Harvard Study: Only 35 Percent Of Young Republicans Feel Comfortable Sharing Their Views On Campus

The Institute of Politics at Harvard University has released a poll that once again highlights the failure of universities to protect free speech on our campuses, particularly for religious and conservative students. The poll found that only 35 percent of young Republicans felt comfortable sharing their political opinions on campus. That is called a “chilling effect” and is the manifestation of a hostile environment to free speech.

The poll of people between the ages of 18 and 29 showed that Democratic and liberal students feel far more comfortable in the environment of our universities. Both Democrats and independent student students polled at 54 percent and 51 percent in terms of their comfort levels in using free speech. In contrast, these same students felt largely comfortable in sharing their views with their parents off campus. The contrast is disturbing.

Notably, even with Democratic students, the comfort in sharing views on campus is low in my view. It shows that campuses are no longer viewed as bastions of free speech and tolerance for opposing views. The reason is clearly the failure of the faculty. We have been discussing the rising intolerance and violence on college campuses, particularly against conservative speakers. (Here and here and here and here). Berkeley has been the focus of much concern over mob rule on our campuses as violent protesters have succeeded in silencing speakers, even including a few speakers like an ACLU officials and James Comey.  Both students and some faculty have maintained the position that they have a right to silence those with whom they disagree and even student newspapers have declared opposing speech to be outside of the protections of free speech.  At another University of California campus, professors actually rallied around a professor who physically assaulted pro-life advocates and tore down their display.  In the meantime, academics and deans have said that there is no free speech protection for offensive or “disingenuous” speech.  Likewise, CUNY Law Dean Mary Lu Bilek has a different approach. When conservative law professor Josh Blackman was stopped from speaking about “the importance of free speech,”  Bilek insisted that disrupting the speech on free speech was free speech.  It reveals the twisted logic overtaking our schools on both tolerance and free speech.

As academics, we are failing our students and our institutions by allowing a rising level of intimidation and intolerance for opposing views on our campuses.

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  1. They are called the new atheists. They are aggressive, obnoxious, determined. They know everything. They hate God, even though they insist you cannot hate what doesn’t exist. The are in-your-face preachers of anti-God rhetoric. They live to smear all believers in every way possible and consider themselves intellectuals, liberal elites, and they love academics.

    On Firing Line Muggeridge told Buckley years ago that we are now living in “A Post-Christian Civilization”. Not only have our religious institutions/traditions faded in relevance, they are typically the targets of bitter vitriol and red hot hatred.

    History informs us that a renewal is imminent and it’s scope will be beyond compare.

  2. If you’re 20 and you are not liberal you have no heart. If you’re 40 and you are not a conservative you have no brains.

  3. “Only 35 Percent Of Young Republicans Feel Comfortable Sharing Their Views On Campus Around Indoctrinated, Wacko Authoritarians.”
    Who does feel comfortable sharing their views around these little children, who endorse violence, have little or no critical thinking skills, need safe spaces, are taught that any other way but theirs, is pure evil, are taught that 2 + 2 = 5, …….

    “How many fingers am I holding up Winston?”

  4. “Harvard Study: Only 35 Percent Of Young Republicans Feel Comfortable Sharing Their Views On Campus”

    Old Republicans (i.e. Conservatives) might present a higher percentage with reference to comfort:

    George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, George Mason, John Hancock, John

    Adams, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, John Jay, Thomas Paine, Roger Sherman, Richard Henry Lee, James Monroe, John Dickinson,

    Benjamin Rush, John Marshall et al.

  5. @Karen- That’s exactly right. The real number is lower. Psychologists call it social desirability bias. In elections it’s the Bradley effect. In real life its the “I’m afraid of being bullied by the Progressives effect.”

  6. its certainly higher than 35 if you consider all the young men who were discouraged from university and never signed up or were dropouts because they knew this system was clearly rigged against them

    the good news for them, is that most of them have jobs now and are making money instead of drinking beer all the time wasting their lives pretending to agree with fakes and frauds


    male enrollment drops, and drops faster than women, again.

    1. Most vendors I work with say the trades are begging for more young people to enter careers. This ranges from mechanics, to plumbers, electricians, nearly all I’ve spoken with. These are all family wage careers with plenty of work to go around. One young man I spoke with told me he entered an apprentice program for an elevator technician. When he achieves journey level, his pay will be in excess of $100k per year.

      The problem the employers face is the lack of direction of this generation to pursue the trades. Many students are never offered shop classes in high school. When I was a teenager in the 80s the Jr. High boys were given the choice between woodshop and metal shop. Every one of us had to learn some trade skills, regardless of what their career ambitions were later in life. It still at least provided a basis for understanding how things work.

      I really cannot see the point of where every young student is expected to attend college in order to be successful. In fact, in many cases the opposite is true. One stat I read from The Evergreen State College in Washington was that liberal arts undergraduates at the school actually earned on average less money five years after graduation than did those having only a high school diploma. Yet, they were saddled with student debt and branded with a useless degree such as gender studies, English poetry, or underwater basket weaving. An entire generation was sold a line of nonsense–that they could take an easy liberal arts course and be rewarded with a guaranteed, rewarding career. Now they are under-employed and working low paying service jobs. Had they instead worked in the trades, they would be about a year away from journeyman pay and probably already owned their own house.

      1. We should see not only a return of shop class, but also invite the trades to showcase what’s available at school.

        Universities are selling worthless degree programs in the fluff you mentioned. The availability of student loans increased the price of a college tuition. There is no impetus for savings in college, or for universities to act like a business selling the product of degrees to consumers.

        We are left with overprice, unmarketable degrees. Graduates cannot get a decent job with these credentials. Academics may disdain blue collar work, but in reality, it’s what makes the world run.

        The answer is not to increase the wages of minimum wage, entry level, unskilled jobs. The answer is to advertise what a degree in these fields is expected to yield its graduates. If it becomes common knowledge that people with a degree in queer gender studies earn less than a high school graduate, then less people will waste their time and money on it. There are so many people up to their eyebrows in debt, demanding that the American people foot the bill for the foolish major they chose, all on their own. I will chip in for scholarships for more doctors, but I won’t pay for someone to get a degree in interpretive dance or the patriarchy of mime.

        Universities will get more serious about the quality and value of the education they offer. The trades will gain more apprentices. And the economy will benefit.

        1. Karen S – I was so clumsy in shop that my shop teacher was sure I was going to cut one or more fingers off. So, he started a leather working class just for me. 😉

      2. This reminds me of a joke my step father, a Harvard lawyer used to tell.
        One Sunday afternoon a lawyer suddenly found himself with plumbing problems. He called a plumber who arrived quickly and went to work. After crawling around under the house for a couple hours everything was fixed good as new. Then he presented the invoice to the homeowner. The homeowner exclaimed, “A thousand dollars? That’s $500 an hour! I’m a Harvard lawyer and I don’t even make $500 an hour.” The plumber replied ” Yeah, I know. I didn’t make $500 an hour when I was a practicing attorney either. Go Crimson.”

      3. very true darren.

        i asked the plumber what a young man needs to do in order to learn the plumbing trade

        “show up at union hall tomorrow and we’ll get him started at the entry level. we pay for training and help get work every day.”

        hell of a program and beats the tar out of starting 100k$ underwater, 4 or 5 years behind schedule, and lame prospects with no graduate degree anyhow.

  7. would you, as a Constitutionalist, feel comfortable attending Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow? Nothing hard to figure out in that statement except the need to correct the spelling of snowfake. There I did it for you.

    1. what all the losers in American universities know about real communist praxis would fit into a thimble.

      the communists of the 20th century who actually had state power would send them all packing as bunch of worthless decadent bourgeois loafers. that would be the end of it.

      Lenin was very clever man. He had some clever words to say about feminism and sexual liberatinism. The words all boiled down to one clear order: sit down and shut up.


      if you ask me, the true objective of contemporary American university education, is not to create wisdom nor knowledge, least of all powerful individuals, and certainly not capable comrades. it is precisely to mis-educate: to create drunks, young people obsessed with sexual things, boys who are nutless and girls who are eggless; and most of all, people undisciplined in their personal lives in every way except one: taking orders from the boss to do homework

      on that alone they are graded anymore. the simple ability to absorb the current dialectic and mouth it back at the appointed time.

      1. you can see that this was the well established post-colonial trend across England and America by the early 1970s and it’s all summed up in that great concept album the Wall. and the movie. if you were of the age where you could both be in school, and hear “the wall” on the radio, then you can see how it was all clearly mapped out those decades ago, now just grown along the same trajectory

        our answer has to be better than theirs, however. i had a friend and we used to listen to the wall when we were younger. he croaked out, OD’d, eventually. how were we different? in many ways and certainly i was more fortunate than him.

        but also perhaps but I made a choice not to continue the reckless drug and alcohol abuse that characterized youth culture then and even more so does now; and i made a choice not to succumb to endless female pestering and entrapment; and i made a choice not to over-react and get myself in further trouble; and a made a choice not to succumb to the numbing phoniness of it all.; and chose to just kind of keep on working slowly but surely and not quit. I am in no grand position today, just another peasant in flyover, but I am firmly alive for the moment and in no danger of giving up whatsoever.

        I didn’t make those choices in a vacuum, i made them because older men helped me along, taught me life affirming habits, taught me ancient concepts of wisdom like “in all things moderation” and generally made some time for me in their day. i learned over time that i was not alone, and even if they were not physically alongside, i’ve got generations of fathers and brothers and ancestors and countrymen standing alongside me even if I can’t see them at the moment. I didn’t have just one mentor I had a lot of them. for every one for every ten system hacks that rejected me, another man took me under his wing. decade after decade. lucky me!

        Oh i had help from good women too; all along and now. but I emphasize the men because I’m a man. If one thinks that the sex of our mentors does not matter then you’re unwise. You need leadership from your own kind across a lifetime to help reveal existence to you in its many layered truths. and you to be part of it, you need to do your part helping young men peel the onion themselves.

        Individualism: in short the biggest and most poisonous lie that we teach our youth, and ironically, it is precisely at the core of “Americanism,” and it is a lie that must be overcome. that you are just an individual. lie! you are not. you came in the first instance from two other people and had a thousand helpers along the way., and you can have more helpers now! you can get help and you can help others. the really good news is that in America you have a thousand opportunities to do good things and live well, once you get moving and find good people with whom to cooperate.

        the kernel of truth in individualism, is that you must make your own conscious individual choices on your own to initiate action. but it will never go far unless you get help from others. and if you only have your own narrow, temporal, particular, selfish ends in mind then again, you will never go far and you will fail in the end. because in the end, when you meet your end, you are either rowing in concert with the ultimate transcendent reality, in which case it draws you upward into its endless stream, or you are annihilated.

  8. Too many US academics are working for Russian think tanks, spreading anti-capitalist and pro-socialist propaganda to easily led students on campus. Since these professors are hard Leftists, they truly believe in the propaganda they spread, thinking they are doing good work, destabilizing capitalism. Such naive people are useful in the rise of dictatorships based on hope and ignorance.

    Capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than any other method, bar none. When paired with individual freedom, it’s the most fair and just system on Earth. Socialism is a form of slavery. Individuals lose their rights to an all-powerful government, which owns their labor, output, inventions, and ideas. It polices their speech.

    So which system of government do so many academics not only support, but proselytize about in the classroom? Socialism, of course. At some level, they must understand the inherent tendency towards dictatorship of a powerful government. On the one hand, they constantly denounce Trump as a wanna-be dictator. They must resist him at every turn…by agitating against individual rights and for a more powerful government. They fight for speech laws, wanting to punish those who don’t choose from a list of 75 pronouns, which may change hourly. They label conservative speech hate speech and threaten assault. They oppose the right to self defense. They promote socialism, which by definite requires giving the government the power to take people’s businesses, homes, and assets. They promote a wealth tax that punishes the successful and renders investment impossible, which would cause a ripple effect, devaluing everyone’s 401K, IRA, and annuities. Thinking they can stick it to the rich in the fervor of Leftist class warfare, they would impoverish little old ladies on a fixed income. The road to the hell of Socialism is paved with good intentions.

    I personally find academics who promote socialism to lack good judgement.


  9. I’m surprised it’s as high as 35%, considering the constant threat of violence and harassment from extreme Democrat fellow students and professors. They are some of the least tolerant people in our country. It is astonishing how open they are with bigoted remarks. I wonder why moderates don’t publicly check them. Maybe they’re scared, too.

    I’ll bet those are meekly, timidly expressed Republican views.

  10. I’m Harvard the eighth I am!
    Harvard the 8th I am, I am.
    I got married to the hooker next door…
    She’s been married twenty times before…
    And everyone was a phony dog!
    He wouldn’t be a Willy or a Fred.
    There ain’t no man like Harvard dog.
    Harvard the 8th I am!

    1. Thanks for another demonstration of your prejudices. You lack the intellectual tools to make sense of anyone else’s perpective.

  11. I agree with the general proposition that there is less respect for free speech as a value not only on campuses, but in society as a whole. But whether someone should feel comfortable about expressing their views surely ought to depend on what those views are. (We are talking about social stigmatization here, not criminal punishment.) Suppose someone advocates the slaughter of Jews. A society that does *not* make such people uncomfortable expressing that view is a sick society. Therefore, the question here is, What kind of views are those intimidated Young Republicans trying to express? There is a wide variety among Young Republicans. Some have standard conservative views on issues like low taxes, deregulation, etc. Others are the people who invite Milo Yiannopoulos to campus. The point is that social stigmatization is entirely appropriate for some views, even if criminal punishment by the state is not. It’s nuts to say that no matter what anyone says, we can’t criticize them or take them off our list of dinner party invitees.

    1. @dcclarke2017

      Are you equating a desire for less immigration to the US to Holocaust Denial? Or perhaps a support for traditional values?

      The reason speakers such as Milo (and others) have a following is the utter, absolute failure of Conservatism Inc. to “conserve” much.

      For years entities such as National Review and William F. Buckley served as “gatekeepers” for respectable conservatism, but with little effect.

      To all of you Federalist Society, Heritage Foundation, NRA types, you will not be allowed to make a separate peace with the left. There are now calls to declare the NRA a “terrorist” organization. You guys are still considered evil, racist, nazis who need to be sought out, deplatformed and worse. Your acceptance of the left’s rules of discourse, gets you nowhere.

      And before you dismiss me with a slur, I’m Hispanic and you still have to like me. In fact, if I were a b@@ch and moan one, you’d be sucking up by now. And I could care less if I get invited to your cocktail parties.


      1. Those who threaten violence against conservative invited speakers or students either don’t have any idea what they actually stand for, or are making it up. They claim that Ben Shapiro is alt right, for heaven’s sake, when he’s actually a target of Neo Nazis (obviously) and other extremists.

        They make up a charge, pretend it’s true, and then persecute innocent people.

        That’s what bigotry and bias does. Ugly.

    2. “But whether someone should feel comfortable about expressing their views surely ought to depend on what those views are. (We are talking about social stigmatization here, not criminal punishment.) Suppose someone advocates the slaughter of Jews.”

      Is Professor Turley’s article discussing how antisemites who would advocate for the mass slaughter genocide of Jews might feel uncomfortable revealing their dastardly plan in the US?


      Professor Turley’s article referenced how only 35% of Republicans polled on college campuses felt comfortable (i.e. safe) expressing their political views. Normal Republican views.

      Openly talking about your position as a Republican student is in no way equivalent to threatening to murder someone, or an entire population of adherents to a religion.

  12. Not just college campuses.

    I live in an area that is roughly 50/50 Repub/Dem (lots of people in their 50/60’s).

    The liberals are very vocal about both their allegiance and their disdain for Trump supporters.

    Not surprisingly, many of the liberals are women, while a significant majority of the men support Trump.

    At cocktail/dinner parties, the women feel very free to make statements like: “I would never go out with a man who voted for Trump”; or “Trump voters are stupid racists”.

    Conversely, they are outraged when I quote that old saw about “If you are not a liberal when you are young…”. They feel that saying is offensive.

    The Repubs have learned discretion, because the strident Never-Trumpers are perfectly willing to blow up a gathering in their pursuit of political correctness.

    Bottom line, there are a lot of leftists sentiments vocalized, while there is an equal amount of silent eye-rolling by the Repubs.

    1. Funny, but this also applies to the Never-Trumper Republicans, not just leftists. They’re happy to blow up gatherings and Facebook in order to drive home their political points. [Rolls eyes]

      1. I would add the extremists on the right to that pile, as well. They have taken a page out of the Liberal playbook, and now heckle and harass conservative speakers, too, preventing them from rationally explaining their position and what the Republican Party offers. It’s so stupid, because all that does is push more people to the Liberal side. The alt right hates Ben Shapiro, and give him such a hard time.

    2. Liberals openly, gleefully express bigotry against Republicans in a way reminiscent of how Democrats used to make racist comments about African Americans, right in front of them, in the Jim Crow south. They threatened them, too, when they didn’t vote as they were told.

      When the Democrat party is healthy and moderate, it creates beneficial tension with the Republican party. Working across the aisle can create good legislation. There is a shared belief that they are doing good for the community, as well as patriotism.

      The Democratic Party has devolved into a pro-socialist, anti-capitalist, anti-American, intolerant, threatening bunch of bullies trying to impoverish everyone. They are neurotic and carping.

      But not every Democrat is this way, just most of the prominent ones, many professors and school teachers, administrators, government activists in the alphabet soup…Essentially, the problem is that the extremists have wrested control of the party, as well as positions of power in the school system, the government, even the courts.

      We have got to severely check them to prevent tyranny, and let the cooler heads of the moderates prevail. The moderates appear too cowed to say anything publicly, though. They see what happens to Republicans who get pilloried, and don’t want to share their fate.

      Look at what happened to Tulsi Gabbard. She stood up there on the stage and repeats the obvious truth that the impeachment process has become a political weapon for Democrats. Her policies are squarely Democrat, not Republican, but she has been attacked as a Russian asset and a Republican stooge. No one argues with her point, and attacks her personally instead, making stuff up.

      It’s abhorrent. I think moderates are either too frightened to take control of the party and speak out, or they are falling for the propaganda that Republicans are evil. Our country needs moderates to grow a backbone and fight this extremism in their party. There’s nothing else Republicans can do except run against them, and it’s difficult to compete with a platform of success and responsibility against theirs that essentially gives away money. The ants just weren’t as popular as the grasshopper, but winter is coming.

  13. I would propose firing all professors who profess to be progressive or liberal, close all Gender Studies, etc. depts. and start from scratch with a job requirement that professor are not to state their politics in class or on campus.

  14. After observing the behavior of the left on campuses these past 50 years, why would this study come as a shock to anyone. Well, perhaps it would shock the left to realize that others do see what they have been doing concerning shutting down free speech and fundamentally changing our culture to its detriment.. Push back is going to be difficult for these intolerant progs to comprehend and accept.

  15. The faculty and administration own this situation, because they cater to, stoke, and employ the worst elements in the student body. Higher education in this country doesn’t need reform. It needs a refoundation.

    1. it needs a ruthless punishment to root out poisonous false academics, who’ve corrupted the young, and send the parasites off to dig ditches in the desert for mandatory “job skill retraining” into something socially useful.

      they say they want Marxism and I would accommodate them with a goodly dose of it, Saloth Sar style

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