                On the bright side, there was a computer glitch in the hotel system and I ended up in the penthouse of a nice hotel for the 1 night stay, at a regular room price, i booked a regular room, even the front desk was confused, but didn’t know what to say or do…a lot of yo-yo-ing experiences in that timeframe.

                Bad thing would happen, and then boomer rang, and something good would happen, within short amount of time, could be an hour, maybe half a day, max.

                But it wasn’t my first rodeo, so ya know.

                Glad it’s over. Consistency and stability is much better.

    1. Justice Holmes – Will someone in the DNC finally see that Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler need to be removed?

  11. Trump is a tremendous geographer, people are saying. Might be, probably, the greatest in American history, of the world really. Jobs witch-hunt fantastic success, Michael Cohen great guy.

    Or he’s a moron.

  12. I definitely think New Mexico should pay for the wall. That is the least they can do.

      1. Just hjead a bit further south to Canon Cobre ( the n won’t spell right in spanish) or Copper Canyon even larger and more grand than the Grand Canyon. Drive, hike or take in the view by trains that don’t go out of the way like AMTRAK

    1. That’s already been settled. All it takes for the far left to quit blocking the NAFTA replacement agreement DEAL which has been approved by all three countries. Unlike an Obama Deal this one is waiting for approval from PELOSI but wait a minute what do the Representatives have to do with it? It’s the Senate vote that is required. I see another delay is the budget coming up. It’s the Comrade Schumuckly Putz and Comrade Pelosillyni system of screwing over our Constitutional Republic

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