“I’m Fixing To Get Rowdy”: Baby Trump Knifed In Alabama

In another example of our age of rage, Hoyt Hutchinson, 32, took a knife to the famous “Baby Trump” protest balloon that has followed President Donald Trump from England to the United States. Hutchinson reportedly stated on a video that “I’m going down here to make a scene, so y’all watch the news. This is pathetic. I’m fixing to get rowdy.” In a sign of our times, people have donated money to support him in this property destruction. Many now believe that they have a privilege to stop others from speaking. Conservatives have rightfully objected to such disruptive acts on campus, but this is a conservative who is being heralded for his own anti-free speech act. A similar act of destruction was committed by a woman in London who was upset with the protest balloon’s appearance.

According to the Tuscaloosa News Hutchinson made his intentions clear on a Facebook Live video as to the planned protests over Trump’s attendance of the Alabama – LSA game. As discussed by Heavy.com, Hutchinson is an ardent Trump supporter.

In a statement that could embody too many pro-Trump and anti-Trump voters, Hutchinson declared “I’m shaking, I’m so mad right now. I’m fixing to pop this balloon, without a doubt. Stay tuned, this should be interesting.”

She people support his criminal act and donors have contributed roughly $1000 toward his $2,500 bond after he was charged with felony first-degree criminal mischief.

Once again, I fail to understand how people can support such violence against the free speech of others. Moreover, I would hope that the court would treat the attack on free speech as an “aggravating” element for sentencing. Hutchinson was not just destroying property but trying to silence critics of the President.

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  1. in 1987 or so, a cartoonish boor who used to call into the Howard Stern show, klansman Daniel Carver of Georgia, lead a small rally of about 10 people to protest illegal drug sales coming from a black neighborhood. A mob appeared and attacked the “kkk” protestors, committing numerous violent crimes against them– even though the protestors were surrounded by police. Afraid for his life, Daniel Carver reached inside his “Robe” and threatened to shoot a protester. He was arrested and convicted of “terroristic threat.”

    An excellent lawyer took the difficult and unpopular case, and helped defend him and appeal. The bogus charge was NOT reversed on appeal, however, and the majority of the court found various excuses for “Blame the victim.”


    HOWEVER from the dissenting opinion:

    “Whether the Court of Appeals erred in affirming the trial court’s decision that the evidence was sufficient to convict the appellant of the crime charged.

    At the time of the alleged threat the appellant was surrounded by police and GBI agents. However, the angry, chanting crowd was pushing across the street to where the appellant, his family, and followers, greatly outnumbered, had withdrawn at the request of the police. If the appellant did make the alleged threat, he was justified in expressing a threat that he knew he could not carry out when he reasonably believed that such was necessary to defend himself and his family against imminent harm. See OCGA § 16-3-21 (a).

    Additionally, much of the evidence which was admitted at trial should have been ruled inadmissible. To say that this evidence informed the jury and did not inflame them against the appellant is to say that the sun will rise in the West tomorrow. The fact that the alleged threat was heard by only three people in the crowd (and more *393 importantly that the police who were standing nearby did not hear it) tends to indicate that this decision was the by-product of an inflamed jury.

    People whose political views are unpopular are supposed to be protected by the same Constitution as those whose views are popular.”

    CARVER V STATE was a momentous case. It signalled the coming expectation that we all understand, that if “right winger” spits on the sidewalk, he will be arrested and the book thrown at him.

    But black mobs, antifa, prochoice protesters, and other assorted Democrat-darlings break the law in sufficient numbers, they can get away with it.

    The subject of this article above who damaged other people’s property, the balloon thing, defied the understanding we all share about what cops will do. He showed brave resolve and took action. This is what the state can expect if it continues its unfair policies. More of the same and worse.

    THIS is the case study which Professor Turley should write a column about if not a book.

    The lawyer who defended free speech, is still alive today, and easy to look up if the Professor wants to do so.

  2. I rate this very high on the Who-Cares-O-Meter. I find the slashing a silly action that the perpetrator did to garner publicity. I might find it less silly, if it was a spontaneous response to seeing it outside the stadium, but it would still rate high on the Who-Cares-O-Meter. Just below those two is the baby Trump balloon. Neither display contains a substantive argument, so why are we talking about it?

    1. see my post above Rilaly.

      this is performance art, however illegal, no less. the convicted person showed bravery and keen political insight. others will take the obvious lessons.

      this is what LE can come to expect if no firm action is taken against ANTIFA and the decades long policy of suppressing “right wingers” with unfair punishments continues.

  3. Conservatives have always been big on sitting up people with whom they disagree! This is not a new phenomenon. Book banning and interference with the teaching of science goes way back. The Monkey Trial dramatized in the movie Inherit the Wind comes to mind.

    Violence of the type engaged in by the perpetrator discussed in the post has, in the past, exploded in to physical violence.
    People like the man in the post and those who support him don’t support free speech.

    Shutting people up by intimidation or violence is wrong no matter who does it.

    1. Book banning and interference with the teaching of science goes way back.

      In your mind only.

      About 20 years ago, a disaffected employee of a letterhead organization founded by Norman Lear wrote a brief article for Harper’s about his experiences. One of their public relations rituals was the ‘Most Challenged Book’ press release. His description, “It’s usually one parent’s gripe, about which nothing is done”. The “Most Challenged Book” typically had fewer than 10 complaints in a given year.

      Of course, complaining about library selections and school curricula is what, in a well-ordered political society, engaged parents do. That bothers the graduates of teachers’ colleges and library schools, and liberals are nothing if not advocates for half-wit guilds of public employees. (Especially when they’re corrupting school curricula with cr!p).

      We put up with you, Justice Holmes, even though you haven’t demonstrated that you have one thought in your head of any value.

      1. the most challenged book is probably Huck Finn, now anyways. i havent met a person under 40 who read it or Tom Sawyer in school, which mostly just their loss.

    2. I said three times last week words to the effect that I’m considering cancelling my previous “support of free speech”

      if anti-Trump fanatics don’t support free speech, and they get a pass on all kinds of criminal mischief, then it’s just like punching below the belt. if you don’t penalize the first one who does it, very quickly both fighters will do it.

      and I’m betting we can punch below the belt harder than you, so this is a deterioration in the situation which does not phase me.

    3. Justice Holmes says, “Conservatives have always been big on…”

      Do ya remember the list called “Filthy Fifteen” when Tipper Gore was on a mission to “rid music of offensive content”?

  4. Hoyt should agrue in court & the court of public opinion that he was only preforming a Post Birth Abortion or he was doing Gender Reassignment Surgery.

    If he did the judge might drop this case like a hot potato, it’s Bama after all.

    1. pretty tame stuff compared to hong kong huh

      he should call this “an act of civil disobedience”

  5. “Conservatives have rightfully objected to such disruptive acts on campus, but this is a conservative who is being heralded for his own anti-free speech act.”
    Some tea tax hating, cultural appropriationists got the same reaction for their mischief at Boston’s Griffin’s Wharf circa 1773. Like Paul says, sometimes you get pushed too far and you react. Not act, react.

    You can only poke the Tiger so many times before it snarls.

    Oh and Geaux Tigers!

  6. BTW charging this as a felony certainly makes it a political crime. (You know, offending the powers that be so you get much worse punishment that anyone else doing the same thing.) It’s certainly repairable for less than $500.00 which is the statutory minimum. If I egg a house, it’s not the same as burning it down, though both result in damage.

    1. it’s a misdemeanor at best, and ten bucks says he gets convicted for only a misdemeanor

      the news won’t report that, however

  7. Once again, I fail to understand how people can support such violence against the free speech of others.

    Well, all you have to do is look around you. You work with perps every day.

    1. Hoyt used a razor; they use their platform as “educators” or “nannies’ – take your pick. Except only that they infect millions; Hoyt only amused a few hundred.

  8. “Once again, I fail to understand how people can support such violence against the free speech of others. Moreover, I would hope that the court would treat the attack on free speech as an “aggravating” element for sentencing. Hutchinson was not just destroying property but trying to silence critics of the President.”
    I don’t put this up there with the Lindbergh Baby Kidnap Case or water cannons in Birmingham but it was uncalled for behavior. That said, rushing into a biker bar screaming “All you p*ssy biker’s suck!” is sure to get a predictable response as any sentient being knows. Our amateur balloonist got the reaction he wanted – national publicity. Were I the judge, I wouldn’t play his game: $50.00 fine, restitution and 10 hours community service passing out KAGA bumper stickers in Tuscaloosa.

    1. mespo – let us look at the difference here. This is an article from RedState about a professor who took on the wrong female during a Veteran’s Day Flag Wave. Check the level of violence. https://www.redstate.com/elizabeth-vaughn/2019/11/11/professor-assaults-woman-veterans-day-flag-wave-rally-portland-bites-breast-female-mma-champ-pins-watch/?utm_source=rsmorningbriefing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&bcid=69f214d762cf7757e496827f2e0626ca Compare this against puncturing an inanimate balloon.

      1. Well at least she got to say her piece before the cops arrived to let her go.

        JT’s argument relies on a fundamental flaw: the law is applied equally to Left and Right. It isn’t which is the recipe for a a one-way trip back to the State of Nature. Break the social contract; get the predictable mayhem and anarchy. And you wonder why I conceal carry.


        1. Poor victim, you’d think some skillful lawyer could address that problem. Maybe you have a friend.

            1. I was referring to your claim that rethuglicans can’t make get a break when it comes to the law.

    2. i believe he should be convicted for misdemeanor spitting on the sidewalk.

      i applaud his act of civil disobedience

  9. Gotta love it!


    Hoyt Hutchinson killed the Trump Baby with a razorblade.

    Hey A giant diaper-wearing ‘baby Trump’ balloon #TrumpBaby has been killed by an American Southern Gentleman.

    At least he doesn’t hide behind a mask like those antifa fascists.

    Attack a trump supporter with a bike lock : misdemeanor

    Pop a balloon : felony

    Decapitate a newborn baby: hero

  10. Sometimes you just have to take one for the team. I think there are two GFMs going, one for him and one for the balloon. I did find out that there are 6 of these and you rent them, so some capitalist is making buck on them.

    I do think this should be a signal to Democrats and the Left that people on the right are fed up with their lawless antics and are going to use the Left’s methods against them. I do not think the right is going to roll over and play dead this next year and the left should be aware of it.

    1. But Paul, “the Left”, if you define us as those opposed to Trump and who want him removed from office, consists of MOST Americans. What “methods” have most Americans employed to express how disgusting we think this loser, cheat, liar and grafter is?

      1. awkward sentence, grammatically incoherent. please restate if you desire feedback.

      2. Natacha – that lying rage filled rant that proceeded this is what the Left is doing and WE are fed up. I have lived through a lot of Presidents, but never wanted one impeached, including Clinton. I hate to think what your BP is.

  11. The property destruction, to violate someone else’s constitutional rights, does meet the letter & spirit of Title 18 US Code 241-245 (criminal statutes). The statutes (and similar statutes) can be used against non-government persons attempting to intimidate others or subvert constitutional freedoms. Wonder if Hutchinson felt as outraged when worse things were done to Obama? (Ex: a rodeo event where a bull was set loose to destroy an Obama effigy being dangled by a rodeo clown). Another point for so-called conservatives to consider: if you weaken the 1st Amendment, you also weaken the 2nd Amendment (gun rights) and weaken property rights/eminent domaine. The whole premise of having our Bill of Rights is that it “restrains” the popular will of the voters (political branches of government) when they step out-of-bounds on constitutional rights. By weakening the Bill of Rights, that means gun owners will have a harder time in court defending the 2nd Amendment, if voters want to exceed 2nd Amendment limits. Ironically, many conservatives and gun owners gladly traded constitutional rights for added security after 9/11 – embraced torture, warrantless domestic spying, locking people up without charge, without trial, without judge, without jury and without an official guilty verdict – surrendering our rights for greater security. The case is even stronger to trade 2nd Amendment rights for greater security. The way to strengthen the 2nd Amendment for the future is to support Ronald Reagan’s Torture Treaty, close Guantánamo, abolish the FISA Court, reform the Espionage Act of 1917 (used primarily on journalists and non-spies since 1917), abolish the federal Material Witness Statute (Kidd v. Ashcroft, 9th Circuit Federal Court ruling), restore the Geneva Conventions (which protects U.S. troops in future conflicts), “constitutionalize” Reagan’s Executive Order 12333, restore the American-created Nuremberg Defense legal precedent from World War Two and institute a Leahy-style Truth Commission to reform Bush era policies (using conditional immunity from criminal prosecution to enhance truth gathering).

  12. I can’t believe you are comparing popping a balloon to blatant censorship or beating innocent people senseless, JT. This piece is a seriously false equivalency, and it’s disappointing.

      1. Shouldn’t that have been your response to Mesblo upstream where he laments the plight of conservatives.

  13. Its NOT OK to kill a baby balloon but it is OK to kill a real unborn baby. Only in Amerika.

    1. Touché.

      The banter on tigerdroppings is encouraging:



      Precisely, what offense did he commit? Destruction of property? Malicious mischief? Public drunkenness? Disorderly conduct? Killing a giant, rubberized, vinyl doll?

      They actually put it on a blue tarp like it is a homicide victim.

      True hero. I’m gonna donate.

      He is being charged for a felony. If convicted, it goes on his record.
      At his job interview:
      Employer: I see you have a felony on your record. What did you do??
      Hutchinson: I stabbed the Baby Trump balloon at the LSU-BAMA game.
      Employer: You’re hired.

      Hoyt quote from Tuscaloosa News:

      Some liberals tried to come to my hometown and start some trouble. That ain’t happenin,” Hutchinson said on a Facebook video posted soon after getting out of jail. “I’d do it again,” he added.
      So no firearms. Hope he can plead down, losing your 2A right over balloon popping? Horse sh!te.

      He should take it to trial, no way they seat a jury that convicts him.
      There is zero chance GoFundMe let’s him keep the money, it will be taken down by the end of the day

  14. A GoFundMe page was created yesterday with a goal of $5k. It has already surpassed $12K
    Andrew McCabe should be jealous.

    How long before the Left have it taken offline?


    Free Hoyt

    $12,991 raised of $5,000 goal

    Free Hoyt is organizing this fundraiser.
    Created 1 day ago
    Community & Neighbors
    FREE HOYT! Trump 2020!

    Free Hoyt
    Northport, AL

    1. This man, his ’cause’ and the ridiculous rabble-rousing around a meaningless act of petty vandalism is asinine. Y’all go ahead and storm this hill acting like its some big damn deal.

      The man popped a balloon – my kids do it every birthday party – I should start a gofundme.
      Honestly, it proves that we’ve reached the height of absurdity when THIS is what folks reckon a heroic act deserving of news or comment.

  15. Conservatives have rightfully objected to such disruptive acts on campus, but this is a conservative who is being heralded for his own anti-free speech act. A similar act of destruction was committed by a woman in London who was upset with the protest balloon’s appearance.

    Again, the charge is criminal mischief. He had no franchise to damage someone else’s property. It doesn’t implicate the right to speak or publish except in the addled heads of jurists (or, more likely, smart-assed clerks working for jurists) who invented the half-baked notion of ‘speech acts’.

    I note that this men was arrested and booked right away in Tuscaloosa. I note also that police in Alabama have a history of compelling antifa creeps to take off their masks, because it’s against the law in Alabama to conceal your identity in that way. They actually enforce the law in Alabama, which they do in Portland and Berkeley only when the Democratic Party hasn’t a dog in some dispute.

    Let’s see you name names, and I mean names of people with titles like ‘professor’ and ‘dean’. There’s one such creature at the J-school of Ole Miss you might write about.

  16. Bravo. If only Repubes in Virginia had had his fire last week. The Left have the fire in the belly to win so much so that they convinced VA Richmonders to elect a pedophile to the Virginia Senate: disbarred attorney, convicted criminal Joe Morrissey. Heckuva job VA GOP!


    “No one is quite sure what the Republican Party stands for in Virginia, nor does a visit to the Virginia Republican website remove any ambiguity. A voter visiting the website and trying to find the Virginia GOP’s positions on important issues to the party, issues which are supposed to be helping voters with their problems, finds merely the Virginia Republican creed and a petition to stop the impeachment silliness targeting President Trump. Granted, the impeachment silliness should be stopped so that President Trump can do his job, but the site does not even provide any reasoning on the issue. Without clearly articulating the reasons for moving on from the impeachment controversy, how does this placing of the “important” issue at the top of the page help any prospective voter or Republican candidate?

    In addition, the Virginia Republican party website is formatted poorly. Anyone over the age of 35 can almost hear the screeching of modems in the background when they look at it. It has a 1998 “You’ve Got Mail” feel to it. It does not impress. If the website were to be understood, there are only three Republican leaders in the state.

    Most candidates attempted to distance themselves from the current Republican president, and the state party failed to showcase him in any way. President Trump owns property in Virginia. He works right next door. A couple of rallies would have helped. Yeah, Trump rallies might have pulled more Democrats in Northern Virginia to the polls, but this was not a statewide election. The rallies would have stimulated the Republican base in most of the other districts and hence, more wins! According to the Washington Post, Republicans actually had about forty thousand more voters come out than the Democrats. That portends well for both the present and the future. With more candidates running, that number could have easily gone up to a hundred thousand more voters and maybe pulled the 10th and 13th Senate district races over their five and four percent thresholds. Seven of the eleven close Delegate races (the 10th, 28th, 31st, 40th, 50th, 72nd, 73rd, 75th, and 85th) all lost by swings of three percent or less. The 27th and 83rd delegate races finished close to a tie, indicating that Republicans could easily, and decidedly, have won them merely by bringing out a few hundred more voters.

    Republicans were outspent, but it is hard to raise money and manpower when the party does not have a clear direction and does not play to win. People do not come out to vote so that politicians can keep their jobs. They come out to vote for candidates who are going to help them with their problems. Though volunteers on Election Day are greatly appreciated, reports from around the state indicate that most seemed unenthusiastic.”

    1. Been a great deal of failure theatre among Virginia Republicans the last seven years. I have no idea why they fancied Ed Gillespie was a satisfactory candidate. He’s a professional campaign hack.

      1. Va repubs have no fire in the belly and are NOT populists. As such they list from one ineffective vanilla candidate to the other. They’re country club Republicans with thin skin and no interest in taking on the dragon.

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