“I’m Fixing To Get Rowdy”: Baby Trump Knifed In Alabama

In another example of our age of rage, Hoyt Hutchinson, 32, took a knife to the famous “Baby Trump” protest balloon that has followed President Donald Trump from England to the United States. Hutchinson reportedly stated on a video that “I’m going down here to make a scene, so y’all watch the news. This is pathetic. I’m fixing to get rowdy.” In a sign of our times, people have donated money to support him in this property destruction. Many now believe that they have a privilege to stop others from speaking. Conservatives have rightfully objected to such disruptive acts on campus, but this is a conservative who is being heralded for his own anti-free speech act. A similar act of destruction was committed by a woman in London who was upset with the protest balloon’s appearance.

According to the Tuscaloosa News Hutchinson made his intentions clear on a Facebook Live video as to the planned protests over Trump’s attendance of the Alabama – LSA game. As discussed by Heavy.com, Hutchinson is an ardent Trump supporter.

In a statement that could embody too many pro-Trump and anti-Trump voters, Hutchinson declared “I’m shaking, I’m so mad right now. I’m fixing to pop this balloon, without a doubt. Stay tuned, this should be interesting.”

She people support his criminal act and donors have contributed roughly $1000 toward his $2,500 bond after he was charged with felony first-degree criminal mischief.

Once again, I fail to understand how people can support such violence against the free speech of others. Moreover, I would hope that the court would treat the attack on free speech as an “aggravating” element for sentencing. Hutchinson was not just destroying property but trying to silence critics of the President.

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  1. Good vs Evil is an appropriate construct

    Hoyt’s GoFundMe page is still active.

    Hoyt Hutchinson, Alabama Baby Trump balloon stabber, calls radio show, says it was ‘good vs. evil’

    “I see this stuff going on out west and up north and all other places. I get so mad about people not taking a stand. The left wants to use religion against you like you shouldn’t act like this and stuff but I’ll tell you this – the Devil knows the Bible as good as we do.”

    “This was your turning of the temple tables?” Burgess asked in reference to the Biblical story of Jesus turning over the tables of the money changers in the temple.

    “Yes,” Hutchinson replied. “It comes a point when you gotta take a stand. We don’t have two parties anymore. We have good vs. evil. When you got one party that says it’s OK to kill babies and by the way, this is the first time I’m ever seen a liberal get mad about chopping up a baby.”

    In a statement to AL.com, however, GoFundMe confirmed the campaign is active.
    “The campaign is active and Mr. Hutchinson is permitted to withdraw the funds,” the fundraising website said.
    The funds are being held by the payment processor until banking information is added, GoFundMe said.


    1. staggering.

      $44,570 raised of $6,000 goal


      “ TODAY
      by Hoyt Hutchinson, Organizer
      We have received communication from gofundme they are working hard to ensure this campaign is handled properly and the funds are given to help hoyt or can be returned to you who have donated. We assure all supporters this page is directly going to support Hoyt, as is the cashapp tag we posted here earlier. Bare with us folks as we navigate this unfamiliar terrain. We didn’t expect this outpouring of support and we wish to thank all the supporters. We will continue to update here regarding these funds.”

  2. Maybe trump should pay for his defence, but I understand he is 2 million short for getting caught stealing from his foundation. But don’t worry about this guy because he’s going to get rich from GoFundMe trump supporters. Just like the guy who collected money for the wall.

  3. If burning the American flag is considered free speech why isn’t popping a balloon considered the same?

    1. You burn YOUR own flag it is freedom of speech, you burn MY flag it is destruction of private property, with probably a few other charges thrown in for malicious action

    1. indydog001 – didn’t a rodeo clown lose his job for wearing an Obama mask?

    2. But Obama didn’t cheat to win his election with the help of a hostile foreign government, doesn’t grab womens’ genitalia and brag about it, didn’t pay off porn stars and nude models, didn’t try to bribe the president of another country into creating fake evidence against a political opponent by withholding military aid, didn’t praise White Supremacists after they killed a protester, isn’t beholden to Russia, didn’t cage people seeking asylum, and isn’t a chronic, habitual liar. In other words, Trump is personally not fit to be POTUS.

      Opposition to Trump is NOT politics-based. That’s what you Trumpsters don’t understand.

      1. I agree opposition to Trump is not politics based. It is not based on principles of the common good for the nation, it is instead based on fevered imaginations like yours which can’t grasp abstract issues, they are stuck obsessing over concrete images like Trump grabbing a lady’s crotch or whatever other stuff you like to think about, mushroom head and all that weird stuff.

        Politics would lead to Democrats backing Trump strongly for his diplomatic initiatives and his trade negotiations with China. I remember when Democrats used to urge diplomacy with Russia over brinkmanship and military adventurism. And I remember when free trade dogma took over the Republican party to the detriment of our country as a whole. Too bad Democrats of today lack the politics that Democrats had back decades ago.

        Now it’s just a bunch of nuttiness. When the Democrat party gets real about politics again in the sense of the common good of the nation, if ever, that will be a happy day.

        1. “diplomatic initiatives”? You mean like threatening tariffs and then backing off, consistent with Trump’s pattern of inter-relationships with others, that of being a total bully, but backing down when the bullying doesn’t work? He tried to bully the Ukrainian President, into creating false evidence against the Bidens by temporarily and illegally withholding military aid. He tried to bully Nancy Pelosi over the wall he promised Mexico would pay for, resulting in the government shut down, which he also backed down from. He is bullying asylum seekers by caging them and their children like animals, but people still keep coming and will continue to do so until something is done about those who lure them here with jobs.. Bullying explains his disrespect for women and his belief that he can simply grab their crotch if he finds them attractive. Why else are beautiful women on earth, anyway? Now, he’s trying to bully Congressional investigators by refusing to cooperate and advising witnesses not to appear. Court after court rules against him, but the bullying continues. He doesn’t respect the other branches of government. He insults members of Congress and any judge who rules against him. He believes himself to be above the law.

          Did I imagine the Mueller Report and all of the EVIDENCE of Russia interfering with our elections, aided and abetted by the Trump campaign? A lying narcissist is someone who puts himself first and foremost, ahead of everyone and everything else, and who constantly lies about everything. Such a person cannot successfully lead a country, because to do so requires accepting advice from more-knowledgeable people and accepting constructive criticism and using it to be more effective, which Trump emotionally cannot handle. He is not patriotic or altruistic, and everything he does is about saving face and personal political survival. He will never earn respect because he keeps lying all of the time and never apologizes. People actually supporting a person like Trump is as nutty as it gets.

          1. a person who overuses broad generalizations and “nevers” and “always” and so forth as much as you, must be quite confident that you’re correct, hmm? back to that crystal ball you have i guess, which allows you to see into other people’s inner minds and thoughts all the time as you come back here spewing this garbage day after day.

            this is not “THE VIEW”

            you might look for a comments section for that however, i bet you’d like it.

            1. Just like pro-Trump pundits and Republicans in Congress, you have no response to the substance of criticism of Trump, so you pivot to attack people who point out negative facts about him. I don’t need a crystal ball to see the constant lying, the arrogance, or to read the transcripts of evidence against him.

              1. I don’t need a crystal ball to see the constant lying, the arrogance, or to read the transcripts of evidence against him.

                Perhaps not, but LSD, or shrooms, glue, or spray paint would certainly provide you the same clarity. Lead-based paint would do the trick, but you would have needed to start that habit at the age Shill did.

              2. i have substantial rejoinders when the criticisms have substance in themselves. yours dont. you are obsessed with puxxy grabbing mushroom head and other sick stuff. not policy.

                come with serious talk and we can talk. come with whining and complaining and Ill either ignore or correct.

                1. I don’t know, Kurtz: do you have reading comprehension problems? I laid out multiple factual things that most Americans find offensive about Trump. See my posts above. You haven’t responded, just like the Republicans in Congress can’t respond, because there is no response. The facts are there, and they are established by Trump’s own words. As to this Ukrainian scandal, there are multiple credible witnesses with first-hand knowledge. These people are true patriots. Because you cannot come up with any substantive response, you attack the messenger.

                  1. my reading comprehension was tested repeatedly at the 99th percentile.
                    i’m not bragging, just stating fact.

                    you consistently state the false presumption that “most americans’ agree with your tastes and preferences in many things including voting. you have no valid data to support your prejudices. at best you have some polling data which taken out of context confirms your existing biases about various things. at best.

                    hence i am going to just keep on pointing out how obsessive you are and posting nothing of substance worth rejoinder. you keep on fooling yourself. you are in a herd and you might as well just shuffle on along repeating your mantras.

                    1. Kurtz: maybe you should check out the results of various polls, including those conducted by Fox News, plus the actual vote count for the Presidential election in 2016. Hillary got 3 million more votes than Trump. That is a fact, not an opinion. Since he took office, the majority of those polled, regardless of what organization took the poll, have disapproved of Trump. That consistent level of disapproval has set a record in the history of presidential polling. He has never captured a 50% approval rate in any credible poll. The majority of Americans polled feel that Trump is not truthful or competent to serve in the office of POTUS. Recent poll results show that most Americans want him impeached and removed from office. That is a fact, too. So, you can keep complaining that my posts are not based on valid data, but you have absolutely nothing supporting your attacks and criticisms of me other than your discipleship in the Church of Trump.

                    2. Natacha – for someone who is supposedly both a nurse and a lawyer, you know little about polls. National polls are over sampling Democrats. However, the state polls show Trump beating both Warren and Biden in the battleground states. This is why impeachment is so important to the Democrats. They want to bloody Trump up because they have weak candidates.

      2. Opposition to Trump is NOT politics-based.

        Bwahahahahahaha! Go back to sleep, Shill and Anon1’s got this.

  4. I fail to understand how people can support such violence against the free speech of others.

    Bullsh!t! Of course you understand professor, you just fail at admitting it. Your statement implies such violence is equivalently committed and for the same purpose. You can be certain that until the worst actors infringing rights are brought to justice, then you will see an escalation of violence until equal justice reigns.

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